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"The Darkness is here to Stay!" -Yami Marik

Yami Marik (voiced by Jonathan Todd Ross) is the evil version of Marik Ishtar. He is a monstrous being who enjoys tormenting people in order to become Pharaoh. He would force them to play in a Shadow Game, where if you lost to him, you would be banished to the Shadow Realm forever. Yami Marik is also known to be shown having his face be split and stretched to show how dark, and more demonic in this form. Yami Marik is a very dreaded figure to duelists, except to one, Yami Bakura. Yami Marik uses a deck of mainly random different monsters that scare people. His ace monster is The Masked Beast Des Gardius, with his additional ally being Makyura The Destructor. His signature monster, of course, is the Winged Dragon of Ra.



  • Yami Marik will meet Aaron in Aaron Meets Yu-Gi-Oh!. In the end, his dark side will be taken into a crystal and swallowed up into the Shadow Realm. Soon he would be released by Lucifer, and be made a member of the Kingdom of Darkness.
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