Yasha (Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) is the villain turned secondary hero in the game, Asura's Wrath.

Yasha is the brother of Druga, Asura's wife, uncle of Mithra and Asura's Brother-In-Law and friend.

Once one of the 8 Guardian Generals who fought along side Asura, he joined Deus cause he believed in 'The Cause' and choose it over his own sister and niece when she got taken by the Demi-Gods, who renamed themselves, the 7 Deities. Yasha wore a face mask to hide his emotions. When Asura return 1200 years later after defeating one of the 7 Deities, Wyzen, Yasha personalty fought him. In the end, Yasha win by splitting Asura in two and told him not to come back. Overtime, he begin to doubt his loyalty to The Cause when he witness people being butchered like sheep. Yasha went far as to redirect a laser attack on Asura after he went berserk. Yasha finally betray Deus and the remaining Deities when he discover that it was Sergi, another Demi-God who killed his sister and kidnapped Mithra, under orders from Deus and snapped Asura out of his rage. Yasha fight Deus cause he have other plains of bring peace to Gaea before Asura arrived and the two work together to defeat Deus and rescue Mithra. But when Vlitra reawaken, Yasha and Asura team up once again to end the Gohma permanently. But when Asura and Yasha return to the space station, Chakravartin appear and took her hostage, both Yasha and Asura crashed back into Gaea thanks to Mithra's quick-thinking cause she know that they're both weak after their fight with Vlitra. Yasha save his Brother-In-Law by using a Mathra Reactor from the wreaked station, and even ripped out his own and placed then in his chest and fight each-other one last time to see who's the better fighter. Asura won the fight as Yasha give Asura one last fist-pump and said 'Rescue Mithra and the World.' before he vanished, knowing that he'll always be a brother rather than an enemy.


Yasha is faster than Asura and can use rapid fire moves for additional damage.


  • Yasha is another old friend to Darkblade.
  • It is unknown when Yasha will meet Jaden, Jeffery and The Justice Guardians.
  • In the Ratchet & Clank Series Yasha get revived and became Ratchet's teacher.
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