"Storm or no Storm. Albatross Airlines, At Your Service." - Wilbur reporting for air service.

Wilbur the Albatross (voiced by the late John Candy) is an Albatross who takes Bernard & Bianca to Sydney Austrailia, so the two mice can rescue the young boy Cody. He has, however, a back problem but that doesn't stop him from his friends to Austrailia. He threw his back out, & then taken to the Hospital,  just so he can get his back in place. They do so, & he makes his way to Bernard to watch Mirahute's eggs, however, he didn't want to but, decided to do it anyway. So, after the event has passed, Wilbur was wondering when they got back, up unitl the eggs hatched, we don't if one the baby's bit him, or if he threw his back out.


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  • Wilbur has a brother named Orvile, just like the Wriet brothers Orvile, & Wilbur.
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