I'm not sure how chatting works here but this is a (test?). - Starflight Iluminada (Mila) Hi, welcome to Jaden's Adventures Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Jeffrey page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Rtgoh1 (Talk) 23:19, March 10, 2013

You did it! I'm so happy for you!

Hey Tigerman,

It's really awesome to talk to you, I was wondering maybe Xion can Staar in my Adventure where The Miztyk Knights Meet Professor Layton?

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 00:23, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

Hey bud, i want to add Genie to the team.

Hey bud, it seems that a user says that we should add the Creeper from The Black Caulron. What you do say to that?

Hey Tigerman,

perhaps maybe Xion could be with my team to see the Fantasia performances?

If not, that's okay.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 14:08, March 12, 2013 (UTC)

What happened to Brermeerkat's videos on youtube? When they come back?

Somethings' wrong with YouTube again. - Rtgoh1.

I'm getting scared right now. -Rtgoh1

Bad news: TK-999 blocked me on Pooh's Adventures Wiki! I am gonna cry now! :'( Tell TK-999 to unblock me and I made an apologize to him.

What does involved means? I am still crying! :'(

I said, what does involved means? I made an apologize to TK-999. But, he won't listen. Because of disruption, he blocked me! :'( Don't forget, can you tell BrerJake90 to unblock me in Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Please. :'(

I will sing a song because I was blocked in Pooh's Adventures Wiki:

Come out moon
Come out wishing star
Come out
Come out
Wherever you are

I’m out here in the dark
All alone and wide awake
Come and find me
I’m empty and I’m cold
And my heart's about to break
Come and find me

I need you to come here and find me
Cause without you I’m totally lost
I've hung a wish on every star
It hasn’t done much good so far
I can only dream of you
Wherever you are

I’ll hear you laugh
I’ll see you smile
I’ll be with you just for a while
But when the morning comes
And the sun begins to rise
I will lose you

Because it’s just a dream
When I open up my eyes
I will lose you

I use to believe in forever
But forever is to good to be true
I've hung a wish on every star
It hasn’t done much good so far

I don’t know what else to do
Except to try to dream of you
And wonder if you are dreaming too
Wherever you are

Wherever you are

Thank you. But, can you tell Freddieholc, Iamnater1225, Pokemonlover1, Stu-art McMoy .5 and DragonSpore18 about I have been blocked in Pooh's Adventures Wiki for me? Can you ask BrerJake90 to unblock me in Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Please.

I said, thank you. But, can you tell Freddieholc, Iamnater1225, Pokemonlover1, Stu-art McMoy .5 and DragonSpore18 about I have been blocked in Pooh's Adventures Wiki for me? Can you ask BrerJake90 to unblock me in Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Please.

I miss my friends in Pooh's Adventures Wiki: Freddieholc, Iamnater1225, Pokemonlover1, Stu-art McMoy .5 and DragonSpore18! I will sing another song because I miss my friends:

He was my Wikia Users, best friends


And now, we'll never do anything

Together... :'(

I am sorry. Please forgive me? Can you hug me? :(

(Hugs you) I will never ask again. Also, I was heartbroken when I got blocked. :'(

I was being heartbroken because I got blocked in Pooh's Adventures Wiki! It was TK-999's fault because I made a mistake but not disruption!

Can you sing me a beautiful song because I was crying? I am gonna be retired from Pooh's Adventures Wiki because I was being blocked. :'(

When She Loved Me cheers me up. Can you sing that. Can you tell Iamnater1225 about I was being blocked in Pooh's Adventures Wiki?

Little better. But, I was still heartbroken because I was still blocked.

Where's BrerJake90? Is he on vacation, spend a weekend with someone or did he died? I am getting worried about him! :(

Just kidding about BrerJake90 died. But, where's BrerJake90? Is he spending the weekend with someone or is he on the vacation? I am getting more worried about him! :(

When BrerJake90 done busy with somewhere? Will he come back in Pooh's Adventures Wiki to unblock me in Pooh's Adventures Wiki?

I think BrerJake90 was coming back tomorrow. Can you ask him about did he come back on Pooh's Adventures Wiki yet?

Don't tell Stu-art McMoy .5 about Jaden's Adventures Wiki! He only likes being on Pooh's Adventures Wiki! I made a mistake! It was my fault to let Iamnater1225 make the category for Stuingtion's adventures team members on this wiki. :(

Bad news: LoneRanger302 was about to leave YouTube and DeviantArt forever. I will miss him so much and will he come back with a new YouTube and DeviantArt accounts? :'(

There was an idiot named Jack Welker on Pooh's Adventures Wiki! Can you tell BrerJake90 and TK-999 to block Jack Welker on Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Please.

Sorry about that.

New Episode

Hey Tigerman531,

Have you thought about the idea I gave you for Xion meeting Lucifer through a nightmare from Pitch? If so, maybe I could create the scene and animate it, and see from there.

What do you say?

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 16:53, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Alright, thanks anyway Tigerman, at least I tried.Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 18:07, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Yep I'm a Friend of DarkbladeCade Skywaler Rulez (talk) 16:58, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

Oh I Have, Made My Character Profile Hope You Check It Out! Cade Skywaler Rulez (talk) 17:27, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

Why Thank-You! ^_^ Cade Skywaler Rulez (talk) 17:31, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

ROAR'N & BEYOND I Always Say!!!! Cade Skywaler Rulez (talk) 17:36, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

"May The Force Be With You!" Cade Skywaler Rulez (talk) 17:39, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

Who's Messing With The Wiki Page, WHO?!?!?!? Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 16:38, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

Oh Ok Then! xD Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 17:41, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

(i39darkblade): I'm thinking about doing The Ed's Adventures of the Running Man.

(i39darkblade) You know that movie called Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

(i39darkblade): So should we replace Roxy?

It amazes me too Tiger he refuses to get help, we got him a psychiatrist but he refuses to go. He needs help BAD.TCprairiedog (talk) 19:29, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

I39darkblade: Can you help me with something? We need more Darkblade adventures.

Hey Buddy, Hope You & Darkblade Make Awesome Crossover.

Can I Think About It? Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 17:07, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks! Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 17:11, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry what's been going on on YouTube.

K Got It! WAIT He's Got The Hots For Holi Would?Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 22:49, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

When are you going to make your Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Series? ~ Iamnater1225

i have an idea for a member of team hacker 

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Hey Tigerman, I was wondering, What would happen if Jeffrey Dragonheart was challenged to a duel by Zero (Code Geass)? The reason why i'm asking you this question is because I was curious if you've ever seen Code Geass before, if not, I recommend you check it out, it's really good.

Hey Dude. If You Have Ideas For What New Members I Should Put for The Galactic Alliance Squad. Please Let Me Know.Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 18:39, July 1, 2013 (UTC)

Not a Fan of X-Men. But I'll Think About It!Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 21:00, July 1, 2013 (UTC)

Messages from Iamnater1225

Can you and Rgoh do Bartok's Quotes in Chapter 2 of A Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures "What If" Story: Xion's birth, Please?

Request from Aaron The Wise '91

Hey Tigerman,

I was wondering if your a fan of Benny, Johnny, & Leo's Adventures series? The reason I'm asking you is because I actually saw the series, & it's really amazing how he drew all those animal like creatures.

And if so, what did you think of their adventures? One more thing, Maybe when you bring your adventures series to life, could you do a crossover with STAR WARS like Ren's Jaden(Aladdin)?

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 17:46, July 15, 2013 (UTC)


Which is your favorite adventure?

My favorite adventure is where they meet Dumbo, along Derek, Margo, & Mokey in The Greatest Adventures from the Bible, & the telling of Noah's Ark.

P.S. Hewylewis has just started doing an adventure with the fantasy adventure team as they meet King Kong, in 1933, adding on he plans on having them meet Logan's Adventure Team as they meet, The Swan Princess.


Now that is some dream, I hope you make it possible.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 20:46, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Tigerman,

Your Halloween episodes are going to be shown on Halloween? Is this a new series too?

The reason I'm asking you this is because of the new series that goes with Halloween, & Halloween is my favorite holiday. In fact my birthday is before Halloween, mainly October 29.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 00:34, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Tigerman,

Just checking in to see how your doing. Say I might be wondering, Who's your favorite member of Benny, Leo, & Johnny's Adventures?

My favorite is Benny The Beast.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 16:16, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Tigerman,

I was wondering who your favorite eygptian god is? I asked Ren already, my favorite are Ma'at, Anubis, Set, Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Also what is your favorite halloween story? Mine is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 18:16, July 29, 2013 (UTC)


Het Tigerman,

I finsihed my stroy For Aaron's Adventures of Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor! I was wondering if you could give me your feed on it, and see what you think.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 15:09, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Tigerman, guess what! I've been adopted by your brother; Ren! That means you're my adopted uncle now. (PuppyPower32)


Hey Tigerman,

I was wondering how you've been, and was hoping if I could do a written adventure called Jeffrey, Jaden, & Friends' Adventures in Saint Seiya: Warriors of The Final Holy Battle. The reason why is because I wanted to see how Aaron would meet Jaden and Jeffrey for the first time, with some new friends joining him.

Let me Know,

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 19:01, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

There's site maintanence going on on YouTube right now. -Rtgoh1

Hopefully, it won't take too long. -Rtgoh1

I had an idea based on the level I'm at. -Rtgoh1

I'm at the Timeless River now. And I was curious on this. Would you like to see Jeffrey and Xion retrotized? Like the old black and white Disney cartoons? -Rtgoh1

Sweetl Jeffrey shouldn't too difficult. But I'll need help with Xion. -Rtgoh1

We've gotta study how cartoon characters looked in the retro cartoons. -Rtgoh1

Don't worry. I can take care of clothing. : ) -Rtgoh1

I'm thinking about doing this 'cause do you know when Retro cartoons were made? -Rtgoh1

The very first one dates back to 1908. -Rtgoh1

Of coarse, they don't make cartoons like that anymore. So, out of curiousity and just for the fun of it, let's retrotize Jeffrey and Little Xion. -Rtgoh1

Than that means....... Ah, geez. I've gotta create look for ALL the characters! X P -Rtgoh1

Unless only selected members go to the Timeless River. -Rtgoh1

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to draw. But I feel like doing all the characters would take forever. -Rtgoh1

I'm just saying that to do them all would take a lifetime. So that's why I'd prefer it if a selected group of characters went to the Timeless River. -Rtgoh1

And for me, Jaden, Alexis, Beetles, Tammy, and DJ.

Wanna guess where I'm at now? -Rtgoh1

I'm done at the Timeless River now. I'm at Port Royal now. -Rtgoh1

My sister's favorite level in the whole game. -Rtgoh1

Are you kidding?! She's OBSESSED with it!!! -Rtgoh1

Hey, buddy. How much are you willing to bet that the Pirates of The Caribbean sequels are gonna be in Kingdom Hearts 3? -Rtgoh1

Me too. More than Davy Jones, I can also see Sora fight the Kracken too. -Rtgoh1

I doubt it. Up 'til now, only true Disney films have appeared in Kingdom Hearts. -Rtgoh1

I just don't think it's possible. Star Wars and Marvel is not 100% Disney. -Rtgoh1

I'll bet Wreck-it Ralph will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 though. -Rtgoh1

A thought. Feel like doing Pirates of the Caribbean together? -Rtgoh1

After all, what with cursed pirates, cannibals, krackens, and Davy Jones, Jeffrey and Jaden are definitely gonna wanna work together on this. -Rtgoh1

And word of advice, keep Xion EXTRA safe during this! -Rtgoh1

Especially with the cannibals! -Rtgoh1

I know our team will always live though every Adventure, but I an't help but get the feeling like they're close to death during this. -Rtgoh1

NO WAY!!! Than our Adventure series would be over! -Rtgoh1

Are you talking about taking the cursed gold? -Rtgoh1

I just wanted to be sure that's what you meant by being turned into ghosts. -Rtgoh1

OH! It was a joke! Sorry... -Rtgoh1

No kidding! That film series is rather violent. -Rtgoh1

I had a thought. What if Puppetmon guest starred in Pirates of The Caribbean? -Rtgoh1

Yeah? -Rtgoh1

What do they need with their own pirate ship? -Rtgoh1

Hm. I guess that would be cool. But if they have a ship, that means that their estate will have to be close to a body of water for the ship to be at. -Rtgoh1

Facing a Google error?

What were you gonna say?

I was saying that I can see why Skytengel's are extremely rare now.

That gives me a thought that even though it seems unnecessary but interesting.

What if Skytsengel dragon scales are priceless?

How so?

I agree. Jaden respects his breed of dragon. But that's why I said that fact should be unnecessary. It doesn't have to be true at all.

It's all up to you.

can wait to see it. this gonna be epic awsomeJermaine.london (talk) 03:22, September 4, 2013 (UTC)jermaine.london

sorry dude i didnt mean to rushJermaine.london (talk) 03:27, September 4, 2013 (UTC)jermaine.london

ok i can wait 

What's up? -Brermeerkat

i'm Fine, i'm on vacation, i won't be back home tomorrow.-Brermeerkat

Yeah, but lucky i don't have to go to bed yet, i saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 new logo. go check it out. go to Berksgrapevine .com, it's a how to train your dragon fan site.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 new logo reminds of Kung Fu Panda 2 new logo. -Brermeerkat.

Yeah, hey you know september 20th is gonna be my birthday.

Yup, well good night, and tell ren about How to Train Your Dragon new logo. -Brermeerkat

Pardon the language.... But what the hell is going on?!?!?!

I'm so angry right now, I could go dragon!!!! > : (

I'm angry 'cause of how YouTube's been acting lately!

And this is another reason why I wanna see you in person more. Because if something should happen on YouTube, than we won't have a way to keep in touch with each other.

Don't worry. When we meet in person, we won't have to worry about this again.

For now, we'll just wait until YouTube is fixed.

Hang on. I need "This Day Aria" to take my mind off my stress.

God bless Cadence for having the voice of an angel. :' )

It's no wonder she should be a Princess of Heart in our series. :' )

Her song comes from the heart. :' )

But her tear is what always touches my heart. 'Cause it shows how much Shining Armor truly means to her. :' )

I feel a lot better now. : )

I've been thinking about Despicable Me 2.

When Lucy takes Gru, Jaden, and Jeffrey in her car, should Xion also run after her too? With Nails, and those two minions?

But Lucy won't electrocute her.

No way Xion would get hurt like that. In fact, after Lucy shocks Nails, when she tries to do Xion, Nails will block her and take the shock.

Yeah. She wouldn't want to get into trouble.

And after talking with the Anti-Villain League, Jeffrey's got a lot of explaining to do to Aqua.

But, as promised, they won't argue. BUT Aqua will have been very worried about where Jeffrey and Xion went.

Let's save that for another time.

After El Macho drinks the serum, would you say he's a monster?

Than you may do the honors.

Humor-licious! : )

Hang on a sec. Is the Veemon on your team the same one that is Davis' partner?

I don't understand.

I'm just asking, 'cause this Veemon has a crush on Gatomon too.

I get it. Bur not an idiot like Davis' Veemon is? Or worse, like Davis is?

  • whew* That's a relief.

Davis is like Zack in Kingdom Hearts: Bold when it comes to girls.

Sorry if I keep mentioning Zack. I guess I'm not too happy with his arrogance.

You know something? I'll bet he would've forgotten about Aqua and went with someone else.

I'll bet he doesn't truly love Aqua. Not like Jeffrey, who loved her at first sight.

Well, it doesn't matter. She's already married now, and Jeffrey's WAY better than Zack is.

Even if both Zack and Jeffrey have black spiky hair.

Well giess what? Aqua is shy too.


I figured he deserves to have some adventures of his own in written form. So I wanted to try and give him a chance for his own adventure series.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 00:11, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

All right, that's understandable.

Oh, and good news the video, Xion's Nightmare is up again, but with color, music, and voices.

Chaeck it out.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 00:33, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

I understand.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 17:34, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

I understand, I hope you and Ren create an Amazing adventure series.

I gave this to Ren, You've earned it too.


Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 21:00, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

I'm here, bro.

I'm sorry about the change YouTube made. I'm not happy about it either.

I don't mind. As long as we stay in touch with each other.

Neither can I. *hugs you* :' (

After hearing what happened today, I'm afraid of loosing you again. :' (

I hope so. I care about you too much to loose you. :' (

But I thought you agreed I should come to you.

I'm starting to doubt if we ever will meet in person. : (

I'm sorry, bro. I'm still down after hearing the sad news.

But I am feeling a bit better. Not a whole lot though.

Just continue to be here for me for the rest of the day. I need your company now more than ever. : (

What about the script?

Wow..... You really do care about me more than anything else....

Thanks. *still hugging you* I love you, big brother.

And thanks for saying you'll be here for me for the rest of the day.

Just having you around makes me feel a tiny bit better.

The sabertooth cub?

Oh yeah. Well... she'll need all the support and love she can get.

It's gonna take us both some time to recover.

Has it been an hour yet?

I'll wait here for you.

Anyway.... I'm truly grateful for your selfless act. Giving up working on the script to spend time with me when something tragic happened.

No. Thank YOU. You're very caring. And this example proves it.

And it shows I truly mean a lot to you. : )

  • hugs you* Thank you, bro. That means a lot to me.

I love you big brother. Your heart's a golden one. :' )

Still sketching.

No need to apologize. I'm trying to talk with you while sketch.

By the way, I've finally made up my mind for something.

To do Small Soldiers with you.

"Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Small Soldiers."


Don't tell me your inbox stopped working. : (

You're gonna have to find out what's going on with your discussion area soon.

Because.... I don't wanna have to keep doing this forever.



It's trying to get us to use Google+ more.

I hate it as much as you do, but we have no choice. We've gotta either go with it, or refuse it.

But the most important thing is that we've still got each other. : )

So what were you going to say?

My favorite fictional one I've ever seen. : )

What I love most about him is that he always thinks about Xion's happiness before his own. : )

Like how even though he only goes dragon for emergencies, he sometimes does in order to make Xion happy. And allows her to ride on him, use his tail for a swing, and (as a baby) crawl on him. :' )

Jeffrey would still be married to Aqua in this?

'Cause that's what I'd like this to be. A "what-if" story.

Think of it kinda like a little excersie for Baby Xion to do before she learns to walk. : )

AND after she reaches Dragon-Jeffrey's head, he and Aqua will reward their little princess. :' )

But IF we're gonna do this, let's wait 'til your inbox works again.

Sorry bro.

I suppose you're wondering what happened November 2004.

Attended two funerals in a row.

Hopefully, this won't be as painful as it was that year.

Well, it's just one funeral. And I've only known this cousin for 2 years. So it shouldn't be that painful.


Kiva and Darkblade know too?

Actually, I told two others about this 'cause I trusted them and I needed their comfort too.

Benny and brermeerkat.

Almost done with the assignment.

So, tomorrow, while I'm at my classes, it'll give you a chance to work on your script.

Thanks, big brother.

I get it. But let's not get TOO desperate.

I know you can't wait that much longer, but we've gotta think through better.

First, I should tell me mother about wanting to come to you or you coming to me so that she can be allow this to happen.

Has it been an hour yet?


I'll wait for you bro.

As I was saying.... And how Dragon-Jeffrey sheds a tear after Jaden is healed, and he hugs him, and says how he's happy that Jeffrey is his big brother. :' )

Almost done. : )

  • laughs* Just saw something funny! X D

Aladdin series. "The Ethereal". Genie tried to get the Ethereal to go away by turning into a giant golfer, and hit the Ethereal away. But the moment he hit her, she didn't move, and she was so magically hard, that Genie started to fall apart, and he said "Rats. Should've used the putter."

All done! : D

And check out what I've just re-uploaded. Please comment. : )

I was kinda hoping for a role-playing comment, but it's okay.

I agree. Especially since I got tragic news today. : (

I might be okay tomorrow, but when Thursday and Friday come along, I don't know....

I'm gonna wait until my inbox works again.

Darn it all. X P

I'm starting to get tired now.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Thanks for being here for me when I needed you. I love you big brother. :' )

No no. Don't be.

That's what I was gonna suggest.

Like what I added?

I'll see if I can fit them into my schedule too.

By the way, there's something I wanted to ask you involving Halloween.

I know it's not October yet, but I was thinking about re-uploading a Halloween video from last year up.

"Things Are Not What They Appear". I don't know if you remember it.

Be honest, do you think it's too early to be re-uploading the videos?

So you're saying I should re-upload it even if it's not October?

Hm. I'll think about it more.

I'm starting to get a bit tired right now. I'm gonna take a short rest, than come back to you.

And one more thing. When your inbox works again, let me know please.

Don't tell me your inbox stopped working.

  • curses in Yosemite Sam's attitude.*!!!!!!

I thought you would've been like "*impersonating Fluttery* *gasps* Such language!"

Hang on. I'm searching for something for a quick new video.

Just another quick Queen of Hearts video.

Hey. I need your help. Do you know a scene in GX where Aster says something like "shut up"?

I don't get it. Why can't I send any messages on YouTube?

You were saying?

Yeah what?

I hope so. I wouldn't want my suffering to affect my friends on YouTube.

It seems like it happened to you the moment I told you the bad news.

Wait. Are you say that you benefitted from my family's suffering? : (

Aw, bro. *hugs you* I forgive you. And I know you didn't mean it. Truth is I'm not good with words either.

But tell me, how did this help our connection?

Sympathy for me. I know.

Now way! Really?

I know. But.... it's beyond my control at the moment.

I keep telling you though. We may not have each other in person, BUT we still have each other on the internet. And that's real enough for me.

Working on a new page right now.

Try the inbox now.

Gonna cook dinner now. Be right back.

Now MY inbox stopped working.

I was gonna say how that's so cute that Xion's got her mom's reliability and devotion. She really is like Aqua. :' )

You forgot courage.

It's okay. Just a gentle reminder.

I'm focused on that "what-if" story right now.

Should I add Aqua as a Dragon in the category? She eventually gets her own dragon-form from Jeffrey.

How does Baby Xion know their names already? Did Jeffrey and Aqua tell her the week at the hospital?

I see. Does Baby Xion sleep in her mother's arms that week each night? : )

AAAAWWW!!!! And I hope Baby Xion rests her head against her mom's chest. :' )

I know I have to wear formal attire for this, but I hope she'll let me hold onto it.

That was my plan if I can't wear it.

Great minds do think alike.

That or you're a telephathetic.

I'm gonna wait 'til your inbox works again. There's something I wanna tell you in private.

Yeah. Like a final statement before I go to bed.

I've been thinking about Small Soldiers again.

I wonder if Jeffrey doesn't like war and violent toys either.

'Cause since we both are like Irwin in that movie, I was wondering if Jeffrey is like him too.

Not caring about profits and thinking about the happiness of children.

I think after this, Xion and the cubs would be afraid of toys.

But the cubs though. They're still technically babies. They're about 4 or 5 years old.

At least not electronical ones.

Yes. Buzz Lightyear would never do what the Commando Elite did.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I don't care if your inbox stopped working. As long as you're here, that's all that matters.

Please respond to that question when your inbox works again.

Personal information and all.

I can tell you this. After I got back to Manhattan, I also went to the Disney Store in Time Square ('cause I was close by).

Yep. Got me a new souvenier.

An Olaf the Snowman plushie. : )

I like Olaf. I may not have seen the movie yet, but I just can't help but like him. : )

Did you see the new trailer yesterday?

Let me know when you do.

I need some aspirin. Be back shortly.

Done. Easy as pie.

I hope Olaf doesn't really melt.

If he does though, our team would find a way to save him.

If we can protect one character from the sun, we can do it again.

I'm talking about Mavis. She can be out in the sun thanks to a special spell Jaden learned from Osiris.

Depending on what'll happen, Jaden can use the same thing to save Olaf.

Yeah. No way I'm letting the team loose this lovable friend.

I'm gonna wait 'til your inbox works again.

"The Sisterhooves Social." I actually knew all along that it was Rarity who did the race with Sweetie Belle. Something gave it away.

Rarity has blue eyes. Not green.

That kinda gave it away.

I hope Xion and Tammy's sister-relationship will always be like AppleJack and Apple Bloom's.

The perfect example of loving sisters. : )

Hey. Guess what? I'm gonna re-upload Part 11 right now. : )

Be sure to comment on it.

In the meantime, just to refresh your memory, for "Frozen", I'd still like Dragon-Jeffrey to shield the ones he cares about most from the blizzard. : )

I just hope that the blizzard doesn't bother him, seeing how dragons (as reptiles) are cold-blooded.

Of coarse. Body heat as a dragon keeps him warm.

Part 11 is back up.

That was... quick.

Try your inbox now.

It's okay. I was gonna cook dinner now anyway.

Guess who? : )

So anyway, her duel disk is purple. It's her favorite color.

I hope Jeffrey and Aqua will be grateful for Jaden, Alexis, and Jesse providing Xion with her favorite toy. : )

Wow. : )

So in this Adventure, I hope Xion tells she's not to fond of war and violent toys.

To her, fighting and war is pointless.

All the more reasons why she'd want to help destroy the Commado Elite from causing more destruction.

I understand it's all in their programming, but I just think it's kinda sad though. The Gorgonites are peaceful misunderstood creatures, and yet those Commando Elite jerks still want to destroy them.

Agreed. I just don't understand though. It's like, what did the Gorgonites ever do to the Commando Elite? Why do the Commando's even want to destroy them? That's what makes it sad.

Apperances, right? "Hideous ugly freaks"?

I see. And I'm sorry about those remarks. But don't look at me. I'm not the one who said those harsh things. Gil Mars said 'em.

When Gil Mars said soldiers need enemies, he immedately chose the peaceful Gorgonites just because of their apperances. That's awful. Judging people because of how they look. It's like..... Dragon-Jeffrey.

His main reason to defend them and help them out.

If that stupid Nick Nitro cuts anyone else besides Alan, than I want them to do more than just shred his legs up!

I'm glad that thing "dies." He looks ugly if you ask me. Not human at all.

  • laughs* Good one! X D

Has it been an hour yet?

I was afraid of that.

I've already thought of a couple of people: King Mickey, Queen Minnie, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Riku, Kairi.

But it's not enough.

People she knows, people who know her, people she can relate to.

It can even be people from the Adventure series.

Are they even in this?

Hang on a sec. Working on a new fandub.

Hint: It's a villain.

I'll bet you have no idea who it'll be.

Want it to be a surprise?

Okay. My lips are sealed.

It's up. : )

I've practiced Randall after doing Scamper.

Try the inbox now.

Saw that coming.

Hey, bro. There's something I'd like your decision on.

First off, do you remember the name of the scientist in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Well, for my next fandub, I'm gonna do Dr. Finkelstein. But I can't decide which scene would be best to do.

  • sighs* All right.

Answer me this though: For our series, would you say Dr. Finkelstein is an ally?

Thought so, 'cause of Kingdom Hearts.

I believe I've decided the scene to do the fandub.

You'll find out. Right now, I'm gonna start recording.

All done. Now to upload it.

Try your inbox now.

Sorry I kept you waiting. I was cooking dinner.

One thing: I hope nothing bites Baby Xion and leaves teeth marks on her.

Good. I can't bare to see this happen.

Sorry. It's that Kirby episode again.

So tell me this: It's for another Riders of Berk episode. Will Jeffrey not trust Heather?

Pardon me for this but... WHAT A GULLABLE SAP!!!!!!

Guess what? Jaden doesn't trust Hearher at all. He's afraid if she's trying to take Hiccup from Astrid. It's Jaden's duty to promote love, not destroy it.

Has it been an hour yet?

Hakuna Matata.

Alexis: *kisses Baby Xion on her cheek as her way of saying "I love you."

Alexis: *smiles, continues to hug Baby Xion and hold her close to her chest.*

I was kinda hoping Baby Xion would cuddle up and rest her head against Alexis' chest.

That's better. : )

Beetles: I really hope Jaden and Patch get back soon. They've been gone for a while now.

Cute again. : )

I have another interesting thought involving Baby Xion. : )

The day when she starts to take her first steps on her legs. : )

But wait. To whom does she walk to?

OR Aqua in a "what-if" story. : )

I haven't been keeping track of the time. Has it been an hour yet?


Keep trying.

Saw it coming.

I'm gonna start getting to my work now.

Question: As a mother, should Aqua know how to cook?

See what I just did?

Yeah. I just want Aqua to be the best mother and wife she can be for Xion and Jeffrey. : )

I can imagine this: Jeffrey feeling overworked from something, and Aqua graciously cooks something for Jeffrey. : )

Yeah. Maybe a strawberry pastry as a treat. : )

Working on a new page now.

It's up.

Not gonna make an edits?

What're you apologizing for?

No need to apologies for it. I get distracted all the time.

Try your inbox now.

I was afraid of that.

You know something? I feel like every Skytsengel dragon is meant to protect a human. Jeffrey found his.

But it's more than just one too. : )

The 4 most important people in his life. :' )

Hm. I noticed on Pooh's Adventures Wiki that they're adding characters on my Adventure team.

But this still bothers me on how they'll never allow my Adventure series on the Wiki. : (

If I tried starting a category for Jaden's Adventures members on Pooh's Adventures Wiki, they'll just remove it. : (


They're never gonna let my Adventure series on the Wiki. They don't allow anime except Digimon, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon. Yu-Gi-Oh! And Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is not allowed. : (

That's why I started this Wiki the first place. To make things a lot more tolerant than that pathetic dictatorship they call a Wiki!!!

Well.... If they won't allow my series on there, than they shouldn't add the characters on my team either! > : (

Probably to push my buttons. > : (

Sorry about all this bro. I feel like they're being totally unfair to me. : (

All because they don't allow Yu-Gi-Oh! or GX on the Wiki. :' (

I know. But still.... It doesn't get that much recognition as Pooh's Adventures Wiki does.

This just means my series is un-noticed. : (

NO! Yours is more noticed than mine. Those jerks allowed your ideas on Pooh's Adventures Wiki. People can see 'em instead of mine.

Can you forgive me for my negative behavior?

I know it's because I haven't started my series yet, but it feels like I'm not getting enough support for this.

Maybe I should cancel Jaden's Adventures series. :' (

But no one cares. :' (

Try your inbox now.

Don't tell me your inbox stopped working. : (

By the way..... It's "King Mickey."

It's okay. Just remember, that in our world, Mickey is a King 'cause of Kingdom Hearts.

I guess I'm feeling a bit better. But still...

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! If Pooh's Adventures allows your series on the Wiki, than they have to let mine on too, 'cause our two teams become one!!!!! > : (

I'm not gonna try it though. BrerJake is just gonna take down my pages, just like he did the first 2 times. : (

He may forgive me, but still, I don't want to have him break my heart 3rd time.

I've added something that might help make things be better.

I'm starting to feel better.

Try your inbox now.

What? But you were just able to send a message.

Be right back.

Me either.

Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Okay. In Destiny Deoxys, there's a trainer named Sid who becomes infatuated with May. If the Adventure takes place after Star Fox Adventures (making it Jeffrey, Jaden, & Friends' Storm Adventures of Pokemon Destiny Deoxys), than Sid will try to steal May from Jesse.

But this is all IF this takes place after Star Fox Adventures.

If this is after, than poor Jesse's heart is gonna be broken. He'll believe that May has broken up with him.

His bitter hatred for Sid will soon become heartaching saddness when he believes Sid has taken May from him.

I know Jaden, Alexis, Beetles, and Nails will help him out too.

That's wonderful to hear.

By the way, I thought of a scene:

Jesse: *holding a bouquet of flowers and walking inside a building* Okay, May. I know that I've been acting obsessive lately, and I'm sorry for it. But I was afraid that Sid would try to take you from me, because I love you, and you mean more to me than anything else in the world. Even more than my passion for Dueling. I hope you can forgive me, and I can change for you................. Okay. That's perfect. I'll say it to her and hopefully- *gasps as he sees May and Sid standing right next to each other at outside porch. This causes his heart to break in half* *tearfully* Oh May...... How could you......? *throws the flowers to the floor and runs off in tears*

Nails: Hm? Hey! Where you going?!

"puts the 2&2 together"?

OH! Okay. Now it makes sense.

Jaden: Hm. What's going on?

Nails: Come on, boss! Patch is on the run!

Jaden: Wonder what's up. *both follow Patch*

  • skip ahead*

Jesse: *sits on a park bench far from the others and cries* I don't believe this. I thought she loved me. I thought she was the right one for me. *sniffs* I guess it was all a lie....

Jesse: *crying* Go away.... I wanna be alone....

Jesse: *Crying* Please guys.... I'm not in the mood right now....

Jesse: *crying* She already has...... I saw her and that jerk Sid together.....

Try your inbox now.

Come on. Try now.

It's okay. I can wait.

You deserve 'em. : )

Sorry about that. My mom sent me a new watch (strap on my old one broke), and I had to adjust the time on it.

Only thing I'm having trouble trying to adjust is the day of the week. I'm trying to change it from Thursday to Monday.

Would be nice if it was Thursday right now. X D

So, tell me, did you see my "It's Out House Now" video yet?

Please comment. : )

How was it?

Did it help give you any ideas for how we'll use the song in our series?

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. Anyway, about what we did last night for Destiny Deoxys. It all depends if you really wanna do it together. It was all just for fun.... sorta.

Okay than. Poor Jesse....

Thing is, even though May is already in a relationship, Sid still tries to take her from Jesse. The guy pratically throws himself at May.

More like careless. He broke Jesse's heart.

I think you mean the other way around. To keep Sid away from May.

The others will do their part too. Sid may have a thing for May, but he still tries to woo her despite already being spoken for, and he's too desperate. So I guess our team would make an exception.

By the way, when Xion mentioned she hopes May will be her godmother someday, she's hoping that one day, Jesse will propose to her. : )

Xion wants a godmother like May. : )

So Xion too will help keep Sid away from May.

Sorry. If I can't stop thinking about this one thing for the Adventure. But II'm focused on it, 'cause I want to show how our team helps each other out with any problem. How they look out for each other and wish to make each other happy.

Right. And there's no way Jaden's gonna let Jesse suffer a broken heart.

When you get back, try your inbox again.

It's okay.

Jesse doesn't fight back or defend himself when the Deoxys clones attack.

He's too hurt to do anything, bro.

Well, now our team has another reason to help Jesse. Without May, he can't Duel and fight back.

And get Sid to stop trying to take May from Jesse.

He'll get it. Just not 'til the very end.

Jaden: *using Neos to fight the Deoxys clones* Jesse! We need Rainbow Dragon now!

  • nothing happens*

Jaden: Jesse, come on!! You've gotta summon your- *sees Jesse still moaping and sitting on the floor* *runs to him* Jesse! I know you're hurt right now, but we're under attack right now! You've gotta help us!!!

Alexis: Jesse. We can't do this without you. Your dueling skills gives us strength! We need it now!

Jesse: I can't do it without May.....

Actually, she's not held captive. BUT Sid is.

Be right back.

I'm back. Anyway, this will actually be a good thing. 'Cause until Sid and the others are rescued, this'll give our team enough time to help fix Jesse and May's relationship.

Yeah. Remember that our heroes are trapped in the city under Deoxys force field with no power for the night.

Right. So while half the team goes with Ash and Brock to look for food and water, the rest will stay behind and the lab and help with Jesse and May.

Try your inbox now.

So I see.

Believe me, bro. If the Kankers WERE real, I'd beat them up for all the misery they caused the Eds.

Even destroying the Cul-De-Sac just to retrieve their ship-in-a-bottle?! They're monsters!

Do you have an episode that you like?


I love "One + One = Ed" 'cause the rules of reality break in it. It's the one episode that is most cartoonish.

Glad you agree.

Sorry bro. I don't know what to talk about right now.

I can try to think of something.

Has it been an hour yet?

I guess one idea would be bed-time stories.

A decent one.

I don't see why not.

My inbox stopped now.

I know no relationship of any kind is perfect, but I don't want to get into any fights, arguements or anything we would regret.

Sorry, bro. I'm not feeling too well right now. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* See you after class tomorrow. I love you big brother.

I was afraid when that would happen.

What I like about that kind of scene is how Dragon-Jeffrey uses his own body as a shield and doesn't move from that spot no matter what.

Even if it means putting himself in danger and getting hurt a bit?

'Cause I can also imagine for this these creatures giving Dragon-Jeffrey a couple of little scratches and bites, but he wouldn't care about it. As long as Jaden is safe.

Jaden would REALLY be grateful to Dragon-Jeffrey, hug him again, and say how much he loves him as a brother. : )

And when Jaden notices how the creatures hurt Dragon-Jeffrey, he'd say how it doesn't matter. As long as Jaden is safe.

Okay. I'll wait.

I'm back.

Hey. After watching "The Sisterhooves Social" again, I was thinking of what generous thing Tammy could do for big sister.

I don't know what, since Tammy's 4-legged.

She doesn't have opposable thumbs.

Unless Tammy's skilled at doing things with her mouth.

If she can use tools with her mouth very well, than I guess I don't have a problem.

Yeah... but she's yours too, right?

When I see "Sisterhooves Social", I think of Tammy making an easy meal for Xion.

Well, Xion is the MOST important person to Tammy. She wants to show her big sister how much she loves her and means to her.

Yep. Something Xion would love to eat. : )

Let's think breakfast.

Fine with me. I love pancakes. : )

Are you keeping track of the time, bro?

Good. 'Cause I don't remember when your inbox stopped working.

I can wait.

I guess I'll get back to work on Halloween videos for now.

Well, just be glad she never hurt Jaden outside of a Duel.

Well, maybe there was one time when she was in the Society of Light, but that doesn't count, 'cause she was brainwashed.

I don't like to think about that time though. It's like with her brainwashed, her chances of being with Jaden were in peril. : (

Right now, I can't stop thinking about what Xion would think if she ever saw her Aunt Alexis like that. I know it'll never happen, but still... : (

Sorry 'bout bringing that up, bro. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm worried if Alexis really is that nice.

I know she is in our Adventure series, but after remembering a couple of things she did in some episodes, it's gotten me a bit worried.

What do you think, bro?

No no. I mean do you think based on the original content, she's as nice as we portray her in our series?

I respect that too. But that makes me feel bad about her since she's pretty much the only main female in the series.

Sorry about all this bro. I just want to be sure that Alexis is always a nice person in our series.

I know it too. My apologies. I just can't help but get these bad thoughts running through my head sometimes. In this case, if Xion saw her Aunt Alexis as a member of the Society of Light.

Exactly, and that's the only reason why I bring them up. It's so that I know bad things like this would never happen.

My problem is that I'm too cautious.

So one more time. I'm sorry I brought that up. But I just wanna be sure that Alexis really is a mother figure in our series.

It's for Xion's sake.

I know. By the way, look what's back up. : )

You really like that one?

That reminds me, we've gotta think about how that scene will go in our Adventure of Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

Has it been an hour yet?

I knew this was coming.

Yes what?

I think it would be heroic if he'd tell someone to hold something for him before he goes jumping in.

Aqua: Be careful, dear.

  • Back with Jaden's duel*

Viper: So, Jaden. Feel like giving up now? Remember, if you win, you'll loose your precious wife.

Jaden: *growls and than sighs* Alexis means more to me than anything else in the world. I can't loose her again. I have no choice....

Hang on. There's more to it. Alexis is trapped in a pit. Jeffrey's gotta break his way in.

Alexis: *takes a deep breathe and looks underwater to see what's going on*

Alexis: *gives a relieved expression after seeing Jeffrey*

Alexis: *holds out her hand and Jeffrey takes it and drags her out the way he came in*

Aqua: Jeffrey! You did it!

Alexis: Just in time. I thought I was a gonner. *gives Jeffrey a sisterly hug* Thanks, Jeffrey.

  • Jaden and Viper (and several others if you want) see this from a hologram image*

Viper: I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!

Jaden: Awesome! Now that she's safe, I can go all out!

Funny thing how Viper said the actual line in the original content.

Has it been an hour yet?

What?!? Already?

And what did they think? : )

They think I'm talentd? : )

Awesome. Just wait 'til I show you and them my original ideas. : )

Actually, you can see them now, BUT I can't tell you how yet. Not 'til your inbox works again.

Might as well wait again.

Anyway, IF Discord truly has reformed, than an explaination about "the one friend he ever had." Discord never considered Set a friend in his perspective.

Set would never listen to Discord's ideas of evil, and he would often say Discord was annoying.

Maybe. And this is why Fluttershy and Beetles will be the only REAL friends Discord ever had.

BUT as I keep saying, we've gotta see a new episode with him in it before we decide if he really has reformed.

You know what would be cool? IF he really has reformed, Discord can tell our team all that he knows about Set and his plans.

Kinda like that Flu Germ in Osmosis Jones.

Has it been an hour yet?

In fact, I can imagine the scene similar to Osmosis Jones. Example.....

Ash: HEY! That's a villain! *takes out a PokeBall* I'll stop him!!

Jaden: *grabs Ash's arm* No, bro! He used to be a villain! Now he's on our side.

Try now.

Google error. I can't get to my inbox. : (

  • sighs* Why is this happening? : (

If it's happening to you too, than I'm not too scared.

I hope it'll stop soon.

Sorry! Wasn't paying attention! X P

I'm even gonna use clips I never used before.

Like Evilmania. : )

Okay. I've gotta get to some serious work now.

I'll still be online for you bro.

I won't ever let you feel alone again.

There's something I'd like you to do for me, bro. Label the photos I added of the Mane 6's Grand Galloping Gala outfits.

Tanks for the help.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now.

Anyway, I just had a thought. Now that our team is one, when we do sequels, Xion can tell the cubs what happened before (the first movie). Example: Rio, How To Train Your Dragon.

I can imagine it for Rio. : )

Tammy: What happened after Nigel captured Jewel?

DJ: And you freed them, right?

I'm back from cooking dinner.

Tammy: But what about that big meanie, Nigel?

Re-uploaded another video.

I remember you told me you were eating eggs when I first uploaded it. : )

Joe: You're making me loose my appetite. I just like plain eggs!

Jaden: Give me eggs with barbecue sauce any day.

Jaden: Heh. Just like mom used to make.

Alexis: Ugh. That's gross.

Jaden: Not as wierd as Nails'.

Nails: Got that right boss. I don't care what's on my eggs. I'll eat it anyway.

I'm sorry I got angry........... :' (

I'm just really mad at myself for bein irresponsible. *sniffs* :' (

I know I'm gonna fail this assignment..... :' (

I WILL! I have no idea what to do for this! I don't have a clue if I'm doing it right!

Just leave me to my work.

And PLEASE don't bother me 'til I'm done.

Oops! Sorry. Wasn't paying attention. X P

There is one challenge that's almost impossible to complete quickly on the obstacle coarse.

"Baked Alaska Pipeline."

Here's the thing: To complete this one, you've gotta crawl all the way through a pipline system with Baked-Alaska chocolate. The problem with it is that it's slippery and slimy. So it's almost impossible to finish on time.

I know. And the scary thing is that you've got one minute to win it. 8 parts of the obstacle coarse to finish in 60 seconds.

I know. You've gotta be quick on your feet, and have quick hands too.

Just be glad you'll never have to compete on it. The show's over.

But still, as I said, it would be fun to run the coarse just for fun. When there's no prize and no reason to panic. : )

Shall I share with you one so that you can see what it was like?

Double Dare 2000 - Barking Spiders vs. The Blue Jays - YouTube   It starts at 17:31.

Let me know when you're done. : )

Well? : )


But there's still other features that you haven't seen yet. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now.

Anyway..... Tammmy: *giggles and places her ice cream covereed paws on Xion's cheeks.*

Hey. There's one -art of the obstacle coarse you'd love. : )

A giant pizza. You've gotta search threw all the the cheese and toppings in order to find the flag. : )

Knew you'd love it. : )

I'm glad you like this show.

Yeah. It can be.... when you've got nothing to loose.

But I'll bet if we ever could've done it together (with two others) we would've made it on time. : )

Sometimes, I feel like I've known you all my life.

You bet. : )

It sure feels that way. : )

So, is there anything you wish to talk about?

Well, I've got something. : )

Two actually. First, ever been to a carnival?

My idea is this: Someone on the team winning a big prize for Baby Xion. : )

I haven't thought of the prize though.

That's what I was thinking..... But I can't decide the animal.

But I thought Jaden and Alexis give one to her the week she was born.

A Nightfury dragon! : D

My inbox stopped for now.

Welcome back, bro. *gives you a huge hug.* : )

My inbox should be working again soon.

Look now.

Ah, Shaboodles. X P

Okay than.

  • As the Toad reals in Beetles* Beetles: HELP!!!!!

The Toad: *pulling on Beetles* How dare you?! Unhand my lunch this instant!!!

The Toad: *starts pulling Beetles even harder*

Beetles: *groaning* Excuse me!! I don't want to be split in half here!!

The Toad: *still pulling on Beetles* You inconfident imbecilic mule! I demand you release my lunch this instant.

????: Hang on, Beetles!

  • A tall figure stands behind The Toad*

The Toad: What?! *looks behind him*

Beetles: JEFFREY!!!!!

Beetles: You guys really do care about me.

Be right back. Gonna cook dinner.

Guess who? : )

Time for me to re-upload another video.

Check it out mate. : )

Thanks, mate. : )

Been working on me Austrilian accent.

I think it's been an hour now.

OH *bleep* *bleep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What were you gonna say?

Hold up! It can be BOTH like you said. Besides, just Kurata is NOT my final decision.

I want you to help decide the villain"S" behind this plot.

MORE!!!!!! : D


One thing though.... Keep that s.o.b. Xigbar AWAY from Aqua!

I won't let that creep hurt Aqua anymore!

Next time he tries to hurt Aqua, Jeffrey will knock his only eye out!

Good! It's what he gets! I don't care what happens to him! > : (

I want Xigbar dead as much as I want that monster Xehanort dead! > : (

Right now, what I can't stand about that scum is how he tried to get Aqua to face Terra in the Keyblade Graveyard! > : (

If he ever tries that again, I'll have Jaden take his anger out on that monster!

Sorry, bro. But try to understand. I'm just trying to protect Aqua after all the suffering she's faced in Birth By Sleep.

But do you think I've gotten too desperate?

You think others will understand?

I just want to be sure that sh'es not TOO overprotected, like she can't handle herself. I only wish for her to avoid any chance she could suffer like she did in the past.

Try your inbox now.

Darn it all! X P

It's sad too, 'cause if Dagur knows, than he'll want Dragon-Jeffrey's head too. :' (

  • sniffs* It's not that that has me sad. It's the fact on how special Jeffrey is. Being half a VERY rare dragon and to a viking, that would seem like a prize worth having. :' (
  • sniffs* Sorry, bro. But I'm more worried about Jeffrey more than ever. :' (

This is why I hope Dagur doesn't find out at all. :' (

I don't want him to know.

I mean, Dagur can see Jeffrey, and he can see his dragon-form, BUT he can't see Jeffrey turn into his dragon-form.

Dagur will think that Jeffrey and his dragon-form are two separate people.

Good. As long as Dragon-Jeffrey doesn't talk when near Dagur.

Dagur will also think that Dragon-Jeffrey is Jaden's dragon.

No matter what though, Jaden will defend Jeffrey from Dagur with HIS life.

I feel like it's fair and touching. How the person the Guardian Angel defends defends the dragon back.

A perfect brother team 'til the end. :' )

No way is Jaden ever gonna let Dagur get Dragon-Jeffrey. Not after everything he's done for Jaden.

I'm so glad that our two teams met each other. : )

I owe it all to you, bro.

It WAS your idea.

Me too. : )

Likewise. But another reason for me is so that I can finally show you how to make videos like I can.

Yes. X P

Aw come on! This isn't fair! X P

It's okay. I've got assignments a birthday drawing to work on in the meantime.

I'll still be online as always.

True to my word, I'll never let you be alone again.

Anything so long as you're happy. : )

No need to thank me. You deserve it.

I'm glad I made you happy again, bro. : )

I am?! :' D

  • sniffs* I feel more honored now. :' )

Hey. If I'm gonna draw Jeffrey, want me to use the updated version?

All right.

It's gonna take me a while to get this done.

Besides, his birthday isn't 'til 6 days.

I'll wait 'til your inbox works again.

Notify me when it's working.

Try now.

Saw that coming.

I think it'll be adorable if Xion teaches the cubs all about staying healthy. : )

Yeah. Somehow though, I feel like someone's gonna get a cavity.

There's an episode of Kirby that's all about tooth decay:

Kirby Right Back at Ya HD Episode 32 A Dental Dilemma - YouTube

Yeah. *smiles* I can imagine this: Jeffrey asking Xion if she brushed her teeth, and she shows them, pleasing Jeffrey on how white they are. : )

Proof on what a smart and responsible little angel she is. : )

Unless they'd get careless. X P

Well, they love their ice cream.

BUT hopefully Xion can teach them well.

I know. The cubs will always listen to their mom, dad, and big sister. : )

I'm curious if you're watching that episode. You don't have to if you don't wanna.

I see. Personally, I'd rather have my teeth drilled than get a vaccine on my arm.


I wouldn't mind. I'm more scared needles than getting drilled.

Well, that's just me though.

Well anyway, I've got Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion in.

No problem.

Thanks. And so are you. : )

Wow. You sure are lucky to get those Patch badges.

That's okay. Could you tell BrerJake90 to unblock me in Pooh's Adventures Wiki. I just made a mistake about making warnings about Ice age mammal. :'(

So, is there anything you wanna talk about now?


Try your inbox now.

Wait a minute! I haven't sent THAT many messages yet.

You don't have to add your username next to your messages.

Stop apologizing. I'm NOT mad.

I know. You didn't sleep well. But maybe tonight will be different.

As I was saying.... 'Cause (call me crazy) but I was thinking about WHAT-IF.

But I still don't know if Jaden and Alexis are too young to be having kids.

That and I can't decide if it would be a boy or girl.

What I'm trying to do is make for denying the idea of Baby Sapphire.

Right now, this is a what-if idea. 

(I saw)

I'm gonna add a new chapter to the "what-if" story.

The idea is to have Jeffrey and Jaden's friends meet Baby Xion in this chapter.

Celestia, Luna, Mickey, Ash, Sora, Sima, Alex, etc.

I'm gonna cook dinner now.

Be right back.

Inbox stopped again.

It's okay. Anyway, is there another young heroine Tammy can dress up as?

Supergirl and Batgirl. Cute. : )

Now DJ.

Another young hero?

Who though?

Is there a younger version of Green Lantern?

Oh. I see.

It can be Green Lantern if you want.

I'm starting to think about our Justice League crossovers now.

Right now, I'm thinking about "Eclipsed."

If that Godfrey badmouths Aqua or Xion.... *punches a big hole in the wall* > : (

And remember, I still don't want the Heart of Darkness shards to touch either of them.

Oh! And Jeffrey too. I can't bare to see Aqua and Xion face him. To me, that's like Aqua facing Terra-Xehanort. : (

Dark magic.

So, that gem shall not touch Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion.

Maybe a few though.

Look now.

It's okay. I'm going to bed in a bit. But one more question: When in the episode should Aqua give Xion Stormfall?

Makes sense. Well *hugs you* Night big brother. See you tomorrow. I love you. : )


I change my mind. Star Fox Adventures WILL take place before Justice League and Teen Titans.

I remembered: Teen Titans episode "Switched", Xion switches bodies with May.

Plus.... In JL "Fury", the girls are gonna need all the help they can get.

Just remember, the poison doesn't affect immortal characters and inorganic characters. So Scamper, Brain, and B.E.N are safe.

Is there anyone else immortal or inorganic on the team?

Oh yeah. I forgot.

I still can't stand that Aresia! > : (

It's so unfair. Just because she suffered, that doesn't mean she had to take it out on men that never did anything to her! > : (

And "The sins of his KIND"?!?!? That's completely offensive!!! It's like saying we men are some sorta race!!! > : (

Good riddance to her! > : (

That's one of my least favorite episodes.

I forgot when your inbox stopped working.

I'm gonna shower now while we wait.

What's your answer?


I asked 'cause IF it was a part of Twilight Town, than Xion would feel uncomfortable about being there.

Remember, Xion would feel unhappy about being back at Twilight Town, considering what happened to her there in her previous life.

Give me a moment. Gonna make some popcorn.

I'm back.

Try now.

New page.

I'm gonna be honest with you bro. I kinda feel a little bit uncomfortable with the whole chosing a successor thing in Birth By Sleep. I feel like Terra and Aqua would be too young to be doing such a thing.

You do have a point considering the events that took place. But the only thing that bothers me about it is the whole age thing. Like Terra and Aqua are old people.

Of coarse not! I never said they were. Aqua is a vision of youth and beauty!

Geez.... Now I feel even more bad for Aqua. :' (

I know. But the way you said it, it makes it sound like Aqua is replaced in the series. 

I know. I'm not mad at you. I guess what I'n trying to say is that... I wish that the creators didn't make the events in Birth By Sleep so tragic. :' (

I wish they thought of something else for Aqua. :' (

I'm so sorry, bro. But you probably don't understand how important Aqua has become to me over the last year.

As an animator, EVERY animated character is real to me, and each one plays a part in my everyday life.

Yes. But mostly the one's in our team.

I'm sure you feel the same way when you're as passionate about animation as I am.

I'm gonna wait 'til your inbox works again.

  • sighs* Not again.

That makes a lot more sense.

I'm happy to hear that. Jeffrey is an amazing character. : )

Hang on. Someone just add Jaden to Pooh's Adventures Wiki.

Is TMNTSubspace a fan?

Wow. He likes my work?

Wait. You knew about the page and you didn't tell me?

I'm NOT mad at you. And to be honest, I'm having a tiring day too. I don't know why someone's adding them either. But I don't mind. Maybe now they'll have to accept my Adventure series.

How many times must I say it? I'm NEVER gonna get mad at you! I love you too much as a brother to get angry at you.

Tell me, bro. If they accept my ideas, does that mean this Wiki is no longer needed?

I just asked 'cause the whole reason why I created this Wiki was so that I'd have a place to publish my ideas and create a Wiki more tolerant than Pooh's Adventures.


I'm talking about in general. X P

Here I am. Spending my time with my big brother on my 3-Day weekend, and I waste it feeling negative on ridiculous things. X P

Wait a minute. I'm forgetting the one thing that always makes me feel better.

Come on. You know it. : )

That's it. : )

Try your inbox now.

I don't care. I'm still afraid though. : (

I don't know. Iamnater1225 just told his friend on me. :' (

I've been a big jerk tonight.... *sniffs* :' (

But still, I can't allow that other guy to use Thomas and Twilight's Adventure series. It'll set a bad example of the Wiki. As if anyone can take someone else's series and claim it as their own. :' (

I..... I don't know what the right thing to do is anymore. *starts to cry* :' (

  • still crying* I'm a bad Wiki founder. :' (
  • still crying* But look what I've just caused tonight. :' (
  • crying* What're you gonna do? :' (
  • crying* Well... do whatever you want. It doesn't matter to me anymore. :' (
  • crying* I'm a bully.... :' (
  • cries harder* I sure acted like one.... :' (
  • cries* Thanks.... but what'll people think of me when they here about this. Will they think my Wiki is worse than Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Will they see me as a bad person? :' (
  • sniffs* I'm not a bad person? : (
  • sniffs* Really?

Try your inbox now.


Try again.

  • sighs* Man...... : (

It feels like it's taking forever. : (

That reminds me. *hugs you back tightly*

Don't let me go, big brother.

Feel like giving it one more shot?


Yeah. I can wait too.

I've got some assignments to do anyway.

But as always, I'll still be online for you.

Don't want you to be alone again.

I'm always gonna be here for you.

I'm still thinking about when Xion shows her pearly white teeth when Jeffrey asked if she brushed. : )

I know. So will Aqua. Their daughter is responsible and smart. : )

I'm curious if you saw that Kirby episode. Just asking.

Dedede is such a wuss. X P

I think it's been an hour now.

I'm so sorry if you're hurt. *still hugs you* But I'm here for you big brother.

Please don't be sad. If you're sad, than I'm sad. : (

You're feeling better all of a sudden?

Well, I won't be satisfied until you completely feel better.

So tell me, what will make you feel better?

Sorry I acted like a mindless robot earlier. I was so focused on fixing Hiccup's Adventures pages that I kinda lost my trail of thought.

Let's listen to "This Day Aria" together.

How're you doing?

Same here. And her struggle to save Shining Armor touches my heart too. :' )

Unless they hate the show.

I'm gonna have to run a quick errand in a bit.

I said in a little bit.

I'm not going 'til I know for sure you feel better.

Your happiness matters to me more than anything else. Until you're happy again, I won't focus on anything else.

I love you big brother. You're the greatest gift that I ever had. Working on your series, helping your ideas become a reality, never feeling alone again, and being your little brother. I wouldn't give it up for anything else in the world. :' )

Funny. I'm gonna run mine right now.

I don't mind.

And by the way, Young Jeffrey should be told about Alexis.

Mind changing your lines?

Problem, bro. I'm loosing my internet connection.

It keeps stopping randomly.

I hope it gets fixed soon.

I mean for good.

Can we take a break from the story? I've still got some assignments to do.

Try your inbox now.


It's okay..... *moans*

...... No...... Ate too much....

I think..... I'm gonna...... explode......

False alarm. Just had gas. Needed to let out a big burp.

Come on. No one could explode unless they ate a bomb.

Anyway, for that story, that's when Young Jaden and Young Alexis will know each other better, and grow to love each other over time.

And soon, Young Aqua will come on and steal Young Jeffrey's heart. :' )

You don't have to. I've already recorded that part. : )

Anyway, something else. I think it would be nice for Aqua to feel the muscles on Jeffrey's arms and be amazed by how strong he is. :' )

I wonder what Jeffrey would think. : )

I brought that up 'cause of how he took that brick wall down. : )

Jeffrey and Aqua sure can impress each other with their strength. : )

Well Aqua tells Jeffrey's how she destroyed the ultimate Keyblade, he'll blush really hard, and be proud to have married her. :' )

So, for our story, Young Jeffrey helped Young Jaden feel less cursed, but Young Jaden won Young Alexis' heart on his own.

But Young Jaden will help Young Jeffrey win Young Aqua's heart because of how shy he is.

Advice: Young Aqua should move in for several months. Enough time for Young Jaden to know more about love from his relationship.

We gotta give Young Jaden time to become an expert on love.

When will Young Jeffrey show his dragon-form to Young Alexis?

And don't worry. She'll be shocked at first too, but just like Young Jaden, she to won't be afraid.

As long as Young Dragon-Jeffrey will allow her to pet him as a sign that she's not afraid of him.

The first time Young Aqua sees it is.... with that bully scene. : (

Not only does that creep pick on Young Jeffrey, but he always woos Young Aqua. X P

But Young Jaden and Young Alexis will do there best to defend them both.

Besides, they need to be there so that they can help Young Dragon-Jeffrey feel better when he's called a monster.

Has it been an hour yet?

Genie: I was afraid of that.

A cover them in the rain? :' )

And this. If Young Jaden asked how to ever repay him, Young Dragon-Jeffrey would just say that he wants Young Jaden and Young Alexis to enjoy their romantic time together? :' )

And the young couple wouldn't mind their friend watching. : )

Yep. Well, my classes start again tomorrow. I've gotta go to bed now. *hugs you* See you after my class tomorrow. Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I'm sorry my 3-Day Weekend is over again.

I'd prefer to continue working when your inbox is working again.

I know. So can I. *hugs you* As long as I still have you, nothing else matters. :' )

What's wrong? Not happy?

I'm still tired too, but I don't care. Like I said, as long as I have you, nothing else matters. :' )

I love you big brother. You always make me happy just by being here to talk to me :' )

And I always will be. :' )

You mean live with each other as brothers?

Well, I hope so too. : )

I'm gonna get to some assignments in a little bit. But I'll still be online as always.

No way am I leaving you alone.

  • hugs you back* By the way, I feel like Baby Xion's first birthday aught to be it's own story.

I can tell it's gonna be really long. More than a chapter's worth.

Look what I just added. : )

Try your inbox now.

I won't let it bother me either.

Still eating dinner.

Anyway, back to the keeping her teeth healthy again. Xion wouldn't push her luck like Dedede did, right?

  • smiles* She really is a smart and responsible little girl. :' )



And the other episode?

Cool ideas. : )

Oh. And I have two more thoughts involving Baby Xion and Alexis. : )

1. Baby Xion resting her head on Alexis' lap.

2. Alexis and Baby Xion at a petting zoo. : )

Or just A zoo. Which ever floats your boat.

Don't worry. Alexis will keep Baby Xion close to her no matter what.

In a baby stroller, or in her arms?

I hope that Baby Xion will love Alexis more. :' )

Completely? : )

Awwwwwwww!!!! :' )

What a sweet little angel. :' )


That's better. : )

Sorry. It's just I wanted Baby Xion to give Jaden a big hug to show HOW MUCH he means to her.

Getting tired again. Gonna take a short nap now. Be back soon.

Well guess what?!? I'm bothered by it right now!

I'm sorry. I'm just really angry with my body right now. I'm still so tired and it's really unfair. I drank 4 cans of caffinated Diet Coke, did every possible way to stay awake, but my body has been forcing me to go to sleep all day.

It's just so unfair about the body's so called "need for sleep"!!!!

You don't understand! I'm gonna fall really behind on my homework if my body doesn't give up and stay awake!!! :' (

You can me someway for me to fight my body's "need for sleep." I won't let it get me in trouble anymore!

Anything! Just as long as my body won't need sleep anymore!

I'm sorry. I'm just serious about this. Please don't be mad at me. :' (

I'm your little brother. : (

It's only a matter of time before I say I need another nap. So PLEASE help me stay awake!

I hope it works. I'm sick of taking naps! 

For what?

Hm.... You know what? You creating a page for Scuttle just brought up something in my mind.

When I take you to Walt Disney World. : )

Too bad you'll never see my favorite attraction in person. : (

Thank Celestia there's videos of it on YouTube.

I'm talking about the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management. With Iago and Zazu.

It was. It was my favorite. : (

I'll make it myself.

