"I am Zero." - Zero's introduction.

Zero (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) is a mysterious man who holds control over certain people. He can even tell his own allies what to do. His intelligence can give his enemies a huge surprise, same for his allies. Zero always hides his face behind a mask, to keep his identity from the world. He even works with powerful businessmen, like Lex Luthor.


Zero's design is like a gentleman with a powerful organization and power. He wears a light purple suit with yellow trimmings, a black mask with a blue circle in the middle, and the Geass symbol in gold on the bottom, and a black cape on the outside with yellow trimmings and red in the inside. Zero is shown to be like a masked man at a special Halloween party. He, however isn't like any ordinary person, mainly because he is like the King of The Underworld in the business industry.



  • Zero's true identity is Lelouch.
  • He always seems to have a plan working out, and extra plans should one fail him.
  • Zero will return but used by someone else after Lelouch becomes Lucifer, and join the Kingdom of Darkness, just like Red X.
  • Zero will eventually create a team of Knights to battle against The Miztyk Knights, called The Shadow Knights.
  • Zero is also one of many characters to impress both Red X, & Slade. Mainly due to the fact, he causes nothing but trouble for the The Miztyk Knights.
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