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Xion (voiced by Alyson Stoner) is a character from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and a member of Organization XIII, ranked Number XIV. She was a fake Nobody and a imperfect replica of Roxas made by the Organization as a fail-safe in case both Sora and Roxas failed to help the organization with their plans. While she can use the Keyblade, her existence halts Sora's progression of regaining his memories back. She teamed up with her friends Roxas and Axel. Eventually, Xion questioned her existence, and wanted to know the answers. She learns that once she returns to Sora, everyone's memories of her will inevitably be forgotten At the end, she fought Roxas, but died after being defeated by him.

In the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures series, Xion was resurrected by Osiris and Isis as a baby girl with a life and heart of her own. She appears in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Monsters vs. Aliens. She'll be with the team throughout the adventure. And at the end, Xion will be adopted by Jeffrey, which will also make her a member of the team. This is the true original Xion, even after she was brought back by Osiris, and she has all her memories of her life as a Nobody and in the Organization. She stays as a 7 and a half year old.

Xion's Element of Harmony (Kindness)


Drive Forms

  • Valor Form

Duel monster cards


  • Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
  • Key Mace
  • Baby Dragon
  • Alligator's Sword
  • Alligator's Sword Dragon
  • Time Wizard
  • Thousand Dragon
  • Millennium Shield
  • Horus' Servant
  • Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4
  • Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
  • Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
  • Cyber Harpie Lady
  • Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
  • White Magician Pikeru
  • Princess Pikeru
  • Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
  • Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
  • Fairy Neos

Spell Cards:

  • Shinato's Ark
  • Silver Bow and Arrow
  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Pot of Greed
  • Polymerzation
  • De-Fusion
  • Graceful Charity
  • Trial of the Princesses
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Level Up!
  • Harpie's Feather Duster
  • Cyber Shield
  • Mystic Box
  • Fusion Weapon
  • Fusion Recovery
  • Graceful Dice
  • Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

Trap Cards:

  • Magic Cylinder
  • Castle Walls
  • Magic Jammer
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Skull Dice


Pokemon (When she's older)

Other Pokemon

  • Skitty (Female)
  • Machamp (Male)
  • Ledian (Male)
  • Abra (Male)
  • Deerling (Female) (Spring Forme)
  • Minccino (Female)
  • Zorua (Male)
  • Scyther (Male)
  • Torchic (Male)


  • Her parents Jeffrey and Aqua
  • Her uncle Jaden, her aunt Alexis and her cousin Lily
  • Her siblings Bruce, Tammy and DJ
  • Lea (sometimes)
  • Kairi (big sister figure)
  • The Light
  • Seashells
  • Sea-salt ice cream
  • Inventions
  • Her godparents Jesse and May
  • Pokemon
  • Duel Monsters
  • Shira
  • Ashley
  • Her friends Anne-Marie, Vanellope, Margo, Edith, Anges, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Jenny Foxworth and Oliver
  • DJ's girlfriend Snowflake
  • Roxas
  • The color purple
  • Singing and dancing
  • Princess Cadence
  • Playing with the cubs, Bruce, Lily and Flurry Heart
  • Her dream of being a Keyblade Master like her mom
  • Golden Egg-wiches
  • Frankenberry cereal
  • Ghost hunting with her godfather Jesse
  • Aria McCloud
  • Magic


  • Her past
  • Organization XIII
  • Set
  • Xehanort
  • Heartless
  • Her family or friends being sad
  • Pickles
  • Being called a Nobody
  • Being called a baby dragon
  • Gambling
  • Cleo Quinzel and Fang
  • Chaos
  • Any threat to Kingdom Hearts or the worlds
  • Mr. Director
  • Baloney the Dinosaur
  • Spiders (as of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
  • Darkness
  • Tammy and DJ being treated like pets
  • People hunting for sport



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