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The White Rabbit (1951 version).

The White Rabbit (1951 version: voiced by Bill Thompson and later on Corey Burton. 2010 version voiced by Michael Sheen) is one of the many characters in the Alice in Wonderland stories.

In Jaden's Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (1951 version), he was late for a very important date. Alice, Jaden and his friends were so curious to know what he was late for that they followed him all the way to Wonderland. They ran into him at his house, and at the Mad Hatter's tea party. Finally, he was seen as an assitant for the Queen of Hearts.


The White Rabbit (2010 version).

In Jaden's Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (2010 version), The White Rabbit (or Nivens McTwisp) sent Jaden, Simba, and the others a letter asking for their help in order to overthrow the Queen of Hearts. He was one of the characters to be captured by the card soldiers and forced to serve the Queen. But with the help from Hatter and Timon, they escape and make it the White Queen's castle, who is the rightful kind-hearted ruler of Wonderland. Nivens was there during the fight between Alice and the Jabberwocky, and witnessed Hatter's flutterwagon, and Alice's departure.


  • The White Rabbit will appear in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures with Alice in Wonderland.
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