I'm still gonna make a crossover of the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management.

You ARE co-directing it.

Just remember this: In this Adventure, it's revealed that Tiki Gods can't hurt Jaden 'cause of a protective spell Osiris bestowed on him.

But it doesn't work against Greek and Egyptian gods, 'cause they're the strongest of all know polythiestic faiths.

No. It has to happen. It's so that Set and Hades will always be a danger to our team.

Think. It would be too easy if it work against ALL gods. : (

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming this time.

I know people like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot can be seen as being evil, but it all depends on one's perspective. That's why I asked if there is such a thing as evil in real life.

Hey. I wonder what Jeffrey's gonna do in "The Last Crusade" when our team is face to face with Hitler.

Jaden will almost faint after Hitler passes by.

That's pretty mature of him. X P

I'm just saying that he should set a good example when in front of Xion.

That is if she sees this.

I don't mind whatever he does anymore. I think he ought to show his funny side.

How 'bout this?

Alexis: *covers Xion's eyes*.

Xion: What's going on with my daddy?

Alexis: You don't wanna know, sweetie.

You and I both agreed that we've gotta make our series more funny.

It's alright. But I feel maybe it could use some tweeking.

Sure. I'll see what I can think of.

Here's something: that Nazi lady that yells "Alert!" Well, before she yells, Brain whispers "You don't see us. You don't see us!"

Scamper: She saw us.

Oh yeah. I forgot something else funny that happens in our series. The potions scene in Scooby Doo 2.

And another thought: Funny things that Tammy will do to the Chameleon while she's held captive in The Mummy Returns.

Freezing his face, biting his tail, getting him to snatch the wrong things with his tongue. Like a cactus. X D

Chameleon: Come back here you! *tries to grab Tammy with his tongue, but grabs a cactus instead* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *swallows the cactus and spits out the spines*

Vanitas: *grabs Tammy* Listen here, you little rat. If you ever wish to see your precious big sister again, you better behave yourself... *summons his Keyblade* Or I'll skin you alive.

(Vanitas scares Tammy more than the Chameleon does)

Still funny what happens to the Chameleon? : )

Hey. When Xion and Tammy are reunited, can Xion kiss Tammy's forehead in sisterly manner? :' )

I want Xion to show how much she loves her little sister and how much she's happy to have her back. :' )

For once, I didn't.

Look's like Pooh's Adventures Wiki is tolerating my edits.

I'd like to create pages for Tammy and DJ, but I'm still not gonna take my chances.

Okay, bro. It's getting later. I'm gonna need you to help me stay awake 'til bedtime.

First, I've got a new character page to create.

Did I spell the name right?

Gonna shower now. Be right back.

I'm back. : )

I've re-uploaded another fandub.

You really like it?

Who do you think I do better as in Monsters Inc?

If we're gonna voice our characters like the LKHFF, than I wanna do Randall.

Hey. If you can do fandubs, there's a scene I wanna do. : )

Where Stitch and Jumba pass the gun back and forth.

First, you'll need the scene from Lilo and Stitch.

Well, when we meet, I'll provide BOTH things for you. : )

Hang in there bro. 

You'll make it bro. : )

I forget to keep telling you this, but something I like in that Kirby episode with the tooth decay is when Escargoon hit Dedede on his foot to make him forget about the pain on his tooth. X D

I like Escargoon more than Dedede. I actually felt sympathy for him in 2 episodes.

-When everyone forgot who he was

-When his mom visited Cappy Town

He actually wanted to turn over a new leaf when everyone forgot him.

So this is why I can't call Escargoon Jaden's enemy. He was gonna be a member at one point.

I see you removed Escargoon as an enemy.

If you saw those two episodes, you'd feel more sympathy for him.

Yeah. Just doing my assignments.

It's okay. I need you to help keep me awake.

Try your inbox now.

Darn it. X P

DJ: *tries to stand up but is too shy to do so.*

DJ: *tries harder and finally stands up*

Diego: Come on now. Walk to your mom and dad, kids.

Shira: That's it. You're getting closer.

Xion: Huh?

  • Tammy walks to Xion instead. DJ follows her*
  • Tammy and DJ rub their heads against Xion's legs and purr happily*
  • both cubs lick Xion's cheeks*

Shira: We all are.

I love it. :' )

But Xion will be more touched when the first thing they say is her name and call her their big sister. :' D

I don't know. There are other events in her life she loved too. : )

So correction: ONE OF her best days in her life. : )

The day Aqua marries Jeffrey and becomes Xion's mommy is another one of them. :' )

If it hasn't been an hour yet, I'm gonna make some popcorn.

Be right back.

Try your inbox now.

WHAT?!?! Already?!

I don't mind it stopping. I just wish it didn't stop so early.

Yeah. And I still have my assignment to do.

I'm probably gonna have to stay up the whole night again.

No! It's not your problem. It's mine. You'll need your sleep. When you feel so tired, you've gotta go to bed. Don't worry about me.

  • hugs you* Try to understand. I don't want you to be as tired as I am right now.

So please. Don't torture yourself by staying up ALL night with me.

  • still hugs you* I love you, big brother. And I can't bare to see you be as tired as I am.

So promise me you'll go to bed when you start to get tired?

I had another idea involving Baby Xion. It involves Sesame Street. : )

Either she watching her Sesame Street friends on TV or her interacting with the characters. : )

I wonder who she'd love. : )

If you say so.

Grover too. : )

I'm done inking.

Sadly, I'm not done yet.

I've still gotta create two more pages. And this assignment is due tomorrow. : (

You think I can do this in time?

............ *smiles* If you believe in me, than I my doubt is gone. : )

  • sniffs and hugs you* Keep saying that tonight. It'll give me the strength to stay awake. :' )

I'm gonna cook dinner now. Be right back. In the meantime, try your inbox.

I'll bet it stop again now.

So NOW your inbox stopped working?

I knew it! : )

Me too.

Just add it to your list.

Let me tell you something. When I spoke with someone over the webcam, it felt like that person was right there in the same room with me.

I hope this'll help you become more determinded to get a webcam.

So try to make it a goal. Sometime between these next 3 years, try to get a webcam.

Once you have one, we can talk on Google Plus.

I hope you'll get one soon.

I'm praying it'll happen.

I've almost got Page 1 drawn in.

  • hugs you* You're right. I CAN do it!  :' D
  • still hugs you* I never should've doubted you, big brother. : )

So is there anything you wanna talk about?

Got one in mind?

You know something? There's something I can't bare to see. Poor little Xion go hungry in Fun And Fancy Free. : (

But we've got no choice. There's no food in that land when the harp is taken.

I'm gonna regret doing this to Xion. : (

But the cubs are babies. They've gotta eat more. : (

This is actually why I didn't want to do that movie.

It's seeing the youngest members beg for food. : (

We can do it. I'm just trying to find a way to avoid seeing this sad thing happen.

Kill the cow?

I know that. Donald might be crazy. But he's got the right idea. Kill the cow. 

I was quoting the movie. That was Charlie's idea.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. Right now, I need your help.

This is the link that I need to get on to sign up to go to Comic Con for my college. Click it, and tell me if it's blank or not. I need to find out what the problem is.

comiccon2011signup Sign Up Sheet and Registration

Is it a blank website?

Oh.... so it's not my computer that's the problem. : (

I better ask my teacher for help.

I'm sorry, bro. I WAS planning on asking a celeb to make an autograph for you. : (

Hey. I know how much you would've loved to be there 'cause of WHO'LL be there. I know how much you love Pokemon and would've loved to meet Veronica Taylor. Having her sign something for you would've been my way of showing how much I love you, big brother.

Yeah...... But if I can't sign up, I can't go. I've failed myself AND you. : (

I know, but still..... *sighs* I feel bad about myself. : (


What's the gift?


That helped. : )

But I still feel a little bad about myself.

What's the drawing you want to see?

  • gasps* OH MY GOSH!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! :' D

Will this be used of our series? : )

When Alexis babysits Baby Xion? : )

Perfect! :' D

It will happen before Xion grows up. : )

Would you say that after TRON, our two teams consider each other to be family?

Good. 'Cause than stuff like Alexis babysitting Baby Xion will bring our two teams closer. : )

I know we did that scene already, but I really would like Xion to desire my team to be a part of yours at the end of Scooby Doo on Zombie Island more.

Like this for instance:

Xion: *hugs Alexis' leg and starts using the "cute face"* Oh please stay with us as one team. I love you all.

I want Xion to show how serious she is about having my team join yours.

I know. And correction, Aqua is not Xion's mom at the time. Just a friend.

But just like Agnes and Lucy in Despicable Me 2, Xion will see Aqua as motherly figure before Jeffrey proposes to her.

Has it been an hour yet?


Botley will say that he enjoys hanging out with Jaden more than Polly.

Yeah. BUT he lost the contest to Nails.

Surprised you still remember it.

I'm happy to here that you remember stuff like that. : )

And I'm happy Nails did join.

You should know, when he joins, he quits smoking.

A person who says no to drugs?

  • smiles and hugs you* You are TOTALLY like me! :' )
  • still hugs you back* I oppose drugs and alcohol.

Thanks. *still hugs you* Just promise me you won't have alcohol again? That beer you took with friends still scares me. : (

Good. 'Cause I take alcoholism seriously for a reason.

I can't explain here. It's personal.

I'm working on Thundara's gift now.

I'm already colored in Xion.

And there's something else that makes me happy. The longest day of the week is done again.

Man was I unprepared today. X P

I was an idiot. I wore summer clothes outside when it was blowing freezing wind. X P

Worse part is I was outside for 3 hours for class. X P

Next time, I'm checking the weather forecast.

I think it's been an hour again.

Oy vey.

I saw your comment on Rapunzel's new video, and I like how Xion ran behind Aqua. : )

I love it. It shows how muc Xion loves her mom and how much Aqua is willing to protect her little princess. :' )

Be right back.

I'm back.

So where were we?

Oh yeah. Well, I like how whenever Xion gets scared, she stays close to Aqua now. : )

Like Aqua's been her mom since she was a baby. :' )

Oh. And there's something I've been wanting to work on with you for some time now.

Jaden: Alright, Chameleon! For trying to kill our team, you're-!!!

Chameleon: I'm under arrest in the name of ToonTown law. This has gotten to be ver cliché. Allow me. *punches himself hard in the face and knocks out a tooth* *sarcastically* Oh no. I've lost a tooth again. I'll get you for this. *puts handcuffs on himself* And now I'm being dragged away to jail. We will meet again. *let's the guards take him away*

Jaden: Hm. He's no fun at all.

Yeah. I wanted to do that. I thought it would be funny. Chameleon doing his defeat on his own arrest on his own after going through with it so many times.

Got the idea when Plankton kicked himself outta the Krusty Krab once after being defeated.

She thinks I'm talented?

Tell her I said "Thank you and it means a lot to me as an artist!" :' D

  • still hugs you* You never cease to make me happy, big brother. :' )
  • still hugs you* You ALWAYS will. :' )
  • still hugs you* You've got that special thing that makes me as your little brother always happy no matter what happens. Just like how whenever Jeffrey's around a group of people, they're always in a good mood. : )
  • sheds tears and still hugs you* Please don't let go. I want this hug to be a long one. :' )
  • Still hugs you* I love you, big brother. Don't ever leave me. :' )

I'm gonna be honest with you on somethinh. What Ilike most about my drawing is my fursona using magic.

I haven't done something like it at all before.

Yeah. Especially since I've also added golden magic stars too.

Hang on a sec.

I've gotta start studying for a quiz now.

As always, I'll still be online.

I don't want you to be alone.

Who knows? Maybe you can help me be ready for the quiz.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now.

Anyway.... But among them these are the ones I definitely wanna do:

Injustice For All



Only A Dream

But we'll do the others too.

A long time eh? What is it?

Maybe. As long as there's someone to represent one of each of the Elements.

I really don't know. BUT I do know thta Beetles and Nails would represent Loyalty.

The Mask: Laughter. (Duh!)

Jesse: Generosity

Alexis: A tie between Honesty or Kindness.

Cheshire Cat: Laughter

Bartok: Loyalty

Brain: Kindness

Scamper: Honesty

I'd say since Magic is the most powerful and elusive element, Jaden and Jeffrey should have it.

There is magic in them. Jaden can see Duel Monster spirits and he's got the power of the Supreme King.

By the way, a funny thing I've been wanting to share for some time now.

For the episode "Magic Duel", after Trixie removes Pinkie's mouth.....

Pinkie Pie: (indignant muffled noises)

Scamper: I must say, that's quite an improvement for you, Pinkie.

You get it?

Scamper's saying it's a good thing her mouth was removed, seeing how Pinkie talks too much.

My inbox is working again.


As I was saying..... IF the Supreme King did take control of Jaden again in this Adventure, than the rest of the team would REALLY be angry at Ratso.

Obviously, Ratso doesn't know why angering Jaden with pain to the heart is seriously dangerous.

Yes. And one other thing: Can Jeffrey snarl or roar at Ratso when he threatens him to change his attitude?

Because I want Jeffrey to show how serious he is, and how angry he is at Ratso for hurting not only Radio, but Jaden too.

Good. And also, this will help show that Jeffrey sympathizes Jaden and believes Radio is not to blame either.

By the way, I was thinking about something else today.

Your side of the team meeting Jim Crocodile Cook in Jurassic Park.

Refresh my memory, can Jeffrey and Aqua trust Shirley (the crocodile) to be near Xion?

You sure? Crocodiles can be vicious.

I can understand. But when Shirley starts being friendly towards Xion, they won't feel nervous anymore.

AND I just had another idea. : )

First, Jeffrey's brother Patrick is a soldier, right?

Well, I thought of a GX character that could serve with Patrick. : )

Axel Brodie. He's a soldier too. : )

Yep. IF our team meets Patrick, your team will meet Axel too.

You said you planned an episode where our team meets Patrick on the battle field.

Try your inbox now.

Alright. And soon, I'll be cooking my dinner.

Awesome new page. : )

I shall create a page for Axel now.

Was the ": 0" a typo?

Saw it coming.

Well, yeah. Kinda for Jim. He does have one, but that's 'cause of the Eye of Orichalcum.

And some point during the Adventure, Jim will explain about the eye to your side of the team and how he used it to (almost) save Jaden from the Supreme King in his duel against him.

But Jim lost that duel. It was Axel that saved Jaden.

True. And Jim still provided the Eye.

Jeffrey sure is forgiving. He's thanking Jim even though Jim lost the duel.

He was close to. The Supreme King only had 50 Life Points left at the end.

Yeah. I know Jeffrey wasn't there at the time, but I'll bet he wish he was to help save his little brother.

BUT Jeffrey gets to do it in the Temple of Doom. : )

I know it'll be painful for your team to have to see Jaden's evil half, but it has to be done. They have to know about Jaden's painful and dark past in the alternate dimension.

It has to be done so that Jeffrey can help Jaden conquer his fear of the past.

Besides, it's only one time. After Jaden is saved in the Temple of Doom, the Supreme King is dead forever.

It was Alexis' love that killed the king.

I know it sounds sappy, but it shows how powerful Jaden and Alexis' love is.

Just to show you the scene:

Jeffrey: Now Alexis!‬

‪*Alexis runs to The Supreme King*‬

Supreme King: What the-?!‬

Alexis: Jaden! No matters what happens, I'll always love you. *kisses him on the lips*‬

Supreme King: *screams, than loose conscience*‬

My inbox stopped now.

It's okay. Anyway, I know we haven't worked on it at all, but we might as well 'cause of the dream I had last night.

Yeah. I wanted to mention this for the movie. When Maria is reading Big Bird's letter out loud:

Maria: "I'm not sure they know how to use it right, but no one's perfect."

Nails: Perfect? Them? These Dodo's are complete idi-!!!

Jaden: *covers Nails mouth* Ah ah ah. This is a children's movie. Let's not say rude things.

Yeah. I remember those scatter-brain Dodo's in my dream. X P

I actually noticed something. One of them is voiced by the same guy who did Mandark in Dexter's Lab.

Eddie Deezen. Also the voice of Snipes in "Rock-A-Doodle."

I wonder if the dodo bird really was stupid.

No wonder they all died out.

Even Xion would agree that the Dodo's are idiots.

New page.

Yeah. Since I brought up the character and all.

If there's a song you wanna add, let me know.

Looks like someone added Alexis to Pooh's Adventures Wiki.

Or maybe they're finally starting to accept my series. : D

I still feel like that because of this, this Wiki is no longer needed.

But I sometimes feel like what's the point if they'll start accepting my ideas?

I won't as long as others need it.

But it feels like we're the only two people who constantly come on here.

Inbox is working.


I hope it works.

Oh. Um........

I didn't start it yet. : (

Ever since I woke up at 4 pm, I've been so exhausted, like as if I still haven't been fully rested. And all day today, I've been slowly waking up.


No kidding. I've been sleep-deprived all week. 

That is if I sleep 'til 4 tomorrow again. X P

How is it okay?

Oh. Sorry.

You're right. I've gotta stop worrying.

I can't help it though.

Has it been an hour yet?

I'm curious. Why have YOU been so tired lately? What made you sleep in so late like me?


Cute. : )

Later. This guy's got me working overtime.

Try your inbox now.

What?!? Already?!?!?

Oh. Sorry....

I'm gonna shower now and start laundry. So I'll be back soon.

I'm back. But soon I've gotta head back down to put me tings in the dryer.

So where were we?

Oh yeah. But before I can add a page for him, we need to keep thinking about if our team can still meet him.

If my team is gonna meet Naminé in Jaden meets The Lorax, does that mean the Kairi has to be there too?

Oh wait. Yeah. Kairi has to appear in it. After the events in Kingdom Heart II, Naminé and Roxas are no longer independent.

But what about Sora and Roxas? 'Cause of this line Roxas said:

"I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you."

I know it's all confusing, but I've gotta stay accurate to the game series.

I won't mind either way.

That means that in order for Naminé to appear, Kairi, Sora, and Roxas need to be there too.

Be right back. Gotta move me tings to the dryer.

I'm back.

Care to help me out with Alan's page?

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw that coming.

I hope he know what he's doing. 'Cause if he's a risk taker, he could put the others at risk. : (

I just wanna be sure he wouldn't be putting ones he loves in danger when he takes risks. Especially Aqua and Xion.


˙ɟǝıןǝɹ ɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ

Flip Text » Write Upside Down Text

No. It's cool. I didn't know you can type upside down.

Creepsome showed me it.

So is there anything else you wanna talk about?

I remember this: Jaden saves Jeffrey, and Jeffrey saves Jaden.

Dragon-Jeffrey saves Jaden and the others at Little Foot village, and Jaden defends Dragon-Jeffrey on Dragon Rock.

Yeah. Although one Lightfoot managed to painfully hit Jaden....

It's all about using the "Flame Command" at the right time. Dragon-Jeffrey failed to use it to help Jaden in time.

I hope Jeffrey will make it up to him though.

And Jaden will make it up to him on Dragon Rock. He'll protect him from the 4 shield generators attacks.

And I promise, Dragon-Jeffrey won't take any damage.

I had a cute idea. After the Lightfoots let the team members go, our team members will give Dragon-Jeffrey a group hug and pet him for saving them. : )

And of coarse, Aqua amd Xion will kiss Dragon-Jeffrey on the snout. :' )

Has it been an hour yet?

Oops! Sorry! I didn't pay attention. : (

Wow! : D

I hope that the me in your dream was accurate to my apperance since you saw a photo of me.

Ha! X D

What a wacky dream! X D

  • hugs you* But I know that sometday, we WILL meet in person. And it won't just be a dream anymore. : )

Maybe. I DID see him live twice. : )

Walter: Oh please tell me. Do you guys have the crispy cream cheeseburger's here?

Walter: Thank god. We did a state-fair not long ago, and they had cheeseburgers with chocolate coated bacon, and the buns were crispy cream donuts. Oh my god.

Dunham: It was really good.

Walter: You ate that? And the chocolate coated bacon? ........ What the hell is wrong with you?!

You know what that cheeseburger equals to me?

A big heart-attack! X P

Anyway, let's get back to the Halloween decorations for the estate.

For Jeffrey's sake (your sake), no fake spiders?

I know he (you) have a big fear of spiders, but do even fake ones scare him (you)?

Hm. I better discard the one I have than.

I don't want it to scare you.

I respect what you're afraid of. I hope you'll respect what makes me scared.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay.

I'm getting back to work on the drawing now.

I hope you'll like it.

The drawing will need a title.

Just "Aunt Alexis"?

Either is fine. : )

AND babysitter. : )

I will. But I'm not coloring it yet. I'm still drawing it.

Try your inbox now.

  • sighs* I was afraid of that.

I know. But I still can't help but feel bad for her for some reason. : (

She's more than just a video game character. She's a part of the family and I love her like if she was really a sister. :' (

I can't help it. As an animator, characters become real in a way no one else can understand. They become a part of your heart and they help guide you in life.

Never mind. It's working again. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I'm glad you understand. I guess why I feel so bad for Aqua before is that it's like she's forgotten after the events of Birth By Sleep. :' (

By the way, I made you an administrator so that as second-in-command of the Wiki, you can have the same rights and powers as me.

Now you can block others, delete pages, and many more. : )

  • hugs you* Consider it a gift, big brother. : )

By the way, mind adding to your profile that you're second-in-command of the Wiki? So that people know to turn to you if something should happen when I'm not here?

By the way, now that you can block others, don't you be starting a mutiny on me. X P

I know. I was just messing with you. I know you wouldn't turn against me. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

That's okay. I've got something to do in the meantime.

You were saying?

By the way, look at what I added at Lea's Trivia.

Yep. No more fighting each other, no more bringing back one another unconcious, no more ever feeling like they were never meant to exist.

And they will. :' )

Yeah. The only difference is that Roxas won't be with them anymore.

Hey. Since Roxas is Sora's Nobody, if Sora hangs out with them, than Roxas IS with Lea and Xion. : )

You think Xion would be afraid of Roxas since he killed her before?

Yeah. It wasn't either one's fault at the time. Xemnas set them up to fight each other.

That reminds me. What is it about Xemnas that Jeffrey hates?

Is there more?

Oh! And he tried to destroy Jaden's heart in Jaden's Adventures of The Never Ending Story.

Just to refresh your memory, it was an attempt to have Jaden be the 13th vessel one last time. By destroying his heart, Jaden's body would be an empty shell for Xehanort's heart.

Really? That? What happens in my Adventure?

Remember what saved Jaden from Xemnas?

It's the memories of his friends and his bonds with them. While Xemnas tries to destroy Jaden's heart, a montage goes through his head of his favorite moments with his friends both before AND during the series: Syrus, Chazz, Bastion, Atticus, Hassleberry, Zane, Aster, Jim, Axel, Alexis, Jesse, Ash, Misty, Brock, Jeffrey, Xion, Sora, Riku, Alex the Lion, Ariel, Simba, Po.... : )

Are you getting tired, bro? It's starting to get late in your time.

I'm actually planning on going to bed now.

Sorry 'bout that. Slow connection.

I know something that'll make you feel better. I finished the drawing. : )

I think it's working again.

My inbox stopped now.

And? : )

No no no. I already did. I'm asking your response to this.

As I was saying.... You know what? Before I started the series back in 2009, I had this thought on what-if someone was trapped with her and was gonna drown too.

Yeah. Someone like Bartok, since he almost drowned in his movie.

Yeah. That was a long time ago.

I only brought that up in case you want someone to be trapped with Alexis.

There's something else that comes to my mind when I think of that moment from the series. Jaden's duel with Stein, and if Jaden really is an idiot.

I know. But what if people call him one in our series?

Do you really think it was Jaden's fault for the down-fall of the school, according to Stein?

So than you think it's Stein that's the problem because of how boring he is?

Really? A super-genius like Jeffrey? No way!

  • smiles* Jeffrey really IS like Jaden. :' )

Just like how you and I are totally alike, bro. :' )

I don't know if Stein can ever return because of that big fall he took, but if he did, I hope Jeffrey would defend Jaden from Stein and prove Stein wrong.

Pinkie Pie would have an issue on Stein for how boring he is.

I brought it up 'cause I wanted to see what would happen if your team met him.

yeah, it was cute. - Brermeerkat

Really? what picture for you?

ok, normally i don't take promises, but for anything for a friend of rtgoh3, i'll draw the picture,

ok, oh boy, wait till my partner hear about this.

It's up. - Brermeerkat

My inbox stopped again.

We'll continue when my inbox works again.

Mind giving me a hand with Zack's work? X P

Hopefully, he will.

Thanks for helping.

  • whew* All done.

I'm gonna cook an early dinner soon.

I saw it coming.

Xion: Okay, daddy..... But Uncle Jaden's gonna be mad if he sees us.

Still remember why it's a secret?

More than that. It's that ANYONE could use this power. Even villains. But only those with pure hearts may can use this power. Those with darkness in them will just end up having this power backfire on them.

That's why in this episode, Ursula tries to take this power to destroy our team, only for it to destroy herself.

Hold on! Jeffrey's kept a secret from Jaden, which Scamper brings up: Godzilla.

Well, Jade couldn't tell even Jeffrey 'cause 1. He made a promise to Cantus. 2. He couldn't take any risks in others sharring information about this power with others.

Besides, by the end, Cantus asks that Jeffrey and the rest of the team keep it a secret too. Which means that it's not Jaden AND Jeffrey's secret too.

Jeffrey and the others WILL keep it secret, right?

Plus, he's got another reason to keep it secret. Xion has been granted the power too. If people ask about it, Jeffrey can't tell.

And neither will Aqua.

Remember, Xion's song is "Castle on a Cloud."

My apologies for the image of Crystal Rainbow Dash. It was the best I could do.

Don't you mean "Hakuna Matata"? : )

Yeah? : )

The ones that Xion loves most. : )

Ha! I get it! X D

Has it been an hour yet?

I shall wait.


How about a location? We don't have a lot up.

I'm okay with any location.

I see. : )

Another impasse we've reached.

I've got my medicine, but it only works for 12 hours.

That's why I try to get most of my work donw when it's still active.

I've added those two new images because..... I'm glad that there can be professional crossovers in the media.

I hope someday, my cartoon will get to meet another one.

It's starting to get late for me. I've gotta go to bed now. I've got a long walk to take to get to my class. I'm sorry this weekend wasn't that great. I'm sorry for being so negative. I'm sorry for everything.

  • hugs you back* Thanks big brother. I'll see you after my class tomorrow.
' (

We'll see when tomorrow comes. Night big brother.....


Is Jaden's life more valuable to him than his own?

  • sheds tears of happiness* Oh my god..... That's so beautiful..... How he puts even his own life at risk to keep the ones he loves safe. :' )

Question: In Dinosaur, (I know we did the scene already) but when Kron tells Dragon-Jeffrey to move, can Dragon-Jeffrey also say "Never!"?

Thanks. I want Dragon-Jeffrey to show how much he values Jaden. : )

Just as Jaden values Jeffrey for helping him face his dark past. : )

I'm gonna get to work on my next Halloween video now.

It's Our Solemn Hour, 'cause I still gotta do those drawings I need for B-Movie.

Are there any villains in particular you wanna see in this?

I only wish I had "Hercules" on my computer.

If there are clips of Hades, that'll work.

I can't deny what you want though. I can never say "no" to you.

By the way, Jaden shares the same mist hated enemies that Jeffrey has. But there are a couple more that make his list.

The Queen of Hearts (2010 version), Thrax, Frollo, and Dr. Facilier.

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming.

Wait 'til YOU go on th Haunted Mansion though.

Don't worry. There aren't any spiders on it anymore. There used to be big ones on webs, but that's gone.

  • smiles* If we go down together as brothers, I'll remember again what Pinkie Pie taught us. : )

Sometimes it's fun to be scared. : )

I'm gonna head out to buy a burger now. Be back real soon.

Crud. Closed already. X P

It's okay. I'll try again another day.

I know this'll seem dumb of me to ask, but which villain group would you put Denzel Crocker in?

And Plankton?

I see you saw the new page.

Axelrod is on Set's side since Zundapp is already one of Set's recruits.

It only makes sense too.

Tell me, does Jeffrey get a suspicion on who's behind the Lemon's scheme in your Adventure?

Try not to give spoiler alerts for first-time viewers to the movie though.

Between you and me, what was it that made Jeffrey believe it to be Axelrod?

Can you tell me more? Why didn't he trust him?

That's better.

I think it's been an hour now.

Geez. Talk about bad timing! Now MY inbox stopped working. X P

I was talking with Princess Rapunzel.

She asked me to help her find other fandubers to help voice in her videos.

Do you suppose you can help her make some suggestions too?

Just tell her about some talented fandubbers you know that could help.

You forget that brermeerkat is one too.

It's okay if you don't know much fandubbers.

I just thought you would be able to help her out too.


I understand.

Okay. Good.

So is there anything you wanna talk about now?

Let me think about it.

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again.

That am making senses.

Tammy: But I'm thirsty, big sister.

Tammy: Why is it bad?

Tammy:...! Uh oh.... Uh...... I change my mind. Is there any regular water around?

Tammy: *brushes her head against Xion's leg* Thank you, Xion. I love you.

Cute. What a reliable big sister. :' )

Still working on the new video.

I'm gonna take break soon.

There was something I was gonna tell you, but I forgot.

Shoot. Why can't I remember? X P

This wasn't it, but it's something else I remembered. For a Muppet Show episode. Where everyone caught a disease that turns them into chickens. Xion would be a little yellow chick.

Only Gonzo was the one who didn't catch the disease.

Which means that everyone in our team will one by one catch it too.

I know. But something interesting that could happen is Jeffrey trying to find a cure.

That is until HE gets it too. X D


I hope Jeffrey doesn't mind wearing tights. X P

Funny. So would Jaden.

I had to wear a pair when I was in "Cats". X P

Yeah. But that was 3 years ago.

Yeah. Hey. When we meet, I'll also bring the DVD of the last musical I was in at High School. : )

You'll get to see my coo coo clock sound in action.

I'm gonna cook dinner soon.

While I'm gone, think of which villain group Professor Calamitous from Jimmy Neutron would belong in.

  • growls angrily* I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!! The kitchen is closed!!!! > : (
  • pants angrily* First I couldn't go out to get a burger, and now I can't even cook my own food. Honestly!!! Why can't I have dinner tonight?!?!?!? > : (

Sorry about the language, but fate is being a cruel asshole right now!!!! > : (

What do I have to do?! Eat crackers and chips for dinner?!?

I guess I have no choice.

Not a healthy option, but it's better than going hungry.

Really? Wait! You're kidding me. You don't mean it.

'Cause I know you really want to put him somewhere else, like you do with every other villain.

  • kneels down and bows* THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I'll be satisfied when whe have 2 pages of Set's recruits. There's 2 pages for Bowser's recruits. And right now, we only have one for Set's.

No no no. Look at this: Bowser's recruits - Pooh's Adventures Wiki

I'm trying to add enough villains to match up to Bowser's army. Someone more evil and powerful deserves just a s big an army of villains.

Here's the thing, I don't know what the Pooh's Adventures people would think of this, but I'm planning on having Bowser admit that Set is more powerful than him.

Am I crazy?

I can't help it if I'm jealous. Just look at that list.


Well, we've got one.

Set: Bowser? Please. Bowser is a cupcake compared to my power.

I've actually noticed something. Bowser's got even Team Vector villains as recruits. Not very smart.

Well, Grundel is an idiot, but Set's allows him on his side, because Grundel has completely submitted to the darkness.

Especially since he wants revenge on Jaden.


Wait. I remember. Berkeley didn't like working for Grundel at first. And after Jaden reformed him, Grundel thinks Jaden stole his "minion".

Even though Grundel blames Jaden for everything, does Jeffrey believe it to be true?

Thought so. Jeffrey never blames his little brother for anything.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. Anyway..... He more than cares about him. He loves him in a brotherly way. :' )

Just like how he wouldn't blame Jaden for the downfall of Duel Academy.

Let's prove it in a "what-if" moment:

Stein: Jaden. You're a weak block of limestone in the great pyramid of our institution.

Jaden: Come again?

Stein: Basically you're a problem, and if you're not eliminated soon, you'll bring down the entire school.

Stein: Sorry, but it's not my fault your so-called "brother" did a despicable job in his classes before.

Try now.

Don't give me that! It hasn't been an hour yet!

Oh.... I wish you just told me that.

Just saw something funny. : )

Have you ever seen "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" and the seqeul?

It's when Calamitous was fused with Jorgen, and he forced Jorgen to eat a sandwich. "This sandwich is unacceptable! Sourdough is the lowest form of bread!"

"This indignity will be avenged!!!" *eats it* "Mmm. Spicy mustard."

What is?

Oh dear. What could it be?

What?!?! Is that possible?

I know.... but I'm just thinking about if it's possible.

Problem: Which world will our team be in?

See? That's why I asked if it's possible.

Whoa! Dude! I just saw something for Kingdom Hearts 3 on YouTube!

You just saw it?

KINGDOM HEARTS III - D23 Expo Japan 2013 Trailer - YouTube

This is cool and bad at the same time. I've gotta do more drawings involving Jeffrey/Aqua!!!

Got any ideas?

Oh right!

You know how determinded I am to keeping Jeffrey and Aqua's marriage strong and supported.

But my concern is what others will say about it. If they try to deny it.

Right. We've already decided Aqua's fate before Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced. And we've got proof.

Gonna shower now. Be right back.

I'm back. You were saying?


The stuff here on the Wiki, and the drawings.

Try now.

Messages from Rtgoh1

Saw it coming. Anyway, yeah. I can imagine. But still, what CAN they do to make it up for it?

Yeah. Lea saying he was just following orders.

And they'll both try to forget the conflicts that happened between them.

And they'll try to get back to enjoying their happy moments together.

Awww. :' )

Lea: So.... We're both whole now. No longer Nobodies.

Lea: Xion..... I'm..... sorry for everything I did to you as a Nobody.

Lea: And I was just following icky orders I never wanted to do.

Lea: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Lea: ...! ..... *smiles* Than I forgive you. Got it memorized?

Lea: Come on. I'm not a genius. How am I supposed to explain that?

Lea: You already are my friend.

Lea: Don't worry. Our new lives as friends will be better.

Think that's good?

Good. : )

By the way, I'm just about ready to play "358 1/2 Days".

I'll think of our series no matter what happens. And.... when it comes to fighting Xion..... I'll remember that it's for the best and that she'll get a better life at the end.

I'll still be online though.

I might need your strength if something heart-wrenching comes.

Try now.

My inbox stopped now.

Anyway, I never liked Larxene. Her foul personality is annoying.

I'm surprised Xion would remember her foul personality.

But did Xion really know Larxene before she went to Castle Oblivion?

Right. She never knew Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Marluxia, and Larxene.

Her mind was still in development.

I wouldn't say she was little.

Yeah. She was just creted.

Oh boy. Larxene just replied.

I'm surprised you didn't have Xion take it seriously. She's not a fake anymore. She's real.

Still, she should defend her new life. She's NOT a puppet anymore. She's got her own life and own heart.

I refuse to let someone call her a fake!

Xion has a heart now, and people could break it.

I hope it is.

I hope so. The Chameleon did a number on it.

I'm gonna try cooking dinner again tonight and hope the kitchen is open.


  • hugs you* When I hug you, it makes your character feel more alive.

I've just added something to Xion's Trivia.

okay. I'll wait.

I had a cute thought while you were gone. : )

The cubs helping with Xion's seashell collection. : )

Yeah. I can imagine Tammy carry one in her mouth and give it to Xion. : )

Me too. :' )

Try your inbox now.


I know. The Evil Queen's decendant.

But I would only let that happen to show how defensive Xion is of her little sister.

Oh dear! What if Cleo WAS the Evil Queen's decendant?!? 0_0

Think. She hates Xion 'cause she's more beautiful than she is. Just like how the Evil Queen hates Snow White for being the fairest one of all.

This is why I don't usually draw characters with big egos.

But soon, I'm gonna have to do a drawing of Cleo, even though I'm not happy about it. : (

Drawing a villain and a bully are two different things.

Villains are cool. Bullies are not.

That's why I'd rather do drawings of our villains than of Cleo.

I'm gonna have to do Cleo though. But I know I'm not gonna like it. X P

(impersonating Mushu) You owe me big!

Has it been an hour yet?

Okay. I'll wait.

I was afraid of that.

Hey, for Scooby Doo 2, when our team makes it to the old high school clubhouse and Captian Cutler and Parasite Cage show up, when our team has to free Fluttershy and Bartok from Parasite Cage, can we use THIS music?

▶ Kingdom Hearts Music - Vs Artificial Heartless - YouTube

I can tell poor Fluttershy's gonna be scared after this.

Remind me again who will defeat Parasite Cage.

Well just as a reminder, I call dibs on having Jaden defeat TrickMaster.

Hang on. After this mission, we'll chat more.


  • hugs you back* I just hope when you mention me to someone else, you'll say that I'm your little brother. :' )
  • still hugs you* Thanks, big brother. You're the best. :' )

New page.

Jaden completely HATES them both for what they did. Their actions caused them to have Latios sacrifice himself to save the city.

Yeah. And Latios' death is another rare moment Scamper ever cries over.

In fact, Scamper pretty much cries when a character dies.

Latios, Ray the Firefly, Sandy....

Which means the first time Jeffrey and his side of the team sees Scamper cry is when Sandy is killed.

He may be hardcore, but he's just like Tigress. He can't bare to see someone be killed. Eva showed him that life is a gift.

True. One thing though: Don't have your side of the team tease Scamper when he cries over Sandy's death.

Yeah. Everyone else will be too busy moarning over Sandy's death too.

Which reminds me, soon, we'll have to redo that scene. I didn't record it before. When Princess Luna tells everyone to continue to fight in Sandy's honor.

My favorite parts in this movie will be the teeth collecting contest, and when everyone helps Jaden conquer his fear of Brron.

But that's the same thing.

When Jeffrey says he'd rather die than give up, it's beautiful on how selfless and protective he is of Jaden.

More like he loves protecting them, 'cause he loves THEM. :' )

In case you wish to see it again....

Pitch: Give up Jeffrey! His fear has taken over.‬

Jeffrey: NEVER! I'd rather die than give up! Jaden, your dueling was never what hurt your friends! It's people like Brron, Set and Pitch dividing us with fear, anger, depression and sadness! ‬

Jaden: Jeffrey...‬

‪*cause of Jeffrey's words, Jaden's fear was weakening*‬

Jaden: But still... it was my fault that time. I was so focused on finding Jesse that I wasn't thinking about the consequences. I tried to save my friends during that duel, but they still ended up as Brron's sacrifices.

Jeffrey: You got to stop blaming yourself for that! I can't do this without you. You've come to accept me, Jaden. Especially because of my dragon form. *An image of Jaden hugging Dragon-Jeffrey's snout goes through Jeffrey's mind.*

Jaden:..... Jeffrey?

No no no. That's not part of the memory. It's just an image. Not a memory.

Yeah. That moment touches me 'cause it shows how important Jaden is to Jeffrey and how much Jeffrey is willing to defend and help him with his fear.

Has it been an hour yet?

Well, I'm thinking of more ways to make Aqua's life more perfect.

Just as a memory refresher, since Jaden reminds her of Ventus, Jaden will do the one thing that Ventus didn't do before: Always listen to Aqua. If Aqua was sent to bring Jaden home, he'll let her do it.

Jaden doesn't want Aqua to feel like a bad older sister.

It may make him feel less independant, but what matters more is that his older sister is happy. : )

But do you think that this'll make him seem less heroic to his wife Alexis?

How so?

Especially since Alexis and Aqua share a sisterly relationship too.

Hey, bro. I noticed something. You missed a Digi-Destined.


That's fine. And would you say Jean-Bob's a coward?

Good point.

So other than Izzy and T.K., any other characters we should add for now?

Okay than. : )

Well, Giovanni, Jessie, James, and Meowth already are on Set's side.

Why would they? They're members of Team Rocket. And Team Rocket serves Set.

I tell you what though. The Iron-Masked Marauder can be on Charles Muntz's Empire, 'cause he's not exactly loyal to Giovanni.

I'm nuts about it too. But I'm just trying to make a BIGGER empire for Set than Bowser does.

No problem at all.

What about Stockman?

Hm... Well, Shredder's on Set's side too.

Awesome! : D

Too early to decide.

I promise, bro. Once we have more than one page of Set's recruits, I will be fair and add more villains to Charles Muntz's Empire.

First off, I'm gonna let you in on something that though is cruel I've gotta share.

Cleo gets a pet dog that serves as a bully for the cubs. : (

Sorry man, but I really want this to happen. To help the cubs feel braver, just as having a bully for Xion helped her be braver.

Thing is, I don't know if it should be an original character or not.

Try your inbox now.

It's okay.


Oh.... sorry.

Looks like the tables have turned.

It's been tiring for me too, bro. Enjoy your nap. Take as much time as you need. : )

If you say so. : )

Try your inbox now.

If you know, than tell me.

Actually, it more has to do with the fact that they're miserable without her, and the fact that she's there to bring everyone together with her her sweethearted personality, everyone is being driven apart.

By the way, there's something else that's been on my mind lately. : )

The battle of the brains between Stockman and Jeffrey. : )

I'd really like Aqua to present during it so she can see how smart Jeffrey is. : )

I forgot when it takes place though.

Before or after Jeffrey's wedding?

Than when it should happen shouldn't matter anymore.

Aqua will REALLY be impressed by who she married. : )

As soon as Jeffrey beats Stockman, Aqua will give him a big kiss. :' )

A skilled Keyblade wielder, a kind and gentle selfless guy, and now a super genius. What more should Aqua need in a husband? : )

  • sniffs* They really are perfect for each other. :' )

But that's just a "what-if" story.

I'm gonna cook dinner soon.

Be right back.

Only if you want him to be.

Xion: Daddy!

Set: Don't get to comfortable here. Once we find the Holy Grail, we'll be back to destroy you all.

Oh! And who's gonna free Nails from the fountain pen? He's trapped at this point... again.

AAAWWW!!! Sure! :' D

During the fire scene...

Jesse: Okay. I think everyone's freed.

Xion: *sees the pen on the floor* There! The pen! *runs to it*

  • A faint muffled sound is coming from it*

Xion: Hang on, Uncle Nails! I'll get you out! *opens the pen and out comes Nails*

Nails: Oh I hate being bottled up like that.

Nails: *sees the fire* Whoa! What's going on?! You havin' an out-of-control barbeque?

Oh. By the way, when our team in in Berlin, right when they're face to face with Hitler and Jeffrey hides Xion behind him, Beetles will hold her mouth since they don't want Hitler to see her.

Jeffrey's not really gonna suck him thumb after this, right?

But after Hitler passes along, Jaden will nearly faint 'cause they almost got caught.

History may not be his thing, be he's smart enough to know that Hitler was an evil crazy man.

Try your inbox now.


I'm not mad.

How many times must I tell you? I'm NEVER gonna get mad at you.

Really? Where I was mad?

Now MY inbox just stopped working.

  • still hugs you and sheds tears* This is why I'm afraid of being replaced in reality. :' (
  • still hugs you and blows nose* I only wish I could believe that you won't replace me.... :' (
  • still hugs you* I don't know.....

Even if someone comes along and offers to do the same stuff I do but only better?

How so?


She said that now?

You told her what was going on? (I'm not mad if you did)

Well.... tell your mom I said "Thanks" and "That I'm proud to be working with someone as creative as Jeff is." : )

Oops! I shouldn't have given away your name here! X P

Good. And look, I'm sorry I doubted myself for thinking you would replace me. But now you see why I'm afraid. It's because of that bad dream.

Yeah. It's all just a bad dream. I know you'll NEVER replace me. I'm too important to be replaced.

I just hope now you'll understand that I'll NEVER get mad at you. I love and care about you to much to get angry at you. I don't see any reason why I should be mad at you for anything.

Good plan. Just like Jaden never gets angry at Jeffrey. : )

Hey. I mean, Jeffrey helped Jaden face his dark past. How could Jaden get mad at him for what he did? : )

I thought Jaden wasn't the first.

Likewise for Jeffrey becoming Jaden's brother. : )

Wow. Jaden and Jeffrey really do need each other. Jaden needs Jeffrey to feel safer and in case history should repeat itself.

It's working again.

Good timing. I was just working on a new page. : )

Look now.

If Jeffrey is so smart, does he know a second language?

I thought so. He's probably got an IQ higher than 200. : )

Of coarse. I mean no one knows everything.

Hang on a sec. I'm gonna help Benny with an idea he's stuck at.

I'm helping him with his Slender Man idea.

Try your inbox now.

  • still hugs you* We really DO need each other.
  • still hugs you* One main reason why I love you, big brother, is because I never met someone who needed my artwork as much as you do.
  • still hugs you* Yeah, but that's just another reason why I'm scared of being replaced.

By the way, do you want me to draw the updated versions of Jeffrey and Xion?

This time I won't forget the Batman symbol! X P

I'm working on Jeffrey right now.

Even if it's him scared?

Be right back. Gonna make some popcorn.

I'm back. : )

My favorite part in the Last Crusade is "No ticket!"

All done with my snack. Now back to work.

My inbox stopped now. But I saw it coming.

  • hugs you* I still want to be hugged by you, big brother. :' )

Much. *still hugs you* Being hugged by you and hearing how important I am to you, always cheers me up. :' )

I finally have a video with more than 1,000 views again. : )

Darkening the drawing now.

In the meantime, I'm curious. Just like his wife, does Jeffrey rarely call himself Master?

Modest kind of guy?

That's good to know. : )

But I wonder what would be a time when he calls himself "Master Jeffrey Dragonheart."

To whom?

Oh yeah! That reminds me! At least about half the villains should be defeated so that the others would be forced to retreat.

All done. Now for Xion. : )

I will scan the images and color them before the weekend ends.

It's working.

Saw it coming.

All done. Tomorrow, I'll scan them and color them. : )

Yeah. But first I gotta do Our Solemn Hour before I can get back to doing B-Movie.

So, is there anything you wanna talk about?

Oh yeah. Something else I wanna go over again. In the Temple of Doom at the Chinese restuarant. The diguises and hiding places our team takes until the time comes.

Jaden shall be disguised as a waiter.

Jesse: a musician fro m the opening number.

Actually, I thought maybe she could hide under a table or something.

Leave the show girl disguise for someone like Alexis.

Mitsuki can be one too.

Just remember, all the animal characters are hiding in the kitchen.

You can help me with the new category if you want.

I noticed you added Annie and Oakley.

  • smiles* Your memory has improved. : )

Come on, bro. Be haapy for me. : )

That's better. : )

I want you to always be happy when we talk. : )

Let me know when it's been an hour.

Can Aqua help him out since she's been Master longer than him? : )

I've already decided Alexis to pass.

But I haven't decided yet what it is that makes Alexis more worthy of the mark.

Nothing to do with the darkness though.

Not like with Terra.

Granted the darkness took control of Jaden in the past, but I don't think that should be the reason he's denied the mark.

Just like how Riku rescued Sora, I think it should be a situation where Alexis saves Jaden.

It'll come to us in good time though.

Be right back. Gonna shower now.

Done. : )

Now than, where were we?

Yeah. But first, we'll have to think of what specifically Jeffrey and Aqua make Jaden and Alexis do on their exam.

We'll think of something.


Oh yes! : D


Has it been an hour yet?

I would like to see Dragon-Jeffrey squish a pumpkin in this. : )

Or maybe threaten to eat one by licking his huge lips. : )

I take that means YOU hate pumpkins?

  • buries head in the ground like an ostrich* ...... Oops....... : (

I didn't know you didn't like eating eating pumpkins though. : (

I feel so embarresed.... : (

I can't help it.

So... I guess it's squishing a pumpkin.

Hey, I'm cool with it. Besides, I said as an idea Dragon-Jeffrey threatening to eat a pumpkin. Not actually eating one.

Besides, I personally prefer him crushing a pumpkin.

You mean his family getting covered in pumpkin slop?

New page.

Care to help with the plot?

Never mind. You don't have to if you don't wanna.

Sorry. Been looking for the right image for the next new page.


The Green one is Jaden's.

Xion gets dibs on the purple one.

Which of the two blues ones should Aqua have?

Than Alexis gets the dark blue one.

I don't know if the remaining two should be with our team. Remember, when all 7 are together, they create Chaos Control, and than they separate again.

Hey. At least they have more than half. : )

Try now.

  • Still hugs you*........ Really? :' )

No! You're just saying that.

But there are other artists that can draw better than me. Benny's art is even cooler than mine.

How so?

True. Your ideas are amazing. : )


No problem, big brother. : )


Your wish is my command.

For what?

Oh yeah. Xion pointing at the sun. X P

Guess I better start sketching. Gonna be busy.

I'll still be online though.

Oops. Sorry.

True. : )

All done. Now to wait for Rae's lines.

After this, I will get back to B-Movie.

Hey. Suppose when your inbox works again, you could help me with the hosting lines for this video? I'm having trouble with it.

Thanks bro. : )

  • hugs you* 'Cause I felt like another hug. : )
  • still hugs you* I love you, big brother. :' )

So is there anything you wanna talk about?

I've noticed.

  • ping* OH MY GOD!!!!! I just had an brilliant idea!!!! : D

What you said about Young Jeffrey giving You Aqua a necklace. That could be for a Valentine's Day story. : D

It's Valentine's Day, and Young Jeffrey wants to get Young Aqua something very special. Something to show his ever-lasting love for her. :' )

The gift is that necklace you mentioned. : )

And boy will Young Aqua be breathe-taken. :' )

Yep. And a thought: On Valentine's Day, Young Jeffrey offers to give Young Jaden and Young Alexis a romantic flight in his dragon-form. : )

You're right. I guess he does represent all Elements of Harmony. But....... I really haven't seen much of his funny side.

Yeah. IF he does represent all Elements of Harmony, than Laughter is what needs work on. I've seen strong evidence for the other 5 though.

Try your inbox now.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, I think Young Aqua would feel upset that she couldn't get anything as special as a necklace for Young Jeffrey.

AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! So she herself is his Valentine's Day gift?! :' D

  • ping* What if she made it more special by giving him a strawberry pastry she made herself? :' D

I know Young Aqua would make it tasty. I just hope Young Jeffrey would love it.

I'm gonna cook dinner now. Be right back.

I'm back. : )

Oh snap. We never worked on the script when your inbox worked before. We got distracted. X P

I'm still thinking about Osmosis Jones.

Just as Jones and Thrax have a final battle on the false eyelash, so will Jaden and Set.

Just before the eyelash falls off:

  • Jaden is holding onto the fake eyelash, while Set is grabbing onto Jaden's leg*

Set: If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!!!!

Jaden: So be it!! Just as long as you're defeated and Frank is saved!!!

But don't worry. Jaden obviously makes it out safely.

An unseen character attacks Set making him let go of Jaden and causing him to fall with Thrax.

I'm not telling. : )

It's a surprise. : )

I can tell you when your inbox works again BUT no telling anyone else. Not a single other user!

Has it been an hour yet?

  • sheds a tear* I can almost imagine it: Dragon-Jeffrey's body being soft and relaxing to rest again for his family, but being tough, scalely, and inpenatrable to his enemies. :' )

Oh man. I hope that depending on what'll happen in "Frozen", Jaden and Alexis will get the chance during a blizzard, when Dragon-Jeffrey covers his family. :' )

Hm... I wonder if it should be a Skystengel thing. That their bodies harden up when there's danger.


Honey, we shrunk the Dragonheart!

Nice. But anyway, back to where I was. Is it agreed? Skystengel dragon's skin hardens only when in danger.

After all, Skytsengel's are called "Guardian Angel's" for a reason. They live to protect those they care and love most.  I'm sure someone wouldn't enjoy resting their head against their skin if it was rough and hard.

Besides, I can tell that when the kids use his tail for a slide, they'd want it to be soft too.

Now I know that in Jurassic Park, Aqua and Xion will sleep soundly after the T-Rex attack. :' )

  • sheds more tears* I think... I'm gonna cry..... :' )
  • blows nose* His generous act is just so touching. Using his dragon-body as a pillow for his wife and daughter. :' )

Unless you're a bully or a villain.

If he was real, I'd love to pet him on the snout. :' )

Hey bro. We've got a re-comment on the Journey of Hop clip.

I predict you're gonna respond to it.

Huh? Who's Jeffrey talking to?

Right. He needs to keep the team members together.

Especially since that's Xion's job. Without her, the team is torn up.

Xion is always there to make Scamper be less grouchy.

...... You took the words right out of my mouth.

You and I really do think alike. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Young Aqua: *rubbing Young Jeffrey's cheek* Don't worry, my snuggly dragon. I'll always be here to take care of you.

I'm back to my game now.

But anyway,

Young Aqua: Is there anything I can do for you, Jeffrey?

Young Aqua: *smiles* Sure thing. *kisses him on the cheek* Be right back. *enters the kitchen and returns with a glass of cold water* Here you go, sweetie.

Young Aqua: *smiles* Anything for my snuggly dragon.

Young Aqua: Anything else I can do for you?

Young Aqua: *giggles* Sure thing, handsome.

Young Aqua: *kisses him back on the lips passionately*

Hm. Good timing. I'm in Halloween Town now. : )

  • growls angrily* That bone-head Saïx..... > : (

How dare he calls Xion a mistake?!? > : (

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming. Anyway.... I'm so sorry. : (

I guess what I'm saying is.... I want the best for Xion.

Hey, bro. At least tell me this: In our series, will Xion be completely happy with her new life? No longer question her existance? Accept her fate?

I know. But that's not enough. I'd like to know if she won't question her existance anymore.

That's a lot better. : )

Hey. I've gotta go get some more fries. I'll be back in about 20 minutes.

I'm back. : )

I feel a lot better now. : )

I just need to get my head straight again. I will fight Xion, knowing that she WILL be revived and have a better life.

Has it been an hour yet?

Tarter Sauce! X P

Yeah. By the way, no episode is perfect unless something goes wrong. It pains me to suggest such a thing, but a villain or monster's gotta be in this. There's gotta be conflict.

No way. Thing is, another reason why I'd want something like this in the episode is so that it shows how protective Alexis is of her niece.

Fine by me.

The very reason why she'd want to sleep with Alexis for the night.

Hang on. I've been tagged on DeviantArt.

Do you even know what that means?

Take a look at this past example:

Tag, I'm It! by renthegodofhumor on deviantART

Hm... How 'bout I tag you?

You need a DeviantArt account.

Fine by me. At least I know you'd always favorite my Deviants.

My questions: 1. Favorite fruit? (If you have one)2. Pixar or DreamWorks?3. Can you sing, dance or play an instrument.4. What's up?5. If you could be in the skin of any fictional character, who would it be and why?6. Is there anything you're proud of?7. What's your favorite anime show? (if you have one)8. Favorite genre of music?9. In "Alice in Wonderland", what character would you wanna play as?10. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?!

Awesome. : )

Has it been an hour yet?


First, I'd like to know what it is that's so important that Jeffrey has to leave and have Alexis babysit Baby Xion.

Makes sense. Baby Xion would be bored.

Perfect. : )

We did a scene for that already.

Unless you wanna revise it later.

  • smiles* Hey. Another thought. I don't remember if I brought this up before, but Baby Xion holding onto a balloon.

I just hope she won't let go.

The last thing I want to see is her cry over anything. And loosing her balloon would be one of those things.

Well, even if she did, Alexis would instantly get her a new one.

Um.... Bro. I'm watching Raiders of the Lost Ark again, and right now the only thing that has me concerned are the spiders at the beginning.

I can almost imagine this. Jeffrey's about to scream, but Jaden covers his mouth and tells him not to panic.

I know how you both are afraid of spiders, and I respect that.

Jaden: *quickly covers Jeffrey's mouth* Sh sh sh! Don't panic. We know you're afraid of spiders, but DON'T panic.

How 'bout this? Jaden keeps Jeffrey safe from the spiders with "Hero Barrier"?

Jaden respects his fear, and doesn't want him to get scared. So he'll do everything he can to keep the nasty spiders away.

Jaden: How 'bout this for a little extra defense from those spiders? *draws a card* I activate the trap card Hero Barrier. *a red protective shield covers Jeffrey's entire body.*

Hm. I hope Jeffrey will really come to care about Jaden a lot more for respecting his fear of spiders at this point.

A perfect team 'til the end. :' )

I really can't wait to see more things they'll do together as brothers. :' )

You don't have to. You don't have DeviantArt account.

Has it been an hour yet?

I know. I know.

Done. : )

You don't mind if it Alexis spends time with Baby Xion for two days? : )

Two days means twice the amount of time Baby Xion gets to spend with her favorite aunt. :' )

Besides, I really want Alexis to get Baby Xion Sea-Salt Ice Cream more often like she promised. :' )

Well, why not? I'll do it. : )


Alexis: *smiles* How this sound, Xion? Whenever your daddy wants me to babysit you ever again, I'll get you an ice cream.

Baby Xion: *giggles* Yay!

Alexis: *smiles* You like that, don't you?

Baby Xion: *nods and hugs Alexis* You're my favoritest babysitter and bestest aunt ever!

Alexis: *sheds a tear* Aaaaawwww. You mean it?

Baby Xion: *smiles and nods* Uh-huh! I luv you, Aunt Alexis!

Alexis: *sheds tears* I love you too, Xion. *kisses Baby Xion’s cheek*

Baby Xion: *cuddles in Alexis' arms*

Well, I couldn't stop thinking about the idea of Alexis babysitting Baby Xion for longer than a day, and the next day, Alexis gets her another Sea-Salt ice cream. :' D

Alexis: Yes, sweetie?

Alexis: *smiles* We'll see.

Alexis: Aw, Xion. So do I. But that's up for your Uncle Jaden to decide. He's the leader of the team I'm in.

Alexis: *smiles* Well than. We'll just have to hope that they'll both say "yes" someday.

Well how does this sound? Before our two teams become one, they both live on the same street in ToonTown?

That way they can stay close.

Genius. : )

Before I get ready for bed, let me just say this. Tomorrow, I'd REALLY like to work on Alexis babysitting Baby Xion for 2 days in a row, please.

Right now, I'm obsessed with the idea of Alexis' special treat for Baby Xion being given in those 2 days. :' D

Yep. Well *hugs you* Goodnight big brother. I love you. And I'll see you after my class tomorrow. :' )

It's alright.

Alexis: *sheds a tear* Thank you so much, sweetie. *kisses Baby Xion's head*

Alexis: I love you too, Xion.

Perfect. :' )

See? I told you Baby Xion would be okay.

Alexis is a mother-figure. : )

I'll wait.

Yes, and it's been an hour now. Try your inbox now.

It's okay. I was in a boss fight anyway.

  • growls angrily* SAÏX!!!! Now he's really pushed my buttons!!! Calling Xion a creature?!? "Defective"?!?! > : (

If he was real, I'd punch him so hard he'd have to take back all those insults he gave Xion!!!! > : (

Jaden's TOTALLY gonna use the Supreme King's powers against that freak of nautre!!!!

No holding back and showing no mercy?

No. I'm asking if he's not gonna hold back and show no mercy.

Good! That's what I wanted to hear!

More importantly, no one EVER messes with his daughter! They can insult him for all he cares now. But when they insult or hurt Xion, that's a death wish!

Saïx breaks Xion's heart, he's DEAD!!!!! > : (

Try your inbox now.

Sorry, bro. But I just can't stand Saïx cold behavior and his sickening insults about Xion!

Keep trying.

Saw it coming. Right now, I have a cool thought for when Jaden reveals his identity in Temple of Doom at the beginning.

  • One of Lao's goons is about to shoot Indy, when a Duel monster's card is thrown and knocks the gun out of the goons hand*

Goon: Ow!

Jaden: Didn't anyone tell you guys to play fair when making a bargain?

But of coarse...

Willie: Hey. That guy's not a waiter either.

Lao: Shoot him too!

  • another goon is about to shoot Jaden*

Lao: More of your friends, Dr. Jones?

Indy: That's right. Now (holds out his hand) the antidote!

Lao: (smirks) Get all the help people on your side, Dr. Jones. They won't be able to save you.

  • suddenly, Indy gets up, because of the poison starting to kick in*

Goon 1: Too much to drink, Dr. Jones?

  • Lao and his men start to laugh*

Jesse: *watching this* That does it. *speaks into a communicator* Mask, bring out the flambé shish kabob.

  • The Mask wheels it out of the kitchen, and Indy grabs a shish kabob and throws it at Goon 2. Just before he dies, Goon 2 fires his gun, which starts a panic in the restuarant.*

Jaden: Get your game on everyone! *removes his disguise and activates his Duel Disk*

Jesse: *removes his disguise, takes his Duel Disk out of the chello he was "playing" and activates it" Fighting time, everyone!

Jesse: Get the antidote for Indy!

Alexis: Hang on! *removes her disguise* I'll get it! *activates her Duel Disk*

  • suddenly, the antidote gets knocked off the table and rolls into the panicing crowd*

Rainbow Dash: Aw shoot!

Not bad but:

1. Jeffrey's gotta remove his disguise too.

2. It'd be a lot easier if all our characters came out at once.

I understand. It's just next time, remember that our teams are in battle now and that they don't need the disguises anymore. And all our members have to be out for this.

I'm not mad bro. *hugs you* We just gotta think this through more. : )

By the way. Another thing, now letting the members of the team eat that gross mean at that palace! X P

Even Nails wouldn't eat something like a snake!

Nathan: I think.... I'm gonna be sick.....

Mask: Complimentary barf bag? *takes out a paper bag*

  • Nathan takes it and starts to puke in it*

Beetles will faint when he sees the cooked bugs on a plate.

Beetles: *gasps at the sight of this, and faints*

Desert will probably disturb our team the most. X P

Chilled.... monkey..... brains....... 0_0

I think at that point, our team can't take it anymore.

Except for the Mask! X D

Try your inbox now.

Even though Xion hides behind Alexis during that part, does Xion see Donovan age to dust?


