XR, Tiny, Patches: The Three Musketeers is an upcoming movie spoof to be made by PuppyPower32.



I want bodyguards!

  • (In the training yard, Courtney (Minnie) is waiting for Varian (Captain Pete) to show up along with Little Betty (Daisy)
  • Musketeers: *sings* All for one All men of honour, hear the call Musketeers sing all for one and one for all!
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Your Highness. So glad you could grace us with your royal omnipresences.
  • Courtney (Minnie): I want bodyguards!
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Huh?
  • Courtney (Minnie): *points to the Musketeers* Musketeer bodyguards!
  • Musketeers: *sings* Villains, bad guys run in fear When they see the musketeers Savin' Minnie is our duty Mess with her, we'll kick your… 
  • (A musketeer stabs a training dummy with his sword)
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Ouch. Bodyguards. Absolutely. Let me check my schedule here. *pulls out a calendar* Oh! How about next Thursday?
  • Courtney (Minnie): How about ten minutes? At the palace! Get me bodyguards, Captain Pete!
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Ooh.... *sees the guys trying to clean the windows*
  • Patches (Goofy): *sings while pulling the rope* Pancakes, cornflakes, scrambled eggs. Buttered toast and apple jam. Tonight it's meat, I hope it's spam.
  • XR (Mickey): Goofy! Slow down!
  • (Varian (Captain Pete) sees the guys falling after trying to clean the windows and smirks evilly)
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Oh, princess, you're in luck. Have I got the men for you. 
  • Courtney (Minnie): Well, I hope so. Thanks to your incompetence… this whole thing has been a pain in the neck!
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Grrrr.... I'll show you a pain in the neck. *grunts and pretends to pinch Courtney (Minnie) from behind*
  • Courtney (Minnie): *turns around and gives a stern look*
  • Varian (Captain Pete): *chuckles nervously and gives an "okay" sign*

"Bonjourney, Princess"

  • (Courtney (Minnie) and Little Betty (Daisy) arrive at the Opera House)
  • Alpha (Beagle Boy 1): Princess Minnie.
  • Omega (Beagle Boy 2): Your grace.
  • (They head to their box seat until Varian (Captain Pete) stands in their way)
  • Courtney (Minnie): Captain Pete?
  • Varian (Captain Pete): Bonjourney, princess. 
  • (Alpha and Omega (the Two Beagle Boys) stand behind them)
  • Courtney (Minnie): W-Where are my bodyguards?
  • Varian (Captain Pete): *laughs evilly and puts them in a sack* I'll be your bodyguard tonight, sweet cheeks.
  • Courtney (Minnie): *pops her head out of the sack* This is an outrage!
  • Varian (Captain Pete): No. It's my nefarious plan to steal the throne. *moves the curtains aside to reveal Zak Monday (Shorty) dressed as Courtney (Princess Minnie)*
  • Zak Monday (Shorty): Uh, does this crown make my ears look big?
  • Courtney (Princess Minnie): *screams in fright*
  • (Varian (Captain Pete) pushes her head into the sack and ties it as they cry for help)
  • Varian (Captain Pete): *to Alpha and Omega (the Two Beagle Boys)* You know what to do.
  • Alpha and Omega (the Two Beagle Boys): Righty-o, boss!
  • (They open a chest as Varian (Captain Pete) throws the sack in and they close the chest and carry them off)
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