Xion's Birthday Blast is an hour-long special, which is the 12th episode in the 3rd season of Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles.


In it, it's Xion's 7th birthday! And Jeffrey wants to make it special for her. They manage to do two things on the list. 1: Invite their friends. And 2: Get birthday decorations, balloons, gifts and a cake. But now they must find a way to keep Xion busy in time for the birthday party. However, Cleo and her posse plan to ruin the party. Will Xion be able to stop them?


Xion's birthday gifts

  • Tails' gift: A laptop computer
  • Fluttershy's gift: A bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  • Twilight's gift: A book on fairy tales.
  • Pinkie Pie's gift: A fun game.
  • AppleJack's gift: Preparing the birthday dinner.
  • Rainbow Dash's gift: A Sonic Rainboom.
  • Rarity's gift: A birthday crown for her to wear (and a dress to wear for her birthday party).
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu and Meowth's gift: Performing Pokémon Gotta Dance Song
  • Tom and Jerry's gift: A re-enactment of the Tom & Jerry episode "The Cat Above and The Mouse Below".
  • Jaden's gift: A specially arranged deck with cute monsters and super rare cards.
  • Jesse's gift: A exact copy of Xion's favorite Crystal Beast card, Ruby Carbuncle. It'll also become her duel spirit.
  • Alexis' gift: A duel disk with her favorite color.
  • Beetles' gift: Singing "You're Beautiful, Baby" to Xion (after Cleo had hurt her feelings).
  • Roger Rabbit's gift: Singing "Merry Go Round Broke Down".
  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's gift:
  • Botley's gift: A princess' necklace from the past.
  • Hiccup's gift: A ride on Toothless.
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy's gift: The World of Color show.
  • Aqua's gift: A purple Wayfinder charm (like the ones she made for Terra and Ven).
  • Jeffrey's gift: The Star Seeker Keyblade.
  • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's gift: Fireworks at night.



Cake batter

  • Beetles: *looses his balance and falls in the cake batter*
  • Jaden: Hey, where's Beetles?
  • Beetles: I'm in the cake batter....
  • Mushu: Hey! Get outta there!!! *tosses Beetles out of the cake batter* You gonna make people sick!!!
  • Jeffrey: You okay, bud?

Pin the Tail on the Pikachu

  • (It's Brain's turn. Brain gets blindfolded and has a paper Pikachu's tail. Brain starts to approach the picture of Pikachu)
  • Scamper: You're getting colder. Colder...... You're freezing.
  • Brain: I am? *turns around away from the Pikachu picture*
  • (Unknown to Brain, he starts to approach Jeffrey's Pikachu)
  • Scamper: You're getting warmer.... Warmer..... Warmer..... You're burning up!
  • (Brain pins the tail on Jeffrey's Pikachu's butt!)
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu: ...! Pika!!!!!! *uses Thunderbolt in response*
  • Brain: *screams in pain and falls back*
  • Scamper: *to Brain* You win. *laughs*
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu: *angrily* Pikachu pika pikachu! (Translation: Don't ever do that again!)
  • Scamper: Relax. You'll live. And don't pretend like that wasn't funny.
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu: Pi pikachu... (But it still hurts...)
  • Jeffrey's Meowth: I've got this. *quickly removes the paper tail off Pikachu's butt*
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu: ...!!
  • Jeffrey's Meowth: ...! *shields himself from a possible electric attack*
  • Jeffrey's Pikachu: ...Pikachu. (...Thanks.)
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