Does she bury her face against Alexis' leg?


That's so freaking adorable!!!!! :' D

How sweet little Xion looks for comfort and protection from Alexis. :' )

I know. Alexis did tell her as a baby she would protect her from anything. : )

Hey. What if for once, Xion would save her aunt from something? : )

  • gasps* Another part of my long lost forgotten childhood! : D

Something when I was very VERY VERY young.

Bailey's Book House Full Walkthrough - YouTube

Yeah. I know. It's stupid. But that's only 'cause I've outgrown such a game.

However, there are some games I'll NEVER outgrow. : )

Mystery Mountain for example. : )

And most definitely not this:

▶ Dr. Seuss green eggs and ham part 1 - YouTube

I love it 'cause there's a lot more rhymes in it than the original book.

Hey. You've gotta skip ahead to 3:29. It's HILarous! : D

Funny? : )

"How 'bout in candle light?"

"Get those eggs out of my sight!"

Try your inbox now.

The Wonderful World of Evil.

I think it's starting to get late in your time now. I'm gonna let you go to sleep now. *hugs you* Night, big brother. See you tomorrow after my class. I love you. :' )

I may be worried about 76859Thomas' laptop is not working. Will he get all the movies and the Trainz game back when the laptop is fixed?

But Aqua, Xion, Jaden, Alexis, Tammy, DJ, Jesse, and May love him the most.

3. Jaden loves him since Jeffrey's like a big brother to him, and he's helped Jaden conquer his dark past.

4. Alexis loves him like a little sister, and has been ever so grateful to him for defending her marriage to Jaden.

6. Jesse cares about Jeffrey for helping Jaden so much, and they both too have a lot in common.

7. May cares about Jeffrey for helping bring her and Jesse together.

They all want him to be a part of their lives. They can't bare to loose him. And I know they never will, and Jeffrey would never take a risk that would kill him. But it's the fear an concern for him that the other members would express for him that was getting me bothered.

So just promise me he won't ever do something that's too risky where he could cause depression for the team.

Good. *hugs you* 'Cause I love him as a character. His heart is truly 100% golden. I love everything he's ever done for the others.

Hm. Right now, I can imagine Baby Xion giving Dragon-Jeffrey a pleasant soft scratch. : )

Hold on. Is there a spot you have in mind?

'Cause I thought it would be adorable if she scratched on his back where he can't quite reach. : )

  • Baby Xion starts crawling up Dragon-Jeffrey's tail to his back*

Baby Xion: I will... daddy... *stops at a certain spot*

Baby Xion: I'll get it, daddy. *starts scratching his back*

Baby Xion: *smiles as she continues scratching* You'we welcome, daddy.

Bummer. I was kinda hoping Dragon-Jeffrey would growl happily and wag his tail in delight. : )

Baby Xion: *giggles as she scratches* Aw, daddy. You act wike a cute wittle puppy dog when I scwatch you.

Baby Xion: *still scratches* You wike it when I scwatch you hewe, daddy?

I can't help it, bro. It's just so adorable how he acts like a dog when someone scratches him. Like Toothless does too . :' )

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming.

All done.

Now than, shall we do the Adventure?

"Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' enter The Black Hole."

Now for guest stars. I've already decided mine: Botley, Weebo, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Vitaly, Gia, and Stefano.

Wow. That's a lot.

I've got no problem with it. : )

Hm... First a question: At the end when the heroes go through the black hole, how is our team gonna get back?

The Utrom's? How're they gonna help?

You mean they're not gonna go with the the captain and VINCENT?

Okay than. BUT so that our team will be on the run with the VINCENT and the others, the Utroms will say how it'll take time for the device to get them out to warm up.

Think we'll need guest villains?

One huh? That'll be a difficult decision to make.

I'm thinking maybe another evil robot.

AUTO, Machinedramon, Madame Gasket.....

Doesn't have to be. I only suggested another evil robot. It doesn't have to be the final decision.

I'm just saying if it's only gonna be one villain, than we've gotta think about it carefully.

Well, when we come to a final decision, it'll come to us.

Botley and Weebo won't like Maximilian throughout the movie either.

Botley will even call Maximilian a bully.

Oh. That reminds me. About the Fugitoid. Our team had better protect him with their lives.

But it hasn't been an hour yet.


In all honesty, I don't think Patrick should be a member of the Council of Light. That's more for ancient and more knowledgable characters.

How old is he?

Yeah. I think he's too young for the Council.

And just to double check, Patrick won't feel like Jaden is trying to replace him as Jeffrey's brother?

Good. 'Cause I would be afraid if someone would try to separate Jaden and Jeffrey.

That's awesome! : D

(Okay. I'll wait)

Jaden will be honored. :' )

Which reminds me of something I wanted to share with you:

Jaden: Wow. So now you've gotten to meet all the transfer students from my third year at Duel Academy. Jesse from North Academy, Jim from South Academy, Axel from West Academy, and...... Oh wait. That's right. He never returned.

Jaden: Well you see, there was a 4th student, but he wasn't really an ally. His name was Adrian Gecko.

Jaden: Adrian was a guy from a wealthy family. Dueled with a Cloud-type deck. And he.... teamed up with Yubel.

Aqua: Wait. He was involved with the suffering you felt that year?

Jaden:..... *sighs* Yes. You see, Yubel promised him that if he worked with her, she would give him unlimited power. But when my friends and I were sent to the alternate dimension, Adrian dueled my friend Aster for the power of Exodia so that he could be king of that dimension. He won, and Aster was sent to the stars.

Jaden: What's even worse is that he used the duel energy from his friend, a girl named Echo in order to release Exodia.

Jaden: He challenged Yubel to a duel, and even though he had the power of Exodia on his side, he still lost, and now he's probably still stuck in that dimension.

Jaden: Actually, before he was sent to the stars, he said he was sorry.

Jaden: Jeffrey?

Xion: Based on what you said Uncle Jaden, I think he was a big bully!

Jaden:.... Still, he was a pawn in Yubel's plot. I just hope wherever he is, he's okay.

I felt like doing that since Jeffrey's never gonna meet Adrian.

Gonna make some popcorn now.

Anyone else that shouldn't watch?

Makes sense.

I'm not obsessed with that scene right now. It's just I want to express how I take that part seriously in the characters.

Thanks. But I'm still not gonna do with out dinner tonight. Unless you think I should.

Alright than. Be right back.

I'm back.

Finally,MY heart stopped pumping so rapidly. X P

Here's a funny and serious idea: After the sacrifice, someone says the word heart, and Nails freaks out and says "DON'T SAY THAT WORD!!!!!!!!"

Anyway, after the scene where Indy drinks that bad stuff, that's where we'll put the scene where Jeffrey retaliates both teams to go back in and save Jaden, Indy, and the kids.

I wonder if Jeffrey can handle double the responsibility.

I'm curious. How does it feel knowing that your leader gets to be in charge of my team for a little bit?

But don't you like it?

The reason why I actually like it too, is because it'll help bring our two teams closer together, and show how much Jeffrey and Jaden have in common with leadership.

Yeah. I sometime wonder what would happen if Jaden had to be in charge of his own team and Jeffrey's.

I don't know.

It's never been done. But it doesn't have to be.

As long as I know this: Jeffrey tells Jaden that if anything should happen to him, Jaden will look out for his team.

They're both great leaders together though. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming.

Yep. In fact, he'll share the same fate as Mola Ram.

Serves him right! He turned Jaden against his friends as the Supreme King!

And a thought. Should Xion help Short Round fight the possessed Zalim Singh? Don't worry. He wouldn't stab her.

Kid and kid vs. kid.

Does he know at this point his daughter was a Keyblade wielder?

No. Jeffrey. Does he know at this point that his daughter was a Keyblade wielder?

When did he find out?

He does? How?


Nope. It's perfect. But I'll bet that at that moment, he'll understand why Xion was brought to him. After seeing her suffered past.

And he does. He becomes the best father she could ever want. :' )

That is until Scooby Doo 2.... : (

That's why it'll be his lesson to the Princess since she'll be guest starring in it.

Me too. To start... "I've learned that it's okay to protect something you really care about. But when you become to protective of it, than you could become obsessive.

"From now on, I will only protect my daughter when I absolutely have to."

  • sighs* Bro. Osiris is not in this Adventure.

Sorry. But I hate sounding like a broken record.

What's the topic?

I think you forgot a word.

Oops! I wasn't paying attention to the time! Are you getting tired?

I'm so terribly SORRY!!!! I wasn't paying attention!!!! :' (

  • sniffs* But I made you wait for too long. I'm a bad little brother. :' (

I still feel bad though. I HATE making you wait.

But I wasn't there the moment your inbox stopped working. : (

I wish I couldn't.

You sure are forgiving.

You know what would help me feel better? You watching the video. It's ready.

That was quick.

Did you really see the whole thing that quick?

Prove it. What does it end with?

You DID see it! *hugs you* : D

Thanks. Tomorrow, I'll get back to work on B-Movie. : )

I know, since this'll be the first time Jeffrey and little Xion appear in a video. : )

I just gotta find a background image where their black hair will stand out. A background where their hair will not blend in with the background.

How 'bout something like this?:

Scary Night Wallpaper HD | Download Wallpaper HD

Yeah. There hair should stand out.

True. But I had a better thought. A drawing of just Xion pointing. I'll just find an image of a creepy sunset, and add the image to it.

Anyway, as I've been meaning to respond to.... I love the idea of what Baby Xion would draw. But I think it would be cuter if she added herself riding on her dad's back. : )

Well? : )

What will Jeffrey think? : )

I'll bet he'll put it on the refridgerator. : )

I can also imagine her doing a drawing of her with a little sister she hopes to have someday. : )

Wait a minute. First, she wouldn't care if it's not human?

That's why I'm curious if Baby Xion would draw a human or something else.

Like a cat. : )

Or in this case, a sabertooth tiger. :' )

Baby Xion would say how she'd want a kitty and how she'd treat her like her little sister. :' )

If this did happen, than her wish would come true. :' )

Try your inbox now.

Saw it coming already.

And it'll definetly be too late when his heart is removed. X P

Cadence: We can't just stand here and doing nothing! We gotta save him!

Excuse me?

No no. It's okay. I just don't get it.

Hang on. I gotta look up "lion's den."

Noticed the new page I see.

OH! Now I get it! Walking into an actual lion's den is like looking for trouble.


Cadence: But that poor man-!

Jaden: Besides, it's too late. That man is doomed.

You know what? It's a good thing Xion didn't see this for another reason. If the cubs knew, they would be so scared by it.

They're not gonna tell the cubs that scene either?

Good. We don't want them to get as scared as Xion would've.

By the way, I've decided. Clavius should be on Charles Muntz's Empire.

Since Rothbart's on Set's side, and Clavius had a thing against Rothbart for betraying him.

I remember she had a grudge against him too. I just forgot why.

Oh dear. Did he dump her?

So he did dump her.

I never said it like that.

It's okay.

So, I've got a cool entrance line for Temple of Doom when the team starts to save the kids. : )

Just before a guard can whip a child, Jeffrey OR Jaden will grab the guard by the wrist and say "Didn't anyone ever tell you that child labor's against the law?"

Well? : )

It's cool, 'cause it's true. Child labor IS against the law.

Has it been an hour yet?

Why am I not surprised?

Cheer up, bro. I was prepared. *hugs you* : )

Might I recommend that only a few members hang onto the bridge when it's cut? If all of them were on it, it would be too heavy for the bridge.

We already know Jaden and Jeffrey will be on it.

Brain, Scamper, Nails, Beetles....

Not Xion though, right?

In fact, Alexis will cover Xion's eyes when Mola Ram attempts to take out Indy's heart.

Yeah. Until Aqua comes along, Alexis is the second person Xion will run to when she's scared.

Yup. Since Jeffrey's on the bridge, Xion will stay close to Alexis. : )

I hope Xion won't be annoyed with having everyone cover her eyes during this Adventure.

Xion: Aunt Alexis! What're you doing?!

Alexis: *covering Xion's eyes* You don't wanna see this!

Alexis: *still covering Xion's eyes* Mola Ram's trying to do the same thing he did to that man to Indy!

But Alexis will remove her hand when Indy fights back.

Hey. I can imagine this: Jeffrey climbs to the edge of the cliff, and Xion helps her dad get all the way up. : )

XIon: Daddy! Take my hand, daddy!

Xion: *helps pull Jeffrey all the way up the edge of the cliff*

Xion: *hugs Jeffrey back* You're welcome, daddy. I love you.

And during the camping scene, while Indy and Short Round play their card game, Jaden and Jeffrey will do a simple game of Duel Monsters the old fasion way. You know what I mean?

Just in case, I'm talking about without the duel disks.

When Willie starts shrieking....

Jaden: Hey, Jeffrey. Let's raise the stakes. If I win, you gotta shut her up. You win, I'll shut her up.

How was that?

Jeffrey doesn't cheat though, right?

Good. Another honorable duelist. : )

Xion too?

Jaden and Alexis will be proud of her. :' )

I asked 'cause remember how both Indy and Short Round cheated at Poker?

I just wanted to be sure Jeffrey and Xion don't cheat.

Jaden will be looking forward to his first real match against Jeffrey. : )

Is it cheating if Jaden uses Jesse's Rainbow Dragon in the duel?

Has it been an hour yet?

Hakuna Matata.

No problem.

"It's too late. We've got to operate". What do you think could fit the line?

Is that considered operating?

Hm... What about DuBois holding a saw?

She was gonna cut off Alex's head. That's kinda operating, isn't it?

Good. Now anothing thing: "Wait a minute, I feel great. You just leave yourself to fate. You might as well just hang around." I want just one villain to sing it. But who?

Okay. Let's see what I can do.

By the way, I'm featuring May in this video! : D

And just so you know, Jeffrey and Little Xion are in it now. : )

I'll bet you're gonna add this to your favorites list when it's up. : )

Clearly. : )

In the meantime, remind me again. When you do Ice Age 4, after Manny pulls Shira out of the water, is Jeffrey gonna be friendly to her?

Good. Because Shira will be important later on in our Adventures. : )

Without her, no Tammy and DJ.

Pains me to say it, but with Gutt, Xion wouldn't have a little sister and brother.

Let me know when it's been an hour.

And just as a gentle reminder, don't worry about Jaden in this video. Aqua will save him.

Try now.

Saw it coming.

Oh yeah. I see it now.

I've looked it up, and apparently, the guy who says "Sorcerey" in the video is the villain.

What did you add?

Oh that. But listen to this! Apparently, that man even calls Elsa a monster!

I agree. Jeffrey will see himself as Elsa in this. But I hope HE doesn't feel like a monster again.

Good. Because at this point in the series, I don't want him to feel like one anymore. He's got a family that loves him for who he is. Friends that admire him for his heroic deeds. A wife, daughter, brother, and sister that support and defend him no matter what.

I was worried if when he sees someone that feels like a monster too, he starts to feel like one again.

  • sheds a tear* No..... :' (

Good. 'Cause if he continues to feel that way, Jaden would get annoyed with it.

Well, only 'cause it would seem like nothing he does or says would help Jeffrey understand the fact that he's not a monster.

I'm gonna be right back. Don't go away now.

I'm back.

So yeah. I don't want him to feel like a monster anymore at this point in the series... 'Cause it's only gonna make me cry. : (

He can feel Elsa's pain. I want that. But I just don't want him to feel like a monster.

IF he continues to, than it'll only hurt his family. Jaden will feel like a failure and it'll break Aqua's heart.

I'm really sorry, bro.

But now I hope you understand why I took this seriously.

I mean, I don't see a need for him to feel like a monster at this point when he's got all the love, support, and protection he could ever hope for.

Has it been an hour yet?

Big brother............. I think....... I'm gonna..... faint.......... : D

I......... I.......... I............... : D

543 Pokemon Staging a Heroes - YouTube

I found it. At last..... I found it...... *faints* :' D

  • crying* God bless that user.... :' D
  • crying* It truly is a miracle. :' D

Good. 'Cause I'm a straight man.

I can't sleep though. What if I get a second strike when I do? : (

That's how I lost my first account though. I woke up one morning, and I tried to get on YouTube, but an error kept appearing, indicating I lost my account. I'm scared if that'll happen again. : (

I'll trying getting a good night's rest now. Tomorrow, I wanna talk with you about an idea I wanted to share before I got the strike.

Wait. Let me tell you it now in case I forget overnight.

An episode for a Pokemon contest May enters and our team watches.

Promise we'll talk about it first thing in the morning?

Thanks. We'll..... goodnight. And one more time. I'm sorry for my behavior. : (

Saw it coming.

It reminded me of her too.

Should May win this one?

Thought so. : )

And during her performances, May will do things in reference to Jesse. : )

For example, I noticed how in "Staging A Heroes' Welcome", May's Wartortle finished off by creating a little rainbow.

But in all honesty, I think we can try to come up with something new.

Maybe it'll come to me while I take my shower.

I'm back.

  • hugs you back* 
  • still hugs you* The idea of coarse.

We'll discuss it while I work on a drawing.

Things we'll need to go over: location, prize, other coodinators (sorry if I spelled it wrong), and what Pokemon May will use.

Dude. ANY world that's animated (computer or hand-drawn) is a part of ToonTown.

Alright. I'll get back to B-Movie in the mean time.

I'm watching new Defenders of Berk episode now.

You seen it yet?

Let me know when you do.

Try the inbox now.

I'm still scared after what happened last night, but:

1. I still have a chance for that strike to be removed

2. I remember what "Staging a Heroes' Welcome" teaches us: Let go of the past and keep moving forward.

I really am lucky I found the episode that night. I really needed it. : )

That episode really is important to the both of us now. : )

Now we have twice the reason to use footage of May in her Wallace Cup outfit for the Adventure series.

Be right back. I'm gonna scan one more image for B-Movie.

I'm back.

Gonna record the lines now. The one's you helped with.

Try now.

Aaron's been giving me advice here on the wiki.

Almost done with the video. I've gotten all 10 villains in that line.

But I'll need Rae's lines. So we might have to wait for a bit longer.

Looks like she's ready.

I think I can get this up before midnight. : )

Sorry. I was working on my lines for the last video.

Done. Sent them to Rae.

Totally. : )

I know. You keep saying that. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

I was just checking.

By the way, did you see Rapunzel's new video. I voiced in it. : )

It's okay. I've got the video to work on while I wait.

Well I'm almost done with it. And as soon as Rae sends her lines, it's ready to be uploaded.

Try now.

Mine just stopped too. But Rae told me she's gonna send me the lines tomorrow.

You don't mind waiting a bit longer? It's only 'til tomorrow.

Sorry, bro. I was hoping to get this up before midnight.

Well, at least the hard part's done. And now I can focus on the grand finale after this. Plus, having the video up, having Jeffrey and Xion in it, and combining three teams together for this is worth the wait. : )

So, I'm gonna take a big breather for now. Working on that video was tiresome.

Mind if I make some popcorn? : )

Thank you. : )

I'm back. : )

So now... Time to relax.

I'll still talk with you though.

Hm. Hey, if Jesse was in Pokémon episode "I feel Skitty", he would help May capture Skitty. : )

Especially when.... *slaps forehead* Never mind. X P

Two Jesse's at the same time... X P

Oh wait! The Jessie in Team Rocket has an "i" in her name. The one in GX doesn't.

Jesse: There's no "i" in my name. I always look out for my family no matter what.

Like that? : )

A way to separate Jessie and Jesse.

Anyway, Jesse would definitely help May when she and Jessie start to fight over Skitty.

It's working again.

"The Sapphire Aqua Ribbon." With an actual sapphire on it. : )

All the more reason to have May win it. Oh dear! I hope she does!

Hm. An idea for a move based of Jesse's Crystal Beasts. : )

First, quiz time. What happens when a Crystal Beast gets destroyed?

Go on. There's more.

Okay. You were half right. They DO become crystals when destroyed, but you forgot to say that they take a slot in the spell & trap card zone.

Anyway, here's the idea: Someone declares an attack on Glaceon, but May as Glaceon use Ice Beam to protect itself in an ice shield.

Do share.

Très Bien! : D

Yep. I was actually gonna ask if anyone else should enter. : )

Who does Jeffrey use?

Hm. I hope he can put on a good show. Remember, you've gotta show off your Pokémon.

Aqua won't mind if Jeffrey looses. He's number one to her no matter what. : )

Will May and Jeffrey have to face each other?

Oh dear. Than it'll really be difficult for our speculators to decide who to cheer for.

Especially for Jesse. : (

Yeah. Just like Ash did in the Wallace Cup. But he had no problem with it.

And even better is that after he looses, he'll help cheer for May in the finale. : )

I don't know yet....

Good, because before, I had a thing against Drew. Or as I called him, "Drew-ser".

I know that was mean for me to give him a nickname that rhymes with "looser", but that was 4 years ago. Before I met you, when I was still a bit immature.

I almost feel ashamed of myself for giving Drew that nickname. I feel like a bully all of a sudden. : (

Well, I always kinda hate it when there are other jeopardizing relationships in our series.

Which is why I can never add Chazz and Blair to the team. They'll only keep Jaden and Alexis apart. : (

And I'm sorry, but depending if the decision is final, in Destiny Deoxys, Jesse will have relationship issues 'cause of Sid.

Hm. I'm getting an idea for a new Adventure. : )

"The Adventures of Tintin" (2011). : )

I LOVE the books! : D

  • ping* This'll be a perfect opportunity for someone on Charles Muntz's Empire to guest star in this. : )

I don't know. Maybe 3 or 4 members. Charles Muntz himself perhaps?

Fine by me. : )

Try now.

No biggie. All we've gotta have do is get the characters untied, unlock the cage, and THAN Xion can hug Tammy. : )

What's wrong? You're not happy?

I thought something was bugging you.

Just in case, I added a new page that might cheer you up. : )

Nothing wrong with adding pages for songs, right? : )

Where is Iamnater1225? Is he very busy? Will he come back? I began to worry about him.

I thought I should start with the one song that heals us both.

More will come in good time.

I'm just waiting right now for Rae to send her lines.

I just hope she'll do it. She said she'd do it today.

I'm gonna be right back. I'm hoping by the time I come back, she'll have sent them.

Try now! : D

My inbox stopped working, but I don't care. : )

As I was gonna say... I love #2 too. It fits, don't it? : )

I'll bet I've made your day. : )

  • hugs you* I love you big brother. :' D
  • still hugs you* I'll bet you're gonna share this with someone in your family. : )
  • still hugs you* Oh do share me the opinion of who you show it too! Please! : D

Humor-licious! : D

Oh man! I can't resist! Is there anything they like specific?!? : D

I think..... I'm gonna....... explode with excitement......!!!!! : D

I'm so honored your family loves it! : D

Jaden'll give Aqua a brotherly hug for saving him. : )

Well she doesn't want to loose him like how she lost Ventus.

I'll bet Jeffrey's gonna get even with Pitch for what he did.

I told you Jaden was gonna be okay by the end. : )

Jaden: *moans* What..... What happened....?

Jaden: Yeah.... My head hurts a bit though.

Jaden: Aqua..... You saved me from the darkness, didn't you?

Jaden:........... *gets up and gives Aqua a huge hug* Thank you.... my big sister.

  • sniffs* Beautiful. Now Jaden really reminds Aqua of Ven. :' )

It's working again.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention.

So, now I've got one more video to make for the year.

So is there anything you wish to talk about?

OUR Tintin crossover idea! Not mine. Ours.

There's no "mine" and there's no "yours" anymore. There's "our" from now on. 'Cause we work together.

It's okay. I'm not mad. : )

We need to think of a reason for our team to go to Belgium where the movie starts.

Give me a moment....

I was watching Rapunzel's new video.

I'll wait 'til you've seen it.

I wanted you to see it, 'cause to stop Ralphscoe and save Rapunzel, Bambi and his ohanna are gonna need all the help they can get.

Alexis: Neither do I! Rapunzel's my best friend, and I won't let that mosnter Ralphscoe hurt her!!!

Anyway, I think I've got an answer.

Someone being interested in meeting Tintin.

Makes sense.

It's cool.

What makes you think something's wrong? Nothing's wrong. I'm happy. My B-Movie video's up. : )


Nothing's bugging me, bro.

I've still gotta finish watching the movie though.

And right now, I can't stop laughing when Thompson (or Tomson) falls down the stairs! X D

Has it been an hour yet?

I'm SORRY! I didn't pay attention again! :' (

How many times must I say it? I hate making you wait.

Why did it take a while to respond?

I'm tired of making you wait on weekends.

Or if only you had a webcam right now.

Why don't you ask for a webcam device for Christmas?

I really would like to talk with you face to face so we can plan for when we meet in person. Besides, it'll be like we actually ARE with each other. : )

Excellent! : D

When you get a webcam, we can talk on Google + and plan for the day when we will finally meet in person.

Have confidence. : )

Oh. You've GOT to see this cute video! : D

▶ Luna's Cutie Mark - YouTube

Not "cool." Absolutely CUTE!!!!! :' D

But it also makes me feel bad for Princess Luna, when she turned into Nightmare Moon. : (

I'm glad that the series starts with Luna's return. So that it doesn't show the characters wait a thousands years without her. : (

Yeah. Jeffrey feels her pain. : (

In Luna Eclipsed, he'll be determinded to make her be loved as much as he is.

After Luna cancels Nightmare Night, Jeffrey should feel sad, thinking he failed to help Luna be loved.

Of coarse! Jaden too would feel upset. 'Cause to him, it's like failing to help Jeffrey be loved.

But let me tell you something. After Jaden and his team show no fear in approaching Dragon-Jeffrey, this spreads throughout ToonTown, and everyone looses their fear of Jeffrey.

From now on, the only people that call him a monster are villains..... and Mildew.

But Jeffrey can live with that, right?

So, you like what I said? How becuase of Jaden and his team, Jeffrey's no longer seen as a monster?

Well, I can imagine this making quite a reputation for Jaden and Jeffrey. : )

Now Jeffrey really has a reason to protect Jaden with his life.

I noticed but I can't find an animated image of Saleem.

No luck so far.

Found one!

You're welcome. : )


I noticed that we almost have 2000 pages on the Wiki.

Adding a new page now.

Might take me a while with the lyrics though.

OOPS! I shouldn't have said "lyrics"! X P

Funny you'd say that! X D

  • laughs* I can't laughing at the situation right now. X D

Any songs you want there to be a page for?

Sure thing! : D

Care to help finish the description? : )

I felt a little bit upset that you weren't helping edit these song pages.

It's okay. I just thought maybe you would help make contributions to these pages. That's all.

Any other songs?

Oh yes! : D

Like that I also add the videos of the songs themselves? : )

Try now.

Saw it.

I won! : D

I won with my drawings of Flappy Fly and Deadly Long Legs.

That's right. A drawing of a spider helped me to victory.

Don't worry. Deadly won't scare you. He's actually a funny spider. and doesn't look much like a real one at all.

Uh mind sharing it when your inbox works again? I want it to be personal.

You getting tired, bro?

When you start to feel tired, we'll call it a night.

Actually, you can tell me your idea here now if you want. While it's still fresh in your mind.

Oh you know about that?! : D

Me: Aladdin.

Aw shucks. Really? : )

  • hugs you* You really love me, bro. :' )

Whoa! I wasn't paying attention to the time! I should be going to bed myself! *still hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. Let's make tomorrow count. :' )

Not tired?

Funny. So am I.

New page before you go to sleep.

Okay. Let's edit it in the morning.

Goodnight. : )

Okay. I'll flip again. And this one will decide which side Hunter J will go on.

It's Heads again.

I was being honest with you on this.

I can imagine this: The Chameleon hires Hunter J to join Set's side for profits. All she has to do is to help weaken our team and steal the Pokemon on it.

If there's one thing the Chameleon knows, it's how to get a villain to work for you.

Oh dear. She's one of Jeffrey's most hated enemies too?

Well that goes double for Jaden!

I see you added Pitch.

If what Pitch did in the new video counts, than I'm happy.

I'm happy. : )

Oh yeah. I forgot something else Pitch did that made Jeffrey angry. He used Jaden's fear of Brron to make him quit Dueling.

Still, Jaden was able to conquer his fear with help from his friends. : )

There was one other villain I was gonna add, but I forgot.

I told you. I forgot.

Maybe it'll come back to me soon.

I've got a grand finale to work on. : )

And I've still got "Thriller" to re-upload.

Because it's getting closer to Halloween, I'll be re-uploading it soon.

Is today still too early?

I'm gonna wait a bit longer before re-uploading it. I want the new video to get a lot of views.

Has it been an hour yet?

'Cause I almost believed him.

I know. I'm a gullible sap! X P

Well.... I couldn't help it. His story on why Vanellope couldn't race made sense. I was concerned for her safety. : (

So I'm not gullible?

Thank Celestia.


There's only one I know. Red Gyrados.

Sorry. That's all I know right now.

Why'd you ask?

I know this'll seem dumb, but has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. By the way, the new video's a hit. 18 likes. : D

I've really done something. : )

Is the Big Bad Wolf an enemy to the team?

I'm talking about the "Three Little Pigs" wolf. Not the "Red Riding Hood" wolf.

Try now.

  • sighs* Why me?

Well, right now, I'm getting kinda tired of having to wait 10 minutes for a response.

No no. It's my fault for sounding impatient.

I just really wanna spend time with you bro. My 3-Day Weekend's almost over.

Just please don't make me wait so much for the rest of the night.


Try to understand. It's the same feeling you get when I'm not around.

Yes. I'm glad you do understand.

Boy are you all in for a surprise with the hosts in this video. > : )

If this doesn't scare you, you're not human. > : )

You dare laugh at fear?

You're brave, dude. : )

So tell me, are you looking forward to Halloween? : )

Tomorrow, I'll re-upload "Thriller".

Hey, if you've got anymore Halloween ideas for our team, let them out now.

How 'bout one involving something with the sea? Like a ghost ship, or something that lerks in the deep?

Let's explore it.

I feel like there should be more.

Should it be a real ghost ship or a fake?

Now let's think about the people on board..... if there are any.

He and his crew are ghosts too.


Something the ghosts could be after.

More than that. They take someone for information.

I don't know.....

That's fine. As long as it's not Aqua, May, Xion, or the cubs.

I don't want them to always be the target of a villains plan.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now. But I'm not surprised.

Don't apologize. I saw it coming.

So please don't  apologize 'cause my inbox stops working.

As I was gonna say, I'm gonna take a quick shower in a little bit.

But in the meantime, I'm thinking if we created a page for The Big Bad Wolf, where would he go under?

Think he's that dumb?

Okay. I'll allow this, on two conditions.

1. Our team sings "Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?" to mock him.

2. The cubs be afraid of him at first after hearing the story of the 3 Pigs, but after seeing him in person, they think he's just silly.

'Cause the thing about Team Vector characters is that our heroes either laugh at them or just don't find them threatening at all.

Funny thought. The Big Bad Wolf takes a deep breathe, but someone grabs him by the lips, and because he's holding that huge breathe, he inflates like a balloon, but than his lips are released, and he deflates away.

That's what I said. Like a balloon. : )

Glad you think so. : )

Be right back.

Guess who? : )

Congrats on getting another Patch badge. : )

We both are.

Waiting for my inbox to work again.

I want Aqua to still look beautiful even with winter clothing on.

And I'm still hoping that depending what'll happen, Dragon-Jeffrey will cover his loved one's from the blizzard. :' )

His genorcity. Using his body from protection, and letting his loved one's rest against him like a pillow. Not only that but his body also radiates heat, making them sleep comfortably. :' )

And what I bet Dragon-Jeffrey loves most about this is having his family that close and it makes him feel less like a monster. :' )

  • shedding tears* The dragon sleeping with his treasure. :' )

Me too. :' )

  • shedding tears* AH! I can't stand it any longer!!! I wish there was a plushie of Dragon-Jeffrey!!! :' D

If there ever was, I'd us it like a pillow myself. :' )

I can't help it, bro. I just LOVE how close certain team members are to Dragon-Jeffrey, and I also love how he uses his body for useful reasons for others. :' D

And so caring when he allowed the kids to use his tail as a slide. :' )

Oh! No way he can deny his little angel that!!!! :' D

Sure. In fact, Aqua would help her girl with he way up to Dragon-Jeffrey's back. : )

Can we work on it tomorrow? I'm getting tired. And I've got class tomorrow.

Wait. I hope this 3-Day weekend was okay.

Because of the video?  : )

Knowing that was the highlight of this weekend is what I wanted to hear. *hugs you* Night, big brother. I love you. :' )

Saw it.

More than that. Something that I'm thankful for her telling us. That sometimes it's fun to be scared. : )

This helped me stay calm when I was in The Haunted Mansion ride in Walt Disney World.

I'll wait.

...... Still waiting.

Oh! You're back. Sorry.

That reminds me. Zeebad. Where he should go under.

Let's review: He aimed to freeze the planet, he stopped Zebedee, and even managed to freeze the sun for a brief moment.

Done and done. : )

He is a funny villain. When the cow started to sing... "AH! Who triggered the emergency broadcast system?!?"

I wish I can find the movie again, but damn. I can only find the UK version. X P

I don't want that version! I want the one with Jon Stewart in it!

I looked on Viooz..... Stupid UK version. X P

Why is it so hard to find?

Sure. : )

Try your inbox now.

Saw it coming.

Aqua: *trying to comfort Baby Xion* It's okay, sweetie. We'll ask someone to fix it, and you can go on it as many times as you want.

Baby Xion: *almost about to cry* But I wanted to swide today badwy.

Baby Xion: *sniffs* I do? Where?

Baby Xion: Huh? Youw tail?

Baby Xion: Daddy. You mean it?!

Baby Xion: Daddy.... You'we the gweatest daddy in the worwd!!! *kisses him on the snout again*

Aqua: Jeffrey, dear. You really are a sweetheart. *kisses him on his snout* And that's why I married you.

Aqua: *smiles too, than takes Baby Xion to Dragon-Jeffrey's backside. Baby Xion sits at the start of Dragon-Jeffrey's tail.* Don't worry, sweetie. I'll be at the end to catch you.

Aqua: *walks to end of Dragon-Jeffrey's tail* Okay. Ready when you are, sweetie.

Baby Xion: *slides down Dragon-Jeffrey's tail* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Aqua catches her as soon as she reaches the end*

Baby Xion: Daddy? Can I do that again, pwease?

Of coarse, he'd allow to go as many times as she'd like, right? : )

Anything to make her happy. :' )

I'm gonna make popcorn now. Be right back.

( : !kcab m'I

Inbox stopped. : (

Tammy: Putting the bad guys in there place.

DJ: We're the Justice Guardians!

All: And we're in your face!

Jaden: Come on. You guys do it all the time. We felt like trying it out ourselves.

Nice. : )

Got any other ideas?

I thought you'd say that. : )

Someone to work with Zeebad.

I don't know. Reptiles can't stand the cold very much.

Alright with me.

I hope that no matter how much Nanami tempts Jeffrey, or seduces him, or persuades him, Jeffrey won't fall for her.

He truly loves Aqua with all his heart. He wouldn't want any other girl. : )

Well, that's why he married her. So that he can spend the rest of his life with her. : )

When Nanami calls Aqua a witch, that's crossing the line!!!!

I've got some work to do now. I'll multi-task though.

Anyway, no way Jeffrey would fall for someone who would call Aqua a witch.

Come on. You can do better. Sound more serious.

It's working again.

New song pages.

Any others I should add?

Hey. I'm curious, bro. Who does the best job of keeping Brock away from girls? X D

  • laughs* I agree. X D

THAT'S why I asked. : )

I wonder what Croagunk does to Brock when he drags him off.

I think it's best if we leave it for us to decide. Like imagine it.

Where was I?

Oh! I'm gonna cook dinner now. Be right back.

Hey bro. : )

Refresh my memory. Is Xion a vegetarian?

Hold on..... I think you said she's not before.

Should we make Tammy one?

Wait no. If Xion's not gonna be a vegetarian, than Tammy won't either.

Has it been an hour yet?


Of coarse. : )

A thought came up. If our two teams joined earlier, would Jeffrey take Baby Xion to work at the pizza joint?

Okay. But remember, child labor is against the law.

Which is why someone should spend time with Baby Xion while she's at the pizza joint.

Yes! : D

Yeah. Jeffrey and Aqua and the others would be too busy to spend time with her when business is booming. So Alexis would be the one to give Baby Xion someone to play with. :' )

Alexis: *walks to Baby Xion* Hi, sweetie.

Alexis: *smiles* Nope. The others have got everything under control right now. So, I thought I would spend the rest of business hours with you, Xion.

Alexis: Of coarse. I also noticed you looked bored, and thought I should provide you with someone to play with.

Alexis: *picks up Baby Xion and holds her in her arms* Besides, your father's got a lot of fun activities to try out in the pizza joint. Wanna try some out together?

Alexis: *smiles* Okay than. Let's go have some fun. *walks to the front counter* Xion and I are gonna do some activities while you guys work, Jeffrey.

Baby Xion: *giggles* We will. Hope work will be done soon, daddy.

Should there be an indoor kiddie park for the toddlers? : )

Oh! With a ball pit! Please with a ball pit! : D

  • mimics Homer Simpson* WHOO-HOO!!!!! : D

They're colorful! : D

Alexis: *while walking and holding Baby Xion in her arms* So sweetie. Is there anything you wanna do first?

Alexis: You wanna go there first?

Alexis: *smiles* Okay than. Let's go to the ballpit first.

  • laughing hard* I think... I'm gonna.... die from... laughter!!!! *laughs* X D

Try your inbox now.

Sorry. Bathroom.


Oh. About time. Anyway, the thing I couldn't stop laughing about? : )

Simpsons episode. Homer had Hyper-Obesity, and he tried to dial the phone, but there was an automatic voice saying "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat."

  • laughs* "To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now." X D

Here it is!

dialing wand - YouTube

  • laughing* I'm gonna get a cramp! X D

I hope Jeffrey will always stay in shape.

Good. Homer was that fat 'cause he wanted to be disabled so he couldn't go to work and endure work outs there. If you have Hyper Obesity, you're qualified as being disabled.

I'll bet every day, he works out in the training room to stay in shape. : )

Aqua watches him, and sighs romantically at how strong and impressive he is. :' )

Aqua: *sighs romantically* What a guy....

Aqua: *smiles back* Keep it up, handsome.

They never cease to please each other. : )

Try the inbox now.


Overusedmeme2013 hurts my feelings and she was a troll on Pooh's Adventures Wiki! :'( We got a problem: vandalize on Pooh's Adventures Wiki by Overusedmeme2013! :'(

I began to cry! :'(

It's okay. I saw it coming. : )

Anyway... Sorry, bro. But as an animator, I find this very offensively

I'd never copy or steal anyone else's ideas. I always use my original ideas. And that's what being an animator is all about. It's about bringing your own ideas to life.

I'd like to punch that guy in the face and demand he look for a new line of work!

I know you're not like that man, bro. You've got originality in your creative mind.

That cat you mention proves it to me. : )

  • hugs you* Together, we could be the next Hanna Barbera. :' )

Gonna cook dinner now. Be right back.

Ding dong.

Anything you wanna talk about now?

Scary Godmother: Revenge of Jimmy. Something I always find funny: When everything started to disappear, Harry asked "Scary Godmother. Are you having an everything must go sale?"

I wonder if the kids loosing their Halloween spirit will affect our team.

  • smiles* I can do Harry and Skully's voices pretty well. : )

You don't have to if you don't want to.

Oh. That reminds me. After meeting Harry....

Scamper: Check it out Jeffrey. Someone with a huge appetite like yours.

Has it been an hour yet?

I mean, she can have Keyblade armor, but it won't look anything like the one she used to fight Roxas.

The cubs can act like they're Xion's minions of darkness.

Red contacts! Red contacts! : D

  • gasps* Bro! You won't believe who voices Scary Godmother!!! 0_0

Tabitha St. Germain. The same actress who does Rarity and Princess Luna!

It's so shocking.

I see you saw the new page. : )

Who do you like most? I like Harry and Skully together.

A sweetheart like Dragon-Jeffrey is. : )

Hm. You know. Now that I listen to her more, she does sound a bit like Rarity.

I'm watching Part 1 of my grand finale right now to see how it looks so far, and I'm amazed by it. : )

I hope I have enough time tomorrow to do Part 2.

  • mimics 3PO* I wish I had your confidence.

I know there's a part in this skb2108 will love. : )

Don't tell him. But I've got a spot hust for Hotel Transylvania. : D

They'd better.

Thanks though. : )

You know something? When I see the crocodile scene in the Lion King 2, I imagine Tammy and DJ as Kovu and Kiara.

Even though Tammy and DJ are brother and sister.

Interesting fact: DJ was born first.

In a way, yes. But Tammy and DJ are still twins.

But DJ's only a few minutes older than Tammy.

Ironic how though she's younger, she's a lot braver.

Wait. What? Fluttershy? Older? Than who?

Oh. Now I remember. Fluttershy's older than Pinkie Pie.

So, think Tammy should sometime call DJ "big brother"? : )

Has it been an hour yet?


Almost done with Part 1.

Which means I'm more than 2/3rd's done with the finale.

Part 2's only about 5 minutes long. Think I CAN get it done in time?

Okay. I'm gonna try to stay positive.

Just a couple of seconds left to do.

I think I CAN do this after all! : D

By the way, I've decided to have Mirage be Maleficent in this.

I think that's who we decided.

I've finally got Part 1 done! : D

Gonna take a short rest after working so hard on it.

I feel like I've earned it. Doing more than 11 minutes of editing for a video.

Why DID you put Killer Frost on Team Vector? She killed a bunch of villains.

The Shade was killed too.

A looser like him? Please. Now way he could get someone to raise the dead.

Who in their right mind would raise the dead for Vector?

You never thought this through, did you?

I think maybe someone would steal that ability from a better villain.

Abis Mal.

Even if he's on Team Vector, once the Shade returns, he'll still scare Aqua, 'cause he controls her greatest fear.

His nightstick will trick her into thinking she's trapped in the Realm of Darkness again.

Loser maybe, but Jeffrey will still hate the Shade for taking advantage of Aqua's fear.

Oh and before I forget again. There's a little something I'd like to mention that involves Justice Guardian Kids.

Since Young Aqua created Glow Moss, when Jaden duels Yubel, and after Yubel destroys Twinkle Moss (a fusion monster of Glow Moss created with a spell card "NEX", it make sense why Jaden would yell "I'll get you for that, Yubel!!!"

It's like Yubel destroyed Aqua's strength and help during the duel.

And Ash's too, since he created Grand Mole.

But Flare Scarab and Dark Panther weren't used in the duel, so Jeffrey and Alexis wouldn't get mad.

I39darkblade: Hey pal, we must talk.

HAs it been an hour yet?

I39darkblade: It's Princess Rapunzel, she's comment on my intro video and saying that Ariel is in her team, you and i already know that.

i39darkblade: I'm trying to, but she's not responding.

I'm not surprised.

It's okay. Anyway, right now, I'm thinking about a Justice League epsidoe.

The Enemy Below.

Well, our team's responses to Aquaman cutting off his hand.

Jeffrey's has me the most concerned, 'cause of the fact that he's a father too, and would do anything to keep Xion safe.

But thank Celestia that'll never happen.

Uh. I meant in terms of him loosing a hand.

I know. Hey. Can Tammy and DJ talk at this point?

Good, because, I want Xion to cover their eyes from this. : )

Everyone would cover Xion's eyes from graphic stuff. Now it's her turn to cover the eyes of someone younger than her from something graphic.

I noticed the new category you added, and personally, I like Jeffrey the way he is. I don't think he needs to be a prince. : )

Although it would be cool, my only concern is if being royal would go to Jeffrey's head.

I know. He's a sweetheart and always will be. : )

By the way.... *hugs you* Haven't gotten a hug all day.

I love you big brother. :' )

Sorry. Didn't pay attention.

Should someone on the team not trust Aquaman like GL does?


Not Jeffrey!

I say Raph.

Besides, if Jeffrey's like Batman, than he'd want to help Aquaman.

Batman: He's a fish-out-of-water. Saltwater.

Jeffrey: He needs to be in his natural element in order to heal.

And another way to show Jeffrey's intelligence in the episode. After they find out what Deadshot was paid in...

Batman: *picks up a coin* Spanish dubloon's.

Jeffrey: *picks up a coin and examines* They don't even make these anymore. They're more than 600 years old.

Jaden: I don't know. It could be counterfeit.

Jesse: *looks at it* Ah! It is real. That's a Spanish King's royal crest on the back.

Sorry. Was taking care of laundry.

Scorn: Argh! I have failed too many times to capture that amazon princess! Life isn't fair!

???: No need for her.

(Aresia appears)

Aresia: Aresia, is my name great one. I have traveled a long way to meet you.

Scorn: I have heard of you, you too are from Diana's home. You are quite lovely.

Aresia: Yes. But no more, i hear you have plans to conquar the world.

Scorn: Yes, i do.

Aresia: Then take me with you.

Scorn: Then Aresia, will you be my wife?

Scorn: Every ruler needs a queen. You're prefect for it.

Aresia: Then i accept, but i want one thing, revenge on Diana and Darkblade.

Has it been an hour yet?

  • mimics Courage* Well, here we go again, partner. *horses whinny*

So, where were we?

Yeah. Just so you know, Tammy and DJ are still talking baby talk during the episodes.

After Aquaman returns with his hand gone....

Xion: *covers both Tammy and DJ's eyes*

Tammy:...! Xion!

Tammy: Why?

Why does that sound familiar.....?

Wait! Jeffrey said the EXACT same thing to Xion in the Temple of Doom.

Xion does have her dad's DNA. : )

Still working on the video. I gotta tell you. The ending creeps me out. 0_0

Hope it doesn't creep you out.

You've got guts, bro.

Too bad I gotta rip 'em out! X D

Just joking! X D

You know I'm a squeamish little dork.

HAs it been an hour yet?

I can wait longer.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! It's now midnight in your time! : D

Just one more minute to go! : D



...... *faints*

....... Try......... now....... X D

I'm not worried about Jeffrey for that part. It's everyone that has me concerned. Especially Alexis.

For her, it'll be deja vu.

I'll bet that Alexis will develop a fear of going near water again.


Who wouldn't?

He doesn't even have lungs.

Xion and  the cubs would also have me worried.

I don't know if their lungs can stand it.

It think it's starting to get dark in my time now. : )

Which means...... IT'S TIME!!!!!!! (LAUGHS EVILLY)

Part 1's up.

It hasn't been 11 minutes.

Someting you like so far?

Done with Part 1?

Hold on. I've still yet to upload Part 2.

But in the meantime.....

"Next year, you'll be dressing like me"? Now THAT'S scary!!!

I can't imagine such a thing!! 0_0

Brermeerkat's gonna love the part where Pitch comes in.

And as I said, skb2108's gonna love the Hotel Tryansylvania part. : )

I'm glad you liked it. And hey, how did Rae and I do on our hosting? > : )

That's bad, right?

Oh. Thank goodness.

Never expected Nightmare Moon, did you?


Try your inbox now.

Saw it coming.

Doesn't mean we can't still spend time together. I may be tired, but I'm not sleepy. : )

For Justice Guardian Kids, when our kids go out trick-or-treating, I can imagine Young Aqua being "protected" from the monsters and ghosts by Young Jeffrey. : )

Young Aqua just wants to see her boyfriend be heroic and brave for her. : )

(A prop ghost pops out of a tree)

Young Aqua: *screams and shields her face against Young Jeffrey's shoulder*

Young Aqua: I know you will, Jeffrey.

Young Aqua: *smiles too and gives Young Jeffrey a kiss on the cheek*

I feel like whenever Aqua's near him, Jeffrey feels twice as brave. : )

Brermeerkat said it was truly freaky!

Hm. I was kinda hoping these two videos would be a hit right now.

I hope so. By the way, did you also like the part with the Hex Girls?

Thanks. My sister once dressed up as Thorn.

I chose the Hex Girls to be in that part 'cause "I put a spell on you."

Just like in their song. "I'm a Hex Girl, and I'm gonna put a spell on you."

Oh dear. My inbox stopped now.

Saw it coming though.

I hope Halloween doesn't scare DJ.

I know he's a little coward, but I don't have the heart to put him in that category.

Just like I don't have the heart to put Jaden under "Idiots".

It's what Stein said to Jaden that tempts me to do such a thing.

I can't help it, bro. I wish I would stop believing him to be right.

I might take it back if Xion doesn't believe her uncle to be an idiot either.

Good. Now what Stein said is tempting me less.

Well think. He blames Jaden for the downfall of the school. Because of his reputation, other students followed his lead, and not showed up for classes at all.


Oh. I thought "his" was Jaden.


You're right. It is Stein's problem. He made his lectures so boring with his emotionless tone of voice.

What pleases me is that even Jeffrey would fall asleep if he heard one of Stein's lectures.

I'm gonna make some popcorn now. Be right back.

I'm not mad. I saw it coming.

As I was saying... So don't beat youself up just because you're scared of spiders.

That's why we'll help each other. I'll take care of those mean spiders, and you take care of those nasty bees and wasps.

Makes sense why I never liked Bee Movies anyway.

Not one of Dreamworks best films if you ask me.

It just wasn't funny "ha ha" to me.

I'm not gonna even bother doing an Adventure of it. X P

Another thing we have in common. We think "Bee Movie" is weak.

I think the porblem is that the jokes were more for adults to understand.

Sorry I brought it up. I just wanted to give my opinion on it, and to say doing an Adventure of it is denied.

Interesting thing. I've combined my two greatest fears ever, and made one scary monster (to me): Bee-thoven.

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no. I'm not scared of Beethoven. I'm scared of that s.o.b. Bothoven from Mystery Mountain.

I know. I'm pathetic. A grown man scared of a computer character like it's gonna attack me. But I can't help it. That guy is an ugly freak that won't stop staring at me. : (

How am I ever gonna conquer my fear of that ugly reject of a robot?

I keep telling myself he's not real, but that's not the problem. My problem is how freaks me out by looking at me.

A friend once told me that he's not purposely looking at me, but looking out into the room. I wish I could believe it.

You agree with her, don't you?

Please. I'm trying to conquer my fear of him. I want your help. PLEASE! : (

I'm sorry..... :' (

What were you thinking?

I'm gonna cook dinner now. I'm gonna think about it while I'm gone.

You were saying?

You sure?

Why wouldn't he be on Charles Muntz's Empire?

I know what I said. But like you said, a villain should go in a group where he/she mostly belongs. I'm just unsure if Jenner really is THAT threatening.

I mean Jenner CAN be one of Set's recruits but I just want your opinion on how threatening he is.

Good point.

True. And Ratigan is a recruit of Set too.

Alright than. Set's recruits it is.

New page.

I'm actually more satisfied...... *ping* Ha! Idea! : D

Tammy or DJ eating Jenner!

Dragon-Jeffrey ate Quasimodo Wilson. So there's no problem with this.

  • gasps*......... Did............. Did you read my mind again?!?!!? 0_0

What Tammy just said is EXACTLY what I was gonna say!!!!!!

I'm scared right now....

Our minds are VERY alike now.

Hey. Because Tammy bravely ate a dangerous villain, I feel like Xion aught to reward he little sister. : )

Anything Tammy likes. : )

One thing Tammy REALLY loves is her hero devoting her time just for her. : )

'Cause the #1 thing Tammy loves in the whole world is her big sister, Xion. :' )

Oh! That reminds me. I should shower too.

Me too.

You're not jealous, are you?

How? I saw Miranda Cosgrove live. Doesn't that make you envious?

I'm just really jealous that I can't stay for the parade. I really want to get a picture of the balloon badly.

I might have a chance next year.

I'd have to explain in a personal message.

I can't stop thinking about Toothless right now.

I just hope brermeerkat knows how lucky he is to have Toothless on his Adventure team already.

I told him the news already.

Yeah. I can't stop thinking of Dragon-Jeffrey defending Toothless from Mildew.

I've gotta agree with Gobber. That man is a pain in the neck.

Jeffrey can live with Mildew's insults, 'cause he doesn't have a thing against Jeffrey specifically. He just hates him for being a dragon.

The episode I'm thinking of is with thunderstorm and Midlew demands Toothless be banned off the island.

The vikings just don't know that electricity conducts metal.

Oops. I meant the other way around.

Should they tell the truth at the end?

Nah. They're vikings. Let them believe in Thor. : )

I was wonder what took you a while to respond. Now I see why.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped working.

It's okay. It should be working again soon.

I'm doing okay right now. Now that you're back.

Works again.

Maybe next year, I'll do "Playing with the Big Boys Now."

You okay, dude?

So am I, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy my time with you.

Now. What do you want to talk about?

Nice. : )

Yeah. But first, what would compell her to sleep with her parents?

Of coarse.

........................ Uh......................... Hm.........................Think think..........

I can't think of what to have happen next, 'cause there isn't a second character around.

It's okay. New page.

Baby Xion inspired me to create a page for Togepi.

I think it's funny how Misty used Togepi to beat Pikachu in a battle. X D

I know. Pikachu just couldn't hurt Togepi! X D

So, just so you know, I will start working on the drawings of Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion in winter clothing soon.

I thought it over, and I think Xion's shouldn't be the hardest to do.

Mind if I make some popcorn?

Inbox stopped working.

It's okay. As I was gonna say... Fine with me. I mean Randall is on Charles Muntz's Empire, but he's not really a member. He's working for Set in reality.

Hm. I can imagine something. Johnny Worthington roars at the cubs, but Dragon-Jeffrey gets back at him.

Yeah. Jeffrey is like a second father to them, although Diego will always be their real father.

Jeffrey wouldn't try to replace Diego, would he?

Thank goodness. 

I didn't want Diego and Shira to feel like someone else would try to steal their babies from them.

Don't worry. They don't feel like Xion's doing that. If they did, than they wouldn't want her to be the first thing the cubs would see. : )

And they don't mind if Tammy's #1 favorite thing in the whole world is Xion. : )

What should our team do to Fang if he bullies the cubs?


Spank him with a newspaper?

Sunday edition! X D

I can't stop thinking about how that mutt would bully the cubs. Chewing up their possessions, framing them for things they didn't do, chasing them around...

The worse possible thing he could do is hurt either of the cubs. Biting a leg for one thing.

I know. But I've got no problem with it.

Exactly. That's why I have no problem with it. : )

I know it's cruel to hurt the cubs, but it's to show that they've got family that look out for them.

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again.

Just so you know, if Jaden faces Annie and Oakley again in the series, he's gonna personally get even with them. Supreme King style!!!!

Well remember, the worst kind of villain Jaden hates are the ones who's actions get his friends killed. Annie and Oakley make the list.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Well, you sure sounded angry. :' (

Maybe by understanding why Jaden takes this seriously. It's because of how he suffered from loosing friends and eneded up as the Supreme King.

funny thing. Ever played The Simpsons Game?

Never mind.


So look. Forget what I said.

So anyway, are you sure you're not mad at me?

Sorry. I worry if I make you mad.

We've reached another impace.

Don't apologize.

Has it been an hour yet?


Care to answer's question? "How come things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?!"

My answer: "Gosh. I don't know. It's a mystery!" X D

I know. First episode I ever saw was a Halloween special. Couldn't stop laughing at it.

The one where Homer was cloned.

Eventually the Homer's were causing trouble, and Homer took 'em out into a corn field and shot the one's that remember the way home.

What's funny about it is that the clones are actually stupid enough to raise their hand after the next one got shot! X D

Which makes the original Homer the smart one!

It sure is! X D

You getting tired?

I just don't want you to get too exhausted and suffer like I do.

Only if you want to.

Very well than. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. Tomorrow, let's discuss the winter clothes for Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion. : )

His spiky hair is something he's well known for.

Boots and pants color?

Blue. For Aqua? : )

  • smiles* I like that. Shows how much he loves her. : )

Okay than. Now for Aqua. I've already decided earmuffs (her hair needs to be exposed, 'cause that's something she's well known for), a scarf, and a blue leather jacket.

Color for the earmuffs and scarf?

And scarf?

Now for boots, pants, and gloves.

Red mittes?

Just boots and pants left.

Black pants.

Xion's will be easy.

And purple pants.

Or hate.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. Anyway, or we could have her jacket have a hood.

Sorry. I was working on a new page.

Let me know when it's been an hour.

Now for mittens and boots. Should they be the same color as her normal shoes?

Perfect. All done. Now to start drawing. : )

Princess Luna: Than let us go forth and begin the rescue!

Pretty good.

Still sketching.


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 4 (Promo) - Hub Network - YouTube

One prediction is half-right. Discord WILL return.


Maybe. I did hear Celestia and Luna are missing in this.

We'll have to wait and find out.

I'll be at home when that happens. : )

Done with Jeffrey.

I'm doing Xion now.

I hope you'll like these.

Funny. I thought you were gonna say "You know I will."

Don't say "sorry." I meant that in a good way.

Kind busy right now. Gotta make more room on my computer.

Saw it coming.

What's Jeffrey planning on doing?

In that case

Sid: Look dude. Can't you see I'm trying to talk to this babe, here?

Sid:............. *to May* So anyway *continues with his conversation*

Jaden: Easy now, bro. We don't wanna cause any trouble.

Jesse: It's alright, Jeffrey. *gets back on his feet* I mean, I'm sure May will always love me no matter what. 

  • Sid takes May's hand*

Jesse:...! Hang on. *to May* May, don't you think this guy's getting a bit to close to you?

May: Um, Jesse. Suppose I can have some personal space, please?

Jesse: *heart starts to ache* *to himself* There's no way she's dumping me, is she?

FYI, May said that 'cause she felt uncomfortable with Sid trying to woo her, and just wanted some time to pull herself together with what he's doing. That's why she asked for personal space.

I know. But it's only gonna get worse for Jesse.

Well, Sid's so determinded to win May that he doesn't care about Jesse.

May will even tell Jesse that he's been acting possessive lately.

Try to understand how May feels in this though. Feeling like a prize to be won.

Yeah. But this is after Magical Mystery Cure.

By the way, judging by the way Jeffrey acted, it sounded like he hates Sid.

At the Battle Tower:

Sid: Hey! MAY!!!! Make sure you watch!! I'm dedicating this battle to you!!!

May: *looks disturbed*

Jesse: *growls* Knock it off!!!!!

Jaden: Good luck, Ash!!!!

Jesse: You'd better win this, Ash!!!

But as we both know, Ash looses.

I hate to torture Jesse like this, but we can't change the movie like that. We can't stop Sid from having an interest in May.

This'll seem stupid, but has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. And now allow me to take a guess. Are you gonna make someone on the team sing the song?

So I was right. You're gonna have someone sing it. I like that! : D

Oh ho! So Nathan and Dawn are gonna get together, huh? : )

Humor-licious! : D

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! : D

Any is fine. : )

Personally, I think it would be perfect for #'s 3 or 4.

I'm glad you shared that with me. : )

No no. Thank YOU.

Great song. : )

Alright. Where were we?

Oh yeah. That's right.

Surprised you haven't mentioned it yet.

Not that. I categorized Jaden as an idiot.

Hold your horses, cowboy! No WAY Jeffrey's an idiot! : (

I'm gonna answer your question. I put Jaden in as an idiot to see if you would live with it.

Do what you want, but I won't live with Jeffrey being categorized as an idiot.

Jeffrey's may do some things that aren't always smart, but he's still a genius.

Hm. I'm surprised you haven't done it yet.

That's the point of all this. To see if you didn't like something that you would edit it instead of live with it.

Try your inbox now.

Okay. And Vexen?

Should there be a limit?

That leaves us with 2 more members to chose from.

As much as I hate her, alright.

Larxene is a (sorry about the language) bitch!

I'd like to slap her what for!

I think Xaldin will be okay.

Marluxia will be the last Nobody to be fought.

I've just gotta think of a name for the episode.

There should be an extension of it. Just like "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide."

Perfect. : )

If Jeffrey ever met Vexen, what would he think of him as a scientist?

His experiments are way to dangerous.

Would you still have a thing against having Xion being categorized as a Nobody?

I'm just asking 'cause of what I added to the Nobody page.

I'd only categorize her as one because of her life before as a Nobody.

But I WON'T though!

Has it been an hour yet?

Be careful?!?! I'm gonna faint!!!

  • screams*

Sorry. But that took me a lot of tries to kill first time I played the game.

  • gulps* Wish me luck. : (

Whew! And I thought I would need to call a doctor.

And in case you're wondering. I'm doing this on standard mode. No more beginner nonesense for me!

I'm facing these games like a man!

Has it been an hour yet?

Me too.

Good timing. I just got back.

Finally. Having ice cream again. : D

Now what were we gonna do?

Aw. That's right. : )

Before we start, where is Alexis and Aqua gonna be?

Either at the lab or with Ash, Jaden, and Jeffrey to get food.

Alright. I'm sure Xion will be fine back at the lab.

Okay than.

Jesse: *sighs sadly*

Fluttershy: Poor Jesse..... He hasn't changed a bit.

Princess Cadence: Let's both try.

  • Both walk to Jesse*

Cadence: Jesse? How're you feeling?


Jesse: ....... What's there to talk about? I'm nothing without her.....

Cadence: Jesse. We know that you've got hurt from what Sid's been doing, but May's still your girlfriend. She's not breaking up with you.

Jesse: She already did.... I saw those two together.

Cadence: Jesse. We also know that you're afraid to loose her, but you were too afraid, and it affected May. That's why she said you've become obsessive.

Jesse:...... It is?

Jesse: I just don't know. Sid was so determined to take her from me. 

Jesse: Really?

What is it?

Of coarse. Just checking.

Cadence: *smiles* A gentle heart.

Jesse:...! You really think so?

Has it been an hour yet?

You saw it?

That's what inspired me to feature the audio in my part.

Now I feel depressed again. : (

  • sniffs* It's my cousin's death all over again. :' (

True. She was voicing for more than 20 years.

I wish I didn't see Yakko's part. It felt so interactive. :' (

  • sighs* I just wish that the last 3 parts would be taken.

