Whizzer First appearce.

Whizzer (voiced by Paul Masonson) is a Blue Yakey Bird and a protagonist in The Swan Priness: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure. He is similar to a Crane, and can do a Parrot's mimiking, such as Iago! Whizzer can imitate any voice after hearing it only once. He initially used this ability to find out about the Forbidden Arts and pass any knowledge he discovered back to Zelda. He later helped Derek to defeat Zelda by distracting the witch by speaking to her in Rothbart's voice (how Whizzer knew what Rothbart sounded like is never explained), enabling Derek to snap Zelda's wand and causing her to fall into a giant fireball she had created earlier. When Jean-Bob was taking part in the obstacle course, Whizzer kept insulting Jean-Bob's opponent in Jean-Bob's voice, making the guy think the frog was insulting him. Whizzer was merely trying to motivate Jean-Bob, and he succeeded as Jean-Bob won the obstacle course.


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