Yer Beautiful, Baby - Thumbelina HQ

Yer Beautiful, Baby - Thumbelina HQ

You're Beautiful, Baby is a song sung by Berkeley Beetle in Thumbelina


Berkeley Beetle: Baby, it's the Beetle Ball 

And bugs are crawling to get in 

When they hear that beetle beat 

Those beetles beetles start to spin 

And now a cheer for you, my dear 

You're beautiful, baby

Beetle Chorus: Oh my little butterfly 

You flutter by in each romance 

Every chance to dance with you 

Puts the ants back in my pants 

Let's cut a rug, my ladybug 

You're beautiful, baby 

Berkeley Beetle: I get a flash when I have you on my wing 

You tie my antennae in a knot 

Now the room's reeling and I'm feeling 

So hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot 

Hot to trot 

Berkeley Beetle: Let's dance, baby

Berkeley Beetle: Ok toots, let's wing it!

Thumbelina: I can't wing it, i don't have any wings! Im getting dizzy!


Hee-hee-hee-hee ho-ho-ho-ho 

She-she-she-she's so-so-so-so 

Hey that bug is a dog! 

Would you look at that 

She ain't got no wings 

Good gracious me 

Where are those things? 

She ain't got no feelers 

No feelers? 

She ain't got no shell 

Do tell 

She's got scrawny legs 

And knobbly knees 

For all we know 

The gal's got fleas 

She can't even fly 

No, that won't do 

So say goodbye 

She's not for you 

Berkeley Beetle: I'm sorry toots, I guess you're too.... ugly!


  • Berkeley Beetle sings this song to Xion in Xion's Birthday Blast after Cleo hurts Xion's feelings. The song will end up to the lyric "Hot to trot."
  • Berkeley Beetle will sing this song again in Flurry Heart's Big One.
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