Xion's Dragon Training is a upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


Ever since what happened at Berk, Xion has learned how to turn into a dragon just like her parents. But she is still learning how to use it. So the team must help her learn how to fly and how to breath the three elemental breathes (fire, ice and lightning).




  • Dragon-Xion: *smiles* I'm ready, daddy!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* Excellent.
  • Dragon-Xion: *smiles* So what do I have to breathe ice or lightning?
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: To breathe ice, first you must think cold thoughts.
  • Dragon-Xion: Got it. *starts to think of Jack Frost and Elsa*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • Dragon-Xion: Think cold...... think cold....
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* It's okay.
  • (Dragon-Xion manages to breathe ice on a target!)
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: ...! *smiles* You did it!
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