Yami Yugi

"It's Time to Duel!" - Yugi's catchphrase.

Yami Yugi (voiced by Dan Green) is the main protagonist of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! When Yugi Muto's grandfather found an ancient object called the Millennium Puzzle, and was given it by him, after solving it, he released the ancient spirit of Yami, who is the spirit of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Atem, who now resides in Yugi's body. He is known as the King of Games, after defeating Pegasus (the guy who invented Duel Monsters), Seto Kaiba (the man who hosted to Battle City Tournament), and Marik and his Egyptian God Cards.

Yugi's deck is specialized with mainly one specific Monster, his favorite, and ace, The Dark Magician. However, he also has other interesting cards, like Celtic Guardian, Buster Blader, and The Dark Magician Girl.

He is also Jaden Yuki's idol.

Adventure series

After being separate from his friend Yugi, Yami returns from the Afterlife to spend the rest of eternity with Yugi. The two fuse together and become one being (Yami becoming the dominant half).



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