Where were you?

Oh. Sorry.

This calls for "This Day Aria"! Thank goodness we've got it on the Wiki.

Cadence is an angel. :' )

I don't deserve someone like her on my side of the team! She and Shining Armor should be on your side!

I need them?

But I just feel like I'm unworthy to have such wonderful characters. Especially Cadence.

Yeah, well it works on you too.

You really think so?

Sorry, man.

Feeling a little weak here... So hot in my room. Don't know which way to turn the dial to turn the heat off.

I'll be okay.

I might stay up later than usual to get some classwork done.

Bro. I have a feeling I'm gonna fail this year. : (

Open your eyes! I'm a slacker! I've only got 2 days left to get an assignment done!

I'm doubting myself right now.

I'm starting to think maybe I AM like that looser Mack in "The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue." :' (

1. How am I not like him?

2. I will NOT let you be alone!

Wow. You said that as if you were here right now and were in my classes with me.

Still, I wish I didn't feel like I was doing a poor quality job on my work. : (

What is it I have that Mack doesn't have?

I can't. It's hard for me to do it. : (

I'll try. But I can't make any promises.

Has it been an hour yet?

Okay. I can wait.

I'm sorry, but I can't leave you. I know I have to be focusing on my work, but you're important too.

How 'bout now?

Keep trying.

Taking forever. X P

Are you sure you'll be okay?

Don't bother. I saw it coming.

I know I can be stubborn when it comes to being negative, but sometimes, I like to feel that way.

Be right back. In the meantime, watch this:

Aladdin Special - Inside The Genie's Lamp (with Iago) - YouTube

Good timing. : )


So much for itty-bitty living space.

I noticed that you added the video to your favorites. : )

I kinda feel bad for Iago.

But it's funny when he looses his feathers.

You'd want a lamp for a souvenier or to live in one?

Just asking 'cause you seemed to like the inside. : )

Glad I shared it with you. : )

I'm feeling better, BUT I'm still worried about this upcoming week.

IF you get a webcam, I wanna personally say thanks to her.

The way I see it, inside Genie's Lamp is like Jeffrey and Jaden's estate.

Stupid of me to ask, but an hour yet?

Me too.

Me too actually.

I'm just sent a message to your inbox.

I need it so I can see what alien hunting would be like.

Oh. Okay. I'll just watch the movie.

I am back, my friend!!!

Xigbar: Heh. So tell me. How does it feel to have a former Nobody for a daughter, "daddy"?

Xigbar: I've gotta say though. I must congradulate you. You see, Poppet here had no heart from her life as a Nobody and didn't have a life before. But now you've raised her into a precious little princess that she is. She sure is something special. Just like before.

......... HOLY SHABOODLES! There's an alien named Jeffrey in the sequel?!?! 0_0

I thought you knew. : (

Well.... I don't think you're gonna like who has your or your characters name.

You remember?

Well.... I refuse to let the worm have the same name as your character!

So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna change it. It'll be easy. I've just gotta edit the audio, and have J say a different name in the subtitles.

Just added it to the Trivia.

You know something? Frankly, I think this is a major insult. It's like giving our Jeffrey a bad image. : (

I felt that way when I saw Batman and Mr. Freeze Subzero. The character Gregory Belson. It kinda offended me.

I know people with the same name are not related in anyway. But it's the way they use the name that bothers me. : (

So, let's give the worm a new name.

That's a LOT better.

My apologies, bro. That worm doesn't deserve your or your characters name.

I'm glad you do. I did not only for your character but for you too. Because I love you, big brother.

  • laughs* Frank was playing "Who Let The Dogs Out?"  X D

I can imagine the dogs on the team having a party in the car while playing the song! X D

Patch would be a party animal! X D

Gonna make some popcorn now.

Has it been an hour yet?

"Outer space is smaller than that empty space in your huge heads!"

How was that? : )

It might anger Xigbar, but who cares? We hate the creep.

Besides, Xiggy would be a wise-cracker to others. It's time someone got back at him!

I'm still watching the movie.

I love the nightcrawlers. : )

And I'm still working on an assignment.

Done. : )

But I'm not happy with that worm appearing again in the movie. : (

Well, I'm just happy that it's dead by the end. : )

NOW the whole name thing doesn't bother me anymore. : )

Give me a moment. Working on a new page.


I hope this guy doesn't bother Beetles and Nails.

But than again, this guy is kind of a cockroach. So I guess J stepping on those bugs won't both Beetles and Nails.

Hm. You know something? I can definetly see why Xion would make Tammy's dream come true in this Adventure. Facing Xigbar who gave both Xion and Aqua problems in the past, and Vanitas who did the same thing, but only to more members of the team.

The only question is how can she do it?

Has it been an hour?

It's fine. I saw it coming.

Gonna cook dinner now.

I'm back, AND I thought of a combo attack for Xion and Tammy to pull off as a heroic duo. : )

Tammy freezing an alien solid with ice breathe, than Xion uses Strike Raid to shatter the alien into tiny ice pieces. : )

Like it?

For the 3rd movie during the chinese restuarant attack.

(An Alien attempts to shoot Xion as she runs around the room)

Tammy: Hey! You big bully! *uses her ice breathe to freeze the alien*

Tammy: Whoo-Hoo! We got him!

And I've got another joke. The Mask distracts the fish by catching it with a fishing rod:

The Mask: *realing it in* Ho ho! I've got one, and he's a fighter!

Pinkie Pie: Must be over 300 pounds!

Thanks. : )

I wonder if Boris' sharp sticks couldn't penetrate Dragon-Jeffrey's skin.

Wow! With hard scales like that, they WOULD be worth a fortune.

But, like you said, it would be an insult to Jeffrey.

Besides, his skin is not hard ALL the time, which makes his scales not hard all the time either.

Has it been an hour yet?

Head: You did that on purpose! No way am I gonna talk to a nerd like you!

Jaden: Seriously. You better talk while you're.... a head!

Jaden: Come on. Don't pretend you didn't think that was funny.

I'll wait. : )

Just stay online while I work, please. I can't work without you. I need your presense in order to work. : (

It's not just that I don't want you to wait. It's that I don't want to be alone while I work. I need your positive thinking while I do this.

Thank you, big brother. *hugs you* I love you.

I know something that might wake me up more. "Rise of Darkrai." : )

Oh boy. I just remembered. There's another "Ego Boy" in the movie.


Jaden will even say how he reminds him of Gaston.

Unless he reminds another member of someone else.

I get it. But I just thought it would be funny. Comparing this guys ego to someone else's.

Come on. Lighten up, bro. : )

After Alberto has his Lickylicky attack Tonyo on accident:

Tonyo: Ugh... Now what did you do that for? *collapses*

Scamper: *sarcastically to Alberto* Wow. You really got him.

Wait. Question: Is Patrick sarcastic too?

Well, okay, but just be true to your word that he won't ever feel replaced or jealous of Jeffrey and Jaden's brotherly bond.

Sorry, bro. Sometimes it scares me though.

I wonder if a Skystengel would fear the Red Death too.

They are pretty huge.

  • snickers* I can imagine this. First time Patrick sees Team Rocket, he mistakes them for clowns!

Hey, bro. Did you ever notice that the noise Dialga makes sounds familiar?

From Star Wars III. The thing Obi-Wan rides during his fight against Grevious.

Has it been an hour yet?

I see you noticed that I added Dawn as a possible member.

AND I love what the end song credits is gonna be! : D

Who else should fall victim to Darkrai's nightmares?

Spike, Sid....

Hm. I can imagine Beetles taking the hit after defending someonewho was gonna fall into a nightmare.

That's why he represents the Element of Loyalty.

Ever since Jaden saved him, Beetles has vowed to put the happiness of others ahead of his own.

  • Darkrai's Dark Void attack aims at Xion and the cubs*

Beetles: NO! Look out!! *flies in and takes the hit*

Beetles: *moans and squirms in his sleep*

Beetles: *continues moaning and squirming in his sleep*

Tammy: He's not waking up!

Almost done with the movie.

I've got a funny one. : )

When Alberto is Lickylicky and can't control his own tongue, The Mask defends himself with a giant lollipop.

Like that? : )

By the way, Celestia and Luna won't fight Dialga and Palkia.

You saw what they did to Darkrai. We won't let the same thing happen to either the princesses.

They can use their magic to stop the dimension from being torn up.

Cadence and Shining Armor will do the same thing.

I'm done. : )

And now I will watch Pokemon Giratina & The Sky Warrior. : )

All done.

Zero reminds me of Terra-Xehanort.

A crazy apprentice continuing forbidden research and tries to create a world of their desire.

Let me know when you're down so that we can decide where Zero will go under.

Totally! He's a madman!

Where do you personally see his threat level?

I noticed that during the credits, Ash and friends mail those flowers to family. What if Jeffrey did that to his? : )

Glad you noticed the new page.


Now I'm doing Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

So, is May gonna be in these?

Hey. In Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, since Manaphy will look to May as a mom, that makes Jesse it's dad!

Hey! Our team will keep nicknaming The Phantom other pirate names. Like Captain Crunch. X D

Jaden: Hey! Crunchatize me, Captian!

So, shaould we categorize Jesse as a father figure?

Has it been an hour yet?


Nice. : )

Still watching it. Hate Marcus.

Sebastian gonna be in this?

Any guest villains?

I was also thinking about Joe the Fish.

I'm done with that movie now. : )

You can go to bed anytime you want soon.

  • hugs you back* Night, big brother. Love you too. Wish me luck, tonight. : )

Well, if this is bothering you so much, than I'll go back to doing it alone.

Still wanna do it together?

This means that this is the first Adventure were your side of the team meets Jesse.

Plus, this is the Adventure where my team sees Xion grown up.

The last part of the game is always my favorite part. Where the villains got you cornered and you use the book to bounce off their attacks.

Hm. It's actually a good idea to do this together. I can imagine using "Return of Harmony" clips for the Maze part of the game.

As a villain?

Wait. Yes, a villain! This is WAY before "Keep Calm And Flutter On."

I won't mind, 'cause I'm still not convinced he's truly reformed.

Hey. How old will Xion be in this?

Oh. Right.

Well, for once, I kinda would like to have my team see her as a five-year old girl. She does eventually reach that age in Kiki's Delivery Service.

When does she turn six?

  • ping* OH....... MY........... GOD!!!!!!!!!! An idea you're so gonna love!!!!!! :' D

Excuse me? What's going on the Comment section? What is wrong with YouTube? Are they gonna fix the section? :'(

What IF it was Xion's 6th birthday in TRON Legacy? : D

Has it been an hour yet?

Hm. I wonder if as a baby, she'll get her first stick that says "Winner", ever.

A sign that she's got a better life than before. : )

I was working on a new page.

Just like what Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae did with the book in their Adventure, 4 members of the team should use it as a shield in the final showdown.

And Jaden, Jesse, and Xion (if it's okay).

I thought maybe Jeffrey would use it against the Evil Queen since that's the first foe he ever faced.

Jaden will take Hook.

I thought Xion would do The Queen of Hearts, since Wonderland's the only world she's been to as a Nobody.

That means Jesse will do the Ringmaster.

On the Queen of Hearts side of the of battle.

Manny and the others will deal with Gutt and his crew.

Jesse would personally take care of the Ringmaster 'cause of his animal cruelty.

Would you say he really IS a villain?

Hey. Mind if I take a nap? I'm so tired right now.

I promise I won't let it take too long.

You were saying?

I just feel guilty about myself now. : (

I already am. : )

Just recently, I found clips and videos of Jumpstart 4th Grade.

I used to have that game, but it was much too advanced for me, so I never finished it.

Summary: A witch named Ms. Grunkle, the substitute teacher, turns a bunch of 4th grade kids into monsters, and takes them to her Haunted Island.

Take a look for yourself:

JumpStart 4th Grade - Intro - YouTube

IF she appears in the series, I hope she doesn't do that to sweet little Xion.

Even if she did, Grunkle would be dead.

The Mask: Bring her back, you old hag! *splashes a bucket of water at Ms. Grunkle*

Grunkle: ..... What...... was that?

The Mask: You're not melting. Funny. It worked in "The Wizard of Oz."

Just a joke though. Not really gonna turn Xion into a monster.

Tammy and Xion would  be scared to death to see their big sister a monster if it happened. They'd personally want to attack Grunkle.

But still. Ain't gonna happen.

Just like I don't wanna see Dragon-Jeffrey go wild and mindless.

Okay. I'm so jealous of Johnny right now.

No. No no. I'm not gonna talk about it. He's not the only one who met someone famous.

I saw the photo on DeviantArt but I still don't believe it.

Gotta get to an assignment now.

I've gotta watch a long video now.

Try your inbox now.

MY inbox just stopped now. X P

Saw it coming.

As I was saying, yeah I know. It sounds boring. And believe me. It is.

Learning about religion is boring to me. X P

Et tu?

My problem is that there's nothing in it that catches my interest as an animator and cartoon-lover.

Uh, bro. Is it a bad idea to talk about religion over the internet?

Agreed. I don't want to offende anyone. I only brought it up so that you'd know what I have to work on.

So yeah. Just help stay awake with me.

Still doing okay.

At least I got a new badge. : )

You think we're hogging these Patch badges?

I just didn't want to sound selfish.

See the new page.


That was more than 30 years ago though.

Just so you know, tomorrow I will do Aqua in her winter clothing.

Still tired I guess.

Okay. Not a whole lot. But just a bit.

Hang on a sec. I need to update my computer software.

I noticed Ariel's gonna be in the crossover too.

Not at all! I love Ariel. : )

Almost done updating.

In the meantime, sometimes, I get the feeling like Pinkie Pie is actually made of rubber or plastic.

Her hair deflates, she can grow fingers on her hooves, and when she falls down a hill and bounces, it sounds like a squeaky toy.

Well, yeah. But I just maybe she's made of rubber.

Maybe that explains why she bounces instead of walks.

Okay now. What do you wanna talk about?

Okay. First, when Joe returns....

Aqua: Jeffrey, dear. You know this fish?

Jaden: Last time I faced him, he teamed up with Ursula's sister, Morgana.

Joe: That's right. But this time, none of you feeble humans will be able to outsmart me.You've done that to me one too many times.

Is our team gonna stop him the same was as before?

But as Joe said, he won't be tricked so easily.

  • ping* I think I've got it.

As we all know, Joe's weakness is having his intelligence challenged, right?

Our team will challenge his intelligence by telling what Set looks for in a recruit and what they should be so smart to know.

Asking him things like the Sacred Beast cards, the Keyblade War legend, and.....

The Elements of Harmony?

No way would Joe want to deny answering these if it would threaten his place in Set's army of recruits.

I'm gonna be honest with you on something. I think Iago guest staring in this makes sense, but you're forgetting something. Iago and Beetles must never meet each other.

Sorry, bro. : (

I forgot to tell you. Joe's plan is to use the potion on the water-Pokémon and create and army for Set.

Oh. For the introduction, Joe will give a "visual demonstration" of the potions effects to those who've never seen it.

Oh. And....

Aqua: There's a team named after me?

Aqua: *gasps*

It's fine. In the meantime....

The Mask (S01E08) - Double Reverse - Video Dailymotion

You can't be done already.

You really saw the whole thing?

Prove it. How did the Mask stop Kablamus?

Sorry I didn't believe you, bro.

Still want him to be a Team Vector member?

Why? What makes him a looser?

But he was gonna go nuclear.

Than why put him in Team Vector? Just asking.

Well, maybe it's 'cause our team doesn't find him threatening at all.

I remember the idea of them using Kablamus for volley ball! X D

I'd like to see Xion explain to Kablamus why she as a kid would never buy his balloons.

What would she say?

Not to mention dangerous.

Has it been an hour yet?

The Mask (S01E12) - How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can - Video Dailymotion

Sorry to make you wait. I was in the bathroom.


Walter creep you out in it?

And the fact that he survived it is even creepier!

So now you see why I can imagine Patch be the hero in that episode.


Leading the other dogs into rebelling.

So, tell me. Now that you've seen more of Walter, where would he go under?

Oh yeah! Someone that scares even Jeffrey.

And yeah. He'd definitely wanna keep Xion and Aqua safe from Walter.

Especially if Walter would try to crush them with his bare hands!

Walter almost did it to Milo.

I'd say Walter's a monster!

The fact that he feels no pain puts says he's a monster.

I'd saay the only to really defeat him once and for all is to blast him off into deep space.

Since attacking him won't do any good, the best thing to do is send him far away.

I wanted you to get an idea of what Walter is like. That's why I showed you the episode.

Eeyup. : )


Interesting question. I'll think that threw.

New page.

Thanks. Should there be a page for Derpy?

Okay than.

You're welcome. : )

I understand. BUT she's still under the category "Idiots" because of her mental problem.

Has it been an hour yet?

Yes. But my only concern is this..... a rivarly between Syrus and Jeffrey.

I seriously doubt it. They'd fight over Jaden as a brotherly-figure.

You sure? Jeffrey doesn't want to loose Jaden.

I've gotta think this over carefully over the night. Now that my 2 new pages are up, I'm going to bed for real now. Good night, big bro. : )

It's okay. I'm guessing you were talking with someone else?

No problem. I can wait. : )

I've been thinking about Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Who should fall into the Reverse World the first time?

I have an idea for that:

  • The portal starts to suck Jaden in. Jeffrey and Aqua grab him by the hands*

Aqua: We got you! Just hang on!

Jaden: *struggling to not let go* I can't.... hold on... much... longer!!! *looses his grip and falls in screaming*

Alexis: JADEN!!!!

Alexis: Wait for me!!!! *jumps in with them*

Bro! We've gotta help a friend out!

Im thinking on quiting, should I? - YouTube

I thought so. Anyway, I'm having a talk with her right now via personal message.

But let's get back to where we were.

Tammy: Xion, wait!!! *jumps in after her*

You sure that's all you want to go in?

I'm just asking if that really is all you want, 'cause it seems like not enough to me.

A MLP character or 2.

Just Spike? No one else?

Has it been an hour yet?

Were you talking with someone else?

That makes sense.

I have an idea for a guest villain.


You really think so?

No. Not really.

Aqua could plan on wishing to have Terra and Ven brought back in this.

But she doesn't get her chance to do so.


Oh. I get it now. But you know what? Aqua will even say she doesn't need to wish for Terra and Ven back. She knows that they'll come back to her with the help from her new family. : )

Kinda sad at the same time. It's almost like Aqua will never see Terra and Ven again, and no magic force can ever do so.

But I know that it will happen. Besides, as I say, Terra and Ven are already with her again. : )

You don't mind that Jeffrey reminds Aqua of Terra?

Just asking 'cause of how Terra used the darkness, and would later be used to become 2 dangerous villains.

But Jeffrey's not like that at all. It's not what Terra did that matters. It's who he is that matters.

And Jeffrey is sincere like Terra is, right?

That's what makes Jeffrey remind Aqua of Terra.

You okay, bro?

Okay. Just asking.

So, to wrap it up. Aqua doesn't need to make a wish. She's happy the way she is, even if Terra and Ven are still missing.

A handsome brave and caring husband, a sweetheart beautiful angel of a daughter, and supporting family that protects her. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay.

I know I shouldn't have listened to her, but she's got the age and experience advantage over me. So I was kinda forced to go with what she said.

I've already allowed him and Hasselberry to appear at the wedding, but I'm still not sure if them joining at this point is smart.

And just as a reminder, I can NEVER let Chazz and Blair appear in the series.

Sure. But never appear. They'll try to keep Jaden and Alexis apart!

Something I can never let happen. Jaden/Alexis means everything to me. : (

Be right back. Gonna start some laundry.

I'm back. Anyway, I'm really sorry about all this. I've just been a little bit guilt driven about not including Syrus. Because of what GX fans would think of me, and how the character would feel about not going on Jaden's Adventures.

Is it too late to add him at the beginning?

I thought so. Well, it's okay. I've been able to do fine without Syrus. : )

Yeah. Be right back. Gonna cook dinner.

I'm back. And I just realized something.

Nothin's wrong. Do you recall I plan to have Aster guest star in The Muppets Most Wanted depending on what'll happen in England?

I remembered another project that partly takes place in England.

The Mummy Returns.

So I thought maybe Aster could be in this.

Thanks. : )

Of coarse, introductions are in order.

But first, a running gag. Aster almost freaking out during the series at the unnatural things Jaden goes through on his Adventures.

Imhotep, Dragon-Jeffrey, the MLP characters, the villains, etc.

Well try to understand. Aster's not used to this kind of life Jaden has, and he'd only freak out at how unnatural this all is.

Jaden will actually tell Aster to not scream in front of Dragon-Jeffrey.

I got the idea from the fact that Aster didn't believe Jaden was from space and got his new cards there.

Are you still sure you want Tammy kidnabbed in this? Just asking.

Okay. I'm just being sure 'cause of how scary this sounds.

I forgot what my midget jokes were for the movie. X P

Maybe they'll come back to me soon.

I thought he was a Hidden Knight.

So, I guess not since he's already part of that team.

I don't seem to recall asking him to be a Hidden Knight anyway.

I forgot to tell you that something's wrong with my inbox. So we'll have to talk from here.

You made Aster a Hidden Knight, didn't you?

I'm sorry, but that's why Aster can't join. 'Cause of your decision.

Oh! You've removed him as a Hidden Knight?

Well, I also said depending what happens in Muppets Most Wanted  will determine if he'll join or not.

Let me think about it more, and than decide if after this he can join.

First, how would Jeffrey and Xion each see Aster?

Like how Jeffrey sees Jaden as a brother and Xion sees him as an uncle.


Well, Jeffrey will sympathize Aster after being told about his dad.

I think the inboxes are working again.

Here we go again. X P

I'm gonna sketch Aqua in her winter clothing now.

By the way, Aqua's hair has to be exposed, because it's one of her trademarks.

In the meantime, do you remember what Pokémon Jessie used to catch Seviper?

Nope. Herself! X D

You forgot that Wobbuffet never attacks first.

She attacked using Fury Swipes. X D

I think it's funny how she tossed Meowth at Seviper and told him to use "Double-Edge."

He said he doesn't.

Hm. I Jeffrey's Meowth can use that attack.

Another one. What's the only Pokemon that can use Sacred Fire?

Yep. No wonder Seviper couldn't use that attack.

I'm done sketching it in. Now to darken it in.

I will scan the images and color them tomorrow.

After I'm done darkening it in, I'm going to bed.

You can go to bed anytime you want.

  • hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. See you at a much earlier time tomorrow. :' )

Saw it coming.

I'm glad you think she still looks attractive. : )

And now to work on a birthday drawing for a friend.

Bringing up Aster appearing in The Mummy Returns has gotten me thinking about those movies again.

Yeah. And the fact we'll have to redo some parts with my previous account gone.

Like my favorite part: Jaden helping Jeffrey retrieve his glasses. : )

I still love it 'cause it shows which bespectacled man is more lovable and worth saving. And it compares the two American groups. : )

And Jeffrey is way more lovable than Burns is. :' )

Just one thing: After Jeffrey sees Burns without his tongue and eyes, I'd prefer to not see him shed a tear, thinking it could've been him.

Because Jeffrey didn't open the box, so Imhotep wouldn't target him.

So there's no need for Jeffrey to think that he could've ended up like Burns.

Hey. What Elements do you think the CMC, Shining Armor, and Cadence would represent? I noticed how you put Celestia in there.

Obviously, Cadence would be Kindness.

I think Shining Armor would be Magic.

You think they represnt the same as their sisters?

Sweetie Belle did try to do a good thing for her sister.

Hey. Aren't generosity and kindness the same thing?

I changed Bartok's.

Think. Bartok took the mission to save the prince although he was afraid, he retrieved the items for Baba Yaga despire the dangers, and he returned the ring to the prince.

Oh. By the way, for Jirachi Wish Maker, will Merlock fall to his death again?


Alright, BUT only if someone takes the talisman from him first.

It doesn't matter.

My plan was this: Merlock turns into a gryffon, snatches Jirachi and attempts to fly away with him.

If you want it to be Raven, I guess it's fine.

'Cause I was kinda hoping for there to be a brief battle in the air against Merlock.

What I'm trying to say is Raven just using her powers to take away the talisman is too simple and easy. X P

As long as she fights for it, that's all that matters.

Has it been an hour yet?


Done. : )

Done. : )

Anything for you, big brother. : )

Mind if I go make some popcorn?

I'm back.

Okay now. I had a thought for the Mymmy Returns. To show what his Destiny Heroes can do, Aster should beat a villain.

Okay with me.

We never decided Alexis' element.

Hm..... I really don't know.

Go ahead. I don't mind.

And Atticus.

Good idea.

Interesting since Mitsuki is also Honesty.

If Aster joins, I wonder what his would be.

Depends if I'll let him join.

Oh! And BEN and May.

Hm. Yeah. Now May and Jesse share the same Element. : )

What about Kitty Softpaws?

I think we've got 'em all.

I will wait for your inbox to work again.

Oh! Babs Seed!

I honestly don't know.

  • rimshot*

Try now.

My inbox stopped working now. : (

As I was going to say, I just wish things would go back to the way they were. : (

I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. :' (

Same thing with Google!

This is turning out to be an unhappy weekend. : (

I really am gonna start crying now. *starts to shed more tears* :' (

  • blows nose* This isn't helping at all. :' (

I hope so. :' (

  • hugs you back* Life is being cruel lately. :' (
  • crying* If she leaves, I don't know if I can recover from it. :' (

If I could, I would share with her my video of "When You Believe", but my inbox isn't working.

  • crying* Anything to make a friend stay!!! :' (

I can't anymore saddness and suffering anymore, bro. I just can't! *cries* :' (

I can't tell you how hurt I am right now. :' (

  • still hugs you* I just want everyone to be happy. :' (

I'm still waiting for my inbox to work again.

She means that much to the both of us. : (

I won't be able to sleep easy tonight. : (

I really hope with all my heart that you're right, bro.

  • hugs you back* Not a very good night for a lot of us.

I hope so.

She did say that it's people like us that are keeping her from leaving.

I do feel honored, but I still won't be happy until SHE'S happy.

I'll try to be strong too.

Yesh. Just like for my cousin.

  • smiles* Hey. Something I wanna use in a crossover. Someone gets hit on the head, and he says "Colonel Mustard did it in the kitchen."

Has it been an hour yet?

Just asking.

Gonna shower now.

I'm back.


A thought came to me. After the Mummy Returns, Tammy will ask to keep Vanitas away from her, because he scared her more than the Chameleon did.

Threatening to skin her alive.


I still think we're hogging these Patch badges.

As long as others don't think so.

Anyway, Tammy will feel so happy about her hero keeping her safe. : )

I'll let you know when I'm done.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I can still wait.

Anything else you wanna mention?

Still waiting so we can redo a scene.

Thanks, bro. :' )

That's what I said recently. : )

I really hope you'll get a webcam so we can talk face to face.

I'll be looking forward to talking to you face to face.

Darkening in the drawing now.

Sorry. I got distracted by the talk on that Pooh's Adventures page.

I'm gonna guess it's been an hour now.


Be right back. Gotta make a quick errand.

I'm back.

Now, where were we?

Right. Well, as long as you guarantee that Jeffrey can never be tempted by another girl, than I won't be worried.

Aaaaawwwww!!! :' )

Something else just came to mind. At this point in the series, has Jeffrey accepted his dragon-form?

If someone offered to remove it from him, would he deny it?

Good. That's something else I wanted to hear. 'Cause that's one thing everyone loves him for. : )

Besides, as I always say, he's just so cuddly in his dragon-form. :' )

Hey. After I've submitted this drawing for Victoria tomorrow, is there any ideas for drawings I should do next?


Cute ideas. : )

Sure. : )

By the way, something I've been wanting to share for some time now:

Calling Jeffrey a monster. That's a paddlin'.

Calling Aqua a witch. That's a paddlin'.

Calling Xion a Nobody. That's a paddlin'.

Google changing the comment section on YouTube. Oh, you better believe THAT'S a paddlin'!

Try your inbox now.

Oops. Now mine stopped.

Anyway... Having his friends sent to the stars?

I still can't stand it bro! That duel with Brron boils my blood

The fact that Brron took Alexis too angers me the most about it!

I'm glad Jeffrey immediately hates that monster!

Just so you know, and I know this is a cruel thing to do, but when Jaden and Jeffrey duel against Brron, he creates an illusion that makes it look like they're dueling at his forrtress, where Jaden dueled him before.

I know. But Brron is a cruel and evil monster seeking revenge. He wants to make Jaden suffer again in this.

Holy Shaboodles! You've gotta see SuperJNG18's new video!

He used your character! : )

Aee? People DO respect and like your ideas. : )

I'm also happy he had Jaden and Jesse in there. : )

A sign that people support my Adventure series too. : )

Almost every Adventure series creator is. : )

You ever seen the Jim Henson funeral version of the song?

I you haven't, here it is:

▶ Jim Henson Memorial Service - One Person - YouTube

Saw it?

The first man who had Scooter was Richard Hunt. He died 2 years after Jim Henson did.

And the man next to him with Gobbo Fraggle was Jerry Nelson. The Muppeter who died last year.

I know. Sad isn't it?

But I'll bet you were happy to see Gonzo in it.

Be right back. Gonna cook dinner.

Nice. : )

But like I keep saying, I still feel like May is too young for marriage.

Poor Dawn. Now I know why she got the nickname Dee Dee.

You don't know?

Well, Jaden won't laugh at her.

Or Xion?

Than neither will Tammy.

I can't believe Ash and Brock whould laugh at her though! That's mean! : (

Wow. Does he really love her back?

Wow. :' )

Wow. :' )

I can't believe even her own Piplup laughed!

If Kenny starts sharing those Dawn stories to our team, I can tell some are gonna laugh.

But as an example....

Nails: *almost starts to burst into laughter*

Jaden: *gently elbows Nails* Be nice, Nails!

Nails: Sorry, boss.

Rainbow Dash: *almost starts to burst into laughter*

Try your inbox now.

Yes. I don't any use for him in this one. Sorry. : (

New page.

Hey bro. Do you think it's annoying for Aqua to ask who these villains she's never seen before are?

And it's kinda like in Pooh's Adventures when someone is introduced to a character from a previous Adventure.

Aqua: Who's Merlock?

Aqua: That's terrible!

Merlock: Nice to see you despecable mortals again.

Jaden: If you're after Gene again, forget it! He's freed from the lamp! You'll never get your wishes granted again!

Merlock: I know all about the lamp. I'm not interested in it anymore.

Merlock: What do you think?! I want that Pokemon that grants wishes! Jirachi, is it?

Oops! I wasn't paying attention to the time! I should go to bed now! *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Oops! Sorry. I didn't pay attention again.

Anyway, how do you know that your brother will be satisfied?

Not that I doubt you, but I don't know what he's like.

Is he anything like you?

Than I guess I've got nothing to worry about.

I guess I just wanted to know if he too is a fan of my art.

Does he like my art?

Wow. : )

Okay now. What do you wanna talk about now?

Yeah. I can tell Pinkie Pie won't give up the candy easily.

But she's gonna have to.

Like Brock said,

"Than the candy is all-"

Louis: Uh oh.... Are we in trouble?

Xion: Daddy? Are we gonna go to jail for this?

  • May pops out from the pile*

May: Free at last. *removes the wrapping from a candy bar and eats it*

  • Pinkie Pie pops out too*

Pinkie Pie: Free candy is fun! *starts to eat a bag of candy*

  • They other team members look at them in a distrubed way*

May: Huh? What's the matter?

Jesse: Uh, let me explain, May. *whispers in her ear*

May: *murmurs* I knew something was funny. Max! This is all your fault with your stupid wish!

Jesse: Whoa whoa whoa! Easy, May. We didn't know this was gonna happen.

Hold on. Pinkie Pie already popped out.

I'm confused. Didn't everyone on the team witness this?

Hm. I think we might have to redo this.

When your inbox works again.

I thought so. He does have a strong appetite. : )

Besides, that's cute. When I think of his appetite, I think of him eating the algae. : )

Plus, I can imagine Baby Xion rub Dragon-Jeffrey's belly, and he wags his tail like a dog. :' )

Does all that degrade him? Make more of an natural animal than an intelligent hybrid?

Good. I just can't help it bro. When I see Toothless act like a dog, I imagine Draon-Jeffrey acting like one too. : )

Which form?

Well, we've already got her sliding down her dad's tail. : )

Aqua: *catches Baby Xion at the end of Dragon-Jeffrey's tail*

Baby Xion: Can I go again, pwlease?

Aqua: Hm... Jeffrey, dear?

Baby Xion: *giggles excitingly* I can go as many times as I want?!?

Baby Xion: *giggles happily* Oh tank you, daddy! *kisses Dragon-Jeffrey on his snout* You'we the best daddy evew!

I was kinda hoping as generous and caring act, he would say this "In fact, slide as many times as you want, my little angel."

Baby Xion: *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* Tank you, daddy.

I can imagine Dragon-Jeffrey protect Baby Xion from danger. : )

I hope if he roars, it doesn't scare Baby Xion.

Well loud noises would scare babies.

Yeah. Besides, she'll see her dad in his dragon-form more like a giant teddy bear that she always wants to hug. :' D

Aw. I was hoping you would've loved what I said. : (

Thanks. I mean Dragon-Jeffrey is so cuddly I just want to give him a huge hug! :' )

Has it been an hour yet?

I'm gonna cook an early dinner in a bit.

Oh. And Jaden and Jeffrey will participate in "Butler's Burning Box" act.

They'll run down with Ash to get Max back to his seat.

Be right back. While I'm gone, try your inbox.

Hey. I can point out some generous things Jesse did in Season 3:

1. Promising a kid to get his stolen card back from Trapper

2. Staying behind in that dimension to ensure that Duel Academy gets back home.

See why I chose him to represent that Element?

I wonder what Jeffrey and Aqua will munch on while they watch the show.

You like Cheetos? : )

How 'bout cotton candy for Aqua? : )

Hey. Should we have Scamper mention the crispy cream cheeseburgers? X D

Scamper: If this fair has the crispy cream cheeseburgers, I'm out.

Nails: I don't see what the big deal is. They're delicious.

Scamper:....! You ate one?

Nails: So?

Scamper:..... Are you challenging Brain for "Idiot of the Year"?

Brain: Yeah! I win that title every year!

Jaden: Save the quarreling for another time. We're trying to spend this once in a lifetime event in a good way.

Nails: Sorry boss.

I can tell Xion and the cubs are gonna have fun there. : )

Tammy's wish would be to always be with her big sister. :' )

Hopefully, that wish will come true. :' )

I wonder what DJ's would be.

That's a wish he'll have to grant on his own.

I knew it.

My apologies. I'm getting sleepy now.

WAIT! I said I was getting sleepy! I didn't say I was gonna be going to bed!

It's okay. I'll let you know when I'm gonna go to bed.

Yeah. Or at least earn a spot on "Jeffrey's most hated enemies."

I figured, anyone who treats someone else like a monster, Jeffrey hates a lot.

Because of how he went through the same thing too.

I've started to work on the video now. I figured I can start now before something very time-consuming starts.

Um.... Is there anything you want to talk about now?

And I noticed it.

Well, I'm worried about Jeffrey in this.

I know. But I hope he doesn't get severley hurt, or worse....

And is Queen La the only villain that's gonna be in this?

How 'bout Alvin, Mildew and Savage?

Is that enough?

Okay. Okay.

What about you? Is there anyone you want in this? This is your movie.

Good thought..... Hm.....

Well..... I want to say Chameleon or Turbo, but I feel like we aught to give them a break too.

But Queen La should be the mastermind behind this plot.

I don't mind. But you do know that means Nanami will once again try to take Jeffrey from Aqua.

Right. She refuses to accept the fact that Jeffrey is already spoken for.

Thanks, but you don't need to comment on it. As the founder, I'm just devoted to my own Wiki.

As I was saying, Nanami is only interested in Jeffrey for being a genius and feels like he's wasting it away by being married to Aqua.

No. She's just stubborn and selfish.

Has it been an hour yet?

Well, it has to do with one of them. They're still gone.

If you recall, Mickey was telling Yen Sid how he believes that Ventus' heart has been located.

That bit of information will make Aqua very happy. : )

Oh! Soon, I wanna do a drawing of Xion in a formal Christmas dress. Kinda like Sunday clothes.

For Jumanji. Remember the Christmas party at the end? : )

I also remember this. Xion gets a board game (a safe one) and even though Jeffrey vowed to only stick with Duel Monsters too, he promises her he'll play the game with her later on. :' )

He can never say "no" to his daughter. :' )

Neither can Alexis. : )

How 'bout Aqua? : )

  • sheds a tear* Awwwwwwww. Xion's happiness is so precious to everyone. :' )

Hey! There's something I wanna work on when your inbox is working again! : D

Continuing with Alexis babysitting Baby Xion. The next day. : )

I really hope there'll come a time where Alexis spends time with Baby Xion for more than 2 days. : )

Because I really would like Xion and Alexis to get that close and love each, aunt and niece. :' )

Let me know when it's been an hour.

First, since Baby Xion sleeps in Alexis' arms, who will wake up the other first?


When your inbox works again.

I can wait. : )

I hope the others will be warned about this.

Almost done. : )

Should I upload it tonight? Is it too early?

All done.


Oh boy! More time for Baby Xion to be with her favorite Aunt! : D

I'm curious what this thing Jeffrey is callled for is.


It'll have to be something where he feels like he can't take his daughter with him.

So sorta mission he's been given alone, or some sorta ToonTown business that requires his presence.

Okie-dokie. : )

I'll wait a bit longer to upload it, IF I see Johnny upload a new Christmas video.

I will start re-uploading Amazing Animals starting tomorrow.

I'll be sure to warn you about the one's that feature spiders in them.

Of coarse. I don't want to scare you, bro. : (

I hope no one ever scared you on purpose with spiders before. : (

Thank goodness. To me, that would be teasing you.

I'm gonna take a shower now.

I'm back.

Has it been an hour yet?

Not sleepy?

Well, I can't sleep. I know I should try to, but I just don't feel tired right now.

Since Myotismon is a recruit of Set, I thought DemiDevimon should join too.

Yeah. And he and Gatomon would settle their past rivalry once and for all.

But personally, I feel like Gatomon would weaken him, but someone else can finish him off.

You can decide who.


By the way, I've added more pictures to the Bio-Hybrids. Meet the girl who tries to take Jeffrey from Aqua in our series.

Nanami may look pretty, but I hope no matter what she tries, she doesn't lure Jeffrey into rejecting Aqua.

I know. His love for Aqua is way strong. It was even able to defeat Set on their own wedding day. :' )

Right. I'm starting to get tired now. I think I can sleep now. One more time. *hugs you* Night big brother. See you after my classes today. I love you. :' )

Like who? Just for a quick example.

Okay. After my classes. : )

What happened to TMNTHedgehog5's profile picture on his YouTube account? Did it change into the picture of YouTube logo? Here's the proof: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwcT4KnBh1lgkeDeukHzHA.

Ask TMNTHedgehog5 to change his profile picture on his YouTube account back to normal?

Right now, I'm thinking of how that event in TRON Legacy has affect Jeffrey when Jaden becomes the Supreme King in Temple of Doom. : )

Yep. Especially when it came to facing his fear of Brron. : )

And I'm still happy as ever that Jeffrey completely hates Brron.

I just can't believe that monster would take away Jaden's future wife from him!!! > : (

He's not a freak! He's much worse than that! > : (

And when it comes to facing him for real in Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Jeffrey will totally know how Jaden felt on that awful event. Especially when Brron takes Xion and Aqua from him.

Actually, it's not an attack. When someone was sent to the stars, a light glowed on the victim, and than that character disappeared into many particles of light.

During this event, I hope Jeffrey yells how much he hates Brron!

Good. Because the way I see it, him showing how much he hates Brron is you showing how much you hate him.

You yourself hate him?

I hate Brron so much that I once had a Duel Monster card of the character, but I ripped it up!

That card has no place in my posession!

What really surprises me is how after Xion gets trapped in the Wicked Canon how Jeffrey still has the strength to continue fighting.

Makes sense. But after Aqua and Alexis become victims, that's when Jaden and Jeffrey almost loose their strength to fight.

Has it been an hour yet?

Oops. Saw it coming.

Anyway, I'm thinking this will be the perfect chance for Alexis to take her niece to the zoo. :' )

Alexis: Whatcha drawing there, sweetie?

Alexis: *smiles* Very nice, Xion.

Alexis: *gets an idea* You really like animals?

Alexis: Well than, how would you like to visit the zoo?

Alexis: *smiles* Of coarse. Your daddy's not gonna be back for several more days. So I figured we aught to have some fun and good times together.

  • ping* Another wonderful idea! :' D

Actually, I'm gonna need your decision on it.

Should Alexis get Baby Xion and herself a Sea-Salt Ice Cream before OR while they're at the zoo?

Perfect. While they're there, there will be an ice cream stand that serves Sea-Salt flavor. Alexis will buy one for her and for Baby Xion. :' )

Alexis did promise that whenever she babysits Xion, she'll get her a Sea-Salt Ice Cream each day. :' )

Just so know, I'm starting to re-upload an Amazing Animals right now.

Don't watch this one. There are spiders in it.

I don't wanna scare you bro.


Alexis: *picks up Baby Xion and holds her in her arms* Well than, wanna head out now?

Alexis: *smiles* Okay than. Let's go. *leaves the house and starts walking to the zoo*

  • finally, Alexis arrives at the entrance*

Alexis: We're here.

  • Alexis pays for admission, and enters with Baby Xion*

Alexis: Big kitties, huh? Like lions and tigers? You like those?

I'm gonna cook an early dinner soon.

Alexis: Okay than. *sits back down and continues enjoying her ice cream.*

Alexis: Here. Let me get that. *takes out a tissue and wipes Baby Xion's face*

Alexis: It's okay, sweetie. There's always next time.

Should it say "winner" on Alexis' stick?

But you know what? Alexis would give it to Baby Xion. :' )

She loves her niece so much that she wants her to be happy. If it means giving her her "winner" stick, than so be it. :' )

Alexis: *finishes her ice cream and notices something on it* Oh. I guess I spoke to soon.

Alexis: *smiles and gives her stick to Baby Xion* Here. You have it.

Alexis: I know. But you were hoping for a winner stick more than me. Besides, I don't need a free ice cream to be happy. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters to me.

Alexis: *hugs Baby Xion back* Awe. Thanks, Xion. That really means a lot to me.

Alexis: *sheds a tear and kisses Baby Xion's forehead* I love you too, my little niece.

Alexis: Well than, shall we continue seeing the animals?

Alexis: Alrighty than. Let's get going. *gets up and continues walking around with Baby Xion in her arms*

Has it been an hour yet?

Okay. I can wait. I'm re-uploading Part 2 of Poisonous Animals right now.

I might have to stay up longer than usual to do so, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Hm. I'm watching one I don't own AND never saw before.

Farm Animals. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Wow. Some farms raise ostriches!

In Africa though.

Silk comes from silkworms. And because they're so small, it takes hundreds of them in order to make one bushel of silk. That's why it's so expensive.

Think though. That's why it's so desirable. 'Cause of how rare it is.

Hey. There's a new drawing I gotta do. :' D

Baby Xion with a sugary snack. :' )

A cookie, a piece of candy, Sea-Salt Ice Cream....

Hm. Her face is gonna be a bit messy. 

I hope she's smart enough to not get it in her hair.

Of coarse. She's got the half her DNA from a genius. Plus, Aqua's pretty smart too. : )

Yep. Well, I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And I'll see you after my class. :' )

My inbox stopped now.

As I was trying to say....

Decide where he'll make that move.

Jeffrey: Jaden. *sighs* I activate Monster Reincarnation. I discard a card to bring back a monster. And I bring back a monster I sent to the grave earlier: Guardian Eatos! Next, I summon Mid Shield Gardna in defense mode.

‪Jesse: Jeffrey! You've got to summon Jaden's card! It'll knock some sense into him!‬

‪Jeffrey: Way ahead of you. I sacrifice Cyber Dragon and Mid Shield Gardna to summon Elemental Hero Neos! ‬

‪*Neos is summoned*‬

‪Jeffrey: I equip it with Legendary Sword!‬

Jaden: ....! It's my... Neos! *groans*

Jeffrey: Yes, Jaden! Fight it!

‪Supreme King: ENOUGH!!! *power of darkness spreads in the room* I've had enough you and your insignificant memories trying to take away my puppet! You've brought this upon yourself, mortal! *discards a card* Now you've learned the way of darkness! I activate Super Polymerization!‬

‪Jeffrey: *gasps* It's that card!‬

Xion: *gasps*

Supreme King: With that, I can fuse my monster, with any monster on your field. Combining to form your doom! *fuses Malicious Edge and Elemental Hero Neos*

Jeffrey: No!

‪Supreme King: I summon Evil Hero Malicious Fiend! *Malicious Fiend gets summoned*‬

‪AppleJack: 3500 attack points?!?‬

‪Spike: Jeffrey's gonna loose!!!‬

‪Jeffrey: *growls*‬

‪Supreme King: Now Malicious Fiend atta-!.... *groans*‬

‪Jaden: I end... my turn...!‬

‪Jeffrey: Jaden! *growls and roars angrily* ‬

‪Supreme King: What? *groans*‬

‪Jeffrey: *snarls in a dragonic way* SUPREME KING!! I WON'T LET YOU CONTROL MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!‬

Jesse: Jeffrey! His control over Jaden is weak now! If you can destroy his Evil Hero, Jaden might be freed from him!

Jeffrey: Right!

Shira: Don't you have a monster with more than 3500 attack points?

‪Jeffrey: ...! I do have one thing! I activate Monster Reborn! This brings back my ! Next is Swords of Revealing Light! Which means I'm safe for two turns!‬

‪Nails: I hope he knows what he's doing.‬

‪Mitsuki: He does.‬

Supreme King: Face it. Your hope is a wasted one! Your friend Jaden is a thing of the past! The boy you knew is nothing by a distant memory!

‪Jeffrey: Liar! I play DNA Transplant. This lets me change the attribute of my monsters. I pick dragon! ‬

‪Supreme King: Huh?

‪Jeffrey: Next, I activate Call of the Haunted! I bring back Big Shield Gardna! Then I summon Fox Fire! ‬

Supreme King: So what? You still can't destroy my Malicious Fiend!

‪Jeffrey: Not yet. I play my final Monster Reincarnation! I bring back 8-Claws Scorpion! Next, my final Monster Reborn card, which I'll use to have Neo Aqua Madoor come to the field! Now for my ultimate move! I activate Polymerization! I fuse Guardian Eatos, 8-Claws Scorpion, Fox Fire, Big Shield Gardna and Neo Aqua Madoor together to form...FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!!‬

‪*Five-Headed Dragon is summoned!*‬

Advice: Have him make that move after he uses both Monster Reborn and Monster Reincarnation the first time.

You have to decide bro. This is Jeffrey's move. Your character. 

I'll work on getting "Mini Beasts" up in the meantime.

Than I guess I have to decide.

Jeffrey: Way ahead of you. I sacrifice Cyber Dragon and Mid Shield Gardna to summon Elemental Hero Neos! I place one card face down and end my turn!

‪*Neos is summoned*‬

Jeffrey: I equip it with Legendary Sword!‬

Jaden: ....! It's my... Neos! *groans*

Jeffrey: Yes, Jaden! Fight it!

Supreme King: ENOUGH!!! *power of darkness spreads in the room* I've had enough you and your insignificant memories trying to take away my puppet! You've brought this upon yourself, mortal! *discards a card* Now you've learned the way of darkness! I activate Super Polymerization!‬

Jeffrey: *gasps* It's that card!‬

Xion: *gasps*

Supreme King: With that, I can fuse my monster, with any monster on your field. Combining to form your doom! *fuses Malicious Edge and Elemental Hero Neos*

Jeffrey: No!

Supreme King: I summon Evil Hero Malicious Fiend! *Malicious Fiend gets summoned*‬

AppleJack: 3500 attack points?!?‬

Spike: Jeffrey's gonna loose!!!‬

Jeffrey: *growls*‬

Supreme King: Now Malicious Fiend atta-!.... *groans*‬

Jaden: I end... my turn...!‬

Jeffrey: Jaden! *growls and roars angrily* ‬

Supreme King: What? *groans*‬

Jeffrey: *snarls in a dragonic way* SUPREME KING!! I WON'T LET YOU CONTROL MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!‬

Jesse: Jeffrey! His control over Jaden is weak now! If you can destroy his Evil Hero, Jaden might be freed from him!

Jeffrey: Right!

Shira: Don't you have a monster with more than 3500 attack points?

Jeffrey: ...! I do have one thing! First I activate my face down card! Hidden Spellbook! With it, I can take two spell cards from my Graveyard, and shuffle them back into my deck. Than I activate the spell card Pot of Greed! *draws two cards* And now I activate Monster Reborn! This brings back my ! Next is Swords of Revealing Light! Which means I'm safe for two turns!‬

I guess I'm just better at dueling than you are.

It's okay. You're not perfect and neither am I.

Have you noticed something odd going on here lately?

I'll have to wait until my inbox works again.

Warning: Don't EVER watch "Mini Beasts". There are lots of spiders in it.

What is it about spiders that scares you anyway?

I was just curious. And you know why I'm scared of bees and wasps. They sting and hurt people. : (

Everytime I hear tha devilish humming, I cover my ears up, 'cause I don't want them anywhere near my ears. *shivers* :' (

I think the glitch is fixed.


Hey, bro. Ever heard of "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"?

I may have a thing against the movie for not being accurate to the books, but I'm thinking about another Adventure.

1. The wedding was supposed to happen at the end of the first book, not the third.

2. The car on the railroad track scene wasn't in the books at all.

Now first, a question: Which villain group to put Count Olaf in.

Because depending on where to put him depends on the guest villains.

I don't mind either way.

Are you sure you've seen the movie?

That's where Viooz comes in. If you need to rewatch a movie when working on an Adventure, go to that website.

'Cause here's the thing that has been tickling my mind: the wedding "show". Count Olaf blackmails Violet into marrying him by threatening to drop Sunny if she says "no." There has to be something to stop our team from trying to stop Olaf, because they could easily catch Sunny if she was dropped.

But that's the thing! Which villain group to put Count Olaf in? Where do you personally see his threat level?

Well... 'cause personally, I see him more as a member of Charles Muntz's Empire. So that's a problem. We both want Olaf to be opposing villain groups.

Because which ever villain group guest stars in this, they must find a way to hold back most of the team and threaten them if they to interfere.

I'm sure we'll come to an agreement on this. We always do.

Let me explain why I think he belongs in Muntz's Empire.

1. He's got no magical powers and not a lot of intelligence to build a dangerous device.

2. He's a bit of a nut.

3. His goal for money. That's more like something Muntz looks for in a villain.

But like I said, either way is fine. He can be on Set's side, but Set will find him to be annoying.

It's up to you.

Awesome. Thanks. : )

Try your inbox now.

Rizzo will be scared of the cubs for this.

But the cubs are angels. They don't eat family members.

What might that be?

Of coarse. He wouldn't have access to dangerous tools as a baby.

Right. He does have his dragon-form and magic spells. : )

If she had access to dangerous tools.

You could say Xion's a genius too. : )

  • gasps* CUTE IDEA!!!!!! :' D

Xion using flash cards to teach the cubs when they're still VERY young. : )

I know that Xion is really their big sister, but I also think of her kinda like a mother figure to the cubs. : )

BUT no matter what, Tammy and DJ will always see Xion as their big and ever so caring perfect sister. :' )

  • gasps* "Baby Tammy"?!?! :' D


But just so you know, Tammy and DJ will always be 4 years old (in cat years). So that techincally makes them still babies.

And just like Xion, they become very smart for their age. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Oh dear! I'm glad Xion wasn't like Sunny as a baby! Sunny wasn't a sweetheart. She said some inapporpriate things. Even if it was to Count Olaf. "Bite me."

Surprising, since Xion didn't have one as a baby.


1. Jeffrey is a sweetheart man who raised her well as a baby.

2. Her heart is completely devoid of darkness.

Try again.

AH HA! I was right the same actor who did Mr. Poe also was Peter Pettigrew!

I'd recognize the face.

I'm honored. : )

Well, I'm touched that your family considers me a part of it. : )

I really look forward to meeting them in person. : )

But of coarse, I will look forward to meeting you in person most of all. : )

Okay now. I'm gonna head out now. See you soon.

I'm back.

My inbox stopped working now.

It's okay. A lot of people were trying to talk to me at once.

Right now, I'm working on something Rapunzel asked me to do.

Okay. I think I'm done.

But now I've gotta wait 'til my inbox works again to send it to her.

But I can wait.

I feel a lot better now.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting Nighttime Animals up.

Yes, there is a spider in it. So I wouldn't recommend this one either.

I have a new idea involving Baby Xion. : )

Because it's getting closer to winter, I can imagine her having fun in the snow. : )

Like making a snow angel. : )

It's working again.

Cheriathesummoner was lying about me as a bully! But, I wasn't a bully. Can you tell Love Robin about I wasn't a bully! :'(


Sorry bro. It's just I was getting a bit bored lately with one-word messages from you. "Right." "Yeah."

I understand. I'm sorry.

I've gotten over this from time to time though.

I'm starting to feel a little weak right now. Don't know why.

Probably the heat in my room. I don't know how to lower it.

Don't be sorry. There's no reason for you to apologize.

I'll be okay. Really.

What's the occassion?

I see. *hugs you back* : )

Oh. Let's see.....

Well, there's dealing with Zero and his Magnemite swarm.

Hey. Who said that only Pokemon could fight 'em off?

It's okay.

I'm gonna cook dinner in a bit.

Be right back.

I'm back. And has it been an hour yet?

Yeah. So, just in case the song ends before the credits do, let's think of another one to use.

Sure. : )

There's is one other thing I wanna know. When Xion pwns Xigbar, what'll her response be when he says "Oooooh! So Poppets starting to crack wise, just like her ol' Uncle Xiggy."

Nice. That'll teach the cyclops!

I think personally, Jeffrey should give Xigbar a hard punch for what he did to Aqua and Xion.

I hate him so much for what he did as Braig to Aqua.

Do you want guest stars for Men in Black 3?

Wander? Nice. : )

Any villains? Should there even be any?

Nice. His debut. : )

Would Boris scare even Jeffrey?

I'm gonna take a shower now.

Has it been an hour yet?


I'm drawing him doing a salute.

Hey. Does your brother like animated films?

That's fine. I asked 'cause I just wanted to be sure if he would support my dream to be an animator one day.

Wow. Your sister's too? : )

I think you should go to bed now. It's starting to get late.

  • hugs you back* Me too. Oh! And one more thing. Should I draw him wearing boots?

How are you doing?

Will Iamnater1225 come back? Where is he? Is he spending the weekend with his parents? Is he not died? I miss him! :'(

Do you know about Roary the Racing Car's Adventures Series?

Love Robin hates me! :'(

Hey. What if I did Jeffrey's biological sister too?

Yes. But you'll have to give me a description of her.


Got it all.

We aught to create a page for her.

It's okay. I know what it's like. I'll let you create the page since she's your character.

So, is she your twin?

Awesome. Oh. And you showed her the B-Movie video I made, if I recall. : )

She sounds like a great person. : )

But still caring?

Wow. : )

Why am I not surprised? She can wield the Keyblade too.

Which Keyblade does she wield?

Has it been an hour yet?

No problem. I can still wait.

I'm still waiting to get word from Rapunzel.

Try now.

Grey Matter and Upgrade are my favorites.

I am sorry. Please forgive me? Do you and everyone love me on Pooh's Adventures Wiki?

I wonder if we can use either for these Adventures.

How 'bout this? For the sequel, since Tammy stops the guest villain in the first movie, let's have Jeffrey defeat that monster Xigbar!

Has this sound for a threat just before he kills Xigbar:

"If you EVER 'cause anymore suffering to my wife again, I will make it so that you're more than just a Nobody!!!!"

Why are you agree with Love Robin? What is wrong with Mosselman5 on Pooh's Adventures Wiki? Don't you trust him?

Like that?

I am sorry. Please forgive me? Can you tell BrerJake90 on Pooh's Adventures Wiki to block Mosselman5? Please.

I'm hoping Jeffrey will finally be the person to make Xigbar scared. Xigbar takes ever threat like a joke.

Especially when it comes harming his wife and daughter.

If Dragon-Jeffrey's skin really is that hard when threatened, than Xigbar's weapons can't hurt him.

Maybe than, Xigbar will finally be scared.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I'm back now.

FYI, don't watch the next Amazing Animals. There's gonna be spiders in it.

Animal Builders. Spiders build webs after all.

Actually, MY worst fear is in it too. Wasps.

I promise my next one won't have spiders in it.

I don't wanna scare you anymore with the videos that feature spiders in them.

  • hugs you* I won't let those gross spiders scare you again.

Sorry. Been working on a category.

Help me find some more villains that have died.

Already categorized him.

See what I'm trying to do?

Try your inbox now.

Hey. I think I found another rival for Dawn and her Piplup.

I've just edited his page.


I thought it was obvious. Think? What do Drake and Piplup have in common?


Besides, it's about time Aqua saw this villain she never met before.

Who's one of your favorite Tim Curry villains?

Forte for me.

Forte has made Jaden's most hated villains list for 2 reasons:

1. He and Zira become the main villains during Season 3 of my series.

2. Forte almost tricked Jeffrey to forget about marrying Aqua on his wedding day. Something Jaden could never forgive in that pipe organ.

Hence, why Forte sings "Don't Fall in Love" in that episode.

It almost worked, except Jaden and Cadence reminded Jeffrey of how much Aqua means to him.

Wow. He must really hate Forte for that! 0_0

OH MY GOD! *laughs* My sister willl LOVE this! X D

▶ Sesame Street Les Misérables Parody 2013 (very funny) - YouTube

They even parodized the song Xion sings in order to fight and heal using music. "Castle on a Cloud."

Try your inbox now.

Okay. 'Cause you know how I hate making you wait.

I'm gonna get to some work before I head out.

By the way, I'm happy that Mellissa has a Vulpix. : )

It's a great reminder of my best friend from 4th Grade who loved the Pokémon Vulpix.

We were really close. And she love Disney Princesses. Mostly Belle.

When I had my operation, she was so worried about me and was so sad when I had to stay home to recover.

I had an operation once to have my adnoids remove.

That was 10 years ago.

Getting closer.

I hope you can find something to occupy yourself while I'm out.

Okay. I just wanna be sure. 'Cause I don't want you to be bored.

I'll also be sure to tell 'em you said "hi." : )

Okay. This is it. I'm off. *hugs you* Be back soon. : )

I don't know why I still feel upset though....

I don't know. I just want you to know I NEVER judge people for appearance or what conditions they might have.

I'm not that kind of person. I care about people for heart and character.

What I'm asking for is that you understand now that I will not let anything change our bond as brothers.

This is just like with Jaden and Jeffrey. Jaden still cared about Jeffrey after seeing his dragon-from. He was shocked, but he valued his friendship to Jeffrey a whole lot. : )

Same case here. : )

  • hugs you* So please don't ever worry. You're still the same friend I've come to know and care about. You're my big brother. You're irreplaceable. :' )
  • still hugs you* So you won't worry about this kinda thing again from me.

By the way, have you talked about getting a webcam with your parents?

Good. 'Cause that way, we can see each other face to face. : )

I'm crossing my fingers you'll get one.


Oh yeah. Forgot. Sorry.

Who will enter this?

Got any idea who'll win?

Has it been an hour yet?

(blushes) Gosh.... : )

You know what? You make me feel a lot braver too. : )

Yeah. The Haunted Mansion streching room doesn't scare me anymore. : )

I guess this is another reason why we need each other. We make each other braver. : )

Have you always been scared of spiders?

Right now, I feel bad for you about "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret." : (

On the bright side is that at least it's fictional. Totally fake. Poor Ron had to face them in person.

On another note, Aragog dies in the 6th movie.

HA! I knew you were gonna say that! : D

I promise bro. When I do the 2nd movie, I will edit it so that not so much spiders will be seen.

But, I'm sorry.... but I have to show some of them. I don't wanna, but I have no choice.

I hope that if I was with you in person, that scene wouldn't scare you as much.

Well don't worry! Real or not, I won't let those spiders bother you!

I still wish you listened to me before you went on the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios.

I warned you about the spiders, and I wasn't kidding.

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I can almost imagine how scared you were by that ride. : (


Wow. : )

But please. Next time I warn you not to go on an attraction, take my advice. 'Cause I don't kid around when it comes to your fears.

Try your inbox now.

Young Aqua: Jeffrey said he's gonna keep it after that Heartless attack.

Young Jaden:....! A HEARTLESS?!?!?! There was a Heartless here?!?

Young Aqua: It's okay though. *hugs young Jeffrey* I'm still ever so happy you saved me from that mean thing.

Young Jaden: But Jeffrey.... How can you live with that scar? It must hurt a lot.

  • Young Alexis leaves to get water*

Young Jaden: So... You defended Aqua from the Heartless?

Young Aqua: He sure did. *still hugs Young Jeffrey.*

(Remember, this is before they confess their love for each other)

Oh my! I wasn't paying attention to the time! I should go to bed now for class tomorrow! *hugs you* Night, big brother! I love you. :' )

I just had a brilliant idea! : D

Luigi: *screams*

Jesse: Relax. She's a friend.

Jesse: This is an honor, your highness. But what brings you here?

Xion: Huh?

Jesse: Wait a second.  Did the letter mention anything about ghosts?

Jesse: Than it's true..... The others DID get here before us.

Princess Luna: You two were not attacked by the spirits?

Jesse: Uh. Not exactly. We got here later than the others did.

Jesse: Your highness. I think we've been tricked. You see, we won this mansion in a contest, but we never even entered it.

Xion: Yeah. I even have the letter with me. *takes it out and shows it*

Jesse: That's why we've got to go back in there and save the others if the ghosts really did get them.

