Winged Kuriboh's spirit.

Winged Kuriboh is a Duel Monster Card and Spirit of Jaden Yuki. If this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: Any further Battle Damage you take this turn becomes zero. Winged Kuriboh gives Jaden advice on his adventures. Since he's Jaden's monster, only Jaden can see him.


Winged Kuriboh gets into constant fights with Jesse's Ruby Carbuncle.

Jaden is able to call Winged Kuriboh out while in his hand or with The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh.


  • Jeffrey and Xion are able to see Winged Kuriboh too.
  • In Japan, Winged Kuriboh is  called Hane Kuribō where Hane means wing in japanese.
  • Courtney is able to see Winged Kuriboh too.
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