Vanellope Von Schweetz (voiced by Sarah Silverman) is the deuteragonist of Jaden meets Wreck-It Ralph, and a racer in the video game Sugar Rush.


Vanellope is a glitch that was never supposed to race. Even though she is forbidden to race, she still tries to get in. She takes Ralph's medal and uses it as her entry pass, but this only caused Ralph to be mad. After making a deal with him, Vanellope, Ralph, and Jaden's Team built a kart for her. But after King Candy tricks Ralph into destroying her kart, she was so hurt by this, and was locked up. But after learning that she IS a part of the game, Ralph gets Fix-It Felix to fix her kart, and gets her back into the race. During the race, she got into a fight with King Candy, and her glitches revealed that he is Turbo. When Cy-Bug's attack Sugar Rush, she couldn't exit the game. But after Ralph and Jaden's Team were able to stop the Cy-Bugs, she finally crossed the finish line, and her glitches were fixed and revealed that she is the princess of the game.



  • Vanellope will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Vanellope will join Hiccup's team in Hiccup meets Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Hiccup Describes Her As A "Cute Member" Of The Team.
  • Vanellope will guest star in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Rise of the Guardians.
  • Vanellope is best friends with Xion.
  • Vanellope is Aaron the Meerkat's Most Favorite Character, because of his obsession of her cuteness,
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