Not "friends". "family."

Jesse: Thank you so much, your highness. 

Okay. I'm gonna record all this now. When your inbox works again, I wanna do that scene I have in mind.

I've recorded it now.

Let me know when it's been an hour. 

By the way, I like how Peeprs is gonna be in MiB 3. : )

I saw "The Prisoner", and everytime I hear "Commander Peepers" in the background music, I do a salute.

Hey. A funny thought. Since his eye is vulnerable to bright lights, I can imagine what'll happen when the neuralizer is used on him. : )

Peepers: *leaps out towards Jaden, screaming*

Jaden: *uses the neuralizer on Peepers*

Peepers: *falls to the ground and covers his eye* AAAHHH!!! MY EYE!!!!!

I'm surprised who voices Hater. It doesn't sound like Marluxia at all.

True. As it been an hour yet?

Chauncey: Tammy and DJ.

Bogmire: Aqua and Alexis.

Boolossus: ? (Haven't decided that yet)

King Boo: Jeffrey.

We aught to decide something for Boolossus.

Someone dear to her?

Bartok is saved with Aqua.

There's Shining Armor and Cadence.

I'm sure Cadence and Xion are close.

They become closer friends when it comes to Cantus' teachings. : )

In what way?

Just like Xion is. :' )

Be right back.

I'm back. : )

By the way, don't watch the newest Amazing Animals. Spiders.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now.

And Jeffrey would say "yes" no mattter how busy he'd be?

Hey. I've just had an idea for a possible Adventure. : )

An Adventure with Baby Xion as the star. : )

"Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse."

Xion doesn't have to be a baby for it.

Besides, I recommend that someone be with her, just in case.

The cubs?

If you don't wanna do this it's fine. This game is kinda juvenille.


Adorable. : )

Baby Xion: I know you'we vewy busy wight now.... *pulls out "Candy Land"* But will you pway a game with me? Plwease?

Baby Xion: *giggles* Tanks daddy! I luv you!

I've been watching a walkthrough of the game, and it gave me another idea.

(Please don't think I'm being cruel) Tammy with a mousetrap on her nose. Xion removes it, and dries her tears.

I know, but I really want Xion to see to it so that her little sister doesn't cry.

Because her happiness makes Xion happy. : )

Tammy: *sniffs in a box* Hey. I think I found something. *sniffs*

  • SNAP*

Tammy: OW!!! *there's a mousetrap on her nose. tries to shake it off* Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! *starts to shed tears*

Tammy: *starts to cry* My nose! It hurt my nose!

  • Tammy removes her paws off her nose*
  • Xion puts a bandaid on Tammy's nose*

Tammy: *sniffs* Thank you, big sister.

Tammy: One more thing? Can you kiss it, please?

Tammy: *smiles* Much. *licks Xion's cheek*

I'm not mad at you bro! Why do you think I'm mad?

Hate 'em.

  • hugs you* Sorry for scaring you, bro.

I've got some personal favorites on my iPod. : )

Hey. For "Small Soldiers", since this was in the movie, let's have "War" be in the End Credits. : )

For Men in Black 3, let me think....


Sure. *salutes and sings* Commander Peepers!

I thought someone else called dibs on them.

Buzz and Delete's Team?

Besides, I think we've got enough members as it is. I'm satisfied now.

Hey. If it's getting late, you can go to bed if you want. I'm still staying up for my work.

Wait! Are you okay?

You don't sound like it. : (

I really am sorry, bro. But there's always someone else.

Hey. One more thing before you go to bed. Moaning Myrtle won't have an attraction to Jeffrey, will she? 0_0

  • whew* That's a relief!

I know he's that amazing of a person. But I don't want him to be THAT desirable.

Because I want it so that Jeffrey's will end up with Aqua forever.

Okay. I'll let you go to bed now. *hugs you* If you're feeling better right now that is.

Okay than. Goodnight big brother. I love you. : )

I just saw the scene with the spiders, and I gotta admit, it is creepy. 

I can only imagine how you felt first time you saw it. You must've scared to death. :' (

  • hugs you* You poor guy. *sheds a tear* :' (

No. It's not. Not to me at least. I can't bare to let any spider, real or not, scare you. :' (

It's just.... when it comes to doing an Adventure of that movie, I can't let it scare you. Than it'll be like I'm scaring you on purpose, and therefore, am being mean. *sheds more tears* :' (

This is why I'm gonna do my best to edit it so that it doesn't scare you. What matters more is that you can watch it without fear.

Night, bro. Just be patient if I nap off tomorrow.

'Cause I have 2 hours left before I gotta get ready for class.

Anyone close to Aqua will do.

Alexis, Astrid....

There needs to be more.

My apologies. My computer's acting slow right now.

Anyway, I think that's good, unless you wanna add a 6th bridesmaid.

While I think of a possible 6th bridesmaid, wanna know something?

Believe it or not, when I was a lot younger, there was a scene in Harry Potter that scared me.



I had always believed that was the reason I felt sick after seeing the movie in theaters. But it wasn't. I just stuffed myself with too much popcorn.

Before that, I was almost too afraid to even look at Quirrell.

And when I got the entire Lego Harry Potter collection for one Christmas, I asked not to get the one with Quirrell in it.

I was always worried if I saw him again, he would make me feel sick again, just like in the movie theater.

But than I realized it wasn't Quirrell that made me feel sick. It was the popcorn.

But don't think that meant I started to like him!

Still hated the freak for being a villain.

Oh shaboodles! I'm scared for Twilight and Rarity now! 0_0

"Drinking the blood of a unicorn"! 0_0

Keep Quirrell AWAY from them!!!!

Rarity would have a heartattack!

I just hope Sweetie Belle will be safe too. :' (

I forgot to tell you. MY inbox stopped working some time ago.

Why're you telling me to keep them safe? They're on your side of the team. Not mine. My Adventures of Harry Potter happen before our 2 teams become one.

Thing is, I wanna do this seperatley, 'cause my sister (being the HUGE fan that she is) wants to co-direct because she doesn't want me to do anything reckless.

For the first movie, my team meets Harry when they arrive with Hagrid.

What's even better is that they stand up to that grouch-potato, Vernon!

It's working again.

What I'm trying to do here is show how precious and important Jaden is to (Dragon-)Jeffrey. Aqua and Xion are very precious and important to him. But I really hope Jaden is too.

  • sheds a tear* Than it is true. Jeffrey is Jaden's Guardian Angel. :' D

Actually, the way I see it, Jaden has 2: Jeffrey and Aqua. :' )

Jaden really is lucky and blessed. :' )

I had an adorable idea. : )

You recall the Justice Guardian Kids story where Young Dragon-Jeffrey flies Young Jaden and Young Alexis to spot for a goregous sunset? : )

Well, I also said Young Aqua would be there too. And while Young Jaden and Young Alexis enjoy their moment while resting against Young Dragon-Jeffrey, I can imagine Young Dragon-Jeffrey enjoy some things Young Aqua would do with him. Scratching his chin, kiss his snout and maybe rub it. :' )

Young Aqua: *scratching Young Dragon-Jeffery's chin* You like it when I scratch you here, Jeffrey?

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I'm gonna shower now while we wait.

Try now.

If she dared hurt Aqua, she'll seriously get it from Jeffrey!

This is for Episode 1....

Miss Piggy: I've had it with that Pfeiffer! I'll show that tiny-tushed t.... t..... Quick! Give me a t word!

Kermit: Uh..... Teapot!

Jesse: Topaz?

Jaden: Toilet?

Tigger: Tigger?

Aqua: Tambourine?

Clifford: Turtle?

Miss Piggy: Turtle good. I'll show you, you tiny-tushed turtle!

DJ sounded sarcastic.

Shira is sarcastic too.

Maybe he'll grow up to be sarcastic like his dad is.

But, as we agreed, DJ and Tammy will stay us cubs for our series.

But he'll still be a nice guy, right?

If Tammy ever grew up, she'd be like a combination of Fluttershy and Kiara.

Oh. By the way. Keep Big Mean Carl AWAY from the small animal members!

That monster that eats cute animals.

But as I said, we're gonna cut the Quick Wits sketches. It's awful to treat animals like that!

Yeah! No kidding!

And just to play it safe, keep the small animals away from Carl.

Oops! I wasn't paying attention to the time! If you're getting tired, you should go to bed now.

One more thing. Will you be okay waiting for me tomorrow?

Okay. Just wanna be sure 'cause tomorrow's Wendesday.

Alright. *hugs you* Night, big brother. I love you. :' )

If she does, our team will do their best to reach out to her. Just like they did to Jaden when he was the Supreme King.

Because I don't think I can bare to see them fight her. : (

Especially Jeffrey.

I wonder if our team should call Twilight "Princess Twilight" too.

She did say it doesn't feel right to have her friends call her that.

New page.

There's a funny Muppets Tonight sketch I love. : )

▶ Smashing Pumpkins on "Muppets Tonight" - YouTube

I gotta tell you. There is a problem I have in one episode. With Garth Brooks. When he was singing "If I Were A Rich Man", the head of the network had an issue with it!

If you ask me, that head of the studio is an s.o.b!!! He has no respect for a classic musical like "Fiddler on the Roof"! > : (

Plus, I have an issue with it, because my high school did the musical during my junior year and I was in it. When that head of the studio has a problem with the song, he not only insults me but my school too!

That's why I'm gonna have Jesse talk back at that jerk!

Just look:

Muppets Tonight - S1 E2 P3/3 - Garth Brooks - YouTube

I don't care if Garth was supposed to sing a counrty song. NO ONE bad talks a classic like "Fiddler on the Roof"!

In fact, I'm gonna do an Adventure of Fiddler on the Roof.

I'm curious why you were so defensive when you never saw "Fiddler on the Roof."

Than why were you so defensive?

HAs it been an hour yet?

Head of the studio: I told you. Either you get him to sing a country song, OR I'll yank you off the air!

Jesse: Yes. We've got to be serious to him. No more goofing off.

I really like how May assists Jesse with the show. : )

I know. Another perfect couple. :' )

Be honest, bro. Should Jesse propose to her at all in our series?

I know. I still feel like May's too young for such a thing.

I'm starting a new category.

Okay. By the way, I had a cute idea involving Baby Xion earlier today, but I can't remember it.

Wait! I think I remember! It had something to do with cookies.

It was either asking for just one cookie before dinner or helping to make cookies with her parents.

For the first one, she would tell her dad that she's so hungry she can't wait until dinner to eat. So she asks for just ONE cookie so that she doesn't starve.

Baby Xion even makes a promsie to do a good job on her dinner. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

It's okay. I can wait longer.


I never saw  the movie.

Try now.

Mind if we continue this another time? I've gotta get to some studying now.

I'll still be online while I study.

Where woud Mad Mod go?


Just so you know, whenever you start to get tired,  you can go to bed when you want.

I'll be okay.

By the way, in a week from today, I'm gonna be going home for Thanksgiving.

Just wanna be sure you know, because I'll be flying home and you'll have to wait 'til I get home.

Hey. You wouldn't mind if I went to bed early that night so I can be well-rested to see the Macy's Parade on tv?

Try your inbox now.

Oops. Anyway, if I can't see the Toothless balloon here at NYC in person, than I wanna be able to see it on TV.

Keep trying.

I39darkblade: Hey pal, can you do that photo thing that you did on Jeffery's adventures series on mine please?

Even Johnny's on our side. : )

Is this helping you out?

Keep checking to see new comments. They're pouring in. : )

I know you still wanna play it safe about Nathan/Dawn, but it's like I said, don't let him say otherwise. He's just a big crybaby that wants everything to go his way or the high way.

If he's got a problem with us, tough luck! It's OUR series, not his! And he's not gonna tell us what we can't do!

Come on, bro! Be strong! Stand up! Show this guy you're not afraid of his threats!

That's it bro! I'm proud of you!

This guy's not gonna get what he wants this time!

I know. Benny is on our side too.

I took his advice and reported that user for violent threats.

Hopefully, the report will work, and he'll learn his lesson the hard way.

Feeling better?

And hey. The comments on DeviantArt show that people respect your ideas. When they say that the user is being a douche, than they're defending you and what you believe, bro. : )

Good. And now brermeerkat just commented.

  • hugs you* So please don't cancel your ideas 'cause of what someone else demands.

Good. And if someone has a problem with this, than they should just not watch our series.

I'm gonna keep an eye out and wait to see if the report will make him get rid of his theatening videos.

By the way, this is another example of why I take what happens in "Pokémon Scent-sation" seriously.

Carsfan360 is that blue-haired bitch that hit Ash in the face with a red x.

Anyway, let's change subjects now.

Has it been an hour yet?

When you get back, my inbox stopped working.

It's okay. I'll wait.

Anyway, back to where we were. Baby Xion worrying if she's been a good girl for Christmas.

And her parents would proove it to her. : )

I can imagine her get excited when she hears sleigh bells ring. : )

Cute, huh? : )

She'll have trouble trying to sleep the night before Christmas. : )

But hopefully her parents will get her to. : )

And boy will she be happy that morning. : D

She'll climb onto her parents bed and ask them to wake up. : )

And than she'd do the same with her favorite aunt and uncle. :' )

It's working again.

Good. Aqua wants her love to always be young, agile, strong, and a bit good looking.

Although looks are not what's important to her, Aqua admits that Jeffrey is handsome to her. : )


Okay. And the episode?

You mean Charles Dickens story?

Who would be Scrooge?

Interesting choice.

Of coarse.

I can't wait to see who the ghosts will be. : )

Someone kind to be the Ghost of Christmas Past, like Fluttershy, Starfire, Cadence...

I like Raven. : )

Can it be either Fluttershy or Cadence to be the Ghost of Christmas past? I'll let you decide.

I couldn't agree more. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Mind if I cook my dinner now?

Be back shortly.

Try now.

By the way, you don't mind the change I made? Xion and the cubs having the same room?

I want them to be close. Especially if someone gets a bad dream.

Tammy: *on Xion's bed* Big sister? *gently pokes Xion's cheek with her paw* Xion?

Tammy: Sorry to wake you up, but... I had a bad dream.

Tammy: I was wondering.... Can I sleep with you for the rest of the night?

Tammy: Oh thank you, big sister! *licks Xion's cheek*

  • Tammy gets into a comfortable position close to Xion on the bed*

Tammy: I love you Xion.

  • Tammy falls asleep peacefully*

Can't Xion sleep with Tammy in her arms? : )

That's better. And try now.


Sorry about that. Working on a new page.

That's what I was working on.

Now, where to put him in....Hm........... Slytherin!!!

But seriously, which villain group do we put him in?

Why? Just curious.

Try your inbox now.

It started with the leviathan attack. When the ship started to fill up with water. You and I were working on sealing the doors that where the water was gonna fill up in.

Than Aqua (your (or your character's) wife) showed up and told us that the situation was getting worse and that we might have to abandon ship.

Makes sense it would be her, since I have Aqua play as Audrey in my movie spoof.

Don't worry though. No one important to us got hurt. Just a couple crew members. We made it off in time.

And of coarse, we escaped the Leviathan.

Now, who else was in the dream? There's more to the dream, but I wanna say who was in it. There was a lot since this was a long dream, and I was asleep for a long time.

It was mostly characters on the team. MLP characters, May, Pikachu, Meowth, Mushu, Nails, Scamper and Brain....

I don't remember.

Now, Rourke wanted more than just the crystal in my dream.

To prove that he had what it takes to be a Set recruit.

You did categorize him for Charles Muntz's Empire.

Nah. Don't. Otherwise I can't share the alternate way he died.

I'll tell you in good time. I wanna tell you what happened in order.

Yeah. The only other thing I can remember is the final battle. The blimp scene.

I remember you saying the line "Okay. NOW things are getting good."

You and I were the decoys, while Aqua and the others were cutting the crystal loose.

And there was one other thing you should know. There were guest villains in it.

Not too dangerous ones.

Why are you afraid, bro? This is all a dream. You're acting like it was real.

But the important thing to always remember is that we always return in our beds unharmed.

Hang on. I need to take some advil.

Try to understand that after sleeping for that long from having a very tiresome week, you feel like a trainwreck when waking up.

I feel like Ventus now.

Don't be. I keep telling myself that I've earned it for not getting much sleep this week.

I'm just sorry for making you wait so much. I can only imagine how you must've felt. : (

Oh, sorry.

Alright than. Looking forward to tomorrow?

I'm feeling a bit better right now. Brermeerkat's new video is helping. : )

I love Lord Hater as the postman.

Cool comment.

I like his version more than mine.

Matter of fact, we're the only ones to have made a video of the song.

By the way, my inbox stopped working now. Saw it coming.

I can wait though.

I'm gonna shower now.

I'm back.

Just so you know, I'm gonna be going to bed earlier than usual, because I'm a still a bit drowzy.

Tomorrow's the day, bro. Tomorrow Season 4 starts.

Yep. This will finally determine if Discord has reformed or not.

I'll be sure to wake up in time for it.

And I'm still worried for Princess Luna.

No matter what happens, our team will be ready to reach out to her.

I'm worried for how Jeffrey will take this.

Still, Jeffrey felt her pain. To see her turned into a monster again will break his heart. : (

Is there anything you wanna talk about now?

Because I've got nothing for now.

That reminds me. Should there be something like a Jacob Marley?

Crowler's gonna have to be warned about the three spirits somehow.

Discord. Good choice.

Working again.

No no no no. I meant for when we do a crossover of the first 2 episodes.


Well, the team can guess who's behind all this. Nails will think it's Maleficent.

And Jaden would think it's Set.

I wonder if others will drink that potion too.

I'm worried about Jeffrey when he sees Luna become Nightmare Moon. :' (

I just hope he doesn't cry. He feels Luna's pain, and couldn't bare to see her become a monster. As noted, when he sees Luna, he sees himself.

Thank goodnes.

Just so you know, in a little bit, I'm gonna get to my schoolwork.

But as always, I'll still be online here for you.

You won't ever be alone again, bro. : )

By the way, after watching some of the Harry Potter movies again (excluding the Deathly Hallows), I've been worried if Xion looses someone dear to her just like Harry did. : (

Because Harry lost his mom, dad, and godfather.

I'm scared if that would happen with Xion. : (

You promise?

Good. Sorry, bro. I just couldn't help it. The fact that Harry couldn't live with a decent guardian. I was afraid Xion would loose one seeing how huge her family is.

No matter what happens in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Still worried what'll happen to Aqua.

I know. It's a reflex for me to worry in general.

By the way, speaking of Harry Potter, (not to sound offensive) there actually is a dumb blonde. Malfoy.

Slytherin Slime.

I'll admit there are a number of hateful characters in Harry Potter.

I'm gonna get to my work now. But I'll try my best to multi-task.

Hey. Is Fang from Teen Titans gonna scare Jeffrey.

Geez. Poor guy. : (

Of coarse. They respect his fear.

Please tell me he doesn't squeal like a girl if he sees a spider.

Granted it would be funny, but I want him to be mature towards his wife and daughter.

Than if we do that episode, Jeffrey will sit going after Fang out.

By the way, that brings up a question. Where to put Killer Moth and Fang.

I don't mind.

If Jeffrey gets scared, I can imagine Aqua comfort him with her arms around him and with a kiss. : )

It's nice to see Aqua comfort him from his worst fear. Just as he does the same with hers. : )

I'll be she can easily calm him down.  : )

Aqua: Aw. *hugs Jeffrey* There there, Jeffrey. It's okay. He's gone now.

Aqua: *smiles* That thing won't hurt you as long as I'm here, dear. *kisses Jeffrey on the lips.*


I agree with the comment Andy posted. Discord is not a reliable character.

Which is why I don't think our team will be trusting him anytime soon.

Kinda like the Cheshire Cat at first.

So I guess he's not joining.

You can't trust him. I know.

Maybe, but it's probably for a good reason.

Hold on bro. I didn't say he can't. I'm just saying that we've gotta think about this careful. He still lies and he clrearly still causes mayhem.

I'm just saying we should still put that thought on hold.

I'm not saying your idea is bad at all. Just a bit worth thinking over.

I'm sorry if this bothered you. : (

Good. I was afraid I was.

  • hugs you back* You did say it yourself that you still don't trust Discrod.

Besides, Season 4 just started today. Let's wait for more episodes to come out first.

But there's one before that.

Try your inbox now.

It's okay. I saw it coming. : )

For now at least. And don't worry. There's other ways.

Besides, remember? The elements are rerpesented in the characters.

If you want, I can still draw some of the characters wearing them.

I'll just make a note that this is before "Princess Twilight Sparkle" happens.

But first, the drawing of your sister. : )

Is she a fan of my art too? : )

Humor-licious! Any drawings she likes? : )

Besides that. That wasn't entirely hand-drawn by me.

Who doesn't? : )

I'm gonna get to work on the drawing now. I hope you and she will like it.

I hope so. I want it to be 110% perfect. : )

A new idea came up. Remember the Hive 5 member See-More?

Well here's a funny idea: See-more uses his see-threw vision on Aqua, and Jeffrey punches him in the eye for it.

I know it's a dirty thing to do and it would embarrass Aqua. But it's to show that you don't wanna mess with her, or you hear it from Jeffrey.

I'll bet Jeffrey would call See-More a pervert.

Has it been an hour yet?

I can wait.

Keep trying until it works again.

Saw it coming.

Be right back.

Hey, bro. : )

I had a thought. : )

Prior to Jeffrey and Aqua's wedding, Xion trying to get used to calling Aqua "mommy."

But she will eventually get used to it. : )

Oh man. I can tell Xion will be excited for the wedding. :' D

I finished darkening in the drawing. I'll scan it and color it tomorrow.

Tell your sister to stay tuned. : )

And tell her I said thanks for being a fan of my art. : )

What did she say? (Try now)

I bet a lot of people would do what it takes to be a part of Xion's family. : )

Hey. I can imagine decorating the house for Christmas. : )

Who should put the star on top of the tree? : D

I had a cool thought. Dragon-Jeffrey can give her a boost. : D

He is the tallest. : )

And how 'bout this? After putting the star on top, Tammy will give a lick on Dragon-Jeffrey's snout as a kiss. : )

You did say he's a father-figure to the cubs. : )

Which remins me, the cubs have got to lick Jeffrey's cheeks at one point. : )

I hope he doesn't mind them pouncing on him.

Tammy: The mighty huntress has cornered her prey.

Tammy: *snarls and pounces on Jeffrey*

Tammy: Sorry, Mr. Dragonheart. I was just working on my hunting skills my daddy's been teaching me.

Tammy: You're not mad at me?

Tammy: *whew* I was afraid if Xion hear about this, than she'd be mad at me, we wouldn't be a team anymore and she'd never wanna be near me again.

Tammy: I'm sorry, sir. I'm just afraid of loosing her.

Tammy: *purrs* I know. But I'm also scared of being replaced.

Try your inbox now.

Sorry if it was awkward to ask.

The fact you based your characters on your own life is what got me curious.

Anyway, is there anything you wanna talk about?

Not at the moment.

But how 'bout this? Let's start thinking of drawings involving Christmas. I'm gonna need some for "As Long As There's Christmas."

Alright. : )

I wanna be sure I have some drawings of the youngest members for Chip's lines.

Right now, I can't stop thinking who will do "Wonder if there's one for me."

Fine. But I want Tammy to sing "After dinner, we'll play games."

I'll need a new drawing for that.

And just so you know, I told brermeerkat, more of his team would be seen in this.

Because I couldn't feature more of his team in B-Movie.

Still love seeing it? : )

I'm surprised you didn't add it to the playlist for our series.

Thanks. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Don't you see why I need your help? I can't think like 3 different people for this.

I've got a headache from this now.....

I hate myself.......

You might forgive me, but as always, I don't forgive myself.

I think I need a break from this.

No. It's my fault.

All I just wanted was your help on this video, because I want it to be special for you and brermeerkat, and your family.

But I forgot why you have trouble trying to concentrate. : (

I'm inconsiderate. :' (

I forgot about your disorder.

Alright. Sorry. Truth is I'm afraid if these kind of things will make it seem like I'm a bad brother to you.

If you say so.

You won't ever think badly of me?

I was afraid if you ever will. But as long as it's a promise, than I'll be better.

  • smiles* Thanks, bro. :' )

By the way, something I brought up yesterday is on my mind right now.

For Spirited Away when Aqua heals Dragon-Jeffrey. : )

First off, I hope this: That Jeffrey will say to himself no other girl has been THIS caring towards him in his dragon form. : )

A true Beauty and the Beast moment. :' )

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox just stopped. X P

Anyway, there's more. After the events of Spirited Away, Aqua falling in love with Jeffrey will do more than just help him get a girlfriend. This story will spread across ToonTown too, and it will definitely no longer have him be seen as a monster. :' )

I mean, why would someone be scared of him if someone is brave enough to love him even in his dragon-form? : )

So Aqua really IS an angel that came into Jeffrey's life and made it better. :' )

Here's a good question: When will Aqua first kiss him in his dragon-form? : )

Or Dinosaur? Jeffrey goes dragon in it.

Better early than later. : )

Oh man. To be kissed by his girlfriend in his dragon-form. I'd like to know how he'd feel. :' )

Oh wow! : D

After the Carnotaur is dead....

Aqua: *smiles* You were really brave back there, Jeffrey.

Aqua: In fact... *kisses Dragon-Jeffrey on the snout*

Aqua: I love you, Jeffrey. *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey*

It's working again.

But something tells me my accounts not gonna last that long. X P

You know how those owners of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX are. They're always targeting me. : (

I'm worried if I will make it. :' (

I really hope so. I just wish those uptight jerks would understand that I CAN'T have my account suspended anymore. I can't live without you. :' (

But of coarse, the won't care. To them, the law is the law. *sheds a tear* :' (

I'm scared! I'm not gonna make it! I just know it! :' (

I am being careful. I'm trying my best.

I'm sorry if all this is annoying your mom.

Thank goodness. I've noticed how often you mention these things to her.

Still. I'm sorry. My problem is that I'm cautious and always concerned if something bad will happen in general.

I generally am positive. But sometimes I can't help but worry.

In that case, I know I'll make it.

Be right back.

I'm back.

Alright. Where were we?

Right now, I'm having a talk with Rapunzel.

But tell me, has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped right now, and also I'm NOT HAPPY WITH THE WHOLE GALLERY THING GOING ON RIGHT NOW!

I'm sorry for loosing my cool, bro. But there's something you need to know. If you add a gallery, than the thumbnail for characters on a category page will be the first image on the gallery. And I hate that.

Can your forgive me for loosing my cool? I just felt like you were giving me more work to do.

From now on, please don't add images by gallery.

Okay. I'm calm now.

It's okay. Just no more galleries please.

That's better. You've got it. : )

It's okay. You're new to it.

By the way, has this weekend been okay?

Anyway, I must say, Aqua is one caring and devoted mother. :' )

Come on. I forgive you, bro. I feel better now. Cheer up. : )

You know what? I woudn't be surprised if people commented how Xion looks like her mom. : )

The only difference is the hair color. THAT Xion got from her dad.

In fact, E. Gadd could make that comment. : )

So, anything you wanna talk about?

Right. And since Frozen comes out this week, we'll have a new project to work on. : )

I can't wait. : )

And I'm still gonna cross my fingers that there'll be a chance Dragon-Jeffrey will shield his loved ones from a blizzard.

It's working.

She will? :' )

AW! She really loves them. :' )

In fact, THAT specifically is what saved them. Xion's love. :' D

Do you think what we're doing is cruel though? To have the team cry?

Besides, we would never let someone on the team die.

Especially no one so cute like the cubs.

Oh dear! I haven't been paying attention to the time! I should go to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother! I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

It's okay. Anyway, should Davy Jones be a Set recruit?

He sure is dangerous enough.

I would hesitate to have the youngest members be in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I mean, I'm just concerned for them with just the kracken. : (

Granted that thing is killed in the 3rd movie, but it's unfairly unbeatable. : (

I know this'll be dumb to ask, but can you promise me that no matter what Adventure we do, EVERYONE on the team will live in the end?

I know it was dumb to ask since we would never let that happen, but it's the hazards in a movie that would get me a teeny bit concerned.

But I keep forgetting the one most important thing.

In case something should happen, Osiris can always resurrect someone. : )

So, I had a thought to have MetalSeadramon and Puppetmon be in this.

Don't know yet.

Sorry 'bout the wait. Anyway, we'll come up with something eventually.

Actually, I'm also worried about the cannibal scene.

Just thinking about those barbarians and their wild appetitie makes me wanna puke!

Animals. No. MONSTERS!

Keep those things AWAY from the kids OR ELSE!!!

Sorry. But I only said it like that to show how serious I am about this. If they even touch a hair on Xion's head, I will have Jaden eliminate every single one of those monsters, even if it means having him turn into the Supreme King again!!!!

Not even a hair!

Good. I won't let those monsters try to grill Xion!

Aw, come on, bro. Try to sound more serious.

I understand, bro. I've been tired ever since I got up from my nap. Try your inbox now.

And speaking of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

Patch: What do you think they're gonna do to us?!

Nails: Isn't it obvious?!? They're gonna take us to their lab and than start performing their sicko alien experiments on us with their instruments of torture!!!

Nails:...! Okay. Guility as charged.

Never gets old, huh? : )

There is another scene I want to do for the crossover. Botley retrieving Xion before the team gets shot out the air lock.

Vogon: ALRIGHT! Get in there! *pushes Botley in, who falls flat on the floor*

Botley: *moans* *gets himself up* "Not evil", huh? Yeah right

Jaden: Botley? Where were you?

Botley: Where was I? I was doing some last minute packing before we would get thrown off. *presses a button on him, and a compartment opens to reveal Xion.*

Xion: *gasps* DADDY!!!!!

Aqua: *sheds a tear* Oh thank goodness she's back! *hugs Xion too*

Botley: I snatched her back before Vanitas could even see me.

Aqua: Yes. We thought we would never see her again.

Botley: Don't thank me. Thank the man who invented me. Professor Spark.

Botley: *smiles too* I'm glad I have better friends like you than Polly.

Just remember, in this Adventure, since Jeffrey and Aqua are engaged to each other, Aqua and Xion will start treating each other in a mother-daughter relationship.

Don't you like that? : )

In fact, we just did an example. Aqua was so relieved to have her soon-to-be daughter be saved and brought back. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

It's alright. I can wait.

I'm gonna cook dinner in the meantime. Keep trying your inbox in the meantime.

I love that scene where Young Kairi gave Aqua flowers. That's why I want Xion to do the same thing. :' )

But on Mother's Day, Xion will get the best ones. :' D

By the way, about MiB. Do you think it's best if the youngest members didn't see that woman give birth to a squid?

It's best they didn't see the "miracle of birth." They'd be disturbed.

I mean, it's okay for them to KNOW where babies come from, but they shouldn't see it.

'Cause Xion seen some females pregnant. Heck, Shira was for an amount of time too.

That reminds me. I'm planning to draw Jeffrey in a Men in Black outfit.

I guess so.

I think it's been an hour now.

It's okay.

Well keep trying until something happens.

Oh. For more Teen Titans villains, what about Cinderblock and Plasmus?

Hm. By the way, remember one called Kardiak?

It looks like a giant heart.

Okay. And as always I will stay up later than usual to get work done.

You know me. Busy busy busy. X P

And right now, I'm almost done with something.

You know it.

If there's any other ideas you have, please do tell me before you go to bed.

A swan for Alexis.

Aw. : )

Jesse will be a horse. In fact, he'll look like his Sapphire Pegasus.

For Jaden, a dog.

how bout a peacock for Aqua?

I tried to think of something beautiful for Aqua to be, like she is.

As for Xion, something small and cute, like a squirrel.

If you want Aqua to be something else, let me know.

  • hugs you back* I love you too, big brother. And by the way, don't worry. Jaden will NOT chase Jeffrey. He can control it.

See you tomorrow. Goodnight. : )

I know. Shocking I never saw a classic like it. But I just never did.

Hey. I'm watching the MiB movies again, and there's something I wanna ask.

Third movie, when those racist cops are being mean to J, when Xion asks why they're being mean, will Jeffrey give her a straight answer?

I'm asking, 'cause the kids on the team won't understand racism for not seeing it in their lives.

Hey. I think I know what can help you feel better. : )

It's a surprise. : )

It'll be uploaded soon.

Might take a while, but it'll worth it in the end.

Almost done. : )

Whew! All done. Now to upload it.

I hope this'll help.

Look now.

By the way, now that we've seen what he's like now as a reformed character, Discord can still be in this if you want.

By the way, some of my classmates agree that they can't trust Discord either.

Spike is right. He may be reformed, but he's not THAT reformed.

Have a choice in what?

Maybe. We'll find out soon enough.

I have an idea. For Employee of the Month, that can be where Xion helps cut Tammy's meat into smaller pieces for her. : )

Boy will they be surprised to find out what they were really eating.

But I bet Jeffrey won't notice a thing! X D

I'd say he's got the second strongest stomach in the team. Nails having the first.

Than I have no problem with someone saying this:

"Seriously, Jeffrey. Don't you have any tastebuds?"

  • laughs* Really? A few? X D

But everyone will like Jeffrey just the way he is. Especially Aqua. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Not even Cyborg could lift his cup! X D

By the way, about the new category, think carefully when you add someone.

Because.... to be honest, the part where it says "This makes them honorary members of the team." It has me concerned if that means you're adding them to the team.

Good. Because than I thought that would be a MAJOR issue for Adventure series videos. Not everyone would get a visual appearance in it.

It's alright. Although it would be cool for them to join, the problem (as I always keep trying to say) is that I think we've got enough members on the team as it is.

Sorry. I'm just trying to not sound greedy and inconsiderate to other crossover makers. Having too many members will get them complaining.

I hope you understand. It's not that I'm denying you your ideas. I'm just saying you should think about them more careful and try to be considerate to others.


Just so you know, you can go to bed whenever you want.

Back to where I was. For the feast.

Jaden: Dinner has just become a battlefield!

Alexis: Uh.... I think I'll pass on dinner.

Scamper: Okay. Anything that doesn't talk, look at me, or breathe, I'm not eating.

Jesse: Okay. Be honest. Does this look healthy to eat? *shows a random piece of odd food*

There's one scene from another episode I find funny.

Cyborg trying to tell Beast Boy how to fix himself and the T-Ship.

  • hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. And don't worry. I will have some time to talk with you tomorrow. And if you ever feel lonely, just keep telling yourself "I'm never alone." : )

I WILL. I always find time to talk with you. I made a Pinkie promise to spend time with you during the break. : )

I will. Goodnight. And I'll see you after my classes. : )

At least I'll be able to see my most peaceful image again. Flying over a city at night while listening to "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" : )

It'll be a while after that when I get home. Just remember, I'm going to bed early so I can get up in time to see the parade on TV.

You'll be okay waiting as always?

I'll be sure to notify you when I get home.

By the way, I had a thought. An idea you said earlier. What if Tammy and DJ gave Xion their own Wayfinder for Christmas? : )

Gotta go. *hugs you* I'll be back, big brother. : )

So I can definitely see Jeffry be protective of Elsa.

I also noticed you added her to a video idea.

Aww.... : (

And Elsa will get the love she wished for. : )

Right. Elsa gets more, but I won't say.

By the way, for the category "misunderstood characters", villains can be added too, 'cause some were believed to be good characters.

For example: Miles Axelrod.

Let me know when you find someone else like that.

I can't wait 'til you see the movie. : )

You agree El Macho was misunderstood too?

Thought so. 'Cause he didn't appear to be evil 'til he confessed.

That's what I mean for the kind of misunderstood character that is actually bad. If you can find or think of another villain that is like that, let me know.

There's Lotso too.

Has it been an hour yet?

Aw come on. Now mine just stopped. X P

As I was saying... By the way, there is a scene in the movie where Jeffrey might have to use his dragon-form to shield his loved ones from the weather.

Nope. Sorry.

But when you see the movie, I'll bet you can tell the scene I'm talking about.

And hey, can the cubs still bundle up in Xion's jacket since they're not used to the cold for not being born in the Ice Age?

Care to tell me the story idea you just added?

And Rapunzel is still a princess?

Cool. And just so you know, for this, Alexis and Rapunzel will still become best friends.

I know that Young Aqua and Young Alexis are very close friends too, but just like in our series, they share a sister-relationship.

In fact, Jaden, Jeffrey, Alexis, and Aqua treat each other like siblings.

Except for the Jaden/Alexis and Jeffrey/Aqua relationships, since they're married couples. 

Sorry. I was in the bathroom.

It's working again.

Hey. I just had a thought.

Dragon-Jeffrey vs. Malchior.

They're both dragons after all.

In fact, in Spellbound. Jaden, Jeffrey, and Xion will definitely sense something odd going on. Remember, they have the ability to sense dark and light magic.

And since dark magic is what Malchior teaches Raven, Jaden, Jeffrey and Xion will be able to sense it. Remember, when dark magic is sensed, than they get a mirgraine as awarning.

It's like a warning to stay away from where it's coming from.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I'll be here for you on Christmas if you'll be here for me. : )

Ha! What I just said sounded like a lyric from "Something Fantastic."

And now that Thanksgiving is over, we can focus on ideas and sketches for Christmas.

And some of the characters wearing Santa Claus hats. That for the video. : )

I already plan to do it with Tammy, DJ, and Xion.

Anyone else?


And speaking of the video, Ellie will be put under Mrs. Potts.

I won't pressure you with this again if you don't wanna help.

And Aqua. And don't forget Hiccup's team.

So far, this is what I have in mind:  Vanellope: We will build us a snowman, that will reach to the sky'.

Aqua: 'It will stay up until July

Especially since Aqua will play the part of Belle in our spoof. But more girls should get her lyrics. Like Cadence.

Perfect. : D

Has it been an hour yet?

I can wait longer.

So, is there anything you wanna talk about?

Don't worry. I never even saw it. X P

I may not like the episodes with Terra (because I could never recover from her deception and from facing the truth about her) but we can still do them.

But on one condition: Terra crushing Jaden in "Aftershock Part 1" will be the last straw to Jeffrey.

I mean, with everyone else believed to be gone by the end, and with Robin, Jaden, and Jeffrey left, Jeffrey would still have the ability to fight because Aqua and Xion wouldn't want him to give up. But with Jaden gone, Jeffrey wouldn't take it anymore.

Beliving to have lost his wife, daughter, and sister is bad enough. But seeing his brother get crushed is crossing the line.

Try now.

Sora would save Jaden (seeing how similar they are).

How 'bout King Mickey?

Hey. I'm just surprised that he didn't kiss Aqua after seeing her alive.

It's okay. Just add it here.

Jeffrey: *sniffs* Yeah. *smiles* ...? Wait. Where are we?


I can almost imagine Jeffrey's angry reaction after Jaden gets crushed by Terra.

Terra: Say goodnight, Slifer slacker!!!

Jaden: *screams*

  • The boulder falls and crushes Jaden, creating a dirt cloud from the impact. The dirt coud clears off to show only his duel disk remaining*

Gonna shower now.

I'm back. Anyway, mind if you add this? Jeffrey yelling Jaden's name after what Terra did?


Terra: What's the matter, monster? You're not gonna cry now that you're all alone again?!

Terra: Hm. Don't worry. I'll end your suffering now! *prepares to attack*

Terra: What the-?!

Wait. I thought we were continuting from that line.

After that line is this:

Terra: What's the matter, monster? You're not gonna cry now that you're all alone again?!

Terra: *smirks* Is this the part where I'm supposed to be scared?

Whoa. He's not even bothered by her words.

Clearly. He's lost his family, his wife, his his daughter, his sister, and now his brother.

Has it been an hour yet?


Jaden won't be scared though. The abandon dorm didn't scare him, so this place won't scare him.

Nothing pretty much scares Jaden, except the safety of his friends.

But thanks to Jeffrey, Jaden's fear has been weakened.

Jaden still fears for his friends safety, but it's not as bad as before. It's on the same level as Jeffrey's now.

It's okay. As long as Xion does think anything less of her dad.

Everyone fears something. Jaden's scared for his friends safety, Aqua's scared of the darkness, and Jeffrey's scared of spiders.

I wonder what scares Xion.

According to brermeerkat, so does Alvin.

You don't think she should be?

Maybe a little bit than.

Has it been an hour yet?

Oh. I know something else that scares Xion too. If the villains succeed in turning her into the χ-blade.

She won't ask for someone to put an end to her like Ventus did, right? : (

Good. The world would be a miserable place without her.

Try now.

Which is why in Frozen, he might wanna shield them from the weather in his dragon-form.

You sure he can withstand such freezing tempatures?

1. He's got no clothes on in his dragon-form.

2. As a reptile, he's cold-blooded.

Right. Standing next to him would feel like a sunny day on Miami beach.

Man. He is one impressive dragon!

Good thing he's on the good side.

Sorry 'bout that. I've gotta get ready for tomorrow.

Yep. I should be back before you get online. Somewhere around 1:30.

Hey. By the way, I got a Frozen song on my iPod.

I won't say which one it is though.

I'll bet a song from Frozen will be nominated.

I'm feeling confident this time.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox stopped now.

I'm so sorry! My parents are being so annoying lately. They wouldn't let me eat dinner alone.

As I was trying to tell you all this time...

Back to the crossover. The scene when Jeffrey punches Turbo:

Turbo: I swear, when I get out of jail and this cake, I'm coming for you again!!

Turbo: *moans* Now I know how Chameleon feels.

Turbo: *gulps as he gets thrown into the police van*

Jaden: Yeah. So just relax, bro.

It's working again.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention!

Today is just not my day. X P

Can you forgive me for not spending much time with you today? :' (

I still feel guilty right now. : (

Don't be. My parents can give me headaches.

So, you sure Jeffery won't let his anger get the best of him?

Hm. I'll bet that Aqua and Xion can always calm him down. : )

Xion: *hugs Jeffrey* Daddy. Please calm down.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the cheek*

Aqua: Feel better?

Aqua: *hugs Jeffrey too and smiles* Good.

They really are his happiness. They can calm him down over anything. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

And you know me. I don't give spoilers away. NEVER.

Anyway, another thought. Another spot for Tammy to lick Jeffrey's cheek. The Mummy. While sleeping at The City of the Dead, Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion stay close to each other for the night.

And Tammy asks if she can sleep close with Xion.

And Tammy not only licks Xion's cheek, but Jeffrey's AND Aqua's too, as her way of saying thanks and that she loves them. : )

Tammy is like her big sister. She loves everyone in her family. : )

Should the Dragonhearts still be asleep at the start of this?

Tammy: Excuse me? Xion?

Tammy: Well.... Hamunaptra has gotten me scared, and... I was wondering... if.... I could sleep with you and your mom and dad for the night.

Tammy: *smiles* Oh thank you, Xion. *jumps into Xion's arms and licks her cheek*

Tammy: Thank you, Mr. Dragonheart. *licks Jeffrey's cheek*

Tammy: And thank you, Mrs. Dragonheart. *licks Aqua's cheek*

Tammy: *smiles and yawns*

Tammy: Goodnight, big sister.... *falls asleep in Xion's arms*

Aqua: It's starting to get late now. We should all go to sleep.

Aqua: *smiles and wraps her arms around Xion* Night my little angel.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips* Night, my cuddly dragon.

What a sweet scene. :' )

But my advice, since at this point, Jeffrey has promised himself to keep Xion and Aqua safe from the place, he should keep them very close to him.

Has it been an hour yet?

Hey. In this, is Young Jaden really the VERY FIRST person to accept Young Jeffrey for his dragon form?

I know that. But I'm talking about Young Jaden being the very first.

New page.

If you're starting to get tired, you can go to bed whenever you want.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And wish me a safe flight back to college. : )

Jaden: Jeffrey?! *deactivates his Duel Disk*

  • the others come out too*

Twilight: We're you.... following us?

Cantus: There's nothing to be ashamed of. Being curious is normal. Especially when it involves members of your family.

Cantus: Of coarse. Now that you're here, answers are in order. But first, introductions. I am Cantus the Minstrel.

Cantus: That's right. Jaden's brother. Another truly gifted soul.

Aqua: And I'm Aqua.

Cantus: Ah, yes. Jeffrey's wife. My prized pupil has told me how she has used my teachings to help you on your wedding day. And I must say, I'm glad they have paid off.

Princess Cadence: You remember that magic I used to fight Forte on your wedding? I've been learning it from Cantus.

(I've decided to skip introductions and let Aqua be the last to introuduce herself)

Cantus: That's right. The magic I'm teaching her is a very special and very powerful kind of magic. One that involves music.

Cantus: Yes. Music that comes from the heart. If one sings their song from the heart, than they can use this special magic to heal others of fight in combat. And Princess Cadence has gained this magic with her song she sang on her wedding.

Princess Cadence: I sang about how I love Shining Armor, and how I wouldn't give up trying to save him.

Cantus: And that's why she was chosen. Her song came from her heart.

Jesse: But why keep this a secret? It doesn't sound that bad to me.

Cantus: I'm afraid it's not that simple. You see, as I said, this is a very special kind of magic. Anyone who can sing could use it. But only those who the music chooses may wield such power. Those who are not meant to wield this magic...

Shining Armor: Let's just hope you never have to find out.

Jaden: Look. Sorry we kept this a secret, but we made a promise to Cantus that no one would know about this.

Twilight: We can't risk letting others try to use this power.

I'm curious. Why did Jeffrey blush when Cantus mention his wedding?

Aww. So he blushed mainly 'cause it goes to show that he and Aqua are meant for each other and everyone agrees? : D

And after Ursula is stopped, Jeffrey and Jaden will promise each other to not keep secrets from each other anymore. And Jeffrey and the rest of the team will promise Cantus to never share word of this power with anyone.

AND Cantus will have a new student. Xion. : )

She too has a song that comes from her heart. And why the music would chose a heart as pure as hers.

Try now.

Wait! Don't! My inbox stopped now!

It's okay. I can wait.

Look what I've re-uploaded.

Thanks. : )

By the way, I heard Rapunzel's gonna stay! : D

We did it! : )

(Don't sing the stupid Dora song X P)

Sorry. I just find Dora annoying.

It's okay. I'll wait.

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again.

The damn thing is taking forever. > : (

It's working again.

Sorry if this is annoying you.

I just felt like all this was annoying you.

Anyway, I had a thought. For Destiny Deoxys. The end credits should involve Jesse and May.

I think I had an idea, but I forgot.

I need to go through my music again.

As long as your happy.

Okay than. I feel better. : )

Your happiness makes me happy. : )

So, is there anything you wanna talk about?

Oh yeah. I'm gonna shower soon.

I think I know another Muppet Show we could do.

Roy Clark. In it, the theater caught on fire.

Fozzie tried to keep Kermit from finding out.

▶ The Muppet Show - S3 E3 P1/3 - Roy Clark - YouTube

I feel like the rest of the team should keep this a secret from Jaden and Jeffrey too.

Why them?

Good point.

New page.

If I recall, Xion gets glued to Jeffrey's leg when hugging him.

Alexis: This is riduculous.

Jaden: At least our bond is stronger than ever now.

Spike: Shouldn't we be finding a way to get unstuck?

Jesse: I'd help, but something's slowing me down.

Jaden: What's that?

Jesse: Nails. *shows Nails glued to him*

Nails: Hey boss.

Be glad Aqua's not there in that mess.

I wonder how our team would get out of that mess if Aqua asks how they did.

  • ping* I've got it! The glue shouldn't be water-proof!

Aqua: Gosh.... How did you and everyone get out of that sticky mess?

Jaden: So basically, we washed it off.

Aqua: *chuckles*

Jeffrey: Hey. What're you laughing at?

Aqua: I can't help it! It must've felt really weird.

Aqua: *hugs Jeffrey* But I'm happy that it's over now.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips.*

Try now.

When you get back, my inbox stopped.

It's okay. Saw it coming. And hey, you're just in time, bro. : )

Look what I've uploaded. : )

Oh please do comment on it.

Thanks. : )

Next is "I Hate Santa Claus". A new video.

I'm thinking of adding some special guests in this video besides our team. : )

It's working again.

I'll bet Jeffrey could do it too. X D

A quick loud roar and Gizmo would wet his pants! X D

Curious. When he roars in his human form, does his eyes turn reptilian?

I knew it.

That should be the indicator that he's about to go dragon.

Like this for example:

Supreme King: Now Malicious Fiend atta-!.... *groans*‬

Jaden: I end... my turn...!‬

Jeffrey: Jaden! *growls and roars angrily* ‬

Supreme King: What? *groans*‬

Jeffrey: *snarls in a dragonic way* SUPREME KING!! I WON'T LET YOU CONTROL MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!‬

I like this. : )

So far that scene....

Jaden: I end... my turn...!‬

Jeffrey: Jaden! *eyes turn reptilian, growls and roars angrily* ‬

Supreme King: What? *groans*‬

Just remember to always include "eyes turn reptilian" when he's about to do something that involves his dragon-form.

And by the way. A funny thought. In Bunny Raven, when trying to fight the gloves, since Jeffrey is a cat, if he tried to use his dragon-form, than the results would be a cat-dragon hybrid.

And since he's a black cat, that's really bad luck! X D

And Beast Boy as a phone. "Well at least we finally found a way to shut him up." X D

I'm gonna cook dinner now. Be right back.

I'm back.

Anyway, another funny one. Jaden being a dog ends up getting duel deck replaced with dog treats.

Jaden: Alexis?

Alexis:..... I got bird seed.

('Cause she's a swan)

Jaden: Did you try using ice or lightning?


Try now.

My cable isn't working again. But I think I know why. It feels overheated.

In the meantime, mind if I take a quick nap?

Thanks. Be back shortly. : )

Sorry. I didn't know.

Jaden: And she said she'll do the same thing to you if you tell Kermit.

Jesse: She can't do this! It's unfair!

But Kermit doesn't say "I do." And good thing. Miss Piggy has to learn she can't always have everything go her way!

See? That's what I hate in her. She's so demanding, strict, and violent.

In case you're interested:

▶ The Muppet Show - S3 E10 P1/3 - Marisa Berenson - YouTube

I'm just surprised Jeffrey fees threatened by Piggy. If he just turns into his dragon-form, her punches can't hurt him.

I see. Especially if she'd hurt Xion, which would be worse for him.

Let me know when you're done.

The video's done. Ready to watch it? : )

It'll take a while before it's up. Just keep watching the Muppet Show episode.

And if you get any ideas for it, please do share.

I say Sweetie Belle.

Gonna make popcorn. Be right back.

I'm back.

Almost there.

I'll wait 'til you come back.

When you get back, try your inbox.

Look at her comment. : )

I feel so happy right now. :' D

I'll bet she feels really happy right now. :' D

1. She got the voice actors she needs for her next projects.

2. She saw Frozen.

3. She saw a new video that has her ohana in it. : )

Anyway, for the Muppet Show. By the end, can Jeffrey heal Jaden's leg after Kermit knows the wedding's a trick?

'Cause Jaden will be limping in that episode.

Looks as if Jeffrey and Jaden had a brotherly bond before our two teams even became one.

Just to see how it would go now (with the two teams as one and Jeffrey and Jaden really as brothers)...

Alexis: Are you okay?!

Jaden: *groans* No... I think my.... I think my leg's broken...

Jaden: *shows his leg bruised*

Jaden: *feels the sting* AH!

Jaden:...... Hey. It doesn't hurt so much anymore.

Jaden: Much. *smiles and hugs Jeffrey* Thanks, big bro.


Has it been an hour yet?

See-More: *moans*.... Man.... I think I'm seeing stars now......

Jaden: Mess with his wife OR daughter, than you're dead.

See-More: OKAY! Okay! I give! I give!

Aqua: Way to go dear. *hugs Jeffrey*

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey back*

Gizmo: *gulps fearfully* N-n-n-n-n-n-no.

I take it See-More is on Team Vector too?

  • ping* Funny idea!

Someone throwing hot sauce in his eye.

Hey. If you start to get tired. You can go to bed whenever you want.

It touches my heart to see how protective Jeffrey is of Aqua. :' )

She and Xion truly mean the world to him. :' D

Has it been an hour yet?

Me too. Hey. Jeffrey should comment on the way his wife dresses. : )

She's dressed like a goddess? : )

Added it. : )

Try now.

But I feel like there should be a guest villain in this as always.

Someone Elsa could beat.

It can be Mirage. As long as Elsa wins.

I'm just so syched right now about all these ideas to work on now. : D

So yeah. One reason why I want the team to know Anna and Elsa as kids is so that it'll help Elsa bond with Jeffrey growing up.


But remember. Jeffrey can never replace Jaden and Alexis as his younger siblings.

Wow.... Now Jeffrey will REALLY be protective of her.

Just as a test...

Elsa: You..... know what it's like to be feared?

Elsa: How?

Elsa: *gasps in shock*

Elsa:...... Now I understand. People fear you for it.

Elsa: *pets Dragon-Jeffrey* I feel bad for you now. You suffer the same thing I would if everyone found out.

Elsa: What do you mean?

Dragon-Jeffrey: I'm not seen as a monster anymore. A long while ago, I met the first person who wasn't afraid of me for this. He accepted me for my dragon-form.

Elsa: Who was it?

Elsa: Really?

Dragon-Jeffrey: Yep. And since he wasn't scared of me, than everyone else soon wasn't. I even eventually got a wife who thinks I look cuddly as a dragon.

Elsa:....... Wow.

Elsa: But it's different. You can control your powers.......... I can't.

Try now.

I can still wait.

Elsa: *looks at her hands* I really hope so.

  • blows nose* I can't help it, bro. It's so beautiful. This act shows he's so generous and loving. :' D

It's just so unfair that he's not real. I wanna hug the big cuddly thing so badly.

Yeah. You're right. *hugs you back* Since you did create him. : )

I've re-uploaded my video to Benny now.

But I've still yet to finish the drawing.

But don't worry. I'll color it after my class tomorrow.

I'll bet.

  • still hugs you* After I color the drawing and submit it, I'm going to take a well-earned nap.

Just in case I'm not online when you are tomorrow.

I may feel sleepy now, but I can fight it.

I can still talk with you though.

Hey. There's another Muppet Show episode I wanna do, and for a reason.

Johnny Cash. A cowboy episode. I'd like to see Jeffrey and Xion go western. : )

▶ The Muppet Show - S5 E21 P1/3 - Johnny Cash - YouTube

Just a warning, keep Big Tiny Tallsaddle AWAY from Xion. He's very bad-tempered.

He may be bad-tempered, but if does something to Xion, than he'll see that Jeffrey's temper is worse!

Actually, I wouldn't say Jeffrey's bad-tempered, right?

Exactly. That's what Big Tiny should be warned about.

I hope he'd take Jeffrey seriously.

But it all depends if Big Tiny will do something mean to Xion.

Good. Hey. I just realized something. AppleJack's gonna like this episode. : )

You watching the episode?

Oh. Okay.

It's okay.

I have Xion in the drawing now.

You're welcome. : )

Oh. Before I forget. Would you say the Duke is one of Jeffrey's most hated enemies?

'Cause he called Elsa a monster. He may be a goofy villain, but he did the one thing that gets on Jeffrey's nerves.

And a villain group to put him in?

Yeah. We need to think about that.

I added Gutt, 'cause he tried to take Tammy.

Any villain that does something to Xion or the cubs makes the list.

Hopefully, by the end of that episode, EVERYONE will have learned a lesson.

Tammy ran away because she felt like no one would play with her and was alone.

So hopefully, after that, they promise that if Tammy wants to play with them, they will no matter what it is they're doing. Tammy's just a toddler after all.

Oh yeah. And Miss Piggy's NOT to hurt the cubs in Muppets Most Wanted!

Try your inbox now.

Inbox stopped.


Jeffrey: *shaking* I…… I can't do this!!!

Aqua: Yes you can! *kisses Jeffrey on the lips*

Almost done with the drawing.

Just so you know, you can go to bed whenever you want. I might stay up late to get the drawing done.

Sorry if it's taking forever.

So, Mirage is gonna be in Frozen?

Mrobia Empire than?

Unless you think the Duke should be Charles Muntz's Empire.

Hey. You've gotta see Fozzie's skit on here:

The Muppet Show - S3 E20 P3/3 - Sylvester Stallone - YouTube

This is a magician?! X D

Twilight Sparkle would be perfect. : D

I'm done! I'll scan it after my class tomorrow. : D

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And I'm happy you saw Frozen. :' D

I don't know. Maybe. I heard rumors of "Wreck-it Ralph 2." : )

Alright. That could be one thing they do.

Alright. : )

Wanna know something? While Jeffrey and Aqua are still dating, I can imagine him inviting Aqua over to.... Wait. If she's dating Jeffrey, does she stay at the estate with him?

My idea was Jeffrey preparing a special dinner for them both at the estate.

It doesn't matter anymore if Jeffrey invites Aqua over or not.

I've been thinking about all the things Jeffrey and Aqua do in their relationship.

One would be watching a movie together in the theater room.

Them both covered by a blanket, and Aqua resting her head on Jeffrey's shoulder. :' )

Thanks. They can still do that as husband and wife though. : )

I actually like that Aqua starts staying at the estate once she and Jeffrey start dating. Just like May and Dawn, even though they're only dating. : )

And hey. With her moving in early, and her and Jeffrey dating, she can already start acting like a mother to Xion. : D

I can imagine Xion waking up one morning, and seeing that Aqua made her breakfast for the first time. :' D

Thanks. : )

Xion: *ywans and walks into the kitchen*

Aqua: *smiles* Morning, Xion.

(remember, Jeffrey and Aqua are dating in this)

Aqua: I made you breakfast. *shows her a plate of pancakes*

Aqua: *smiles* Jeffrey did tell me how pancakes are your favorite.

Aqua: *smiles* He sure is. That's why I'm dating him.

Aqua: Would you like syrup on your pancakes?

Aqua: *takes the syrup and starts pouring it on the pancakes* Just say "when."

Aqua: *stops*

Aqua: *smiles and gives the plate to Xion* Enjoy.

Cute. : D

Try your inbox now.

My inbox stopped now.

If that was me, I would've let Palpatine get killed! I know he was persuasive, I know he looked innocent, I know he sounded promising, BUT he's still a villain.

I once had a bad dream on that. I had to make a choice. If I let Palpatine get killed in Revenge of the Sith, than there'd be no original Star Wars movies. So it was either let Palpatine live and have the original movies, or let him die but not get those movies.

I woke up before I could answer. But even as of today, I still wonder what I would have chosen.

But enough of that. Refresh my memory, what's the second most angriest moment Jeffrey ever has?

Was it "Aftershock Part 1"?

And sister, and rest of the team. Thinking he's all alone again.

I take it even if she returned, Jeffrey would still have a grudge against her.

Especially since she made him think he was alone again. Attempted to kill his family.

  • hugs you* But after that episode, that will NEVER happen again.

No one will think they're alone again from loosing the others.

Everyone in my team cries over Padame's death. Even Scamper.

A symbol of how I couldn't stop crying when I saw the movie in theaters.

Come on, bro. Think of all the sad things that has happened.

It made even my dad shed a tear, and he's not as emotional as I am.

Palpatine is a monster! > : (

He's so going in Jaden's Most Hated Enemies list.

It's working again.

Satisfied with seeing Jeffrey and Xion in it?

Wow. Even Johnny likes it.

That's why I'm taking a well-earned goodnight sleep tonight.

Not now of coarse.

So, back to the episode. I remember after Jaden looses his mind because of Ace, Jeffrey gets angry and goes Dragon.

But Joker crushes him with heavy studio equipment.

Who wouldn't it hurt?

But Dragon-Jeffrey still tells Ace to turn against Joker.

That he's using her because he's afraid of her.

You know what would be cute? When Jaden starts to come to his senses, Dragon-Jeffrey gives him a gentle nudge against his snout. Like "Jaden? *nudge* Wake up, Jaden." : )

I saw how in HTTYD after the Red Death was killed, Hiccup was in his bed, and Toothless gave him a nudge to wake up. I've wanted Dragon-Jeffrey to do that for some time now.

Jaden: *murmurs a bit*

Jaden: *moans*......... J........ Jeff......rey?

Jaden: *moans* My head.......... That was some... wild ride I was on.......

Jaden: *reaches out to Dragon-Jeffrey* I'm glad you're okay too.

Aw. I love that. :' D

That last line touches me. How caring and generous Jeffrey is. :' )

I bet he doesn't mind his family petting him for as long as they'd like. Especially if it's Xion. : )

AWW! :' D

I'll be right back. Gonna cook dinner.

Guess who?

Try your inbox now.

Jesse: Huh?

Cyborg: Are you crazy?! That things gonna attack US!

Nails: Than what's the plan, boss?!

Jaden: Just run! *runs out the door*

You know something? I noticed something. Jeffrey being protective of Elsa is like when Jaden was protective of Radio.

I know. After escaping Marshmallow, is Jeffrey gonna cry for failing to help Elsa?

Awww. Poor guy. : (

By the way, before I start, IF this gonna be like with Jaden and Radio, than I want Jaden to take Jeffrey's pain seriously. Just as Jeffrey did for Jaden after Ratso kept badmouthing Radio.

Alright. Feed me that line again please.

Aqua: Jeffrey, dear. You didn't fail. *hugs him* Don't be sad.

Alexis: It's not your fault, Jeffrey. None of this is your fault at all. Elsa is just afraid of hurting others.

Discord: Let's face it. You just can't change who she is. She's stuck with those powers, and she wants to be left alone.

Jaden: Knock it off, Discord!

Discord: Hey. Don't shoot the messanger. I'm just saying it as it is.

Jaden: *eyes glow yellow and vocie changes* I said KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!

Jeffrey: I know you're worried about Elsa. We all are. We don't want her to feel the same pain you felt before. I know things didn't go well, but there's still hope.

Jaden: I don't know, but we can't give up. And neither should you.

Xion: *hugs Jeffrey* Please don't be sad, daddy. Elsa may have given up on herself, but you can't give up on her.

