Yui as a child.

Yui (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is an AI and the daughter of Kirito and Asuna in Sword Art Online.

Pre Adventure Series

Yui is AI born in Sword Art Online, and was mental Health Counseling program she met Kirito and Asuna, believing the two are her parents. She went on Adventures with them when she was transfered into ALO. Yui was also helpful with information with Quests and Content.

Adventure Series

Yui was born as the daughter of Kirito, and Asuna, and was well welcomed to all. When Kirito talked about his home village where he lived as a child before he left, She wanted to see it and meet her Aunt, and Grandma. On their way she met her Aunt Leafa, after a misunderstanding, and eventually her grandmother. The group have lived together ever since having wonderful times together.


  • Chara main-17

    Yui grown up. Disguised as Persona Vabel.

    Yui will appear in the near future.
  • She has a younger sister despite her having the oldest appearance named Strea
  • It’s Unknown if she ever gets a date In the distant future
  • Later on, Yui will get to learn about creatures she's never seen before, Prehistoric animal life.
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