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"What's up?" - Yuuki greeting Aaron.

Yuuki Konno (Voiced by Erica Mendez in English and Aoi Yuki in Japanese) is a young and very brave warrior. She is also one of the main characters in the light novel and anime series, Sword Art Online.


Yuuki was once a ordinary girl with a mother and older sister, but had trouble in the real world of her home world. She was born sickly and was given a really bad case that she would die at 15. To preserve her life she volunteered to try out the Medicuboid, a medical device using full dive virtual tech,and created her own sword skill, Mother's Rosario. She eventually lost her mother and sister to diseases, and wanted to leave an impact and pass her skill to someone, eventually meeting Kirito, Asuna Yuuki, Yui, and Leafa. Asuna, and Yuuki became really close, almost siblings, and she helped her in taking down a monstrous Heartless, and earning her name. Eventually, Yuuki slowly fell to her illness, and passed her skill to Asuna.

Role in Adventure Series

After meeting the Miztyk Knights and learning about her, for their wedding present, Kirito, and Asuna's friends gained the Seven legendary Dragon Balls, and presented them the return of there friends, Yuuki, and The Moonlit Black Cats. This action made them both very happy.


  • Yuuki will appear in the Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures in Sword Art Online.
  • Yuuki will be revived by Shenron thanks to Miztyk Knights, and officially join the team.
  • Yuuki also is a skilled swordmaster, and ready to test her skills against an opponent. Her best friends include The Miztyk Knights, and a wandering warrior named, Samurai Jack.
  • Yuuki is currently looking for a date some day.
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