Jaden: Elsa just needs to know how to control her powers better. If she can do that, maybe she'll come back with us.

Tammy: Please, Mr. Dragonheart. Don't give up. Elsa needs you.

Jaden: Feeling better?

Should that be when the notice Anna get colder?

Has it been an hour yet?

Talk about unfair timing. My inbox just stopped working. X P

Anyway.... For the beginning, I can imagine Xion become childhood friends with young Anna and Elsa. : )

I just love seeing Elsa as a kid. :' )

Since the team will be there at the beginning, they've gotta keep Elsa's powers a secret from Anna too.

This will only make them feel bad about themselves though.

Alright. And hey. Jaden will note how he's a love expert, and that his greatest work was Jeffrey and Aqua. : )

Jeffrey'll blush again?

Great. 'Cause I actually do like it when he does blush. Mostly when it involves his marriage.

Sorry. Bathroom. Anyway, as I say, him blushing is Aqua's favorite red. : )

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again. I need to respond to Rapunzel's message.

Geez it's taking forever.

I take it you were talking with someone else?

That's fine.

You know something? I also heard one review say that Marshmallow should've gone back to the drawing board.

I agree a bit. There could've been one or two more things added to him. He doesn't look scary enough.

It's an animator thing.

So, what do you wanna talk about now?

Alright. Got one in mind?

Hm. I haven't seen that one in a while yet. I'll have to re watch it again.

But if it's okay. I'd like to redo the scene where Aqua bequeath's her Stormfall Keyblade to Xion. I'll save it this time.

Aqua: You were really brave back there, Xion. The way you stood up to Icthutu was amazing.

Aqua: *smiles* In fact, I have something for you.

Aqua: *summons her Stormfall Keyblade, points the handle to Xion, and clears her throat* In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be.

Aqua: *smiles* It's okay, sweetie. I already have a Keyblade. *summons her Masters Keeper.* I've been doing fine in the Realm of Darkness for more than a decade with this one. I don't need my old Keyblade anymore. It's yours now.

Aqua: *hugs Xion back and sheds a tear* You always have and always will make me proud.

Xion: *still hugging Aqua* I love you mommy.

Aqua: *still hugging Xion* I love you too, my little angel.

Looks like I've gotta record another character for Rapunzel.

Hey. For the Muppet Show episode with Jonathan Winters, with the gypsy curse, are you still gonna have Jeffrey turned into a girl?!?

Poor guy.

Pooh: What do we do now?

Rarity: Get him to a dress store. He looks horrendous the way he looks.

Rarity: Come with me before you dare go back on stage. *takes Jeffrey to a dressing room*

I'm thinking for that episode, what happened to the Mane 6 in Bridal Gossip should happen again in this.

I remember that Patch and Collette switch spieces.

Okay. I'm gonna start recording now.

Try now.

It stopped again. X P


I just can't let her down, bro. She's counting on me to help her out.

Thanks for understanding.

It's voice acting she needs help with.

She's making me do characters I've never done fandubs of before.

And now she asked me to do Hades.

Aqua: Being popular is tough.

It's okay. I'm used to it. I was popular back at my high school. : )

I would get drawing requests. : )

And one of them, I still apply to this day. : )

I'd tell you it, but not right now. Not in public.

I hope that Rapunzel got my comment to check her GMail.

I'm gonna shower while I wait.

It's working again.

I'm letting you know this in case I come back later than usual.

And I bet you know where I'm going.

Come on. It should be obvious. : )

Remember, without it, I wouldn't love Egyptian Mythology. : )

I'm gonna flip all the cards! You are correct! : D

Still means a lot to me. And it should to you too. Without the museum, there'd be no "Don't Eat The Pictures". No "Don't Eat The Pictures" means we'd have no main villain in our series, no way for Xion to have been revived, no Keyblade for Jaden.

I hope one day, I can take you there. I know the place by heart. : )

Here's a challenge for you: Try to find exhibits shown in the movie.

Okay. I'm going to bed now. Getting too sleepy now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Sorry for denying you your idea of another villain group. But 1. I still want to make more than one page of Set's recruits. 2. I don't know whatever available villains there are that can join that guys group.

Aqua: Funny. I didn't know Rainbow Dash liked reading.

Felt like saying that since Aqua wasn't there for that episode.

In fact, she doesn't appear until Magic Duel.

  • smiles* It's nice how right after Twilight becomes a princess, Jeffrey and Aqua get married. One happy moment after the next. : )

True. But the villains interrupt the wedding, so I wouldn't say it's a happy ending entirely.

Uh. I'd actually prefer if you didn't use the word "ending". It makes me feel as if the series ends.

Besides. It's not an ending. It's a beginning. Jeffrey and Aqua spend eternity with each other, and there's so much for them to do as a married couple. : )

I know what you mean bro. And it's okay. : )

I still hope that it's her heart that Jeffrey loves the most in Aqua. :' )

I can't wait to see the scene where Aqua tends to Dragon-Jeffrey's wounds in Spirited Away. A true "Beauty and the Beast" moment. :' )

You know what else makes that moment more beautiful? It's that Aqua's crush on Jeffrey grows stronger after seeing him in his dragon-form for the first time. She doesn't see him as a monster (not the man who saved him from reliving a painful memory of the darkness), and she feels bad for him for being seen as a monster before. :' )

So she sees the inner beauty in his dragon-form. :' )

You aren't familiar with it?

What's kinda sad though is that after healing Dragon-Jeffery, Aqua tries to tell him she loves him, but she shyly denies it.

Has it been an hour yet?

You know what would be so romantic? If Dragon-Jeffrey got hurt again, and when Aqua takes care of his wounds, even if he's recovered, Aqua would still continue to rub where it hurt. : )

Dragon-Jeffrey: Um. Aqua, honey? My wounds are healed now. I feel better now.

Aqua: *continues to rub and smiles* I know.

Aqua: *continues rubbing* I don't want this moment to end yet, my cuddly dragon.

Where should she rub him? I don't mind where.

Aw. Okay.

Aqua: *Still rubs his neck* Besides, that was hard hit you took, dear. You deserve a rest.

Aqua: *walks to his chin* You've earned this too. *kisses him on his cheek*

Aqua: I love you, my cuddly dragon.

  • gasps* Oh my gosh!!!!! "Ocean Queen"?!!?!?!? :' D
  • sniffs* That's so beautiful. And it touches my heart that Jeffrey treats his wife like a queen. :' )

Ocean Queen. I love that. I hope he'll use that more often. :' )

Awwwww. :' )

Hey. Just be sure that when Aqua heals his back in Jurassic Park, when she touches where it hurts, he doesn't snarl in response. I know it'll hurt, but I don't want him to sound like he's saying "Back off!"

Good. Because I didn't want him to sound angry at his wife for touching where it hurts. Not his ocean queen.

I'm curious. In his dragon-form, is his neck flexable?

Perfect. Because I want his head to be able to reach to Aqua after she's done healing him. : )

Question: When I draw a picture of the scene when Aqua and Xion sleep against Dragon-Jeffrey for the night, should it be his left side or right side?

Just what I was thinking. : )

It's a good thing his neck is flexable. It's so he can reach Aqua and Xion when they say goodnight and kiss his snout. :' )

Just remember to have him give a lick to Aqua and Xion as a kiss. :' )

Try your inbox now.

My inbox just stopped. X P

It's okay. I can wait. Anyway...

I don't care if it would degrade him. He's a sweet-hearted person. :' )

Looks like my job's not done yet.

Now to wait to see if it's the way she wants it.

In the meantime, I can imagine the cubs lick Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek. :' D

What if Fang scared them, but Dragon-Jeffrey scares him back?

Fang: *growls fiercely at the cubs* I've got you now, furballs! Now, who should I chew up first?!

DJ: *shakes in fear* What'll we do now?!

Tammy: *shakes in fear, tearfully* HELP!!!!!!

Fang: What the-?! You again?!? Get lost!! I'm just about to get my new chew toys!!!

Fang: You're bluffing.

Fang: *growls back and barks loudly*

Fang: ...! *gulps and runs away yipping* Yipe! Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!

DJ:.... Mr. Dragonheart...... You protected us?

Tammy: Thank you, sir!

  • both cubs start to lick Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek*
  • the cubs purr as the rub their heads against Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek*

It's working again.

Beetles: Wierd. Why does the guest star sound familiar?

Beetles: Hm....... Can't put my finger on it.

Hm. I can imagine Jeffrey singing "Jeepers Creepers."

The songs about eyes.

Not without his glasses he doesn't.

But thanks to Aqua, his glasses will never break again. : )

Hey. You do know that now it's been a whole year since I've created the first image of Jeffrey for you?

I at first was surprised he wears glasses, but now I love him with them on. : )

Yeah. Especially that others can help him find them if he looses them. : )

I'm starting to get sleepy now. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow.

Oops! Forgot the ":' )".

Tomorrow, we can do whatever ideas you want. Okay? : )

Let me try again. *hugs you* Goodnight, big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

Rizzo: It just don't make sense how he knows what happened.

And Gonzo will resume with the story.

How 'bout at the end of the special, Xion hugs Aqua, and welcomes her to the family? : )

I know she's not her mom yet, but she will be soon.

You could say this is the best Valentines Day Jeffrey, Aqua and Xion ever have. : )

Jaden and Alexis too. They win their first tag-team tournament together. :' )

The REAL prize to Jaden is having Alexis as his wife. :' )

But we're focusing on the wrong holiday. Christmas is what we should be focusing on.

Right now, there's a couple of things we could work on.

  • In Jumanji, when Xion gets a board game
  • Making Christmas cookies

But for the cookies thing, should it be with Xion as a baby or 7-year old?

And can this be a family project? Aqua, Alexis, Jeffrey, Pinkie Pie, the cubs and more helping? : )

Sweet! : D

Aqua: *walks to Xion* Hey, Xion.

Xion: Yes, mommy?

Aqua: We're just about to start making the Christmas cookies. You wanna help?

Aqua: *smiles*

Xion: Let me just go get Tammy and DJ. I wanna see if they wanna help too.

Aqua: Okay. I'll be in the kitchen.

My inbox stopped working just so you know. But I don't care.


  • Tammy and DJ are asleep in front of the warm and roaring fireplace*

Tammy: *yawns and wakes up* Huh? What?

It's up! : D

I'm so happy right now. : )

How did i do on the voice acting?

I was Mushu, Genie, and Hades.

Alright. The classic.

Hey. Mind helping me with something, please?

This video:

▶ We're Despicable - Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol - YouTube

I planned to make a CMV of it. But I forgot which 4 villains to use for it.

And the 4th?


Okay than. Thanks. : )

I haven't done this yet today, but.... *hugs you* I love you big brother. :' )

I'm gonna get to work now.

But I'll multi-task with you. As always.

I love you too much to let you be alone. : )

Wish me luck on this. : )

I hope this'll be good. The original video doesn't have a lot views.

Should I stop?

Alright. I'll finish it. Hopefully I can get it done before I go to sleep tonight.

I saw that blog. And right now, I'm disgusted with people bad-mouthing our crossovers. X P

Honestly. If someone does like this, than they should keep their big noses out of our business! > : (

I'm not giving up our series. EVER! I need to keep Yu-Gi-Oh! GX alive! I need Jaden and Alexis to be together! I need Aqua to be free and happy. I need Xion to have a heart and a family. I need.... I need.... *sheds a tear*

Has it been an hour yet?

Saw it coming.

Be right back.

I'm back.

So, just a gentle reminder, I'm going to the Met tomorrow.

I don't know when I'm coming back. So can you wait for me?

That reminds me something I want redo.

The beginning of Star Trouble. The episode where our team visits Sahu in the sky. The scene I have in mind is the beginning where Jaden says how he misses Sahul

  • One night, Jaden is outside at the replica of the Land of Departure summit, staring at the stars*

Jaden: *sighs sadly*

Alexis: *walks to him* Hi, dear.

Jaden: Oh. Hi, honey.

Jaden: Hey, bro...

Jaden: Nothing's wrong.

Aqua: Jaden. You can tell us. *sits next to him* It's okay.

(Just remember, the others are there too)

Jaden: *sighs* I miss him.... I miss Sahu.

Aqua: Who?

Xion: You know Sahu too, Uncle Jaden?

Jaden: Yes...... But..... I haven't seen him for 4 years now, when he came to visit me and my team.

Alexis: Jaden. He's where he belongs now. He's with his family in the sky.

Jaden: I know. It's just..... I wish I could see him again. And not just him as a star in the sky. But him as a human prince.

Has it been an hour yet?

Look now. : )

I'll take you there someday. : )

So, it was because of the special and the photos I've shown you that makes you want to see it for yourself? : )

I hope you'll always find "Don't Eat the Pictures" to be important.

Without it, I would never love Egyptian Mythology. And if that never happened, we'd have no main villain in our series, no way for Xion to be resurrected, and no minister to bring Jaden and Alexis, and Jeffrey and Aqua together.

I'm so happy you love it as much as I do.

No. Thank YOU! Barely anyone knows about the special, and it makes me sad. It deserves more recognition.

Hey. Maybe if i take you there, if it's not created by that point, it'll give you ideas for YOUR Adventure of Don't Eat the Pictures. : )

Oops! I forgot to scan my assignment. I'll be right back.


Funny thing: While I was at the museum, I imagined the team there too.

Rainbow Dash was complaining on how boring it was.

But Twilight was very interested in the place.

Jeffrey was interested in showing Aqua the place, since he's been there before with his side of the team.

I'm gonna re-upload Part 14 soon. But I'm gonna stop at 15 tomorrow and won't re-upload another part 'til the first strike is gone.

As I was saying, Aqua would be happy as long as Jeffrey was.

That goes for Xion too. : )

Jaden just kept mentioning Sahu and his visit to the museum before.

Something up with the comments?

My inbox stopped. Anyway...

I'll be an old man before I finish this project, because of these damn copyright claims. : (

I've started that project more than a year ago, and I'm not done yet because of these copyright claims.

It'll take me forever to finish it. : (

It's unfair. Why others can have their spoofs up, but they forbid me from doing mine. :' (

I think it should be our decision to decide which laws to obey.

Sorry, bro. All I just want is for YouTube to be more tolerable, like it used to be.

Everyone does. I know. But why must they be so harsh to me for what I like?

I'm getting that feeling of changing my style again. No more using Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

I'm trying to fight it.

Wouldn't it be better if I chose something else where I can't get into trouble with?

I love it too. But apparently, the law hates what I'm doing with it.

I don't wanna give up.

All I want is for there to be harmony on YouTube. People free to upload what they want without fear of denial.

I keep fantasizing a trial of me vs the owners of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and I'd win.

I say how "You take away my right to make fandom videos, you might as well take away my right to watch the show you work so hard to create for the public to enjoy."

And "I'm not trying to do anything wrong. I'm just doing what's in my heart. I'm showing how much I love the series. How I believe that there are some things that were meant to happen in the fandom world. And how I admire you creators for ever bringing the series into the world."


If only those uptight jerks could understand this.

I'm so terribly sorry. I'm still afraid about getting a second strike.

Hey. Looks like we'll have to give up the Teen Titans from joining the team.

Be polite though. Don't sound selfish.

Can We Share The Titans Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 01:37, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

It's working.

Are you kidding me? It stopped now?

Anyway..... I'm sorry if my negativity gets on your nerves. I'm both a positive and negative person.

To be honest, what scares me more is if you'll ever think I'm annoying.

Because my sister says I am.

But I'm a bit worried if you'll think I am when we meet.



I guess I love you too big brother. *hugs you back*

  • tries to smile*....... I guess I can't.

Alright than.

I guess she's right.

  • sheds a tear* Cadence is an angel. :' )

I also see why she'd be a Princess of Heart. :' )

That reminds me. For Jeffrey's wedding, does she snap Jeffrey out of Forte's trance after his song or does Jaden do that?

Alright. Just wanted to be sure.

Forte: *singing* Don't get attached to anyone or anything.

There's nothing worse than things that cling. You'll go to pot, You'll turn to drink, You'll never rest, You'll end up mad, and Looking like some Poor tormented dove. Don't fall in love.

Don't-fall-in love!

Princess Cadence: Jeffrey! NO! *flies in front of Jeffrey* Don't listen to him! Think how important Aqua is to you!

Forte: What?! Come now! Haven't I taught you nothing?! Love is a waste of time!

Forte: I see. Well than. Plan B. You can't fall in love..... if you're DEAD!!!!!!

Cadence: ENOUGH!!!!!! I've had enough of you trying to destroy Jeffrey and Aqua's love!!! You're opponent.... will be me.

  • almost everyone gasps to this*

Jesse: This is crazy! Cadence can't fight!

Jaden. No! ........ Let her do it.

Jaden: Let her do it, Jeffrey. She's doing it for you and Aqua.

After she beats Forte, that's when Jeffrey gets curious about her new power she used to win. The one Cantus taught her.

What will he say?

Aqua: Strange. I never saw her fight like that before.

Try your inbox now.


Does it suit Jaden?

You think he has a heart of gold?

In that episode, what did happen to Figaro?

I hope Piggy doesn't hurt Xion for blaming Foo-Foo.

Jeffrey will make sure of that!

If she tried karate chopping him in his dragon-form, she'd break the bones in her hand.

Hey. Check this out:

▶ The Muppet Show - Miss Piggy and Foo Foo - YouTube

It's unaimous! X D

Well, to counter that poor act Miss Piggy tried to do, let's have Xion to an act with her better trained kitty. : )

Oops! I almost forgot to have dinner!

Has it been an hour yet?

Xion: *hugs Jeffrey and Aqua* Thank you, mommy. Daddy.

Perfect. :' )

But just as a bonus...

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips* I'm just so happy right now.

Does DJ have stage-fright?

I asked 'cause if he sees his sister on stage performing, it would make him feel bad about himself.

He woud feel bad that he wishes to be on stage with his sister, but he's too scared to do it.

You know what would be cute? IF when he does finally get the courage to perform, Tammy licks him on the check for luck. : )

Sibling love. : )

OMG! Me too! : D

But lets not get carried away. Their siblings. Not lovers.

Than why would DJ blush?

It's just in him as a shy character.

What should the title be?

Should've seen that coming. : )

Yep. Everyone's gonna love it. : )

I'll do it when I'm not too busy.

Tammy: This is for luck. *licks DJ's cheek*

I know licking cheeks is more what a dog would do, but I don't care. Some cats do it too. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

I can wait.


Tammy: *rubs her head against DJ's arm* You're gonna be great.

Tammy: I believe in you, brother.

Cute. : )

It's nothing though.

I was just looking for something we did earlier.

Dragon-Jeffrey and Baby Xion. :' )

And right now, i'd really love to seee him kiss his baby daughter in his dragon-form. :' )

Just remember, a kiss to a dragon is a lick on the cheek.

We need to set a scene.

I know! After Baby Xion's done sliding on Dragon-Jeffrey's tail!

Baby Xion: *whew* That was a wot of fun! But I think I've had enough fow now.


When you come back, try your inbox.

Yeah! : D

Patrick: Uh..... Who's the happy little guy with the big hat, little bro?

Is Hater and Peepers gonna be in this than?

They'll attempt to take the Jewel of Life?

Peepers: *grabs the Jewel of Life* I've got it!

Peepers: AH! *runs with the Jewel*

Lord Hater: Over here, Peepers! Throw it here!

Peepers: Yes sir! *throws the Jewel in Hater's direction.*

  • suddenly, the Jewel floats in mid air*

???: Thank you for the Jewel.

  • The Cheshire Cat appears holding it*

Hater: *growls* Give it here! *attempts to hit the Cheshire Cat*

Cheshire Cat: Catch! *throws the Jewel to (character of your choice)*

I love it when our team tosses items to each other. Real teamwork. : )

But it'll end with Marcus reclaiming it so that Jaden will attempt to take it from him.

Hey. Just so you know (changing subjects), for your Fantasmic, you can feature Set in it, because our series becomes closer to becoming one. I don't mind.

Has it been an hour yet?

Oh! I almost forgot something we were doing earlier! Dragon-Jeffrey kissing his little baby! : D

Let's start again.

Baby Xion: *whew* That was a wot of fun! But I think I've had enough fow now.

Baby Xion: *crawls to Dragon-Jeffrey's head and hugs his snout* Thank you so much, daddy. That was a lot of fun.

Baby Xion: *pets his snout* I luv you daddy. *kisses his snout*

Baby Xion: *continues to pet his snout* I wanna go back home now. To mommy and Uncle Jaden and Aunt Awlexis.

Dragon-Jeffrey: Yes, sweetie?

Xion: And Sweetheart Key Ice Cream for me, please.

Aqua: You've got it. *to the ice cream man* One Snowflake Soft Ice Cream, one Bravery Bash Ice Cream, one Sweetheart Key Ice Cream, and one Royal Berry Ice Cream.

Hang on bro. I need a quick nap. Getting an upset stomach right now.

Don't worry. I'm not getting sick. At least I hope I'm not.

I'll be back with you in a couple more minutes. Not fully recovered yet.

I'm sorry to make you wait.

Try your inbox now.

Saw that coming.

Aw. Aqua can't wake up her husband? : (

I'm just curious why Jeffrey wouldn't wake up for this scene.

Who better than his wife and his baby little princess? :' )

Aqua: Jeffrey? *gently shakes him* Jeffrey. Wake up.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips*

????: Mommy? Daddy?

  • Aqua gets out of bed, opens the door, and sees Baby Xion behind it*

Aqua: *smiles* Morning, my little princess.

Aqua: *picks up Baby Xion and carries her in her arms* I need your help, sweetie. He's sleeping like a rock, and I can't get him up.

Aqua: *takes Baby Xion in and puts her down on the bed right next to Jeffrey*

Baby Xion: Daddy? You awake now?

Looks like he shares similarities with Ven too.

You know something? In these kind of stories, I can imagine it being connected to Justice Guardian kids. Jeffrey and Aqua meeting as kids, been in love with each other for more than a decade, and finally have a daughter when they grow up. : )

When Xion is born, Jeffrey would comment how she has Aqua's beauty. :' )

Hey. I can imagine some time in between, a prom at their school, and Jeffrey and Aqua have a romantic time together. :' )

Even giving her a ring to show how much their love means so much to him. :' D

The most beautiful gem for the most beautiful girl he ever fell in love with. :' D

If you start to get tired, than you can go to bed.

  • hugs you back* I love you too big brother. I may not be done with my work yet, and I may need your presense to do well, but I'll be okay knowing you're asleep. : )
  • sheds a tear* Oh my god. She said I'm her favorite artist. :' D

She's gonna make me cry if she keeps this up. :' )

I love helping her out. :' )

Oh. That reminds me. We didn't finish that thing with the ice cream for Jirachi: Wish Maker.

Wanna start from scratch?

Tammy: Wow! This is so much fun!

Xion: I'm so happy that I'm enjoying this exciting experience with my whole family!

DJ: Really? What?

Aqua: *smiles* How 'bout a little ice cream as a treat?

  • both Jeffrey and Aqua get hugged by Xion and the cubs*

Tammy: Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dragonheart!

Aqua: *smiles* We love you too.

  • at the ice cream stand*

Aqua: You want your Sea-Salt ice cream as usual?

Tammy: I'd like Snowflake Soft Ice Cream, please.

Aqua: *smiles* Alright than. *to the seller* One Sweetheart Key Ice Cream, one Snowflake Soft Ice Cream, one Bravery Bash Ice Cream, and one Royalberry Ice Cream for me please.

  • Aqua recieves the ice cream, while Jeffrey pays the seller*

Aqua: Here you go, Xion. *gives Xion the Sweetheart Key Ice Cream*

Aqua: And this is for DJ. *holds the Bravery Bash Ice Cream out for DJ*

DJ: Um, Xion? Could you... maybe hold mine for me, please?

Aqua: And here's yours Tammy. *gives Tammy her Snowflake Soft Ice Cream*

Tammy: *smiles. Thank you, Mrs. Dragonheart.

Aqua: Awe. Thank you, dear. *takes her ice cream and kisses Jeffrey on the lips* You're as sweet as this ice cream is.

And of coarse, they'll enjoy their ice cream during Butler's performance. : )

Don't worry. They'll finish before Team Rocket attempts to take Pikachu and Xion.

I wouldn't want the kids to drop their ice cream. :' (

I still want Bartok to save Xion.

So that Jeffrey and Aqua can be grateful for everyone who's on the team.

After Team Rocket is gone, Xion will continue to enjoy the rest of her fun time. She pretend as if it never happened. : )

Hope Jeffrey can do the same thing too.

That way he and Aqua can relax. : )

Try your inbox now.

Talking to Darkblade?

I knew it.

Don't be! It's fine.

Please don't apologize for stuff like this. It's no big deal.

Mind if I take a short nap now?

Almost fully rested.

Try your inbox now.

Darn. In the meantime, I'm gonna cook dinner.

I'm sorry bro. I was afraid if you would like me less if I was a failure or was a poor student. : (

Or a failure?


Hang on. I need to focus right now. I'll get back to you soon.

Can you forgive me for being negative again?

I just didn't know you won't think of me differently no matter what.

Believe me, big brother. I AM an honest hard worker. I stay up late getting my assignments done. I want to pass my classes. I want to do my best. I want to achieve my dream of becoming an animator.

Really? You mean it? : )

  • smiles and hugs you* We'll be the greatest team there's ever been. Together, our names will be up on the movie credits. :' D

Almost done with my work for today.

All done.

I just saw it.

Try your inbox now.

Don't be sad, bro. I'm still here. I'm just focused on something else right now.

So have I lately. But I don't let that get under my skin.

  • hugs you* I promise I'll be back to spending time with you soon, and than you won't feel alone again. : )

Besides, remember, you're NEVER alone. I'm always with you, bro. : )

Just hang in there for a bit longer. You've been through worse.

  • hugs you back* I think my hunch is right. I think I AM being targeted. They block my video but not the ones of others.

I'm worried, bro. I don't wanna have to take down the video if the dispute doesn't work. : (

What concerns me most is how you, Rapunzel, brermeerkat, and everyone else would take it. : (

But aren't you tired of me having to re-upload the same ol' videos and having to recomment on them?

What about everyone else?

Rapunzel told me when I had to re-upload it that she didn't mind, and she felt bad for me on how copyright claims treat me.

Yeah. But I guess I'm tired of being denied so much. : (

But I WON'T let them take down this channel! I refused to let them separate us again!

They can remove my account, but they can't stop me from being in contact with you!

YouTube needs to understand how important we are to each other.

Sorry 'bout all this bro. I'm just concerned if the dispute will work. I know that I have to wait a month for the results, but just like Dawn, the results scare me.

I don't wanna have to do this, but if they won't allow my spoof on YouTube, than I'll have to move it to another website. : (

But I don't wanna. Not when others can have their spoofs on YouTube.

Worth a shot.

Has it been an hour yet?

I added to the video "Music is property of the Disney company". I hope that it'll work.

Did you see the rest of the Kenny Rogers episode?

I would not wanna be Kermit in that episode, because of all the times he got hurt.

What a running gag was Jeffrey or Xion using Cure on Kermit so many times?

Tired of having to heal Kermit?

Annoyed or physical tired?

Part 16 is back up.

  • smirks* I can tell that because of this, the team is gonna try to keep Kermit from getting hurt. X D

Oops. Now mine stopped. Been talking to Rapunzel about what's been going on.


Much to Jeffrey's annoyance.

Nails: *cries* Oh boss! I'm so sorry I wasn't there to save you! I'm a failure. A poor sad excuse for a partner! I understand if you're angry at me. I understand if you're gonna ban me from the team. I understand if you sentence me to death. I deserve it. *takes out a fountain pen* Goodbye cruel world!!!!!

Jaden: *takes the fountain pen from Nails* Don't even think about it, Nails. 

Nails: But he-

Aqua: *wraps a cast around Jeffrey's chest* He's fine, Nails. It's just a couple of bruised ribs.

Aqua: *finishes wrapping Jeffrey's chest* And I'm gonna see to it that you do, dear.

Nails: And so will I! I must redeem myself by keeping you safe from ANYTHING!

Nails: I'm serious, boss! You're in weak condition right now! One more accident and..... *gasps* I can't bare to even think about it!

Beast Boy: *whispers back* You're on.

Proof he represents the Element of Loyalty.

Funny thing is that at the end of the Aladdin episode, Jasmine got bruised ribs too.

Funny, 'cause Genie had to keep both Aladdin AND Jasmine safe at that point.

He was.

So what if the same thing happened to Aqua?

I know it's a cruel thing to do to Aqua. But IF you're trying to copy the Aladdin episode, than this should happen.

Besides.......... *slaps forehead* Duh! Why didn't I think of that?! Cadence or Xion could use their singing magic to cure Jeffrey all along. X P

Hm.... But than that woud be too easy. 

Cadence would attend to royal business at the Crystal Empire.

New page.

Since I brought it up, I figured I should create a page for it.

I'm gonna cook an early dinner now. While I'm out, can you add in it something with the Equestria Games?

I'm really sorry that I sound negative. I just feel like I've been cursed. And I'm also sorry that you keep getting involved with these things. Believe me, I don't want you to have to waste your time on me. But please don't worry about me. What happens to me really shouldn't concern you.

And I appreciate your concern, but the thing is, I generally am a negative person. I constantly worry about these things because I just want everything to go right. I can't help it.

I already plan to record tomorrow in the morning when that rude neighbor is not here, and I've already let go of the comment that I draw poorly. I guess I'm just bothered with all these bad things that I've faced lately. And in a row too.

Bro. PLEASE stop getting her involved! I don't want to annoy her with all these things about me!

I just want to cry to sleep now since I've got nothing else to do now. :' (

The gypsy has cursed me, bro. :' (

Gypsy: A curse upon your "little brother"!

I'm sorry. But PLEASE don't get your mother involved. I've wasted enough of her time already.

Maybe today is just not my day.

Everyone has moments like this.

But answer me this, does Jeffrey care about money?

I want him to prove it in this Muppet Show episode that's all about money:

The Muppet Show - S5 E4 P1/3 - Shirley Bassey - YouTube

It might make me feel better if Jeffrey tells how money is not what's important to him. : )

Kermit: Oh no?

Jaden: Me too. Dueling, and my family are what's important to me.

I want Jeffrey to prove it to Bruno in that episode.

In case you haven't gotten that far, Bruno is the one who loans the Muppet show the gold for Shirley Bassey's number.

Bruno is VERY protective of the gold, and attacks anyone who even touches it.

But that's not what I want. I want Jeffrey to have no intention to even touch the gold. : (

I know. He values his team more than anything else. Mostly Xion though. : )

I just want Jeffrey to explain how they're more valuable than gold is to him. That will cheer me up. : )

Bruno:................ Alright. You are clear.

Bruno: It's the frog I don't trust.

You've finished Part 1?

He's just protecting the gold.

Uh, it won't make a difference until you see Part 3.

I feel better now. Knowing how pure and golden-hearted Jeffrey is. Treasuring his family more than money. :' )

If she was there, Jeffrey would say how Aqua is his precious sapphire. :' )

Try your inbox now.

Want it to be Set?

I told you. I don't care who.

I'm happy that Jeffrey's determinded to get Aqua's Emerald back. It makes me think about the line he said when he gave it to her. :' )

"The most beautiful gem for the most beautiful girl i fell in love with".

No kidding. : )

But Jeffrey ought to still feel lucky about marrying an beautiful angel like Aqua. :' )

I've gotta know which episode they find the dark blue Chaos Emerald in. : D

What happens in that one again?

And he does?

But I take it a villain follows him.


1. I've been watching Rise of the Guardians lately.

2. The character is perfect considering the title. Pitch bringing fear to others.

A perfect chance for a Keyblade wielder to summon a Guardian. : )

Okay, as long as Pitch doesn't kill him again.

So just before a nightmare can hurt DJ, the rest of the team will show up and save him.

Pitch: Be a good littley boy, and hand over the Chaos Emerald to me, and I'll leave you be.

Pitch: *smirks* I know what you're trying to do. It's because you're afraid.

DJ: I'm.... I'm not afraid of you!

Pitch: Maybe not. But there's something you are afraid of.

Pitch: It's the one thing I always know: People's greatest fears. And yours is if you'll always be a shy little cub. If your family will always see you as a coward. And your afraid if you'll fail to show them how brave you can be. But let me tell you something. They'll NEVER see you as a brave little cub.

Pitch: You want to fight me? *chuckles* Very well than. Let's fight.

  • Nightmares show up and surround DJ*

Pitch: So tell, DJ. Do you believe in the Boogeyman now?

Aw come on. Not yet.

Pitch: Get that Chaos Emerlad.

  • the Nightmares slowly start to approach DJ*
  • the Ngihtmares get closer to DJ, as he backs up against a wall*

Pitch: The Emerald's mine, you little scaredy cat.

Okay NOW for them to come.

????: Back off, Pitch.

  • Rainbow Dash flies in and kicks Pitch*

DJ: Yeah. I'm fine. And so is the Chaos Emerald.

Rainbow Dash: No way! You found another Chaos Emerald?!?

Rainbow Dash: Wow! This is AWESOME!

Pitch: Yes. The little boy did the hard work and found it for me. And now I was just about to take it to Set.

Pitch: You think a mere pegasus pony can help you, against THIS?!? *show his army of Nightmares*

  • the rest of the team shows up*

Tammy: Hey, DJ!

Sonic: Hey! How's it going, kiddo?

I can't wait to see Jeffrey summon Sandy in this. : )

The way Sandy is summoned should be the same way Genie is summoned in the first Kingdom Hearts game.

  • a streak a sand is create from the Keyblade, creating a ball of sand in the sky, and out pops Sandy*

Love that they high five! : D

Try your inbox now.

  • Jaden continues to pet Dragon-Jeffrey until he hears Dragon-Jeffrey breathe in his sleep*

Jaden: *smiles*

Jaden: *quitely* Man.... What a day. *lays against Dragon-Jeffrey's tail* I better be ready in case anything comes. 

I didn't know his wound was wrapped up.

I know that. I thought she just used Cure to heal him. I didn't know she wrapped a bandage on him.

Hey. How 'bout until Jaden returns with Xion, Aqua rubs Dragon-Jeffrey's back after tending to it? : )

Because there is a moment when Cheshire tells Dragon-Jeffrey that Nedry was the one responsible for this.

Right. So Dragon-Jeffrey would be settled with that, right?

Okay. I'll continue sketching in the meantime.

We'll have to also do the scene when Jaden gets Xion out of the jeep in the tree. But later.

I think this is the longest amount of time Jeffrey was in his dragon form.

Hey, when Xion hugs Dragon-Jeffrey, let's have him shed a tear. : )

I'll just add that in to what we did. : )

Just so you know, I'll be re-uploading my tribute to the Sandy Hook Tragedy video soon...... since it;ll be a whole year since it happened.

Hard to belive it's been a year since that awful event happened. : (

In the meantime, the next day in Jurassic Park, I can imagine upon waking up, Aqua and Dragon-Jeffrey promise that once they get out of that mess, they will make Xion a BIG breakfast. : D

Seeing how Xion hasn't eaten anything since the tour started.

Yeah. It'll be before the Velociraptor's come in.

I thought he wasn't gonna be in that scene with the velociraptors in the kitchen.

I do. I remember Beetles, Brain, Scamper, Cheshire Cat, Gonzo, Rizzo, Bartok, Nails.....

The CMC?

See? It's not that hard to remember. I remember that just before a velociraptor can get to Xion, Cheshire laughs a lures it away from her. : )

  • crying* Rapunzel has made me so happy right now. :' D

I39darkblade: I put the video on Didact's page. See what he did long ago and you'll know why i hate him.

Look at her new video! :' D

  • crying* I can't stop crying! She touched my heart! :' D
  • Crying* No. I don't want it. I'm happy. :' )
  • hugs you* I hope she replies back saying "You're welcome." :' )
  • sniffs* I'm so happy she's a warm-hearted friend. :' )

But like I said, she's more like a little sister to me. :' )

It's working.

I hope so. Poor thing. *puts a blanket on him* It's like he's fighting something from within.

I hope so. I love him like he was my own son.

I actually don't wanna go to bed yet. There's a drawing I wanna do.

It's just something that involves one of my classes.

But you can go to bed if you want.

Basically I wanna draw someone else's character in my style. A little girl I've grown to love.

Sorry 'bout earlier.

I'm going to bed when I'm done with my drawing. But you can go to bed whenever you want. I'll be fine.

  • hugs you back* I love you too, big brother. :' )

Hey, my brother just woke up.

He's ok, but still weak.

Well we're about to go out to take care of some things in a bit. He might be on, go see him.

You get the idea now, right?

I did that to show my anger at her for hurting Iago and just leaving. Coward!

You agree with me. What she did was cowardly?

Good. Hey. That reminds me of a new page I've been meaning to create.

First, there's another one I ought to do first.

It's up.

I need help with Part 2.


Oops! I almost forgot the new episode!

I'm watching it now.

▶ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Season 4 Episode 5 - Flight to the Finish [Horrid-HD - YouTube]

Did you see it already?

Damn it! How could I forget?! X P

No spoilers! OR ELSE!

Damn that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon! > : (

I wish I can spank them hard!

I knew they could do it! : D

Real shame Cadence or Shining Armor weren't in it.

I'm hoping they'll return soon.

I need more of Cadence's kindness and sweet and soothing voice.

Has it been an hour yet?

My inbox just stopped now.

It's okay. Anyway, I had a thought for And we'll all be as shiny. 'As a brand-new centime. Wander.

I know he's not on anyone's team, but I thought it would make brermeerkat happy.

Actually, there's another song I wanna do first before I get back to that one. : )

It's a good thing I showed you "Babes in Toyland" last summer. 'Cause I'm doing the Factory song. : )

Especially since brermeerkat made his own version.

CMV: The Factory Song - YouTube

Please do leave him a comment. : )

Thank you. : )

I'm gonna get to my version now. Anything you want in it specifically? : )

I'd have to make a new drawing to do that, and the library's closed at this point.

I was planning on doing that. And other MLP characters. : )

I hope this'll be good.

Well, wish me luck. : )

Man. This is gonna be so exciting. : )

Spike: Okay...... Maybe not that exciting.

Yeah. Just pretend she and Jeffrey are there if I can include them. 'Cause I want this up by tonight.

I just added Elsa to it. : )

Please smile for me. I don't wanna work when you're not happy.

That's better. Just keep that up 'til I'm done. : )

Does it involve Christmas?!? : D


Aqua: *smiles* Hello, sweetie. You're just in time. Your father and I are just about to start making cookies.

(I can imagine Baby Xion covered in flour. X D)

Aqua: That's right. If you want, you can join us and help make some yummy cookies.

Baby Xion: *hugs Jeffrey* Tanks, daddy! *giggles*

Aqua: *smiles* Alright. Let's get to work.

Aqua: Hm..... What do you want to bake, sweetie?

Aqua: *smiles* Alright. Chocolate chip it is.

Aqua: Okay. I'll get eggs and butter.

Baby Xion: What can I do?

Baby Xion: *smiles* Okay.

Aqua: *smiles* Great. I've got everything else out in the meantime.

Aqua: Shall we get started? *takes out a book*

I'm gonna cook an early dinner soon.

Try your inbox now.

Oops. Now mine stopped. Saw it coming. Anyway...

Aqua: *smiles and sheds a tear* I…… I don't know what to say…… *hugs Jeffrey* Thank you, my cuddly dragon.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey back*

I can imagine Jeffrey taking out his Chaos Emerald while Aqua holds her new emerald. :' )

Kinda like with the Wayfinders. : )

So our team will get 5, while Sonic and friends carry the other 2. Remember, if all 7 are together, than after Chaos Control, than they separate again.

And a thought. Since Purple is Tammy's favorite color (seeing how it's Xion's too), what if the two sisters share the purple one? : )

I hope Xion won't mind.

I kinda had a feeling Rarity and Rouge wouldn't get along.

Hm. Hope she doesn't take the Chaos Emeralds from our team.

Somehow, I can imagine her trying to.


Hm. I don't see them getting along anytime soon. Unlike Rouge, Rarity is more generous.

Right. That's why I needed help categorizing her this morning.

It's been snowing non-stop outside.

Jack Frost and Elsa are working together on this. X D

Maybe they're in love. : )

Sorry 'bout the wait. I had to remove deleted videos on my favorites list.

I love what we did earlier. I love it when Jeffrey comments on his wife's beauty. :' )

I just love how he says his wife and daughter are the most beautiful sights he's ever seen. :' )

  • moans in pain* Argh..... My shoulder..... X (

I know it would be wrong to label him as an enemy since Elsa is an ally, but let's face it, the monster would've killed the team.

Beast Boy: Dude. Elsa is ONE stubborn girl.

Most of the team will agree that it's hopeless, and that they can't change Elsa's mind at that point. But Jaden, Alexis, Aqua, Xion, and the cubs will not give up on Jeffrey and Elsa.

You know that since Olaf and Marshmallow are created by Elsa, that makes them brothers.

How 'bout this? I'll respect Jeffrey's wish to not fight Marshmallow, but if he attacks, than I will just have Jaden use defensive cards, and Shining Armor create a shield.

I really love the music at the beginning. : )

It reminds me of another Disney movie.... But I don't know which one. X P

I wanna say The Lion King for it's music, but that just sounds ridiculous. X P

So tell me. Do you have any other ideas for the Adventure?

I know she definitely wanna help him.

Still wanna have Dragon-Jeffrey protect his loved ones from the weather? : )

When? On their way to Elsa, and they have to sleep for the night out in the cold or close to the end when Elsa's creates a blizzard.

AWWW! Good choice! :' D

I just love that he'll keep Jaden, Alexis, Aqua, Xion, the cubs, Jesse, and May warm for the night while they sleep against him. :' )

Before in Jurassic Park it was his wife and daughter. I wonder how he'll feel this time. :' )

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!! What a generous and golden-hearted guy he is. :' )

Wow. :' )

I wonder when Rapunzel's gonna get back to me. She said she would comment on my new video.

Maybe. I just hope she gets back soon.

Try your inbox now.

My inbox stopped now.

It's okay. I'm gonna head out now, anyway.

Be right back.

  • ding dong* Anybody home? : )

Anyway, back to trust. I trust you with my life, bro. : )

Wow. I'm very honored to hear that. :' )

You're the best, big brother. :' )

Just asking. When I go home on Tuesday, will you be okay waiting until I get back? I'm driving back.

I just wanna be sure. You know how I hate making you wait.

Just 10 days 'til Christmas. Can you believe it? : )

It's working.

Sorry I didn't tell you what I was doing.

Anyone we're forgetting?

Well, I've added another.

Hm. I wonder if I should add Sonic and Amy.

Well..... I support love, not destroy it. I think Sonic and Amy ought to get together at last. I even made a note of it on Amy's page.

Flipped a coin. Heads say "yes."

Well....? : )

I meant the photo.

Best part: It's REAL! : D

Hm. I kinda thought you would've been excited by this. Amy's never kissed Sonic.

Oh. I see. : )

I had a funny thought! If Olaf visits our team in the estate. He wonders what it is that makes the floor so slippery if it's not cold as ice. Someone answers "That's floor wax."

Thanks. : )

I'm curious if you finished the Muppet Show with Brooke Shields.

Alright, just checking.

Anything you wanna talk about now? I'm kinda getting bored now. X P

That's right. In fact, Olaf will guest star in it too, and that's where I'll feature my joke I just said. : )

And just so you know, Elsa will NOT get hurt during the training. Our team would not let that happen.

Yeah. Still want Mirage in this?

Maybe a villain will help show that her training is paying off.

But it doesn't have to be Mirage.

Hm. I can't make up my mind. It can be more than one.


I'll come up with something.

No offense to this, but Darkblade can be annoying. I told him I have a stomach ache right now, but he tried to make a joke of it. > : (

Try your inbox now.

Talk about bad talking. X P

Lynda Carter. 

Kermit: *on stage* How long has it been since you've watched a good old fashion human sacrifice?

Jaden:….! *whispers to Jeffrey* Should we tell him about the Temple of Doom?

Well? : )

In case you ever get intereted:

The Muppet Show - S4 E19 P1/3 - Lynda Carter - YouTube

In this one, everyone tries to be a superhero.

No way. They already have powers of their own. They'll find what the Muppets do to be embarassing. X P

So they won't take that dumb correspondence course. X P

Jaden: Oy vey. This is kinda sad.

OH! Jeffrey knows Spanish! : D

I'm not surprised. He IS a genius. : )

Alexis: I smell a big scam. This dumb course can't make anyone a superhero.

I had her say that 'cause that's what I think it is. A scam.

Even Xion would agree.

Hey. Guess what? I don't have class tomorrow! : D

Extra sleep! : D

Tomorrow, I've gotta study for a final in a class.

But I'll still be online for you.

It's working again.

I don't wanna loose him either! But Google will separate us eventually when I get the third strike. Just like they've done so before. :' (

It's true that we have this site. But I also want a way for us to talk in private at times. :' (

He did that on on my previous account, but I forgot what it was.

  • crying* Oh what have I done?!? :' (
  • crying* It's not that...

Begging RTGOH - YouTube

  • crying* I can't crying now. :' (
  • crying* Her choice of the song touches my heart. :' (
  • crying* I only wish I could stay..... :' (
  • sniffs* I already have created a new account. 
  • sniffs* Yes.
  • impersonating the Digimon Emperor* WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!
  • crying hard* I can't believe I made Rapunzel cry!!!! :' (
  • cries* I'm still scared though. I want to make it to April. :' (

I still don't know if I should stay. I don't feel safe. :' (

I'm sorry if today hasn't been our day. But you know something? 2 years ago, I cried hard on this same day.  :' (

That was when..... when..... I lost my pet husky Balto!!!! *cries*

  • crying* I'm so sorry. :' (
  • sniffs* Others care too.

Has it been an hour yet?

Oops. Now my inbox stopped. I should've seen it coming. I was speaking with Rapunzel.

My decision is still unclear yet. But thanks to Rapunzel and everyone else, I might stay after all.

BUT I might leave.

I really wish this didn't happen. I was gonna tell you something good earlier.

I downloaded Pokemon movies.

Not all of them though.

I had no idea how important I was until tonight......

But still... Google won't care. To them, the law is the law. : (

Are you kidding? They practically own the world. X P

How do we beat them? : (

Hey I made up a song for that.

I doubt that'll work. You know big buisness thinks. With big selfish egos.

You want to hear it?

I'm sketching something right now.

The cubs with Santa Claus hats.

I'm still really sorry about all this. I was hoping we would enjoy our time together today before I go on a roadtrip back home tomorrow for the holidays. Instead, I got my second copyright strike. :' (

I need to know something. How is it you never gave up?

Wait. Your mom won't let you?

I was a little bit hurt at first with your answer. Because it sounded like you would've wanted to give up yourself.

That's just what I need. More heartache. : (

It's working.

I'm feeling a bit better right now.

Hey. When getting the tree, should Dragon-Jeffrey carry it on his back when they cut it down?

He is the strongest member of the team.

The only downside is that he'll have a backside covered in sap and needles in the end. X D

I'm working on the cutest picture now. Tammy putting the star on the tree. : )

What should the title be?

AW! That's perfect! : D

You're welcome. And it suits the story. : )

Next year, DJ can put the star on the tree. : )

Is he afraid of hights?


Hope Dragon-Jeffrey wouldn't mind the 2 on his snout.

I'm gonna scan the images tomorrow before I have to take my exam.

  • sniffs* Okay. Now Anna's comment as gotten to me. :' (

"We need our God of Humor."

And we only met recently.

I'm gonna shower now.

I'm back. And try your inbox now.

Sorry. My wi-fi is being stubborn again X P

Look now.

How do they look? : )

Thanks. : )

I'm already considering staying on YouTube more now. I just need a bit more heartfelt and sincere comments from others to prove how important I am.

If Elsa leaves a sincere comment on Rapunzel's video, than I might stay after all, since Anna and many others commented on it.


Alright. I know how she responded on my video, but I'd like to see her comment on Rapunzel's heartful video.

Rapunzel's got a new video.

Only because I made my own version.

Has it been an hour yet?

Aw come on. I'm getting tired of this poor wi-fi connection on the Wiki. X P

But I've still got one more to color. : )

Putting the star on the tree. : )

Hey. When I do the lights on the tree, what colors do you want?


Whoa that's a lot. And I don't know if I can fit all those colors on the tree.

I just want you to be satisfied with it. It'll be our team's tree.

Hm. Well, that's why there's always room for improvement in future drawings.

Is there anything you wanna talk about before I go to bed?

Yeah. Right now, i'm getting sleepy. *hugs you* Night big brother. See you tomorrow. I love you. : )

I'll let you decide any other villains you want in this.

Just as a sample....

Puppetmon: OH! Being stubborn are you?! We'll see about that! *throws puppet strings at Elsa, and starts pulling* Now come on! Set is waiting!!

Elsa: *Struggling to break free* Let.... me.... go!!!

Hm..... I'm having trouble with the next part. Puppetmon will tell someone to stop Jeffrey, and Jeffrey will get distracted in fighting that villain/minion.

Oh! I didn't know you added Mummymon and Arukenimon.

In that case....

Mummymon: Oh no you don't! Snake Bandage! *throws bandages at Jeffrey*

Puppetmon: *laughs* Looser! *continues tugging on the strings on Elsa* Our new minion will be so much fun to play with!

Elsa: *continues to struggle* HELP!!!!

Jaden: Hang on! I summon Elemental Hero WildEdge! *WildEdge gets summoned and cuts the strings holding Elsa*

Here's a thought. Puppetmon attacks Anna, but just before he can kill her, Elsa steps in and freezes Puppetmon to his death.

Besides, our team will have to face Arueknimon and her Digimon bug army. Just like in that episode where she controlled the bugs with a flute and had them attack the Digi-Destined.

This is a perfect chance for Elsa to prove that her training has paid off and be the hero. Anna saved Elsa, now it's time for Elsa to save Anna.

You like this?

I hope Jeffrey will feel proud of her for defeating a Mega-Level Digimon.

Aww. :' )

To be honest, I'd say Jeffrey's more like a father-figure to Elsa, but if you want them to be more like brother and sister, I'm okay with it.

I'm okay with your decision.

I'm saying it because Elsa and Anna's parents are dead, and when Jeffrey and Elsa talked about how they were similar, Jeffrey kinda acted like a father to Elsa.

So that's why I'll go with a brother-sister like bond.

I really would like Elsa an Anna to guest star in a future Adventure. : )

And I had a funny idea for Frozen. Someone getting a cold. I noticed in a Teen Titans episode how Beast Boy got a cold and he kept sneezing into random animals.

I wonder who though...

Try your inbox now.

Besides a webcam device, anything else you're asking for?

Cool. : )

I'm asking for Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University on DVD.

She did it. She commented on it. I'M STAYING!!!!!! :' D

I've just uploaded the video.

I feel ashamed right now for what I almost did.

You might forgive me, but will everyone else?

I'm gonna cook dinner now.

I'm back.

It's been a while since I've had good home-made food.

It makes me happy to eat like this again. :' )

So back to the episode, I can tell there's one Digimon that'll scare Jeffrey.


Since Arukenimon will be controlling an army of bug Digimon.

Interesting how Arukenimon doesn't scare Jeffrey even though she's a spider.

That's why Aqua, Xion, Jaden, Alexis, Jesse, May, the cubs and everyone else will keep him safe from her.

Aqua and Jaden mostly. Jeffrey protects them both from their worst fears (the darkness and Brron).

Has it been an hour yet?

Yeah. Hang on. Something cool's gonna be seen on TV. Be right back.

I'm back.

So anyway, back to the episode. Besides shooting targets, what else can Elsa do before the villains show up?

Uh oh....

▶ CMV - Sideshow Bob is a Crooked Man - YouTube

He really is our enemy. 0_0

I'm scared what he'll do next.

True. Sideshow Bob doesn't even have any powers.

So I guess we would put him under Charles Muntz's Empire.

Um, bro.... I'm kinda scared right now if Sideshow Bob's channel and Rapunzel's are related..... 0_0

I hope not! I can't bare to yell at her if Sideshow Bob's account is her's too! 0_0

Well.... recently, she told me she's been thinking about doing a video of "Crooked Man."

And I found this on her DeviantArt channel:

The Ohana's New Arch Foe by RapunzelOnYouTube on deviantART

I hope my suspicion isn't true.

Maybe you're right. Look at Rapunzel's comment.

Maybe she's just playing along. She even liked both of Bob's videos.

Sorry bro. It's just this bad feeling I'm getting.

Sorry. Was taking a shower.

Has it been an hour again?

Be honest, do you see her like a little sister too?

Awww. So now you have TWO younger siblings. A little brother AND little sister! :' D

Come here you. *gives you a big hug* :' )

The fact you have such caring and kind younger siblings now is making me happy now. :' )

I'm getting rather tired now.... *hugs you again* I'm going to bed now. Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Just like Jeffrey! X D

I could even eat The Source from "Employee of the Month" if he was real! X D

I still think it'll be funny how Jeffrey eats him along with Cyborg. X D

Beast Boy: Oh. He's in the fridge.

Atticus: Than let's finish him off for good!

Scamper: Uh, guys.....

Cyborg and Jeffrey: .....What?

Jaden: Um, Jeffrey? ......... Do you have any idea what you just ate?

Aqua: Oh, Jeffrey. You and your big appetite.

Scootaloo: Should we tell him?

Aqua: Nah. It's best he doesn't know. Besides, I love him just the way he is. I don't care what he ate. *hugs Jeffrey*

I had her say that to show she loves everything about her husband. Even his strong appetite. : )

Just as I'm sure Jeffrey loves everything about Aqua. :' )

I can imagine Jeffrey and Cyborg have an eating contest! X D

I wonder who'd win.

He'd use his Dragon-form to cheat.

I can imagine Aqua rub his stomach upon winning. : D

Wonder how he'd feel. Stuffed?! X D

2 theme songs for them? Nice. : )

I think it's been an hour now.

My inbox stopped now. But it's okay.

Oops! Sorry! I got distracted. X P


Cood thing I've downloaded that Christmas episode of Camp Lazlo. : )

Oh. And this is for Jirachi Wish Maker.

DJ: Hey, Xion. Who were those goofs that tried to kidnab you?

Tammy: I know why they wanted you, but why did they want Pikachu and the other Pokemon?

(This'll be the first time the cubs meet Team Rocket.)

Tammy: That's terrible!

DJ: Yeah. I think we can tell.

My inbox is working again.

It's so that she doesn't have to meet you at college. She'll have to respect your decision to not to meet them in person while I'm in college.

I'm gonna shower now. Be right back.

I'm back, and I've got a new cool threat for Jeffrey to say. : )

Jeffrey to a villain: "You hurt someone in my family and I will make your gravestone more famous than Ebenezer Scrooge's is!!!"

REally? : )

I can imagine Jeffrey saying it to Xigbar.

'Cause I know how Jeffrey has a death wish for Xigbar.

I know this is a horrible thing to suggest, but Jeffrey wants Xigbar to suffer for everything he's done to Aqua and Xion.

I know it's awful to wish for someone to suffer, but Xigbar deserves it.

Has it been an hour yet?

I'm actually starting to get tired now. I'm calling it a night. *hugs you* Night, big brother. I love you. :' )

First off, do you want this to be when our two teams finally join together?

Before or after Jeffrey and Aqua get married?

Hm. This kinda almost changes everything for what I had planned before

Since I'm doing the second movie now, let's talk about that one. I need to know how on your side of the team will be petrified. Remember that Brain, Mort, and Alexis will be.

You know what? Maybe it is a good thing we're doing this together. 'Cause Jaden's gonan need some serious comfort after Alexis is petrified.

Maybe Xion to since Alexis is her favorite aunt.

Hey. Don't forget Aqua.

I got bad news: BlakeAndAlex12 insults everyone on DeviantArt made me feel bad! :'(

So now what?

It's not that bad. But i feel silly for some reason.

I'm fine really. By the way, did you get to talk to Queen Elsa yet?

Sorry! I didn't notice.

I had a funny idea for a running gag until the end of the third movie.

So did you think about my idea for the new character i made up?

Tammy and DJ trying to eat Scabbers 'cause of their animal instincts.

I can go with that since:

1. Scabbers is really a villain.

2. Tammy and DJ don't eat talking rats like Rizzo.

About Darth Krane right?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We've gotta focus on the first movie.

Ok. *writes this down* I'll start making the page and then when i get the chance I'll make a video of him so that you can see him 

I've always planned for Jaden to move on with Harry after the chess game, but Quirrel knocks Jaden out.

So, if Jeffrey goes, than that'll have to happen to him too. Sorry.

It's so only Harry can finish him off.

Glad you understand.

And take him to the hospital.

ALERT! Rapunzel's thinking of quitting again!!! :' (

I'm gonna try talking with her.

  • whew* That was close.

Yep. She is.

She almost gave me a heart attack.

Has it been an hour yet?

Inbox stopped now. Anyway... Are there any guest stars you want in the saga? 'Cause I've got the lemurs.

  • ping* NEW CUTE IDEA!!!!! :' D

I know we're focusing on movie 1, but I couldn't help it. After the spider scene, when Harry and Ron visit Hermonie in the hospital, and our team visit those who have been petrified, what if Xion makes a new get well soon drawing for Alexis? :' )

The drawing will have her, Alexis, the cubs.....

And one of Alexis' Cyber Angel's.

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

And now back to the 1st movie. So this is gonna take place after Frozen?

I guess Elsa can be in this.

Only if you want to.

How's that being unfair?

I understand that. But so far, you haven't.

No no no! I mean, "so far, you haven't made any major changes to my ideas."

  • hugs you* I just want you to be happy in this.

Note: The Killing Curse won't harm our team, 'cause they're Toons.

Not very easily at least. Only from the Dip.

Inbox is working again.

Our friends will agree that even though he's a made up character, Jeffrey is the perfect guy for Aqua.

Especially since they have a lot in common. : )

  • yawns* Well, I'm getting tired right now. *hugs you* Night, big brother. I love you. :' )


Inbox stopped working.

Right. Anyway, I just wanna be sure that you think the video is fine before it goes public.

Give me some time for it to be exported.

I'm gonna send it to you in your e-mail in mp4. And it can be played in Quicktime player.

Check your e-mail.

Okay. I'll take your word for it.

Thanks again. : )

I'm gonna help cook dinner now.

When I see you face to face, I think I'll cry out of happiness. :' )

I can't help it. I love you big brother, and this will help bring us closer to meeting in person. :' )

Just don't be too shy to see me face to face. X D

In the meantime, still watching the Incredibles, and something in it led me to saying this: If Xion asks what suicide is, do NOT let Jeffrey or Aqua answer that!!!

I brought that up, because of that man who sued Mr. Incredible for saving his life. If you ask me, that man is just a big whiner! X P

Oh. And don't let the cubs know either.

They're only kids. They shouldn't be knowing that kind of stuff.

I just wanted to be sure that we go over the things Xion and the cubs shouldn't know.

So, is there anything you wanna talk about? : )

Oh yeah. That. : )

I can imagine DJ be too shy to be near someone as well loved as Baby Xion.

DJ: *backs away from Baby Xion, shyly*

DJ: *backs up more and whimpers*

DJ: But..... I feewl wike.... I don't desewve a big sistew wike you. Evewyone wuvs you. I'm just a weugwar sabewtooth cub.

Baby Xion: *smiles* Of coawse. Now can you come to me so I can hug you?

DJ:..... *smiles* I feew wucky that you'we my big sistew.

DJ: Wewly?

DJ: *licks Baby Xion's cheek*

Cute. :' )

Has it been an hour yet?

Shoot. Now my inbox stopped. X P

It's okay.

How would Jeffrey describe Man?

I know Jaden and Jeffrey are humans too, but they'd never kill animals like Man does.

If Jeffrey knew a Duelist named.................... Oh dear lord. 0_0

I'm gonna hate myself for suggesting this, but do you a Duelist named Trapper?

Trapper - Yu-Gi-Oh!

You're gonna hate me for this, and I'll hate myself for it.... but.... what if... he... guest starred.... in Bambi? 0_0

Because........ he's a hunter! 0_0

Now you're gonna hate me for it. 0_0

Yes you will! Especially when I tell you HE'S the one that killed Bambi's mom!!!!

Or I could let Jesse do it again. Trapper was Jesse's opponent.

Sorry. I just thought you would hate me for suggesting such a cruel idea.

Sorry. I was afraid though.

Sorry, bro. I feel more confident in myself now that you said you'll NEVER hate me.

Are you sure he's Jeffrey's enemy? Jeffrey's never gonna meet him anyway.

Unless he appears again in the series.

I doesn't matter either way.

IF he did return, he would have to appear as a member of Charles Muntz.

Inbox is working again.

My inbox just stopped.

I'm getting that feeling again. If our Adventure series is pointless. : (

It's what Benny said in his resignation video. : (

I don't wanna quit, bro. I get the feeling like this is the only thing that keeps us together. : (

  • hugs you back* Is it the only reason why we're so close to each other? : (
  • still hugs you* I'm afraid if it does change before we meet in person. Because the series is what we always work on and talk about, and if either of us quit..... *sheds a tear* :' (
  • still hugs you* I can't quit too. I must continue Jaden's story. I must pick up where the creators stopped.

People just don't understand how important it is for me to continue Jaden's story. The fact that Season 4 was never aired in America and that the show ended with Jaden never returning home and becoming a couple with Alexis breaks my heart. :' (

If you ask me (and I don't mean this in an offensive way), but the Japanese are cruel!

I just wish people would understand this. Why we do it. Why I can't stop. Why it's not pointless.

And I'm not doing this just for Jaden's sake. I'm doing it for Alexis' too. The fact that almost every guy in Duel Academy had their sight set on her like she's a prize to be won is awful. And also the fact that she loved Jaden but she never confessed her feelings for him tortures me. :' (

Jaden and Alexis are my favorite couple. I can't live in a world where they're not together. *starts shedding tears* :' (

I thought your favorite couple was another pairing.

I put the names of the minions list on the page for the Minions.

I'm confused.

So it's a tie.

Maybe I ought to make a Journal entry on DeviantArt explaining why I can't ever quit Jaden's Adventures.

Gonna eat dinner now. My journal entry is up.

Will Jeffrey be standing up or sitting down?

Of coarse. And what will his facial expression be?

I'm not surprised. A man's heart was ripped right out in front of his eyes. That would be enough to shock Cheshire Cat.

I'll do it when I go back to college. : )

I chose this Adventure for Jaden to be turned into the Supreme King again because of how Indy was in a trance after drinking that potion.

Besides, Jeffrey has to learn about Jaden's dark past soon.

I've noticed something, bro. Generally, characters of darkness always have yellow eyes.

Pitch, The Supreme King, Vanitas, Master Xehanort, Xigbar, Saïx.

Yellow eyes means it's someone of darkness!

Which means I'll be using that for my own original ideas too.

Are you okay, bro? You sound..... rather emotionless.

Be honest on something. I'm planning on doing pages for the other Brave characters. Would you say the Witch is an ally?

Just asking out of curiousity since Mor'du is the villain.

Good point.

Well....... I guess. But the Disney Wiki say her affiliations are good.

It doesn't matter to me. I just wanted your opinion.


Try your inbox now.

That's how Jaden got involved and why Alexis had to stop him. X D

It's true what they say. You need a woman's touch! X D

I think it would be funny if Jeffrey got involved and Xion stopped him. X D

How 'bout it? : )

Xion: *crosses her arms and taps her foot* Daddy?

Xion: THIS is stopping the fight?

Xion: *takes his hand* Come on. *drags him back to the rest of the team*

Xion: Sometimes, you are so embarrasing.

She may be a little sweetheart, but she's got some spunk in her. X D

Sorry. I've started taking down the tree.

Try your inbox now.

Lord Hater: You should be thankful! Arceus will die, and you won't have to worry about him destroying humanity!

Peepers: Oh! I see! Selfish are we?! You don't care what'll happen to this land without the Jewel. You'd rahter let it perish.

Jesse: That's a lie! This land will flurish even without the Jewel!

Funny idea. : )

Hard for me to describe it, but watch 0:38:27.

the swan princess 2 - YouTube

Beetles getting rolled over by the Jewel of Life.

I know. X D

Thanks. : )

Sorry. I was in the bathroom.

Brermeerkat's been watching more MLP episodes.

He's up to Episode 16 which is vital for Wreck-it Megamind.

Has it been an hour?

Inbox stopped working.

Sorry I didn't tell you.

Anyway, Jeffrey means the whole world to Aqua. He's her gope of being reunited with Terra and Ven, and ever since they met, Aqua's life has gotten better and better. So Aqua's not gonna let anything bad happen to her perfect husband!

I've got a new enemy now.


I'm not scared of him though. I provoked him. I said sarcastically "I think my Pikachu slippers just ran for cover." X D

I say "Pikachu slippers" 'cause they're cooler than bunny slippers.

Villains just don't understand. My fursona is an immotral Toon god. And he's the apprentice of Osiris. Those villains should NEVER mess with me.

Hey. What are thoughts on Gatomon? : )

I was just asking since I'm still download DIgimon episodes and I've watched a few of them, and I wanted to know know what you thought of Gatomon. To me she's a cool Digimon, and that it's awesome she's a heroine. : )

You could say our team is mostly cat people although there are some dogs on the team too.

But the Dragonhearts are more cat people. Especially Xion. : )

Especially since Xion's little sister and brother are cats. : )

I don't wanna say "wierd." I'd say "abnormal."

It's true that Tammy and DJ are not humans, but what makes them Xion's little brother and sister is their strong bonds of sibling love. :' )

Just like you and me, bro. :' )

  • hugs you* I love you, big brother. :' )
  • still hugs you* Have you been working on how to use your webcam?
  • still hugs you* Okay. Because I really wanna see you face to face.

I was right. We're gonna have to do it when I get back to college.

I'm gonna be too busy tomorrow with my dentist appointment and packing up to do webcam.

Oops! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention!

NO! It's not! I always make you wait! I HATE MAKING YOU WAIT!!!!!

I39darkblade: Hey pal, put The King And I on the Ed's Adventures series.

I39darkblade: *writes this down* Good. Any other ideas for the series?

I39Darkblade: Well in any case let know if you do. I'm going to start working on the series soon. It's time. *I'm not yelling this at you by the way* GET READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!! WHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta tell you. Something I look forward to back in college is having my privacy again.

I promise to make it all up to you for all this waiting. And don't try to decline it. I WANT to make it up to you.

I39darkblade: Me too, i've dreamed of doing this for years. Ren thought it was me who made the original series.

Sorry. It's just that I since I'm that important to you, I don't wanna make you wait so much for me and make you feel alone. : (

I39darkblade: By the way, i did something really stupid the other day.

  • hugs you back* Besides, I don't like be separated from you for very long either.

My family wants to do Uno again. Better play with them.

I39darkblade: Well my sister and some of our friends and i were doing a little contest of me trying to get out of a straigt jacket, and i did, but that's when it happened.

I39darkblade: Dislocated my left shoulder.

I39darkblade: It's the third time it's happened. It hurt, but not as much as when i put it back in.

I39darkblade: I'm ok now, but i get hurt alot.

This gives me a cute idea for a "what-if" story for Justice Guardian Kids. : D

Young Dragon-Jeffrey steps on something painful, and Young Aqua takes care of it for him. : D

I know Skystengel's skin is very tough, but I thought that since Jeffrey is less mature in this, his skin as a dragon wouldn't have fully reached it's peak of roughness.

Young Aqua: Jeffrey!! What's wrong?!?

Young Aqua: Oh dear. Here. Let me see it.

Young Aqua: Oh dear! That's a nasty sharp looking rock you stepped on.

Young Aqua: Awwww. Don't worry, Jeffrey. I'll fix it. Now this might sting for a little bit. *gently removes the rock*

Young Aqua: There. That wasn't so bad. No than. *takes out a bandaid and places it where it hurts on Young Dragon-Jeffrey's foot*

Young Aqua: Oh! I almost forgot. *kisses where it hurts on Dragon-Jeffrey's foot*

Young Aqua: *smiles* Feel better?

Young Aqua: *hugs Youmg Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* Anything for my ever-so-sweet boyfriend.

Young Aqua: I love you, my snuggly dragon. *kisses his snout*

AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! "Ocean Princess"!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! :' D

Young Aqua: Awe! I love that! "Ocean princess."

Young Aqua: I may be modest, but I love that you given me a cute nickname for our relationship.

Young Aqua: *kisses Young Dragon-Jeffrey on the snout again* That's to show how much I love the romantic nickname you gave me.

It's getting late for me now. I should go to sleep now. I've got a long day ahead of me. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And wish me a safe trip back to college. :' )

I gotta tell you. The thing I hate about going outside are the boots a gotta wear. X P

They're not too small for me. They're just hard to put on and off.

Now I know how Miss Piggy felt in this:

The Muppet Show - S4 E23 P1/3 - Carol Channing - YouTube

Hey. As I said, it's taking them on and off that's the problem.

Puss in Boots never had these problems. X P

Can you help me with the new category?

When was Sora revived?

  • slaps myself on the forehead* I'm such an idiot. X P

How could I forget? X P

Some Kingdom Hearts fan I am. X P

What about Jaden's friends that were sent to the stars? Were they revived?

I asked 'cause they weren't really dead. They were just in yet another dimension.

Gee.... Now I REALLY hate that creep, Brron! > : (

I'm glad that in Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Jeffrey will hate Brron so much! Taking away Xion, Aqua, and Alexis is crossing the line. And scaring Jaden and breaking him into tears with a broken heart is beyond dead!!

At that point, Jeffrey will definitely feel Jaden's pain and fear for good, after seeing some of this side of the team's members become victims of Brron's Wicked Canon.

Do you suppose that after this, Jeffrey can swear on his life to NEVER let something like this happen to Jaden again?

Wow. What a brave and devoted big brother. :' )

No more suffering for Jaden either!

Jeffrey has to ensure that both his wife and little brother don't suffer anymore. That's a lot of responsibility. Are you sure he can handle it?

Okay. But he should get some help with it.

Of coarse. Like in "The Brave Little Toaster To the Rescue." When Ratso's blaming of Radio almost awakened the Supreme King in Jaden again.

Because what awakens the darkness in Jaden is when his close friends are hurt or gone.

And Jaden doesn't want Jeffrey to feel like a monster anymroe and be alone anymore.

Brothers forever. :' )

I'm gonna head out now, but I'll be right back. : )

Try your inbox now.

Darn. Mine just stopped. X P

Let me give you the link again:

▶ Happy Holidays from the Dark Side! - YouTube

I know. Hilarious. X D

I asked Rapunzel if she and her ohana would share the same villains our team faces too.

Oh! She's mad at Set.

I told her in "God Train the Queen", Set is the one who sent the villains to try to take Elsa and use her for evil. And she hates Set now.

Just look at her reaction on the recent discussion on her channel.

Unfortunately, hardly anything scares Set. He's calm and collected like Master Xehanort.

There are some times though where he does get scared. Like close to the end of Rise of the Guardians.

Even the Kingdom Hearts villains would get scared by our two team's combined powers.

I don't see how not even those fools could show any trace of fear in the games. They're too arrogant. X P

Well than. *cracks knuckles* We'll just have to teach them to fear Jaden and Jeffrey.

Xigbar will especially learn the word fear from Jeffrey!!!!

Close to the end of Men in Black 2, just before Jeffrey finishes him off.

Just remember the dire threat Jeffrey gives to Xigbar before he kills him.

"If you EVER cause anymore pain and suffering to my wife and daughter, I'll make you wish you really don't exist!!!!!"

Because Nobodies don't exist.

Do you still like that threat? : )

Good. : )

Xigbar: *pants* No..... This.... isn't happening......... I refuse...... to loose...... to a.... half lizard...... freak!!!

Xigbar: *panting* I'm not...... afraid..... of you!!!!

(He's lying. He IS afraid)

Xigbar: *gasps as Jeffrey grabs him by the cloak*


Xigbar: NO! Please don't!

  • magical lightning appears and strikes Jeffrey's free hand, granting him the strength he needs*

Xigbar: *whimpers*

Xigbar: *gets painful electrocuted and burned, and screams in pain*

  • Jeffrey lets go of him, and Xigbar fades away before he can hit the ground*

Aqua: JEFFREY!!!! *runs to him, and holds him in her arms* Are you okay?!

Aqua: *smiles* Thank you for getting rid of that monster, Xigbar. *kisses him on the lips* I love you, dear.

Aqua: *sees the battle going on between Jaden and Vanitas* Now the rest is up to Jaden.

Just one thing. Have Jeffrey blush and kiss Aqua back. : )

And do you suppose while Jeffrey and Aqua watch the fight going on between Jaden and Vanitas, Aqua can have her arms around Jeffrey while he lies down? : )

My inbox is working again.

Like Dr. Jumba.

Or someone else. I'll think about it while I cook dinner.

Sorry for not responding. I was focused on the new story. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Achmed: Oh not this crap again! X P

Anyway.... I will wait until you're ready. Mentally.

I know. : )

Hm. *yawns*

Thanks. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

My inbox just stopped.

Saw it coming though. Anyway, that's why my work is copyrighted.

Wow! Really? : D

That's so humor-licious! : D

We definitely should go into business together. : D

  • hugs you* We'll be the greatest team since Hanna Barbera. : D

When we talk on the webcam, there's one drawing I gotta show ya. : )

Think of it like a symbol of how we'll be successful together. How our ideas together will be amazing. : )

  • still hugs you* I love you, big brother. I can't wait 'til the time comes. :' D

I shall get to some sketching while we talk now.

Might have to multi-task.

But I'll still be here online for you. : )

I'm doing a new drawing of Jeffrey now. : )

I will need a description for it. MiB Agent Jeffrey.

Nice. : )

Well first, even though he no longer attends Duel Academy, Jaden's reputation affects the students there. Stein, who survived the fall, is angry by this. He threatens to end Jaden's career in dueling because he never graduated from Duel Academy.

Right. Jeffrey wins, and Jaden continues his Dueling career and will recieve his diploma. But if he looses, than Jaden must stop Dueling.

And Stein will finally learn the hard way that everyone DOES have different strengths. Jaden said that, but Stein stubbornly said he's wrong.

Jeffrey won't tolerate the way Stein bad-mouths Jaden.

Even Xion won't like Stein's tone.

Just testing you.

And I still wanted your opinion that even if he's not that smart in Duel Academy, it means he's an idiot.

Good. I'm testing you again with Xion as a Nobody.

You sure? She WAS a Nobody before.

But it's all up to you. If you don't want to categorize her as a Nobody, that's fine.

I've finished the drawing. But the library is closed now. I'll scan it tomorrow. In fact, I'll do another one now. : )

Jeffrey in a Slifer Red jacket. : )

Yeah. But now I'm gonna start dinner. Be right back. : )

I'm back. Try your inbox now.

Oops. Stopped again.

Anyway, I take it what DJ said about him wishing he had opposable thumbs is him being sarcastic again?

But he's still a sweetheart no matter what?

Good. : )

Just wanted to be sure.

Because I want him to be a sweetheart like his sisters are too. : )

You may do the honors. : )

Great. : )

I'll bet that he wants to be as nice as Xion is. : )

Awwwwwww! :' )

You may not remember but in Digimon Season 2, there were Digimon in several parts of the world. And a Cherrymon was attacking the tree in Rockefeller Center.

Too bad that bone-head Davis was there. X P

Reminds me of the Cherrymon that tricked Matt into fighting Tai.

I hope that never happens with Jeffrey and Jaden. :' (

I hope so. If Cherrymon did that to Jeffrey, would he fall for it?

I don't ever wanna see Jeffrey and Jaden have fights and arguements. :' (

It'll break my heart if that happens. :' (

They only time they'd fight is on a Duel.

Jaden would never want to have a real fight with the guy that helped him conquer his fear of the past. : (

Sorry, bro. The idea scared me.

But as long as you keep your word to never let them fight, than I'll be okay.

Thanks. : )

True brothers forever. They never have fights or even get mad at each other. :' )

I love how much they value each other and how they go through great acts of bravery to keep each other safe. :' )

By the way, something I've been meaning to say. It's about what we did with Young Dragon-Jeffrey and Young Aqua. : )

I really love when he calls Young Aqua "Ocean Princess". It's a really cute plot twist to the whole "rescue the princess" skit. For once the princess wouldn't want to be rescued by a knight, because she's in love with the dragon. :' D

That's what makes it so beautiful. A true "Beauty and the Beast" couple. :' )

The only thing similar to the whole "rescuing the princess from the dragon" skit is that Young Dragon-Jeffrey does guard Young Aqua. : )

She means that much to Young Jeffrey. : )

Yeah.... *yawns* I'm getting tired now. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

So You Like Darth Annak's Story?!? Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 22:47, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

Yeah Darth Annak Is Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 22:53, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

Bro. Because I love you, and I can't live without you, I'm gonna send you a gift via e-mail.

Nevermind. The files are too big. X P

THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!! I can't take it anymore!!! *starts to cry* All I want is for you to watch the spoof. :' (

  • still cries* Why me?! What did I ever do to deserve this?!? :' (
  • still cries* Than why must I face this unfair treatment with copyright claims and storage limits?!? :' (
  • sniffs* I'm sorry. All I want is for you to see the spoof. :' (

What am I gonna do? :' (

I can still upload videos there, but I don't know how many more parts I can upload.

I'm done darkening in the other drawing.

Maybe I'll be better once I come back to scan the images.

Don't bother me now......

Do You Hate It?!? Ben "Maza' Skywalker (talk) 00:23, January 7, 2014 (UTC)

  • smiles* Good ol' Cadence never lets me down. Her heart heals mine. : )

No wonder we made her a Princess of Heart for our series. She's far to kind. : )

The only time we see her angry is towards a villain.

Her heart is completely devoid of darkness. : )

This calls for a new page.

Is it really an object?

It is rather confusing.

And whatever it is, Jaden won't let the villains aquire it!

You know what's kinda beautiful? How Xion never needed Kingdom Hearts to have her own heart. : )

But not even they can summon Kingdom Hearts.

If Xion didn't have a heart, than she wouldn't have cried after the Chameleon said she'll always be a Nobody.

In case you're wondering, Set told the Chameleon about her past. Unfortunately, just as Osiris and Isis weren't affected by the memory loss of Xion after she was defeated, so wasn't Set. : (

I know. What's worse is that Set uses this to his advantage after Xion is revived. : (

But as long as Xion ignores these harsh things the villains say, than that's what's matters.

Xion just needs to be reminded that she WAS meant to exist.

Oh yeah. I remember the Greedy tried to find Kingdom Hearts, believing that it'll get him the "sweet heart" he wants.

Yeah. They outsmarted him. X D

'Cause he's in Team Vector.

Even the cubs wouldn't be too afraid of him.

He better be careful what he wishes for!

He has no idea what Xehanort is like!

I'm gonna make dinner now. Be right back.

I'm back.

New Council of Light member.

Gennai - Digimon Wiki: Go on an adventure to tame the frontier and save the fused world!

Remember him?

Has it been an hour yet?

Talk about bad timing. X P

  • hugs you* I'm so sorry about earlier.
  • still hugs you* Do you think I complain a lot? : (
  • still hugs you* Honest?
  • still hugs you* I just wanted to be sure.
  • Still hugs you* So, is there something you wanna talk about?

Well, if you think that there should be one more villain now that Rapunzel and her ohana will be in it, let me know.

Her again?

I was just asking for confirmation.

If Rapunzel knows her too.

When my inbox works again.

Reminded me again. We're never gonna have Xion go back to Twilight Town?

I'm surprised how she goes to someplace worse like The World That Never Was, but not Twilight Town.

That makes a lot of sense.

Now here's another one. Where will Jeffrey have his Mark of Mastery exam?

Well, I'm thinking since the exam gets off coarse, the last place they get sent to is the Keyblade Graveyard.

But they won't see Lingering Will there.

I'm just asking this stuff because of what locations to create pages for.

So I guess Twilight Town is not one of them.

I don't think even Lea would wanna go back there. Not when he too had painful memories there. When he had to fight Xion. : (

Inbox is working again.

Oh. That makes sense. Sorry.

I'm glad it works. : )

We'll be that closer to meeting each other in person. : )

This was a great idea. : )

Wow! I'm surprised how similar I made your character look to you! : D

And I didn't even need a photo for reference. : )

Do you wanna stick to talking on the phone or on the computer?

Okay. Anyway, joking aside, I think you look cool, bro. : )

I can't wait to talk face to face soon! : D

I hope that I've given enough proof that you're talking to the same person.

Good. Just wanted to be sure.

  • hugs you* I love you, big brother. :' )
  • still hugs you* So tell me. Are you thinking about talking on webcam tomorrow? Is that what you were saying?

That's fine. If I don't sleep in tomorrow, I'll be out tomorrow exploring the city.

But I will be back before you get online. : )

You know how I hate making you wait. So I'll get it done sooner than later.

Has it been an hour yet?

Saïx: It is too late to save Jaden. His heart belongs to the darkness. He'll always be the Supreme King.

  • the fight continues*

Jaden: *clenches onto his dragon-scale, and screams in pain* JEFFREY!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse:...! Jeffrey! Look at your Wayfinder!

  • the Wayfinder starts to glow brightly*

Saïx: I said stay away from the 13th vessel!!

Saïx: *takes the hit*

Xion: Thunder! *hits Saïx with a blast of lightning*

I'm gonna scan the images now. Be right back.

Pains me to go outside, but it'll be worth it for you.

I'm back!

Hey, bro. Heard of "The Nut Job"?

Jeff Dunham's voicing in it! : D

He's the mole.

I definitely notice a similarity. The Mole sounds like Peanut.

Noticed it?

It tempts me.

One is. Jeffrey as an MiB agent.


Look now.

Thank you. : )

Now to work on the next one.

Just give me some time.

In the meantime, can you give me a description?

Not just because his favorite color is red.

Want him to hold a regular Duel Disk or a red one?


Look now.

It's alright.

Hi! What's going on YouTube? The subscriptions had messed up and inbox button disappeared! It must be a glitch by cold out and frozen.

Not even in his dragon-form?

Doesn't like things raw?

Except for Quasimodo Wilson. X P

But that's the only exception, right?

Good. I don't wanna give Dragon-Jeffrey a stomach ulcer from eating live and raw stuff like villains. X P

And I don't think the rest of the team wants to get disgusted by it.

Be honest. Is the Disney Fairy Godmother better?

That's why Jaden calls the Shrek version a rip-off.

You know something? Hate to spoil it, but Fairy Godmother claims that Jaden and Alexis were never to be.

You'll be enraged by this, but Fairy Godmother says that Alexis should've ended up with another Obelisk Blue

like Harrington.

She's like a matchmaker. She thinks she can decide who people should end up with, whether they'd both be happy or not. > : (

Another spoiler: Fairy Godmother lied. She only said that to get Jaden to doubt himself and therefore, unable to help Shrek.

Jaden and Alexis ARE meant to be. Although at first their chances of getting together were rough at Duel Academy, they do end up together as fate said.

Just like Jeffrey and Aqua. : )

Even if that Sid came between them?

I'm glad that your side of the team will be there for this. : )

And Cadence and Xion. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Jaden: I don't think you wanna know, Tory.

Tory: You sure?

Tory: Okay than.

New page.

Just felt like creating that page. : )

I haven't really thought of when Jaden gets his though.


Sorry. That won't work. If you recall, I had the idea for Jaden to hold onto it in Key of Flaming Union when he fights Jafar. When he squeezes Jaden in his snake-form, Jaden asks for strength from the Wayfinder.

I'll scrap it though if you want.

How 'bout in the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

How about while everyone helps plan for Jeffrey and Aqua's wedding, Aqua decides to give Jaden the Wayfinder he made for him? While they're on Zaphod's ship.

Continuing from...

Alexis: I don't know how, but we'll manage. The happiness of Jeffrey and Aqua is more important right now. And we've got to see to it that they have an official wedding.

Batty: She has a point.

Fluttershy: We're sorry we can't make your wedding the way you've always dreamed it would be, but we hope that you will still be happy with it, if that's okay.

Jeffrey: It's all right, Fluttershy.

Jaden: I must say Aqua. You must be one lucky girl to be marrying my big brother.

Aqua: *smiles* I sure am.

Jaden: What is it?

Aqua: *takes out a gold colored Wayfinder* I made you a good luck charm too.

Jaden: .....! For.... For me? *is given it* I get one too?

Jaden: ......This is amazing.

Aqua: *takes out hers* Another unbreakable connection.

Xion: *takes out her Wayfinder*

Jaden: *hugs Aqua* I feel so happy that I'll have a wonderful older sister like you. *sniffs*

Just like Ven. : )

Touching scene. : )

Try your inbox now.

Darth Annak has no idea who he's threatening.

Frogwash. X P

Darth Annak's Message - YouTube

He doesn't know about my stronger form.

I won't let him hurt my friends!!!!!

I can't believe this mortal is not feeling any pain! That wannabe crybaby of a villain can't pretend to be invincible!

Sorry. I'm just a bit irritated by the guy.

He's trying to hurt Xion!!!

He even called her a brat!!!! > : (

Help me out here!

Ben "Maza" Skywalker - Google+

I'm done. He's giving me a headache.

I need some aspirin.

Being that angry general hurts my head.

Giive me some time for it to go away.

I feel better.

You know something? I had a cute idea earlier. But I was afraid you would think it would be weird.

Baby Xion giving Dragon-Jeffrey a little snack.

Something like a cookie or a piece of fruit.... Wait! You don't think it's weird?

'Cause I can imagine several team members, mainly Dragon-Jeffrey, Aqua, Baby Xion, Jaden, Alexis, Jesse, May, and several others on a picnic, and Baby Xion, being a little angel she is, gives her daddy something to eat.

Thanks. I was afraid you'd think it would be weird 'cause I thought you'd think it degrades Jeffrey.

'Cause I wanna continue to show his cuddly side. Just like Toothless. Show that when he's with his family, he's more like a dog than a fierce monster.

Baby Xion: Daddy? You wanna cookie? Mommy made them hewself.

Baby Xion: Open up, pwease.

Baby Xion: *places the cookie on Dragon-Jeffrey's tongue.*

Baby Xion: *smiles* Yummy?

Baby Xion: *still smiles* You'we welcome, daddy. I luv you.

I'm getting tired. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

One more thing. Depending on the weather, I might have to stay inside my dorm room for the day.

Which means I'll be there for you all day tomorrow.

Inbox stopped.

It's okay. Anyway... I'm unlucky in love, bro. Jaden and Alexis are the closest thing I have to a real relationship.

There was one thing I was hoping to show you on Skype.

More than that.

It's okay. I'll show you later.

So I see. Did you tell Rapunzel about this?

I see. Hm. Let ME give it some thought though.

Sounds cool, but I kinda wish you told me about it in advanced.

Oh. I get it.

It's okay. I'm not mad.

I do like the idea, but let's first hear it from Rapunzel.

When did Mike lie?

You don't know. Come on. Was it in the first movie?

How 'bout Judge Doom?

What sickens me about him is how he tried to destroy the laughter for kids by getting rid of the cartoon characters. > : (

I can't imagine a world without animation. :' (

Good riddance!

And Toons are forever safe from "Dip."

Making the couples in our team stuck with each other for life. :' )

So there's no "Until death do they part."

'Cause don't you think "Berkeley" and "Hercules" sound a little alike?

Funny thing is that there is such a bug as a Hercules Beetle.

As you can tell, just like Fluttershy, Beetles too gives Discord a chance in the episode.

Beetles: I know it's still not easy to trust him, *faces Jeffrey* but come on. You felt that way when we meet again and I was on Jaden's Team, right?

Beetles: Exactly. So just like you did with me, you gotta give him a chance to prove if he's telling the truth.

Jaden: If it'll help us save Princess Celestia and Princess Luna...

Beetles doesn't wanna treat Discord any different, 'cause Beetles too is reformed.

Doing a new page.

Wonder Woman brought it up.

Still can't wait to see Jeffrey reaction when he hears how his wife destroyed the χ-blade. : )

Impressed by her strength. : )

Feel free to edit the page.

I kinda don't understand why Xion is needed to complete the χ-blade, but I'm just trying to go with it.

Unless the villains are trying to make Xion the 13th Vessel, than that makes sense.

I know it's scary, but we gotta think about this logically. The χ-blade can only be created by having 7 (or in this case 11) hearts of light clashing against 13 hearts of darkness.

I think I've gotta a good reason why Xion is needed. Because her heart is devoid of darkness, if it was gone, than it would be easier for her the darkness to take control of her body, and make her become the 13th Vessel.

And like Jaden and Riku. : (

Sad how they won't abandon the idea of Xion being the 13th Vessel. :' (

Inbox stopped again. Anyway...

Chameleon: *Scoffs* Oh please! Was that supposed to hurt?!?

Chameleon: *moans* Geez.... You punch as hard as your mom and dad do.....

Chameleon: YEE-OOOOOOOOUCH!!!! *looks to see DJ biting his tail*

Chameleon: *growls* I should've taken YOU instead!

Chameleon: *screams in pain*

That gives me an idea for something else I aught to do. : )

Jeffrey beating up the Chameleon. X D

He's black and blue and green all over! X D

Hm. I'll get to work on it.

This'll be the first time I ever drew the Chameleon. But it shouldn't be hard.

Anything I should give the Chameleon? Like a black eye?

And should I use the updated look for Jeffrey?

Roger that! : )

Not bad. But more serious.

Better. : )

Of coarse, Aqua punches harder than Jeffrey does. : )

I'm not implying that Jeffrey is weaker than Aqua though.

So far, I've got the Chameleon's beaten up face drawn. X D

It might take me a while to finish the drawing though.

I'm back to watching Kirby episodes again. And right now, I'm watching A Dental Dilemma.

Right now, I can't stop and think about Xion taking excellent care of her teeth. :' )

I wanna also draw little Xion in her pajamas. : )

Care to help me with what to draw specifically?

And pants obviously.

Good idea. Like red or blue.

Both shirt and pants?

And pants?

How 'bout socks or any kind of footwear?

Got it. I'll even draw Xion with a toothbrush. : )

Purple. It IS Xion's favorite color. : )

One more thing: Long or short sleeved?

Alright. That means both pants and shirt will be short.

Okay. In fact, I'll put the punching drawing on hold and do the new idea for now.

Inbox works.

Tammy: I won't do it!!!! *runs into a closet and hides*

Jaden: Geez. I've never seen her act like this before.

Alexis: That's because she's cranky and exhausted from not getting any sleep, dear.

Tammy: *snarls angrily*

Bartok: Maybe we should just leave her alone.

  • no response*

DJ: Xion. Try talking to her. She'll listen to you.

Tammy: *opens the door* Xion?

Tammy: But, Xion...... These nightmares feel real. I don't want something worse to happen. *coughs*

Tammy: .......... Will you be there for me IF I go to sleep?

Xion: So, will you please sleep so that we can save you from these nightmares?

Tammy:....................................... Fine. I'll do it. As long as you'll be here for me.

I'm getting tired right now. I'm going to be now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I forgot who goes in.

Princess Luna as a guest star.

Alexis and Jesse.

Any other guest heroes you want in this?

Maybe the new page will help.

The Mane 6.

Maybe Cadence should stay behind and help Xion.

Than Shining Armor should stay behind. 

I thought maybe Cadence could help by singing Tammy a lullaby with her BEAUTIFUL voice. :' )

Her voice is healing. :' )

Unfortunately, it won't cure Tammy.

Right. Every little bit helps. : )

Cadence and Xion are angel's. :' )

What's even more touching is how these three angels look out for each other. :' )

So here's what happens, our team arrives in a dark, damp and VERY scary forest, until they arrive at what they think to be Professor Screweye's circus of fear, but it's not. It just looks similar.

And that's when they'll here the song "Wonderful World of Evil."

I still haven't  decided who the villain is though.

In the meantime, I've finally found a Kirby episode I haven't seen in ages. : )

Kirby Right Back at Ya HD Episode 81 A Trashy Tale - YouTube

I remember acting the episode with a friend. : )

Just to be absolutely sure, IS Darkrai an ally?

I just wanna be sure. 'Cause in other Pokémon media, Darkrai was a villain. Like Mystery Dungeon.

I know that one is not a villain.

That's why he is a misunderstood character.

I'm happy that our two teams will be together for this. : )

I think it's been an hour now.

This is the episode, in case you're wondering:

Kirby Right Back at Ya HD Episode 82 Cooking Up Trouble - YouTube

Jaden won't EVER be jealous of Jeffrey though.

Why in the wide wide world of Equestria would Jeffrey be jealous of Jaden?

Other than defeating the 3 Sacred Beasts and extinguishing the Light of Destruction?


That's pretty kind of him. : )

Sorry, bro. I'm trying to figure out something right now with my 3DS.

Problem fixed. : )

Watching the episode?

Thank you. : )

I wonder if now that you have a 3DS, you'll get Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

That's what made me think about Aqua feel lucky about being married to Jeffrey. :' )

Well, think about everything Jeffrey can do. : )

Plus, if you saw it yet, the ladys were impressed with Ebrum's cooking.

So that's the MAIN reason. : )

Yes. But let's not overdue it. I don't want Jeffrey to get chased by fangirls. X D

I think it's been an hour now.

Xion: Cinnamon on potatos? Seriously?

Don Simon: You bite your tongue! My cinnamon spuds are very popular!

To answer that, he's just being in character.

New photos. : )

Those are the 2 stores I went to today.

Saw the T-Rex?

It's so life-like when it moves. And it's loud when it roars.

Just be glad it's fake.

I'll bet after what happened in Jurassic Park, Jeffrey doesn't wanna see another T-Rex for a while.

Especially since one gave him a nasty bite on the back. : (

By the way, I'm re-uploading Extinct Animals. : D

It's a funny one. Especially when Henry's museum got damaged. X D

I know it's a mean thing to do. Laugh at his misery. But I can't help it. X D

New Queen of Hearts video.

I did one of Elsa. I decided to do one with Anna. : )

By the way, there's something else I keep forgetting to ask. About the trash episode of Kirby. Does Xion keep HER room neat and clean?

I hope Jeffrey realizes how lucky he is to have Xion be his daughter.

Xion: *smiles* Daddy. I've cleaned my room like you told me.

Aqua: Mind if we check to be sure, sweetie? Not that we don't trust you. We trust you with all our hearts. But we just wanna double-check.

  • Aqua and Jeffrey enter Xion's room*

Aqua: Oh wow! It's so tighty in here.

Aqua: Great job, Xion. Your father and I are proud of you.

Aqua: But this shows us that you're a responsible little girl.

Oh! But wait! I remembered. Xion and the cubs share the same room.

Tammy: We helped too.

DJ: Uh.... I helped a little bit too... but I understand if it wasn't that important.

DJ: *blushes out of shyness* Really?

Try your inbox now.

Inbox stopped. Anyway....

At least you know now that Kirby can't fight when he's got hiccups.


True. I gotta say though, Dedede's idea of bring sushi to the people was gross. Leaving it out in the air for too long and let it get rotten and smelly. X P

He's nothing but a big cheapskate. Probably bigger than Mr. Krabs.

Especially since he was selling sushi!

I wonder if Dedede should ever appear in the series.

I'd like to see the team piss him off! X D

I know it's not a wise choice with his short temper, but what's he gonna do about it? X D

Just remember, I feel more sympathy for Escargoon than Dedede.

Why'd you remove King Sombra?

That doesn't mean we can't create lines for him.

I'll be going to bed in a little bit.

Would you say Sombra's a monster?

Anyone that enslaves innocent lives is a monster to me.

Can't stand the idea of it. : (

Bro. Are you SURE you're not just copying me?!? Because I'm so surprised how similar we are. X D

Your heart's a golden one. :' )

How 'bout me? : )

  • hugs you* Thanks big brother. :' )
  • still hugs you* I'm getting tired now. I'm going to bed now. Night big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

Unless you wanna use a different one since that one is fought by Terra.

The only one she fought was Cursed Coach.

I'm okay with it though. I've got an idea for it. Jeffrey defeats it, which impresses Aqua since she fought it before. : )

Besides, Jeffrey doesn't like pumpkins.

So in two Scooby Doo movies, Jeffrey destroys a pumpkin.

Right. So for now, I'd like to work on them. : )

Funny thing:

DJ: Shaggy eats dog treats?! Gross!!

  • laughs* Not Jeffrey too! X D
  • laughs* I've noticed something. Whenever we show him being funny, it generally involves his strong appetite! X D

Eating the glowing algae in Defenders of Berk and the Source with Cyborg. X D

I can understand if Xion feels embarrased by this.


You sure?

"Jaden: Okay, Jeffrey. Let's get outta- Ah! Jeffrey!!‬

‪Dragon-Jeffrey: *eats the algae* Oh! Uh- I just took a teensy-weensy little taste. Honest.‬

Xion: Oh, Daddy. *gently face-palms herself* ‬

‪Dragon-Jeffrey: What? I was hungry!"

Unless you mean "thinks her dad is strange sometimes", she can't blame him. He's half dragon.

I think that's real sweet of her though. That she never sees her dad as being embarrasing. :' )

Aqua loves that in Jeffrey. The fact that he eats odd things makes her laugh. : )

Sometimes she's happy to cook him something. : )

My inbox stopped working a while ago.

It's okay. But I just gotta say, the Dragonhearts are a wonderful and beautiful family. :' )

Aqua: *giggles upon seeing Jeffrey eat a Scooby Snack* How's it taste, dear?

  • laughs* X D

You've got a great sense of humor, big bro! X D

You know what would be cute? Everytime Jeffrey makes Aqua laugh, she'll give him a kiss. :' )

Thanks. Aqua wants to show Jeffrey how much she loves him, and how special he is to her. :' )

I wonder if in Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase, Jeffrey will attempt to eat the big tomatoes like Scooby and Shaggy did.

BUT they were told that they're radioactive.

Scamper's right. He's always thinking with his stomach first. X D

Oops! Sorry. I didn't pay attention!

Hm. I had a thought. Now that I have your e-mail, how 'bout when I do a drawing involving you and your ideas, I show it to you before I submit it on DeviantArt? : )

That way I'll know for sure it's the way you want it before I submit it.

Just like with Rarity, I want you to be 110% satisfied!

I thought this was our series.

Sorry. Was in the bathroom.

I can imagine with such a big appetite, Jeffrey making funny burps! X D

Than Aqua's and Xion's should glow too. : )

Xion: What's going on?

  • the bright light from Jaden starts to burn Snake-Jafar's skin*

Snake-Jafar: *screams in pain and let's go of Jaden*

Xion: Uncle Jaden! He's free!!

Jaden wins after Jafar turns into his genie look, and Jaden summons Magma Neos to destroy his lamp.

But remember that the one time outside help was allowed is Jesse vs the Grand Duke of Owls, since the Duke cheats.

And more help to if you want. It's okay to do this. The Duke deserves it for cheating.

I need help with the new page.

IS he an enemy?

I know he was TRON reprogramed but IF our team faces him, than he's an enemy.

Hm. He did help the heroes get away.


Deciding if someone like him is a friend or foe is hard.

Just one more Amazing Animals to re-upload.

Try your inbox now.

Funny new video! X D

▶ My Clips for the Super Pony Power Hour - YouTube

Ah, crud. Something was wrong with Prehistoric Animals. I've gotta redo it. X P

I'm gonna shower now. Be right back.

I might stay up late to make amends for the poor video I uploaded.

  • sighs* How could I not notice. X P

So tell me? How 'bout this weekend, we try Skype again? New MLP episode tomorrow. We can talk about it face to face. : )

YIPEE!!!!!!!! : D

Before I forget again, back to Jeffrey burping again. As I said, Aqua will kiss Jeffrey whenever he makes her laugh, but if it's a burp, he better take a breathe mint first. X D

Right now, there's a scene in a MLP episode I'd like to do.

Power Ponies. When the gang starts getting pulled into the comic book.

I'll start.

Jaden: Hang on! *grabs Rarity and starts pulling, until he starts getting pulled in* Uh oh!

Aqua: *grabs Jeffrey* I've got you dear!

Jesse: Whoa! *grabs Xion by her torso, but gets pulled in too*

May: Jesse! *grabs him, but gets pulled in too*

BTW, you can go to bed whenever you want.

Scamper: Oh not this again! *grabs Brain, but gets pulled in too*

I think we got the idea now that most of the main charcters get sucked in.

The Mask actually had to fight comic book villains too.

Episode isn't available though.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

Oops. My inbox stopped.

Anyway, I'm just saying it as a fact. In real life, virus' are created.

So Velma was right about virus' not coming out of nowhere.

Right. That's why I wanted to tell you that. Help make you and your character learn something new.

By the way, if you wanna Skype later, let me know. : )

I'm trying to find the new MLP episode online.

Saw it yet?

Me too.

I found it!

▶ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Season 4, Episode 9 - Pinkie Apple Pie (720p) - Video Dailymotion

I'm done.

Inbox works again.

It stopped again.

Anyway, if you wanna Skype, that's fine. : )

Of coarse. Just a little bit.

I'm ready. : )

Don't tell me your internet connection is not working again. : (

I don't undrstand. Why won't it work? : (

Maybe we're just too far apart.

For a short amount of time.

True, but I still didn't get to show you the drawing.

Maybe after my classes this upcoming week.

At least I showed you the Wayfinder.

I'm always gonna have it with me. So that Aqua will always be wtih me. :' )

Right. I feel your presense to when I see and hold onto it. : )

I can't tell what it is.

And you feel my presense with it? How?

Wow...... :' )

  • hugs you* I know we'lll ALWAYS have each other. And we will meet in person some day. :' )
  • still hugs you* I hope you enjoyed this week together.

Good. As long as you're happy. : )

That's fine. My inbox is working again, but I think Ariel wanted to talk with me about something.


What's your art idea?

I don't have a problem with you telling brermeerkat. As long as you still will never replace me.

ok, let's hear it.

I know. : )



yeah, I guess I do need to make a new poster for Hiccup's Adventures.

Sorry. Someone had a roach problem.

Anyway, that's fine, as long as Jeffrey doesn't become..... round like Shaggy and Scooby.

I'm gonna need to find new pics in order to make a new poster for Hiccup's Adventures.

And I want his table manners to be better than Shaggy and Scooby's.

And just in case, someone should be with him.

Someone with a big appetitie tooo.


Why do you ask?

Has it been an hour yet?

I just wanna be sure that Jeffrey hears the lie about Sarah.

AH! So he doesn't stay there forever. : )

Which means he doesn't see the witches ghost with Shaggy and Scooby.

I like this. Unlike Shaggy and Scooby, he knows when to have enough. : )

Try now.

Stopped again.

Anyway, that was back at Talisman.

That's why I never wanna eat camp food again. : (

Now that the last Amazing Animals is up, I guess I better start working on my video of The Internet is for Porn.

I've still gotta find someone to be Trekkie.

I would like to use Discord, but I'm worried if people will accuse me of copying.

Yeah. But who.....?

Wreck-it Ralph?

Why not?

Trekkie's no bad guy.

I guess people generally pick a villain to be Trekkie.

No. No no. If you don't think I should, than I can deal with it.

I know. And I'm greatful for it. : )

Hm. How 'bout Lord Hater, if I can get more Wander Over Yander clips?

Problem is brermeerkat might wanna make his own version too.

I'm sure he could find a replacement though.


Of coarse it depends if he'll make his own version too.

But for now, Lord Hater will do. : )

Inbox is working.

He sure is kind-hearted to let his loved ones pet him as much as they want. :' )

The happiness of his family means more to him than his own. :' )

That's when they realize they've gotta move.

And everyone else who's there

Remember that they gave Dragon-Jeffrey and Aqua some alone time. : )

Getting tired now. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

Should've seen that coming.  X D

I think I'll be able to get this done before today ends.

My classes start tomorrow. Will you okay waiting for me until 6?

Just remember. 4-Day weekends. : )

So just keep reminding yourself that. : )

Something wrong?

Okay. Just wanted to be sure.

Where were you bro?

It's okay. I was talking with my mom on the phone in the meantime.

I'm using Alex the Lion. You cool with that?

Almost done.

Has it been an hour yet?

No matter.

30 seconds left.

Hey. What if I replaced Alex with Shining Armor?

Just in time. The video's done. : )

My inbox just stopped. But it's okay. : )

You watching too?

Oh. Well, I'll let you know what the results are.

Darn. Let It Go lost. X P

There's still Best Animated Film.

I'm okay, bro. No big deal. If Frozen wins, Let It Go still wins.

Bro? : (

Inbox is working.


FROZEN WON!!!!!!!!! :' D

  • hugs you* HUG ME!!!!!! :' D
  • still hugs you* I love you big brother!!!! :' D
  • still hugs you* New video! : )
  • still hugs you* How do you feel? : )
  • still hugs you* I never had any doubts. : )

I wonder how Anna and Elsa will feel on YouTube. : )

I'd like to see their reactions. : )

I'll be cooking dinner now. But I'll be right back. : )

I'm back. : )

Saw it. : )

Jaden won't think Thorn is a witch. 'Cause he doesn't sense dark magic in her.

Because Fred and Daphine thought she was a witch.

Hm. Bummer. It's not on Viooz.


Until I can find the full movie. I'll just have to start after Dalphine says she thinks Thorn is a witch...

Jaden: I don't know. I don't sense any dark magic in her.

Xion: I can't sense anything bad in her either.

Sorry. I was working on a new page.

One thing. All this tak about witches, I can tell it'll bother Aqua, since villains call her that. I want Jeffrey and Xion to comfort her if she needs it.

Aqua: All this talk about witches is making me uncomfortable....

Aqua: *sighs* I have that feeling again. That I'M a witch....

Aqua: But I-

Jaden: But nothing. So you can use magic like a witch. But that doesn't mean you ARE one. You're too kind-hearted to be a witch.

Aqua: *sheds a tear to this, and smiles* Thank you, dear.

(Glad you had him say that. : ) )

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips*

Hey. Wanna know what I find funny in Cyber Chase? : )

The two Shaggy's doing the "test your strength" game with the Tar Monster. X D

Shaggy: Step right up and test your strength!

Cyber Shaggy: How about you, handsome?!

Tar Monster: Who me?

Cyber Shaggy: Yes. You sir. Let us show you how easy it is!

  • Shaggy whacks the Tar Monster's foot with a giant mallet*

I'd like to see someone on the team do something similar to that. X D

Anna's happy. : )

Try your inbox now.

Great! : D

And I've still gotta do a drawing of Young Jeffrey and Young Aqua kissing.

Hm. I'll see if I can do that one next.

What should I do next?

Alright. But first, let me get the two other drawings up.

Tell me. In George of The Jungle, does Xion know about Jeffrey's plan to propose to Aqua? : )

Good. I asked, 'cause I can tell Xion will be excited for when Jeffrey will do it. : )

Xion: You mean..... *gasps happily* I MIGHT GET A MOMMY?!?!?!

Xion: Yes, daddy?

Xion: *nods* Okay daddy. Sorry. I'm just so excited!!!

Jeffrey: *still hugs Xion and smiles* Thank you, Xion. I couldn't ask for a better daughter.

She'll be bouncing off the walls when Aqua says "yes." : D

By the way, I've read that unpleasant scene where Xion tells Jeffrey she hates him. What ever made you wanna go through with it? : (

Well, I wonder if by the end, when Xion and Jeffrey learn their lessons, Xion will agree that because she's not fully grown up yet, she'll still need protecting.

Of coarse. 'Cause being too over-protective leads to obsession.

And Xion will agree that a 6-year old going after a dangerous villain alone wasn't a smart thing to do.

You know what? Maybe it's a good thing that happened? 'Cause Aqua can tell Jeffrey that she understands how it feels to be afraid of loosing someone important.

'Cause during this Adventure, Jeffrey and Aqua are getting to know each other, and are finding out how similar they are.

I just hope that Xion will never have a serious arguement with her dad again.

'Cause another thing I'd like to see is her always be a sweetheart to her dad from than on and feel lucky about who her dad is.


Well, I do wanna do the drawings of Jesse and Xion with Poltergusts 3000's. That way I can make a poster for "Jesse, Xion, and Luigi's Mansion."

It's starting to get late. I should go to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And I hope you'll be okay waiting for me tomorrow.

When I get back, I want you to tell me if you were okay waiting for me.

Sorry. I just can't help but be concerned when I make you wait for me.

Again, goodnight. I love you big brother. : )

  • sniffs* I'm sorry. :' (

This calls for a video.... :' (

Am I a wuss? :' (

I'll get to work now.

I'll bet it'll make you cry too.

I only hope others will like it.

Get ready to see our team members cry.

All done.

It's up.

Did that make you cry?

  • sniffs* Come here. *hugs you*
  • still hugs you* I only hope the video helps. :' (

Has it been an hour yet?

MY inbox stopped now. Anyway... you knew?!

I'm not jealous. I just didn't know she told you before me.

You can take a nap if you want.

Oh. Okay.

Because I'm kinda tired myself.

You gonna have one?

Alright. Me too.

Ralphie's really hurt right now. : (

I know. Just look at his new video. :' (

I know.... Anna and Elsa gone is really hurting a lot of people. :' (

  • sheds a tear* Me too. :' (
  • blows nose* Thanks. I wish I can do something for Ralphie though. : (

I wish Rapunzel would see my video though. I dedicated it to her version.

I get the feeling like lately, she's been ignoring me.


I hope that's the case.

........... I feel like a pest all of a sudden. :' (

My inbox is working again.

Love Dedede putting hot pepper in Escargoon's mouth. X D

What did you think?

Would Jeffrey eat THAT?

Some strong appetitie he has. X P

Good thing too. I don't wanna see him be round like Dedede.

Good thing he works out and is muscular. : )

Which pleases Aqua. :' )

When he works out, I can imagine Aqua flirt at Jeffrey, 'cause she's impressed with his strength. :' )

Aqua: *watches him and smiles* Oh wow.....

Aqua: *flirting at Jeffrey* Impressive weight-lifting dear. You sure are strong.

Aqua: *flirting at Jeffrey and feeling his shoulders* So tell me. Do you do this to stay in shape, or do you do it to please me?

(she's teasing with him. : ) )

Aqua: *giggles* Well, you're doing a good job of it. And here's your reward. *gives Jeffrey a long passionate kiss on the lips*

I'd like to see Jeffrey sweep Aqua off her feet! :' D

Jeffrey: *picks Aqua up off her feet and carries her in his arms*

Aqua: Oh! Why Jeffrey. *smiles*

Just so you know, I might have to stay up late to get something done.

Question: Would Xion be embarrased by what was going on between her mom and dad?

Awwwwww. : )

Can Xion kiss her mom on the cheek? She does it to her dad. : )

Inbox stopped now.

It's okay. I saw it coming.

Anyway, I can imagine it after Xion picks some flowers for Aqua. : )

That should be the #1 reason for Xion to go into the garden almost all of spring time. : )

  • gasps* What if Tammy did the same thing with a purple flower for Xion?!!? : D

Well? : )

Tammy: Big sister?

Xion: Yes Tammy? *sees Tammy carrying a purple flower in her mouth*

Tammy: For you.

Tammy: *smiles* You're welcome. Glad you love it.

Tammy: *licks Xion's cheek*

Tammy: *purrs happily* I love you too, Xion. I couldn't ask for a better big sister.

Tammy: *gasps* Really?!?

Tammy: *thinking to herself* It's a miracle!! My hero and idol says I'm the best thing that came into her life along with DJ, her mom and dad!!!

Tammy still sees Xion has her hero and idol, even though her dream has come true. : )

Hope Xion doesn't mind. : )

But Tammy will be sure to reference Xion as her big sister. : )

'Cause just like her mom and dad, I'll bet Xion's very modest.

Inbox works.

Jaden's not shy like Jeffrey is. That's why Jeffrey needed help.

Yeah. Sad how it took a little bit of Jaden's suffering to help with that. Being rescued from Brron's Wicked Canon.

I'm done now. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And I hope you'll be okay tomorrow waiting for me again. : )

Alexis has TWO big brothers now. : D

Except Jeffrey doesn't embarrass Alexis.

Alexis: *still hugging Jeffrey* I'm happy to have another big brother like you.

I hope Jeffrey will call Alexis "little sis" at times. : )

Great. : D

I know that tecnically she would be considered an in-law sister, but it still counts.

Just like with Twilight and Cadence. Although they're in-law sisters, they sure have a strong sisterly bond. : )

Oh yeah. Something I want your opinion on for Scooby Doo and The Cyber Chase. When Officer Wembley tells the gang to "keep their dog off the grass." He tells the same thing to Xion and her "pet cats." How will she feel about that?

I can understand. The cubs are NOT Xion's pets.

That's what Figaro is.

Officer Wembley: And keep your dog off the grass! Same thing goes for your pet cats, kid!

Tammy: Hmph!!

Some people just don't understand their bond as siblings.

Irony in the movie, because there's a prehistoric leve with dinosaurs and mammoths.

Hope Jeffrey doesn't get frustrated with seeing a T-Rex again.

Beetles: We should've told Eric what that thing did to your back.

Jesse: Back at Jurassic Park, when the security and safety fences were turned off, a T-Rex went loose and attacked the jeep Xion was in.

May: Jeffrey turned into his dragon-form to distract it while we tried to get Xion out, but the T-Rex gave him a nasty bite on his back.

Aqua: It sure way. But I healed my husband's back, and Jaden saved Xion for the both of us.

Jaden: *puts his hand on Xion's shoulder* Anything for my little sweetheart of a niece.

Jaden: But right now, what matters most if that we get outta the game in one piece.

Hm. Looks like Wonder Woman's got something to say.

Oh sweet mother of Osiris! She's carrying a recaaration of Vanitas!

  • faints*

AH! Cold! *shivers*

It's okay. She told me he won't have any memories of his past though.

I'll try to be a good person to their kid. As long as he'll be raised to be good.

I know it's hard to forgive Vanitas for what he's done, but I will make an exception for Darkblade and Diana.

Besides, the fact he doesn't remember anything makes it feel like he's a different person to me.

Anna just made a post you should know.

I wonder if it means Elsa's back too.

I want to hear it from Anna herself.

The truth is in the pudding.

Diana says I'm funny. : )

She IS back!!!! : D

  • shedding tears* My broken heart is healed now. :' D
  • hugs you* I'm hoping they'll see my video and see how much I care about them both as friends.

I hope they'll comment.

I'll still keep the video up though.

My inbox stopped again. Anyway... Sorry. I'm just concerned right now. I feel like a lousy friend.

All I want is to know why she doesn't respond to me.

Sorry, bro.

Rapunzel's an important friend to me. I would be terribly hurt if she was angry at me for some reason.

I know. 

I get the feeling that maybe she hasn't responded 'cause I haven't finished the drawing yet.

Oh whew! She finally responded!

She's just busy with school.

Maybe, but I always find time to talk with you and other friends on YouTube.

Feel better now. : )

I'm sorry again, bro.

I was just filled with fear.

I'm gonna cook dinner in a bit.

I can continue Rapunzel's request now.

Be right back, big bro.

I"m back. : )

Elsa re-uploaded her Q&A video.

You think Xion woud tel the cubs about Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed?

Maybe at least the part of how Jeffrey met Aqua.

Working again.

  • ding dong*

Might as well. I'm the founder of the Wiki. X D

Working on a new page.


Would you say the Tweedle's are idiots?

They can be rather annoying.

Definitely idiots.

I gotta get my laundry. Can you do it for me please?

Thanks. : )

I can imagine Baby Xion clap happily and giggle when she sees the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat again. : D

But be scared when the Queen of Hearts shows up.

Has it been an hour yet?

Believe me, I would feel the same way if my life-long dream was denied. : (

I thought you said you didn't have a purpose before you met me.

Than how can you say you'd feel the same way?

Okay. Now you're making sense.

Just so you know, my class tomorrow is from 3 to 5:50.

You okay with that?

Okay. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And after class tomorrow, the 4-day weekend starts. : D

Ariel and Darkblade and you were all talking with me. When Ariel and Darkblade haven't responded in a while, I didn't mind. But when YOU didn't respond, I was afraid it was some awful prank everyone was pulling on me. :' (

buddy, why did you deleted my blog?

I don't wanna be alone on YouTube. :' (


  • still frowns* : (


Thanks, but I don't need the link

that's ok, that blog would've informed everyone in this wiki so they can spread the word.

They finally responded.

And it's okay about the link. It's just I have the song on my computer, so I always turn to it when I need it.

I think I'm gonna do my fandub of Discord tomorrow. I don't wanna get yelled at during recording again.

In the meantime, there's been something I can't stop imagining.

Well, I said Jaden was gonna punch Johnny Worthington for that awful prank he did to Oozma Kappa. I can imagine him also using the Supreme King's power out of anger, and Jeffrey and Aqua displeased with him (seeing how they're his older siblings).

Although they would admit Johnny deserved it, they would be displeased with how Jaden would let his anger take hold of him over something like this.

Whoa. They would forgive him easily? Why?

I had that idea, 'cause of how much Jeffrey and Aqua love Jaden as a little brother, and how they feel responsible for him.

Although Jaden can manage himself and do things on his own, I just love the idea of how caring Jeffrey and Aqua are towards him. : )

That's why I told you it. : )

Too bad it won't happen though.

Oh. My inbox stopped a while ago too.

But "This Day Aria" made me feel better, if you didn't notice. : )

Sweet mother of Osiris! There's gonna be a Monsters University short this year!

It's gonna be released with "Muppets Most Wanted."

Anyway, I'm glad Jeffrey and Aqua are responsible for Jaden. : )

Especially since Jaden helped bring Jeffrey and Aqua together. : )

Just in case my idea WOULD'VE happened....

Johnny: If you really want to work for a scare company.... they're always hiring in the mailroom.

Jaden: *growls angrily. Suddenly his voice changes and eyes glow yellow* OKAY!!!! That's IT!!!! You've brought this upon yourself!!!!! *punches Johnny super hard in the face*

Aqua: JADEN!!!! *grabs him too*

Jaden: Hey! Let me go! Don't try to stop me! That big bully deserved!!

Jaden: Don't pretend like you're not angry at him!

Aqua: We don't want your anger to take control of you again!

Jaden: ........ (remembers his duel with Brron)...... You're right. *eyes and voice turn back to normal) I'm sorry.

Jaden: I'll try.

Johnny: Reverting to physical violence? Not cool, bro.

Chet: We're gonna report you for fighting!

Johnny: Jeffrey. I'm surprised why you would turn us down. Your dragon-form is super scary. You are Roar Omega Roar material my friend.

I've just heard something else! Cadence and Discord will appear in another episode!

Not this weekend though.

Next weekend I heard.

It's okay. I'll wait.

  • snores*
  • wakes up* Wait! Wha-? Who's there?

Sorry. I almost fell alseep while you were out.

I've added new pages while you were out.

Good. Wanted to be sure.

I've got more pages coming up soon.

IS Kyogre an ally?

Heartless? It's a Heartess?

It needs the symbol to be a Heartless.

I know. UNLESS it's a pureblood Heartless.

Here's something we gotta do. Think of which 6 characters to use the Elements of Harmony to stop the Fake Groudon.

Generosity is what I wanna focus on. Jesse can't be the one, 'cause the Fake Groudon absorbed him too.

Okay. That is if the Fake Groudon doesn't get him.

I had an idea for a selfless act. Before the Fake Groudon, can absorb the last of someone who represnts an Element, someone else takes the blow instead and gets absorbed.

Yes. As an example. But that would only work if Jeffrey, Twilight, Aqua and others who also represent the Element of Magic are absorbed too.

I know it's scary, but remember that everyone is saved by the end.

I think it could be a possiblity. Jeffrey will go dragon, and Jaden will ride on his back in order to keep the Fake Groudon distracted. So that means Dragon-Jeffrey would be at risk of being absorbed.

Will the Fake Groudon end up absorbing him too?

Than I'm afraid you're idea of Patch taking the blow instead of Jaden can't be used than. It has to be who ever is the last to represent an Element. 

Since there isn't a lot that represent Generosity, I think THAT should be it.

Someone will take the blow for Bartok.

I don't mind who.

But THEY represent Generosity too.

How 'bout someone like Rainbow Dash or anyone else who represents Loyalty?

Alright. And here's a thought. The Fake Groudon can TRY to absorb Dragon-Jeffrey and Jaden, but Jaden can use a card to them out of the grip of its tentacle.

Proving what a great heroic duo the two are. : )

Do you suppose after the Fake Groudon and Merlock are defeated and everyone is saved, Jaden can hug Dragon-Jeffrey out of excitement from saving the day? : D

Great! Thanks! : D

Jaden: WE DID IT!!!!! Ha ha! *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey's snout*

Jaden: *still hugs Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* We make a good team, big bro.

When he roars happily, I hope it isn't too loud.

Good. I don't want him to hurt Jaden's ears.

OH! Try your inbox now.

I'm tired of loosing friends like this.

I've gotta run a quick errand now. But I'll be right back soon. : )

Hey bro.

Now I gotta get back to work on finding my watch. X P

I had an interesting thought that I kept forgetting to tell you. You might love this. : D

For Justice Guardian Kids, putting Young Anna and Young Elsa in too. : D

I knew you'd love it. : )

Would Young Jaden and Jeffrey meet the sisters after Elsa accidentally hit Anna with her magic?

Really? What about Jeffrey and Elsa having the one thing in common?

I'm okay with before though..... unless..... *ping* that scene happens in an episode.

That would be when Young Jeffrey feels Young Elsa's pain.

I don't get it.

Do you mean that he respects her choice to isolate herself?

Come on. Do the best you can to explain it.

Oh! Okay. And Young Jeffrey will definitely be persistant to help Young Elsa see it.

That reminds me. Is our team still gonna tell Olaf that he'll melt in summer?

Kristoff: I'm gonna tell him.

Anna: Don't you dare!

Scamper: I'll tell him.

Blaze: He needs to know the truth.

How's that hurting his feelings?

Sorry I asked. X P

That was dumb of me to ask.

They will get concerned about him when he's next to the fireplace.

That's actually another thing. We gotta think of a reason why our team doesn't bother to make a fire in the fireplace.

Since Mirage casts a spell so that they can't leave the room, she could also do the same thing for the fireplace.

They're back!

Inbox is working again.

Wow. He sure is focused on Elsa.

But it's not Elsa. It's Marshmallow.

Unless fighting Marshmallow would be like fighting Elsa.

We'll have to redo that scene again since I remembered the characters get thrown out.

I'm gonna cook dinner now. But I'll be right back.

I'm back. And anyway, take this for example:

Rainbow Dash: Hey! Let us go you frosty freak!

  • Marshmallow throws the Mane 6 out*

Rainbow Dash: That's it! You're going down! *is about to charge at Marshmallow*

Rainbow Dash: *stops in her place* Jeffrey! We gotta stop that thing to get to Elsa!

Cyborg: You've got any other ideas on how to get pass that thing?!?

Jesse: Stand down?!?

Manny: You want Elsa to come back, we gotta beat this thing!

  • gulps* ......... I'm scared now........ 0_0

I gotta say.... Based on that..... There's another thing Jeffrey and Elsa have in common: They both use fear to make others listen to them.

It's okay....

I'm sorry to say this... But I'm actually scared of Jeffrey now. : (

I know...... But.... just keep him away from me for now. : (

I'm sorry..... His temper scares me the most now. : (

Nothing can help now.... He is who he is after all.... : (

What scares me most is how he was so angry at his own team. His family. He threatened to go dragon to stop them from attacking Marshmallow. : (

  • sheds a tear* I'm scared...... because I..... *starts to cry* I was afraid HE would become a monster!!!! :' (
  • crying* No. I"M the monster, bro. I pushed Jeffrey's temper to far with what the other members of the team were saying. :' (
  • sighs saddly* :' (

I don't want him to attack his own team though. Think about Aqua, Xion, Jaden, and the cubs. :' (

Jaden: "Her"?

  • everyone sees this, and suddenly stands down*

That's when they gotta run after Anna angers Marshmallow.

That's better....

Me too. *hugs you back*

  • still hugs you* Just try to understand. I don't EVER want Jeffrey to threaten his own family. : (
  • Gasps* Oh no! Princess Rapunzel's channel! It says it doesn't exist! :' (

It's the same thing with that Ryan guy. I tried clicking on her account but it says it doesn't exist! :' (

This is NOT FAIR!!!!!!! :' (

  • shedding tears* Not even "This Day Aria" can help me now. :' (
  • crying* This is Rapunzel for crying out loud!!! She's like a little sister to me, and I love her like one! She's a fan of my art and videos, and I love her videos too! She doesn't deserve this!!!! :' (
  • crying* Somebody wake me up from this terrible nightmare of copyrights and Google!!!! :' (
  • pinches myself hard* :' (
  • crying* Why her all of a sudden? Why Rapunzel? I can't accept this. :' (

They can take my account away, and I won't care, but not her! :' (

Inbox stopped.

It's okay. It's been a while anyway.

Hey. Remind me again. Since you won't do "WarGames", and your team wil l hear about what Jaden and his team did in the movie, how will Jeffrey feel about them almost starting World War 3?

I was afraid Jeffrey would be angry at Jaden for almost getting the world nuced.

AH! Glad you remember the other ponies will guest star in it! : D

I'm gonna go to bed soon, 'cause I didn't sleep well last night.

I brought up WarGames 'cause I'm watching the movie right now.

Hopefully Aqua won't get mad at Jaden if she finds out.

Aqua: Is it true, Jaden? You almost started a World War 3?

Jaden:...! *growls angrily* Okay! Who told her?!?

Jaden:...! Wait. You're not?

Jaden: Still, who told you?

Jaden: You broke your Pinkie Promise. And no pony breaks a Pinkie Promise. Remember?

Jaden: How are you not mad?! We almost blew up the world, and we thought it was a game!

Jaden: Yeah we fixed it. But it wasn't easy.

Twilight: We manage to teach the machine responsible the concept of a stalemate.

Jaden: Because.... This was serious.... As I said, the world almost blew up...

Jaden:....... Really?

Jaden:.... *hugs Aqua back* I love you, big sister.

Touching how Aqua is so forgiving of him. :' D

I promise Jaden will ALWAYS listen to Aqua, since Ventus didn't exactly do what she said before, which ultimately helped 'cause problems for the three.

He does this to make Aqua happy.

I know. It makes her feel better knowing that she's responsible, and that she's not a failure to keep her loved one's safe.

Because of the fact that Aqua didn't bring Ventus back like she was told and Ventus didn't do it. But if Jaden goes wandering off alone, and Aqua goes after him, than he'll go back with her.

OH! By the way, I have a 5-Day Weekend this week actually! 'Cause Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day!

I'm getting tired now. I'm going to bed. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you, and I'm sorry about what happened today. I was just upset and scared.

Stopped. But it was gonna happen anyway.

Jeffrey: So how've you been lately?

Botley: Alright. I've been given a break from watching Polly. She's grounded for 3 weeks.

Alexis: What did she do this time?

Botley: She hide magnets in all the robots food, which scrambled our memories, and 'caused us to do a poor job at performing our tasks.

I'm glad you still remember she's a brat.

Botley: Alright here we are. *opens the door to the Observatory* The Observatory.

Botley: NASA has nothing compared to the professor. Just take a look at this place.

Botley: Alright. Come over here to the telescope, and I'll show you what I found.

Botley: Alright. Who wants to see first?

Botley: Okay, Xion. Go ahead. Take a look.

Jaden: You go before me, bro.

No. Not Rayquaza! The meteor that Deoxys is in.

Jeffrey: *nods and looks through the telescope, and sees a giant meteor shaped like a crystal*

Botley: That's what I wanted to share with you.

Jaden: *looks through the telescope and sees it* An odd looking meteor if you ask me.

Botley: It gets interesting. Watch what happens when I zoom in. *turns a dial*

  • it shows a faint figure inside the meteor*

Jaden: WHOA!

Jaden: Look at it now!

Botley: I think this may be some newly discovered species of alien. But I'm still unsure of it.

Just so you know, I'm having internet connection problems right now.

Just wanted to let you know in case I loose contact.

Botley: I've already calculated where it's gonna land. In the artic area of the Pokémon world.

Should they?

I agree. They'll see Deoxys in LaRousse city.

Jaden: I must say Botley, this IS quite a discoverey. But what do you think that thing is?

Botley: I can't say for sure. My only guess is that.... it's a Pokémon.

DJ: From outer space?

Botley: Hold on! It's just a theory that it's a Pokémon!

Aqua: *giggles* You sure are happy about this.

Botley: I'm glad I got to share this with you guys, since you're the best friends I ever had.

I like that a lot. : )

But soon the discovery will attack them.

I've gotta head out somewhere now, but I'll be back.

Oops. Stopped again.

It's alright.

I'm sharing a new idea for a drawing with Rapunzel. : )

Her dressed like Alexis. : )

I gotta wait for her response though.

I think she likes the idea. : )

She likes it! She even said Alexis is awesome! : D

I'm sorry. What was your idea?

Awwwww! I like that! :' D

Later. By the way, I'm glad she commented on your videos too. : )

Be right back.

I'm back. How does it feel to have Rapunzel comment on your videos? : )

Awwwww. : D

Here's an idea for Destiny Deoxys. Remember how Jeffrey and Aqua owe Botley big time in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Here's how they can repay him. When Deoxys' force field causes all electronics to turn off, including Botley, Jeffrey can carry his body to safety.

Right after the field is up....

Botley:.....! *the power on him turns off and he falls to the floor*

Jaden: Botley? Botley! Botley, get up!!!

Jaden: I don't know! But we gotta help him!

So he carries Botley on his back?

Until they reach the lab where Botley will be safe at.

Jeffrey sure has a pure heart of gold. : )

Maybe Xion could hold the passports for the cubs during this Adventure. : )

Xion: Want me to hold onto those for you two?

Tammy: *has her passport in her mouth* Yes please.

Xion: *smiles and takes Tammy and DJ's passports.*

Tammy: Thank you, big sister.

I can imagine her use it to get them an ice cream! : D

I did see a machine in the movie that sells ice cream. : )


Good. : )

Where were we?

Right. With her passport. : )

Tammy: Hey look! *points to an ice cream machine*

Aw. Xion doesn't call Aqua "mommy" anymore?

It's okay. I just love that Xion calls Aqua "mommy." As long as she always will at her age (which will never change as a Toon).


Tammy: *excitedly* Come on, Xion!

DJ: Wow! Look at the choices!

Tammy: Is there Snowflake Soft Ice Cream?

Tammy: Please get me a Snowflake Soft Ice Cream.

DJ: Can I have a Bravery Bash Ice Cream, please?

  • places it on the machine, and the machine takes out the order ice creams*

Xion: *takes Tammy's ice cream* Here you go, Tammy. *gives it too her*

Tammy: *smiles* Thanks, big sister!

Xion: *takes hers* Alright. Let's get back to the others now.

Aqua: Got your favorites I see.

That's better. : D

No no. Thank YOU. I want Xion to always be Aqua's little girl. :' )

Especially since Xion spent 7 years without a mom.

Thank Celestia Xion won't grow up anymore. : )

And Jeffrey and Aqua will always have their little princess to liven up their lives. :' )

I bet Jeffrey's SUPER happy about this. :' D

Hope he doesn't also mind that when Xion gets scared or sad, she mostly hugs Aqua for comfort.

Good. It's just natural that when a child is upset or scared, they hug their mom.

Aqua is great with kids too. I noticed with Sora, Riku, and Kairi when they were kids. : )

Her gentle-spirit. :' )

Right now, I'm thinking of when Aqua tended to Jeffrey's wounds in his dragon-form. Her kindness and gentle-spirit tamed this beasts heart. :' D

Beauty and the Beast metaphor. : )

And when I say "tame", I really mean that her kindness and gentle-spirit 'caused him to become completely infatuated with her. Love her as much as his daughter. :' )

  • sheds a tear* I can't help it right now. :' D

I love this Beauty and the Beast pairing. :' )

I also gotta say that a beautiful girl having a dragon for her husband is something extrodinary. :' D

I also love it when Aqua rubs and scratches Dragon-Jeffrey. :' )

If he got a stomach ache, I'd love to see Aqua rub his belly. : )

He is now my official #1 favorite gentle giant!!! :' D

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big bro. I love you. New MLP episode tomorrow. : D

Stopped again.

It's okay. I forgot to tell you that I'm gonna multi-task now because I'm gonna get to work now.

I was taking a shower a while ago in case you're wondering.

Sorry I didn't tell you.

As long as you understand I'm still online and I'll be here for you.

I shared a clip of WarGames with Darkblade and he thought it was funny.

I'm not trying to get you to watch the movie. I espect the fact if you don't wanna watch it.

Sorry for making you wait so much. : (

Thank goodness.

I see.

That's fine.

Cool. : )

What ideas have you come up with?

Not one too scary and violent though, right?


The team has to be cautious of what games to play from now on. After what they experienced from Jumanji, and from my side, WarGames.

That's why Jaden swore to himself to stick with Dueling from now on.

Hold on. He does make an exception sometimes. For Xion.

Remember at the end of Jumanji, when Xion asks Jeffrey to play Clue with her later?

He can't say "no" to his little princess. :' )

Her happiness is too important to him. :' )

Sorry, bro. Been busy with something. Because Rapunzel's channel is fixed and I thought her videos were gone, I have to add them back to my favorites list.

There was a problem on Pooh's Adventures Wiki: Mrharr was a troll. Don't you trust him?

I love it. : )

Is the new category necessary?

Nothing wrong with it. I just think that it's not important. We have the guests in the Trivia.

Anyway, soon they'll arrive to the Destiny Islands, and there, Aqua and Jeffrey will share a Paopu Fruit, and watch the sunset together. :' )

And little Xion will be asleep in her new mom's arms while she has her head against Aqua's chest. :' )

Aqua will hope that it'll always be like this in her new family. Because of the awful events that happened in Birth By Sleep.

I really hope so.

I don't want what'll happen in Kingdom Hearts 3 to affect our series. : (

I have this feeling deep inside like something bad's gonna happen to Aqua in the end. :' (

I'm concerned bro. If anything happens bad to Aqua in the game, than Jeffrey and Xion will be heartbroken... *sheds a tear* :' (

The creators can't be cruel to her anymore. She's suffered enough already!

I'm sorry, bro. I just hope that in the end of the game, Aqua will have an ending that will work with our series.

I'm sorr if I'm feeling this way. But it came to me when I mentioned the sunset on the hooneymoon. I also thought of when Aqua came to the island the first time, and how she was concerned for Ven and Terra and the future.

"Terra, please tell me. What's to become of us?" :' (

  • starts shedding tears* :' (
  • blows nose, but still cries* :' (
  • sniffs* I can't help it, bro. I'm scared.  :' (

Maybe Xehanort is right...... Maybe it's their destiny to always face a grim fate..... *sheds another tear* :' (

  • sighs* I can't believe I said that...... : (
  • hugs you back* I need Cadence's voice again.....

Ariel told me she saw A Canterlot Wedding, and that she sees why I owe my life to Cadence.

I'm hoping there'll be a channel for Cadence and that I can thank her sincerely for her song. Just like Darkblade did for Ariel.

I can't believe what a big idiot I was a while ago.

NO! I'm gonna beat myself up good for this!

Inbox is working;

Kirby again.

Sorry I didn't set the scene.

New page.

Do the cubs get officially born in Part 1 or 2?

I can tell the cubs will wanna know what happened the day they were born.

Tammy: Were you there when we were born, Xion?

Tammy: *smiles hugely* And we still are, right?!?

Tammy: *rubs her head against Xion's leg and purrs happily*

Xion: *smiles and pets Tammy's head* Awwww. Even right now, you're so adorable when you purr.

I love it when Xion tells her baby sister how adorable she is. :' )

Oh! And DJ's adorable too! Sorry. Didn't wanna leave him out.

Xion: *smiles and pets DJ's head* Awww. You're adorable too, DJ.

I really am happy we created these two. Not only are they freaking cute, but they also play a big part in Xion's life now. :' D

If there were plushies of the cubs, I'd wanna get one of Tammy! :' D

I'm curious. Why DID you make him shy?

Because of the trait of YOU being shy?

Here's an idea for a scene:

Xion looks for Tammy to play with her. When she finds her, she sees that Tammy is getting a bath from her mom (in case you forgot, a bath for cats is getting licked). So Xion waits 'til Tammy's done, and when she is, she happily agrees to play with Xion. : )

Xion: Tammy? You in here?

Tammy: Oh! Xion! Sorry... I'm in the middle of a bath right now.

Shira: She hasn't had in one for a while now.

Oh! This takes place after that Adventure?

Shira: *smiles* She'll be available very soon, Xion.

  • Than Shira continues to lick Tammy's fur*

Tammy: *giggles as she's being llicked*

Shira: *still licking* Almost done.

Shira: *licks Tammy until....* There! All done.

Tammy: *smiles* Thanks, mommy.

Shira: *smiles back* Now go have fun with your big sister now.

Tammy: *walks to Xion* Looks like I'm available now, big sis.

Cute. :' )

Speaking of which, I hope Xion will find it absolutely awful that Tammy was put on a chain by the villains.

That's why I want Xion to use her Keyblade to get it off her.

The way they treat her is awful. Chained up.... like a wild animal. : (

I see you saw Cadence's channel.

But I don't know. I said she hasn't done anything for 4 months now.

So I can't say for sure if it IS her.

Maybe she hasn't done much 'cause no one subscribed to her and commented on her videos.

It's getting late. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. : )

My inbox stopped.

It's alright.

Anyway, if DJ wasn't shy anymore, I would love him less.

I'm sure you'd feel the same way if Tammy wasn't a sweetheart anymore.

If a cartoon character changed in personality, than it would be boring.

  • growls* Bad time for my inbox to stop working! Rapunzel just responded! X P

When did my inbox stop working?

Well, when it works again, I'll tell her that I was out doing an errand when she responded.

She's excited, but I don't wanna be rude and make her wait.

Hopefully she can wait for a bit.

In the meantime, I wanna share with you my number 1 favorite Kirby episode:

▶ Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Episode 61 - Fitness Fiend - YouTube

My favorite joke in the series. X D

Wait 'til you see what happens to Dedede.

A beached whale! X D

Working again.

She got back to me again. : )

She loves it. :' D

Saw it?


Wow. : D

  • sheds a tear* I feel so happy for making Rapunzel happy. :' )

I never should doubt myself, bro. I really am talented. :' )

I keep forgetting what John Ratzenberger wrote to me. : )

Next up is my idea I shared with her. : )

Me too. :' )

My inbox stopped now. In case you're wondering, I only came here to talk because I wanted to save a message or two for Rapunzel.

Sorry. I meant to tell you.

I feel so warm and happy inside right now. :' )

I know. I feel so proud that I did. :' )

Me too. I love her like a little sister. :' )

  • hugs you* Because I'm so happy right now. :' )
  • still hugs you* I love you too, big brother. :' )

I know you'll need my help with that scnee. I just didn't know you wanted to start working on it now.

I just wasn't expecting it.

Don't be.

I mean, I don't always tel you what page I'm gonna create.

Gonna make dinner now. Be right back.

Hey, bro.

Yeah. Why?

Saw your new video.

Of coarse. Since you still don't know how to make videos like me yet.

Stopped again. Anyway...

I still remember Xion fighting Pitch on Jeffrey and Aqua's wedding.

She even summons Jack Frost. : )

After Pitch gets taken down by his own fear, here victory pleases Aqua, and makes her excited about being Xion's mother! :' D

Yeah. I wanted Aqua to feel lucky and excited about when Xion becomes her official daughter. :' D

Of coarse. Especially since little Xion reminds Aqua of Kairi when she was very young. :' )

AND Aqua does say she's always wanted a daughter that's as sweet as Kairi. :' )

  • sheds a tear* She gets her wish though. :' D

What about it? : )

Like what? : D

Awwww! : D

Sure. Depends on the game. : )

On the island?

Alright. Sounds like a plan.

I see Darkblade hates Annie and Oakley too.

They sure will regret that night! In fact...

Jaden: It's payback time! *punches Annie*

Oakley: Back off, kid!!!

Jaden: Jeffrey! You wanna get her?!

Oakley: What's this all about?!

Jaden: Revenge for what you did to our friend!!

Annie: You're friend?!

Oh. Aqua will need an explination again.

You know something? With all these explination's she needs, it's kinda sad because of how much she's missed while being trapped.

The important thing is that she won't miss out anymore now that she's part of the family. : )

You know something? I don't mind if Jeffrey doesn't meet Aqua earlier. Because as we agreed on, one reason why they belong together, is because of Xion. She needed a mother.

In a way, Xion too helped with bringing Aqua and Jeffrey together. : )

Hey! I can imagine the first night Aqua tucks Xion in bed. :' D

  • smiles* I knew you'd love that. :' )

Aqua: Oh! Are you getting sleepy, sweetie?

Aqua: *smiles* Okay than. Let's get you to bed.

(After first brushing her teeth and getting into her pajamas)

Aqua: *tucks Xion in bed* I'm glad you had a nice day today.

Aqua: *sheds a tear and hugs Xion back* And I coun't be any happier to call you my daughter. You're the sweetest little angel I've ever come to know.

Aqua: I love you too. *kisses Xion's cheek* Goodnight.... my little princess.

Aqua: *quietly leaves the room, and takes one last look at Xion* *thinking to herself* She's an angel when she's asleep. *smiles* Xion. I'll be the best mother you could ever dream for.

(Aqua closes the door quietly)

Aqua: *smiles* I am, dear. Proud to be called her mother.

Aqua: And you did the same thing for me ever since we meet. My life has gotten better and better since I've been freed. And now, everything is beyond perfect. I have a handsome husband, and an angel of a daughter. *kisses Jeffrey on the lips* I love you, dear.

Aqua: I just wish Terra and Ven could see my new husband and daughter.

Aqua: *hugs Jeffrey* I know dear. I never doubted you from the start.

Beautiful. VERY beautiful. :' D

  • sniffs* Aqua and Xion are the two most important things in his life now. :' )

Come back with me on YouTube and, I'll tell you what I thought of.

Not tired?

I see. Well.... I can't sleep. I'm having trouble.

I do try to picture something peaceful, but it's not working.

What do YOU do when you're having trouble sleeping?

What movie makes you tired?

Okay. I'll give it a shot.


Too bad I don't have those. Look. Just go to bed now. I'll be alright. I'll go to sleep somehow.

  • hugs you* Night again, big brother. Love you. : )

Whenever I think of Martin Luther King Jr, I think of Emmett Till.

A crime against humanity!

I'm just glad I told you about this, 'cause of how serious it was.

I know it's a sad story, and that the photo of Emmett is horrific, but it's important to know why segregation is bad.

Still wish you didn't see the photo?

I at first couldn't tell what part of the face is what.


I was just being honest though.

Hey, bro. I've had an idea for an Adventure some time now, but I don't know about it.

I've been thinking about doing Elmo in Grouchland, but I was unsure about who would be the main protagonist would be. Jeffrey and Jaden, or Xion. Than I had a cute thought. Have Tammy and DJ be the protagonists.

I guess. But there's more to the idea. Tammy and DJ have a gift for Xion for being the best big sister they could ever have, but when Huxley takes it too, that's when they've gotta go get it back.

So, that's when Xion and several others try to go in and get the cubs back..... until they get arrested in Grouchland prison. X P

It's not right though! They're not even from Grouchland! They can't be arrested for being different! > : (

No. It's just a law. Asking for help is against the law to them.

So just so you know, other's that are not part of Xion's Ohana Adventure Team like Jeffrey, Aqua, Jaden, etc. can be in this.

Who do you want to go after the cubs and Elmo with Big Bird, Zoe, Maria and the others?

That it?

Okay. BUT right now, I want Aqua, Alexis, May, or another older girl to go with 'em. PLEASE.

You see, I wanna do the idea of Tammy and DJ getting a gift for Xion back to show something. To show Huxley that sometimes you not only hurt the person who is gives a gift BUT the person who recieves it.

Exactly. "You don't understand, Huxley! That's not for you OR me and my brother! That's our gift to our big sister!"

Don't you like that though? A true selfless act. Although Elmo is doing this to get his blanket back, it's something he's trying to get for himself.

Oh! You didn't tell me which girls will be going too.

While in jail...

Jeffrey: Please tell me you guys are making progress!

(Spike and Nails are digging a hole to get out)

Spike: We would if we were given something bigger than a spoon.

Nails: Don't worry. At this rate, we'll be outta here in....... 3 weeks.

Beetles: Whoa....... I've never seen her this determinded.

Jesse: Hm. I have.

Aqua: *sees Xion depressed* Xion. Are you okay, sweetie?

Aqua: *gently hugs Xion* No it isn't, Xion. You had nothing to do with this at all.

Aqua: *still hugs Xion* Don't worry, Xion. They're tough and strong like you are. They've learned a lot from you. They have each other to take care of for now. We WILL find them. It's a promise.

I can't believe she would think it's her fault since it's Discords.

Gonna head out for a quick errand. Be right back.

I'm back. Anyway, do you like this idea? : )

I never thought of the gift the cubs make/get for Xion.

Something Xion will love.

I'm thinking something that makes it so that whenever Xion carries it, even if they're apart, they'll always be with her.

We'll think of something.

Hey. I think I can create a poster for this in the meantime. : )

Besides Tammy and DJ, who else should be on it?

Got it. This'll give me something to do while I wait for my inbox to work again. : )

I'll get back to you as soon as it's done. : )

Good idea! You do the page, I'll do the poster! Teamwork! : D

Nice. Don't forget to say Discord's guest starring in it. : )

I think I'm done. Should I e-mail it to you first?

Look now.

You sure? : )

To DeviantArt it goes!

Stopped again.

It's okay. Anyway...

I'm talking about "Together Forever."

▶ Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland "Together Forever" - YouTube

There's a reprise at the end.

I'm gonna cook dinner now. In the meantime, please tell me what Discord does that makes it partically his fault.

Take your time.

I'm back.

Not bad. But sounds like it's FULLY his fault when you said it's not.

Me too. Here's a thought. The gift goes flying in the air, and Discord makes it land in Oscar's can on purpose.

But what 'causes it to go flying through the air, I don't know yet.

Works for me. : )

Discord: Hm?! What's this? *sees the gift flying through the air*  Uh oh! Better catch it! *open's Oscar's can, the gift falls in it, and Discord closes it*  There. Caught it. That's 2 points for the home team.

Nah. Someone else should see him do it. 'Cause the cubs are still chasing after it.

May: You did that on purpose!!!

Discord: What's wrong? Not a basketball fan?

As soon as Elmo finds out where his blanket is....

Tammy: But where's our gift to Xion?

DJ: Hey! Has anyone seen a purple present around here?!

Tammy: Come on! It's really important that we find it!

DJ: No. We didn't.

May: Quit the act, Discord! You threw it in Oscar's can!!!

Tammy: Huh?!?

DJ: WHAT?!?!?

Discord: Who me? *has a halo above his head*

Discord: Don't yell at me for doing a good deed. I was simply keeping the Earth clean by throwing things away that belong on the ground.

Discord: At least you know where it is, you precious cute cub. Now, if you'll excuse me *puts on swimwear* I'm gonna show my green thumb by stopping an oil spill.

DJ: Fluttershy and Beetles will be furious with you!!!

I know what he did was mean, but since he's reformed, he's really trying to teach the cubs a valuable lesson, just like he did in "Princess Twilight Sparkle."

Never giving up, showing great courage, and above all, showing how love the person you make a gift for is the most important thing to think about when giving a gift.

So I assume Fluttershy and Beetles will be the one's to make Discord go with them for what he did.

My best guess is that the gift should be the final seashell for Xion's collection.

Just a thought.

Okay than. It can be the final seashell for Xion's collection. : )

But when DOES Xion know about it?

So right when Oscar tells the others where Elmo is?

So, I take it Xion doesn't appear in the movie until that scene?

Good. The cubs can hide it from her in the meantime before they loose. : )

She can be suspisious of them, but she obviously won't know what they're hiding.

Here's one thing that I can't stop thinking of. At the end. When they're holding onto the claw. DJ's holding onto the claw with his front paws and his back paws to Tammy, while she's holding the gift in her mouth....

DJ: *struggling* I can't..... hold on..... much longer!!!!

Tammy: *struggling too* Neither can I!!!!!

  • DJ looses his grip and both start falling to the pressing machine screaming.*

Tammy: Huh?

Xion: I've got you, guys!!!

DJ: XION!!!!!

Jaden: Way to go, Xion!!!

Aqua: That's my girl!

And after Huxley is stopped...

Tammy: Xion..... You came here for us?

DJ:...... We're sorry. But we had to get this-....! Uh..... Well.......

Discord: Guess I couldn't keep my lips sealed.

Tammy: *shedding tears* We really missed you, big sister!

  • the cubs tearfully lick Xion's cheeks*

Aqua: We're so happy that you two are safely back with us now.

Tammy: Oh yeah! That's right! What me and DJ came down here for!

DJ: *brings the present to Xion* It wasn't easy to get back, but it was worth it.

Tammy: This is for being the best big sister we could ever ask for.

(Tammy and DJ smile proudly)

DJ: We sure did.

Jesse: Well? What is it?

Spike: Hey. Isn't that the last seashell you've been looking for for your collection?

Alexis: Wow, Xion! That's amazing! Now you're collection is all complete!

(Tammy and DJ smile proudly)

Both: We love you, Xion!

Tammy: We're just glad you've recieved your gift now.

(Tammy and DJ purr happily)

Xion: *tearfully* I love you too, guys. You're the best little brother and sister I could ever ask for.

Love it. :' )

Why didn't you have Xion say she loves the cubs back sooner? Just asking.

Inbox is working.

I thought you were asleep.

I just want Jeffrey to feel like he's special if we do this movie.

But I don't think we will. I heard that the actress who does Penny is the same actress who does Young Kairi in Birth By Sleep. And Xion in our series sounds just like Young Kairi.

Right. Sorry for thinking to far ahead. I was worried for Jeffrey.

Being shown-off by a dog would be embarrassing for Jeffrey.

Tell me why, and I'll ignore this 'til the movie comes out.

Even IF Peabody is possibly smarter than Jeffrey is?

One more thing. There was another reason why I was worried about this. It's because I was also afraid if the team would be more impressed with Peabody than with Jeffrey.

Especially not to Jaden, Alexis, the cubs, Jesse, May, Xion, and above all, Aqua. :' )

That's actually anothering thing Peabody doesn't have. A beautiful loving and gentle-spirtied wife. :' )

Plus, Peabody's not a Keyblade Wielder, Duelist, or a Pokémoon trainer.

  • hugs you* I feel better now knowing that Jeffrey won't be outshined by Peabody. : )

Now I'll need your help again. I'm gonna do "I, Ivan Krank" now. But I don't know which villain to use.

Hm.... How 'bout someone else? There's nothing wrong with the Chameleon, but I don't wanna make it seem like I'm one track minded.

El Macho?

The music and the voice almost match who he is.

I want the cubs to help show Bug kindness and TRUE friendship. :' )

And maybe have the cubs lick his cheeks for helping them out. :' D

'Cause they teach Bug it's better to give than to recieve. :' )

Like this idea? : )

I'm gonna work on the video now. 

Bug: Here you go, guys. *gives the present back to the cubs*

Tammy: *smiles* Thank  you, Bug!

DJ: Thank you, Bug.

Bug: You're welcome, Tammy. DJ. And thank YOU too.

DJ:...? For what?

Bug: You taught me that it's better to give than to take.

Tammy: *licks Bug's cheek*

Bug: *giggles* Awwwww.

Jaden: Thank you for helping the cubs out, Bug.

(I feel that our team should have one interaction with him)

Bug: *smiles* I feel lucky.... to be their friend.

And that's when Huxley tries to win Bug's friendship back.

Like it?

I'll get the video done before tonight ends.

So far, so good. Almost done.

There is something in it that will be a shocker though.

The thing Jaden hates most in El Macho is turning the Minions into monsters.

Glad to hear that. What was even more horrible was that the team had to fight their friends.

Gonna upload it now.


Oops. Sorry. Anyway....

DJ:….! Xion?

Tammy: *doesn't hear Xion* *singing* When I dance they call me Macarena

And the boys they say que soy buena

They all want me, they can't have me

So they all come and dance beside me

Tying to show how funny the cubs can be. : )

Xion: *shuts off the music*

Tammy: *singing* Move with me, chant with me, and- Hey! Who turned off the music?!

Tammy: Well, I was.

Xion: My daddy says he'll explain on the way. Now come on!

(Why DID Xion ask Tammy if she was having fun?)

(*laughs* Nice! X D)

I didn't know Xion had a sense of humor. : )

As long as she'll always be a sweetheart to her little brother and sister. : )


I'm glad you saw the other Sesame Street character pages.

Who else are we missing?

Believe it or not, there WAS a character of Sesame Street that scared me when I was a toddler. :' (


YipYip.jpg 367×407 pixels

True story: I remember when I was so young, and this sketch scared me so much, I remember running to my mom and dad's bedroom crying. :' (

Sesame Street: Ernie And Bert Meet The Martians - YouTube

Right when the Martians got in the room and Ernie called for help, that's when I ran to my mom and dad. :' (

But that was when I was VERY young. They don't scare me anymore.

But you gotta admit, they ARE creepy.

Glad you agree with me.

I actually like 'em now. : )

Inbox is working again.

Ah ah ah. I don't think so.

Oooooooh! Sorry. So you're inbox stopped working?

I know. That's why I can imagine Xion gently poke at Tammy's tummy and Tammy would giggle. : D

But Xion won't get carried away of coarse. She wouldn't want to torture her little sister.

I had an idea for another fandub earlier, but I was unsure if I should do it or not, or if it would be too creepy.


I know. Creepy.

You remember my Cheshire Cat fandub?

Someone on in comments offered to do a collab of Shere Khan and Kaa. So I thought maybe to do a single fandub of Kaa first and see how it turns out.

I'm afraid if I might scare people with the way I would sound.

Kaa is a creepy character. His hypnotic look did scare me when I was younger too.

Yes. I was such a coward when I was very young. : (

But I WAS.

I know. But I still feel ashamed of who I was.


I try to.

I'm getting to some sketching now.

I intend to do a good job since I'm drawing her.

I certainly hope so.

Ralphie actually told me I shouldn't worry about results.

Right now, I'm watching Hercules, and I'm really aggitated with what Hades calling Aqua "blue bird" and having the nerve to try to get her to work with him. > : (

I want that!!! Villains, HANDS OFF JEFFREY'S WIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! And that goes for you too Zack!

  • breatjes calmly* Sorry. I'm cool now.

I'm just SRERIOUSLY protective of Jeffrey/Aqua, and of Aqua having a better life.

Anyone who tries to get Aqua to use the darkness again gets a death wish. And the only one who can nickname Aqua is Jeffrey.

"Ocean Queen"......... *smiles* :' )

Right. Justice Guardian Kids. : )

I've added a new story title.

When Jaden was a kid, after he sent Yubel into space, Jaden had nightmares. They were so intense that he had to go through all kinds of treatments to stop them from happening. It was Yubel trying to contact him through his dreams.

So I thoght maybe Young Jeffrey would try to help him with that.

By the way, I'm NEVER creating a page for Yubel!

No way will I let Yubel near Jaden in our series again. Not when she tried to take Jaden for herself and keep him away from everyone else.

I feared if she would even prevent Jaden a chance to be with Alexis. Alexis clearly loves Jaden, but Yubel would deny her her chances of happiness. : (

Right. Yubel has let Jaden go, and Jeffrey and Aqua are now the one's to protect him. : )

I'm curious. Have you seen the War of Arendelle trailers?

I"m thinking about doing a trailer for the both of us.

Of coarse. With our team in it.

Saw it coming. In the meantime, for TinTin, Snowy sees the cubs, and as soon as he barks at them, they both jump into Xion's arms.

And Patch will convince Snowy that the cats on our team are friends.

Before we do lines, should Hiccup's team be in the trailer too?

Okay than. : )


Snowy: *barks at the cubs*

Tammy: AH!

  • both jump into Xion's arms, and Snowy still barks at them*

DJ: Leave us alone you big bully!

Snowy:.......... *sits down calmly*

Tammy: Is he gonna bully us again?

Xion: Can you forgive him?

Tammy: *smiles* Sure we can.

Xion: *smiles and puts the cubs back on the floor*

Jeffrey: You sure have a way with words.

I love it. : )

And remember when our team gets kidnapped? The cubs run with Snowy to save them. : )

I call dibs on having Tammy remove the rope off Xion!

And have Xion hug her and kiss her head. :' D

Tammy: *finishes chewing the rope* There! You're free, Xion!

Tammy: *gasps happily, and smiles* You're welcome, Xion. *licks her cheek*

Added a new story you might like. : )

There's just so many cute ideas I can imagine for it. :' D

This is the one I can't stop thinking about:

During a family nap, Baby Xion sleeps on Dragon-Jeffrey's back. She wakes up for a moment and decides to give her dad a nice gentle scratch. And Dragon-Jeffrey, knowing who's doing it, thanks her for it. : )

Love it? : D

Me too.

During the family nap....

(Baby Xion (and the cubs to make it even cuter) are sleeping on Dragon-Jeffrey's back when....)

Baby Xion: *wakes up and sees her dad's head and smiles on how peacefully sound alseep he is.* *thinks to herself* Hope you won't mind, daddy. *starts scratching his back*

Dragon-Jeffrey:..... *growls happily and genlty...... That feels good Xion....

Baby Xion: *still scratching* Gwad you wike it.

Baby Xion: *crawls a little bit lower down his back and scratches him gently there*

(The Cubs wake up to this, and see what Baby Xion's doing. They join in and help her scratch Dagon-Jeffrey's back gently)

Baby Tammy: He knows?

Baby DJ: *still scratching Dragon-Jeffrey's back* He suwe wuvs this, doesn't he?

Baby Tammy: *still scratches Dragon-Jeffrey's back* He's wewwy cuddwy when he gwowls.

Dragon-Jeffrey: *sleepy* Hey. Could you please scratch my left shoulder for me?

Dragon-Jeffrey: *growls happily and starts wagging his tail*

Dragon-Jeffrey: Aaaaaaahh. That's it. Right there.

Dragon-Jeffrey: Okay. That's good. You can stop now.

Dragon-Jeffrey: Thank you sweetie. I enjoyed it.

Dragon-Jeffrey: I love you too, my little princess. *gently licks her cheek*

I freaking loved it!! :' D

I'm gonna finish the trailer tomorrow.

Oops. Sorry.

I'll be sure to send you the video when it's done.

So far, I know have Set, Chameleon, Turbo, Queen Chrysalis, Pete, Vanitas, and Jafar in the video. Anyone else that should be in it?

Of coarse! The mistress of all evil.

This is gonna be good. : )


You're just in time. The video's ready. : D

I'll send it to your e-mail now.

Look now.

Like it?

Okay than. I'll upload it to YouTube now. I'm sure I won't get in trouble for this.


It's up.

Glad you added it to your favorites. : )

I hope Anna and Elsa will like it.

Brermeerkat likes it.

I found out that Hans shot the chandelier in Elsa's castle ON PURPOSE!!!!

I know! And I at first thought he was trying to save her! *growls* But it makes sense why he did it. > : (

You sure do hate him.

Be right back, bro. Gotta do an errand.

Stopped again. Anyway...

I saw an image of the new MLP episode. Discord is blue.

Three's_a_Crowd_promo_Twilight,_Cadance,_and_Discord.jpg 1,920×1,080 pixels

I can't wait! Cadence is in it! :' D

I love Cadence, bro. I owe my life to her. :' )

What has she done for you?

Are you sure you're not just copying me? X D

I hope Cadence will be okay near Discord.

Can Jeffrey fly the team in his dragon-form to the spot for the picnic?

Darn it. Your edit beat mine. X P

It's okay.

Anyone else that should go?

How much CAN Dragon-Jeffrey manage on his back?

WOW! That IS strong! : D

Still. He could remove the tick from Ben 10.

No. He doesn't. It's too heavy.

But Aqua and Xion give him an A for effort. : )

Tiny Daddy?

Shrunk? How?

It stopped again.

Anyway, Hans replied to a comment on the video where Anna punched him in the face.

That's why I clearly told the sap he brought it on himself.

I'm glad you commented on Chapter 1, AND that you've mentioned Jeffrey and Aqua's wedding. :' )

Hey. I think something died on the Duke's head! X D

That's what someone on the team should say. X D

Even our team would find that funny. X D

Man. I'm on a roll right now. X D

I'm really that funny? : )

There's one funny Muppet News Flash I like. : )

Check the one at 1:12

▶ Muppet News Flash - YouTube

You wanna be knighted?

Okay. Good night! *hits you on the head*

Sorry, bro. But you did ask for it.

I did?

Do tell. : )

But..... she and her brother are the only ones left of their spieces (besides their mom and dad).

I'll think of something though....

IF this did happen, I want one condition: Xion would be concerned for Tammy.

It be like with Elsa not supporting the idea of Anna marrying someone she doesn't know much about.

Hey. If Fang bit Tammy on her tail, what would happen next?

I know she'd yell in pain, but the next part is what I wanted to know. Who would get back at Fang and what would he/she do.

Hm...... Raven. Remember how she scared Gizmo into helping fix Cyborg? X D

Raven: Leave Tammy alone.

Fang: Or what?!?

Raven: *removes her hood and shows a scary monstrous face to Fang*

Fang: *screams in fear*

Fang: *runs away yiping in fear*

Patch:...... Tammy. Are you okay?

Tammy: *shedding tears in pain* That mean bully bit my tail......... *starts to cry* I want my big sister!!!

Tammy: *still cries hard*

Tammy: *still crying from the pain, smiles a bit* XION!!!!!

Raven: Unfortunately not. Cleo's little dog Fang gave a nasty bite on her tail.

Tammy: OW! Ow! Careful. My tail.

Tammy: *sniffs* Okay.

Patch: *smiles* I think Xion can take it from here.

(Raven and Patch walk away)

Tammy: *sniffs* Thank you, big sister.

Xion: Why didn't you? Just asking.

Xion: Tammy. You were gonna get attacked. You should've used them.

Tammy: Mr. Dragonheart! I uh...... Um.....

Tammy: I know. *sheds a tear* I've failed.....

Xion: And it's the same reason why Cleo bullies me. She does it 'cause she enjoys it. She's sadistic.

Guess I'll have to do a drawing for Les.

Can you at least give me a description please?

How 'bout clothes?

Got it.

That really how your dad looks?

Alright. Just asking.

Where should Boingo go under?

Well, in my crossover of Hoodwinked, Set, Chameleon, and Thrax do guest star in it.

Is that affirmative?


I'll do Les soon.

Hope your dad likes my art.

Care to edit the Trivia to Bats?

I thought that Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion don't like the idea of stopping the bats either.

Jaden: *singing* Stop the bats. Stop the bats.

Aqua: Jaden!

Jaden:...! I didn't mean to take sides. I just got caught up in the rhythm.

Blaze: Are you saying you won't help out a member of our family?

The Mask: I'll use some bat repellent on them! *takes out a spraycan*

AppleJack: Does it work?

The Mask: Visual-aid. *sprays it on Bartok*

Bartok:.....! *covers nose* OH! Geez!!! That stinks!!!! *flies and hides behind Jeffrey*

The Mask: What? Wanna be ozone-friendly? Fine. *puts the can away*

Batty: Besides, they can't help it if they're hurting your apples. It's our bat heritage.

AppleJack: Are you part of the family or not?

So Jeffrey and the others are in a internal conflict right now. Help AppleJack as a family member or the bats.

I'm gonna make popcorn now.

Hello. : )

Yes? : )

Updated look? : )

Got it. : )

3 new drawings to do.

I hope Jeffrey realizes how lucky he is to have the 5-Headed Dragon.

Only Light monsters can attack it.

At least that dragon is used for good. : )

I'll never forget how Jeffrey used it to win his duel vs the Supreme King.

And determination to save Jaden.

Maybe it's a good thing this happened before Aqua was freed. She would be devastated if she saw Jaden's dark half.

A reminder of when Ventus was controlled by Vanitas.

I think it's been an hour now.


Anyway.... I wouldn't wanna see our team stand there and be devastated to have statues as a family.

It's agreed than. Not stone, ice, gold, etc. NOT AT ALL!

Good. I wouldn't want to see Xion or the cubs be turned into a statue most.

Sorry I brought that up, but I wanted to make it clear on what I don't want to happen.

It's too painful to see.

I'm gonna make dinner soon.

In the meantime, a Pokemon movie? Sure. Which one?

I'm gonna have to watch it again.

Okay. Now I really hate Noah! Yugi's friends didn't do anything to him!!!

Good thing we won't have it happen to our team.

Thanks for agreeing with me.

Be right back.

I'm back. And I've got something to say to Noah! Yugi's right! He IS a coward! And I know why! He doesn't want to face reality! He's been trapped in a computer so long that he doesn't know what it's like to have a real friend! And when he starts turning Yugi's friends to stone, he does it 'cause he doesn't wanna admit that they're right about Noah!

What do you think of what I said? If you liked that, than say it's a burn for Noah.

Take that Noah!!!


And I'm sorry for not getting back to you.

Darkblade needed help with HIS trailer.

Did you see it?

You sure mine's not second rate?

You're just saying that.

I just like hearing how important I am to you, bro. It always makes me feel good inside. :' )

Because..... I think of what you say when I changed your life for the better. :' )

And how you've done so much for me. Getting me to love My Little Pony Frienship is Magic, and giving me brotherly love. That's something I NEVER want from anyone else. :' D

  • hugs you and starts to cry* :' )
  • still hugs you and cries* I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER!!!!! :' D
  • still hugs you and cries* Please don't ever replace me!!! I'm nothing without you!!! My heart will be broken if that happens and I could never recover!!!!
  • still hugs you* *sniffs* I'm sorry.

Hey. I know this would be a mean thing to do, but I really wanna see that Jeffrey DOES value Jaden over something else.

For Starcrossed. Before Jeffrey can attack Hro...

Hro: Hold it! If you think about attacking me, there's a little something you should see. Or should I say "someone".

Jeffrey: Huh?

Hro: *holds out Jaden*

Jaden: *coughs* I'm sorry.... big brother..... I screwed up.....

Hro: And that's not all! Look!

  • Two Thanagarians are holding Aqua and Xion*

Hro: So. Still planning to attack me?! Go ahead, but you'll also be hurting your own little brother too. And than you'll watch as your wife and daughter meet their doom. So what's it gonna be?! Fight to save your planet or save your family?!

Jaden: Don't do it, Jeffrey....... Earth needs you.....

Jaden: Jeffrey! What're you doing?!

Hro: Very well than! *snaps his fingers and two other Thanagarian's show up and put chains on Jeffrey* These special chains are strong enough to restrain you in your dragon-form.

Xion: That's right! We WILL stop you feathered freaks!

I know that was cruel. But I wanted to see Jeffrey show his family means more to him than anything else.

Plus, it shows that Hawkgirl exploited everyone's weaknesses.

Hey! I can't wait for the new MLP episode tomorrow! : D

That sweet angel Cadence.... Man. I look forward to seeing her sweet-hearted nature make me feel better. :' )

I might be going to bed early. Just so you know.

I think maybe it's a good thing Xion doesn't get sick. Not when she had a fever.

Second time he got sick. Remember in Dragon Flower?

I've decided to not let Aqua get sick either.

That reminds me. : )

Aqua: Is there anything else I can do for you, dear?

Aqua: *giggles* Okay than. Be right back. *leaves the room, and after several minutes, returns with a glass of water* Here you go, dear.

Aqua: Now... How 'bout that "mouth-to-mouth" like you asked for?

Aqua: *sits on the edge of the bed, and kisses Jeffrey back on the lips*

  • the two than make-out with each other*

Aqua: I love you too, my cuddly dragon.

Don't worry. She doesn't get sick for a reason. Even though she gained the ability to turn into a dragon from Jeffrey upon sharring a married kiss with him, it hasn't fully developed in her during the episode.

Of coarse. I want Aqua to help her sick husband in the episode. : )

One scene I would like to do. A scene that will be added.

Jaden: *enters the room Jeffrey and Aqua are in* How's he doing?

Aqua: Still sick. But I'm doing my best to help him get better.

Jaden: I've got something to tell. We've figured out what's 'causing you and the other dragons to be ill.

Aqua: What is it?

Jaden: This. *holds out a Blue Oleander*

Jaden: It's called the Blue Oleander. And it's poisonous to dragons. *tosses it out the door*

Jaden: I think it's obvious. Why else would a poisonous plant be here to kill dragons?

Aqua: *stops Jeffrey* No! No no. You're still too weak to get up. You must lay down and rest, dear.

Alexis: Oh. He already is. Right now, he's helping dig up all the flowers.

Jaden: And that's not all. We found a way to cure you and the dragons.

Jaden: A dragon called the Scauldron. It's venom can be used as an antidote. Hiccup, Stoick, the others and I are gonna find it, and get it's venom, and you'll be cured.

Hold on. Jeffrey and Aqua doesn't find out 'til the end. Remember?

It's okay. 

Aqua: Promise us you'll be safe out there?

Jaden: I promise. Everything will be fine. We won't give up 'til we get the venom.

Aqua: *gets up and hugs Jaden* Good luck, little brother.

Jaden: *hugs her back* Thanks, big sister.

Jaden: *stands next to Jeffrey's bed* We won't let you down, big bro. You're gonna make it.

Jaden: See ya soon. *leaves the room*

I had Aqua hug Jaden 'cause of how worried she is. Jeffrey, her husband, is gravely ill, and Jaden, her little brother, is risking his life to get the antidote.

Than that's when Xion does her cute face on Jaden. : )

Still love to see Aqua take care of Jeffrey, 'cause I like seeing Jeffrey feel lucky to have Aqua be his wife. :' )

Plus, with the whole "mouth-to-mouth" thing. I like to see Aqua play along with Jeffrey. She can't say "No" to him. :' )

If there's one thing she loves to do is be in Jeffrey's arms and make out with him. :' )

And here's a cute idea. Since Aqua calls him her cuddly dragon, why don't we make it happen? Have Aqua cuddly with Dragon-Jeffrey? : D

Unless that already happened.

But when she slept against him, wasn't that cuddling?

Never mind than. : )

Just like with Xion, Aqua can pet him as much as she wants? : )

Wow. I hope Jaden and Alexis can too. :' )

Awwwwww!!! Thank you. :' D

I can't help it bro. Dragon-Jeffrey is just so adorable and ever so lovable and golden-hearted. I love knowing that he allows others to pet him. :' D

Proof that he loves being petted since it makes him feel less like a monster. :' )

It would be so cute if this happened. :' )

Baby Xion: *pets Dragon-Jeffrey's snout but than stops*

Dragon-Jeffrey: Something wrong, sweetie?

Baby Xion: I'm afraid if I've petted you too much, daddy.

Dragon-Jeffrey: No. No no. Not at all, my little princess. Go on. You can pet me as much as you want.

To show that his daughter's happiness means more to him than his own. :' )

Even if she'd pet him for about an hour. :' D

What a big sweetheart he is. :' D

Hey! Here's another very cute idea! :' D

If Baby Xion had some recreational fun on Dragon-Jeffrey, besides just sliding off his tail. :' D

Hopefully Dragon-Jeffrey won't mind his daughter crawling all over him. 

Even if she would jump on him for example?

Of coarse.

Plus. Just in case. Aqua will be there to be sure Baby Xion wouldn't get hurt.

Sorry. Bathroom.

Where was I?

Oh yeah! Right.

You know what? As soon as Aqua gets her dragon-form. It'll be the same thing with her. : )

Yep. Dragon-Aqua will allow Xion to pet her too. :' )

When Xion gets hers, I think the first two characters that ride on her should be the cubs. :' D

If Dragon-Xion tried kissing the cubs (with a lick), she might get a hairball! X D

Would it happen?

Than it's safe for Dragon-Xion to kiss her little brother and sister. X D

Oh! Speaking of the cubs, are they gonna get sick from Discord too?!

  • whew* Thank goodness!

They can help Xion too.

Oh! And Aqua. I forgot she doesn't get sick either.


You can decide. Sick or not sick.

Girl power!!!!!!! ......... (and one male cub)

I meant that as a joke.

Oh! And May too. Let's have her in this too.

Dawn too?

I can imagine her at the end of the song.

"I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!"

Good one? : )

Gonna cook dinner soon.

Jesse: If Fluttershy's not here to control Discord...... Beetles will have to do it in her place.

I forgot to tell you that my inbox isn't working again.

It's okay. : )

Be right back. Gonna make dinner.

Can you help do the plot, please?

Thanks. : )

Same costumes for the episode?


I'm thinking about making a new "what-if" story, but I want you're opinion first.

What if Jeffrey and Jaden really WERE brothers.

Uh? I take it that's shocking?

Yeah. Since their brotherly bond is strong, what if they grew up together? Jeffrey wouldn't be the youngest anymore.

I just hope it wouldn't be like with Anna and Elsa. Jeffrey being afraid of hurting Jaden.

But one thing similar. Jaden would wanna have fun with Jeffrey in his dragon form. Just like Anna wanted to have fun with Elsa and her magic. : )

Young Jaden: Jeffrey? Jeffrey. *pokes Young Jeffrey* Wake up, Jeffrey.

Young Jaden: It's time for us to have some fun, big brother!

Wow. I'm suprised he didn't say "Go back to bed, Jaden."

Really? Why? : )

Awwwwwww. What little sweetheart. :' )

  • Young Jaden and Young Jeffrey enter a big room*

Young Jaden: Okay, bro. Do the thing. *jumps up and down excitingly.

Young Jaden: Sweetness!

Young Jaden: *pets Young Dragon-Jeffrey* You're so cuddly as a dragon.

Young Jaden: *pets Young Dragon-Jeffrey, but than stops*

Young Jaden: You think I've petted you long enough? I don't wanna be annoying.

Time out for a moment. It's about the new page.

It reminds me of an idea I've wanted to share for the crossover. It's when the team arrives at the carnival. They see just how poor and rundown it is.

Like for example...

Scootaloo: *tastes so cotton candy, but spits it out* YUCK! This cotton candy is stale!

Jaden: *checks out a milkcan carnival game* *checks out a milkcan* And these milkcans are full of sand! This game is rigged!

Nails: You know what? I think who ever runs this place is a con-artist!

Alexis: Come on, you guys. We're looking for Big Bird. Not to comment how bad this place is.

Hey. Remember what Cookie Monster does there? X D

No. He focused his attention on the Sleaze brother with the box of cookies. X D

In the tent where Big Bird and the Sleaze Brothers are at....

Patch: *whispers* Hey. Where's Cookie Monster?

Jesse: *whispers* I don't know. I'm not his keeper.

Spike: ...! *whispers* Uh guys! *points at Cookie Monster, who's right next to one of the Sleaze Brothers*

Jaden: ...! *whispers* Cookie Monster! Get away from him!

Cookie Monster: Shhhhhhh.

Inbox should work now.

Stopped again. Anyway.... Hey. I've lost the description for Les. Can you give it to me again please?

Thanks. And one other thing. About the glasses. Color, and half or whole circle?

Thanks. : )

Oh! Hair style?

Got it.

I'm gonna get to work now.

Do tell your dad tomorrow. : )

You can go to bed if you want. I'm gonna stay up to work on the drawing.

If so, than *hugs you* Goodnight big brother. I love you. See you tomorrow. :' )

Oops. Sorry.

As I was saying... I stil love that kind of situation. True teamwork. : )

Discord: Hot dogs! Not-so-hot dogs! Get 'em while they're still cold!

Doesn't he have any taste buds?

We've gotta help get Anna's memories back!

Me too.

Hans just doesn't get it. You can't take someone who's already married! 

I'll see to it. *cracks knuckles*

To think that I actually trusted him at first......


Me either! Hans is starting to remind me of Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming from Shrek.

Why? Fairy Godmother tried to get her son to be with someone who was already married.

Ditto. Just another matchmaker. > : (

I hate matchmakers. Why can't people just decide these things for themselves?

Hey. Remember when I suggested a song for Fang?

I hate to mention this, but if he does sing, he'd need two other dogs for back-up. X P

And this song would impy that Fang is older than DJ and Tammy.

I believe I've decided Fang's voice.

I'm also gonna have to draw him and Cleo this year.... as much as I feel sick just thinking about it....

I could use some help with my next Comedy Collab video. : )

I have 4 jokes so far.

As long as I don't get in trouble for it.

Which clip of Discord?

Good idea. : )

Jaden: Lady luck. She hates me...

I'm thinking just like with the Buffalo Bones videos, I can start another popular video meme.

Hm... Let me see.

Well, when I did the Buffalo Bones video, I just thought it would be funny to have him dance to Timon's Hula because it matched.

Hey! I have a thought! If I can't create videos for myself at the moment, I'll create videos for YOU! : D

And I'll start with a Buffalo Bones video. : )

There a song you have in mind?

One new video coming up! : )

Done. : )

Hey. Did I ever re-upload the one of 6 Flags?

I don't think I did. Check your e-mail.

It's gotta be there.

Hope you like it.

Gonna upload it? : )

Just did. : )

You're welcome. I'm glad that I could provide you with another video again. : )

  • hugs you* I hope that I can always do this for you.

So if Tammy asked Xion if she's pretty.....

And Xion would say "of coarse you're pretty!" : D

Beauty runs in our team. : )

But the REALY beauty in our team is love and kindness. :' )

You wanna know something?

It has to do with the new page. In Playing with The Big Boys Now, when Hotep and Huy bring out two snakes and Moses' snake fights them. Well, I can imagine as those 2 snakes slither over Jaden, Dragon-Jeffrey fights them off.

No kind of poison can affect a Skystengel after all.

.....! Whoa...... He'd eat live snakes?!?

Oh. I see. 'Cause after eating Quasimodo Wilson, I'm surprised he'd eat something live again.

That doesn't count.

I know. Thank goodness too.

You've forgot to add Hotep and Huy as enem

No prob. : )

Please don't apologize over stuff like this. It's no big deal. : )

As you can tell for that story, Jeffrey stays in his dragon form for the picnic. But I have a good reason for it.

1. I know he only uses it for emergenices, but we mostly see him in his human form. This is to experiment WHAT IF he stayed in his dragon-form for most of a project.

2. The cute ideas for the story (the cookie and backscratch)

3. He'd be in his dragon-form in case it would rain.

I think it would be nice for him to be in his dragon-form for a relaxing moment. : )

Besides, his dragon-form is half of who he is.

Hey. Would it be alright if I took a short nap? I'm so tired right now.

Thanks. I won't be long.

Aw come on!!! Not now!!! X P

I need to tell Anna and Elsa something! Damn these dumb rules!!! > : (

It's okay......

Care to re-comment?

▶ The War of Arendelle: Chapter 3-Love is Still an Open Door - YouTube

I've gotta keep reminding myself that Hans is evil to the core in the song....

  • knocks on my head* Don't let him trick you, Ren!!!!

I can't let him convince me!

Help me!

It's okay. But he's just so convincing in "Love Is An Open Door."

When you listen to the song, he doesn't convince you a tiny bit?

What do you do?

Good idea!

  • ping* I KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT!!!!!! : D

My new Valentine's Day video for this year!!!! I've chosen "I See the Light." : D

This is gonna be beautiful! : D

I can't wait! I'm gonna start now! : D

Losers huh? That's Team Vector for ya.


Funny. Jesse is like Fox in this Adventure.  X D

Should May's first kiss for Jesse be on the cheek or on the lips? :' )

Awwww. : )

I'm not suprised Jeffrey can understand Más and Menos. He knows more than one language after all. : )

Just like Batman. : )

Pinkie Pie: That's not a mammoth. THAT'S a mammoth. *points at Manny*

Don't let Copperhead bite Jeffrey.

Aren't you gonna add something to Copperhead's trivia?

Sweet. : )

I wonder where Jeffrey got his intelligence from.

Drat. Should've seen that coming.

As I was gonna say.... And seriously?! Doesn't this guy wear pants like his brother does?!?

Good riddance. X P

Added something to See-More's trivia.

Of coarse. A pervert. NO ONE offends Aqua like that!

Kyd in Team Vector too?

I thought so. All the other guys are on Team Vector too.

I wonder who should be next....

I guess that answers the question.

What're you apologizing for? : )

Remember that Twilight "turns" Jeffrey into his dragon-form for the episode? : )

Trixie: But... what about the turning the human into a dragon?

Jaden: *smiles* That's not magic either. *pets Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* That's just Jeffrey. He's half-dragon.

Trixie: *stares in shock* This....... this can't be........

Aqua: *smiles* My boyfriend here is just full of surprises. And that's one reason why I love him. *kisses Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek*

You forgot to have him blush. : )

It's okay. : )

Darkblade wanted my help with something.

I have something else I could do. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I could do some drawings of love.

Yeah. I looked at Benny's from last year, and it gave me the idea.

Yeah. But I'm taking the rest of the day off.

I feel like I've earned it.

Plus, I still feel tired.

But I'll still be here for you. : )

I refuse to let you feel alone.

  • hugs you again* Saw the preview for the new MLP episode?

Looks like Pinkie's got some competition.

Do you know who voices this new guy?

I know his name and who voices him. I asked if YOU know.

If this guy hogs all the attention, I won't let Jaden abandon Pinkie.

And not the Mask either.

Alexis and Beetles too.

Jesse and May?

I can't stop thinking about the pairing lately. Ever since I brought up Star Fox Adventures. : )

Maybe I ought to do that for a Valentine's Day drawing. Jesse and May kissing. : )

In her Wallace Cup outfit of coarse. I still owe it to her for teaching me that lesson as an animator.

You okay with that, bro?

It's not that I think May looks attractive in that outfit. It's that she taught me there's nothing to feel sheepish about drawing revealing clothing.

That's why I want to have May be in her Wallace Cup outfit for our adventures. As a reminder.

If there's nothing to feel sheepish about drawing revealing clothing, there shouldn't be anything sheepish about having May come along in that outfit.

I'll wait.

That was quick.

No kidding.

Yeah, what?

I'm glad you understand bro. : )

No no! Thank YOU.

Already thought of something. An epilogue will show Jaden recieving a letter from Ash that he's sending a friend to travel with them for an Adventure.

And when she arrives, it'll be love at first sight for Jesse. : )

Along the way in the Adventure, Jesse and May will find out more how much they have in common. : )

And Jesse will May warm in the cold environments of the game. : D

All the more reason for her to be in that outfit. The fact she gets cold will bring her and Jesse closer. : )

Maybe Jeffrey can help Jesse too, now that Jeffrey's married at this point.

Getting back to the video now. I might even uploaded it earlier than planned. : )

brermeerkat is excited. : )

I'm featuring Filburt and Dr. Paula Hutchinson in this too. : )

So besides Jesse and May falling in love, the other thing I look forward to in the Adventure is the group hug Dragon-Jeffrey gets. : )

When he gets the group hug, it makes him more lovable and cuddly. :' )

The snout is reserved for his wife, daughter, little brother and sister. : )

In fact, here's another cute idea for that. Xion will pick up the cubs so that they can give him a lick on his snout. :' )

Tammy: Xion? *gently touches Xion's leg*

Xion: Oh. *smiles* You wanna thank my daddy too?

DJ: *shyly* Yes pwease.

Xion: *picks up Tammy first* Up we go. *holds her in front of Dragon-Jeffrey.*

Tammy: *licks Dragon-Jeffrey's snout*

(Xion puts Tammy back down gently and picks up DJ next)

Adorable. : D

I'm gonna make dinner now. Be right back.

Inbox is working.

Sorry, bro.

Anyway.... Who will cook for them? : )

With Aqua's help of coarse. :' )

I think that's really touching. One couple helps to provide the happiness for another. :' )

One thing May loves is eating. : )

When someone swipes her food, she evolves into a fire-type. X D

The team makes note of that! Especially Jesse.

I think it's lovely that Dawn calls May "Princess of Hoenn." I'd like others to call her that. : )

And Xion? : )

Xion would admit that her Godmother looks like a princess.

Yes. May will accept to be Xion's godmother, since Jesse is her godfather. :' )

Xion did hope May to be her godmother someday. Now we'll make it so. :' )

Yes? (I hope it's not bad).

Hm. It IS a possibility. But we gotta think of how he'd become one.

Maybe in an upcoming movie this year.

Something that sutis him.

Of coarse! : )

Maybe in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Where was I?

Ah yes! Sorry. I'm braindead right now.

Which is why I'll be going to bed soon.

Jesse: *sighs romantically* Isn't she the prettiest gem y'all have ever seen?

Jesse even says that May is the best gem his eyes have ever laid on. :' )

I'm glad Jeffrey's there to support Jesse and May's love.

Uh.... I said Jesse.

It's okay. But I have a thought. Now that he's married and learned so much on love, Jeffrey decided to help Jesse with what he learned from Jaden. : )

The student has become the master. : )

Hm. And maybe Jeffrey can help Jesse feel brave around May. : )

I think it's been an hour now.

So where should we put the Puppet King?

Your call.

I still wanna use that song in the series. : )

Wanna see something interesting my sister showed me that involves the song I added?

It's in here:

▶ WYWDS Everyone MEP Volume 9 - YouTube

The song suits Miguel and Tulio too. : )

Thar's what my sister loves about it. : )

I hope you liked it.

Humor-licious! : )

That video reminded me of other songs to add here.

I need some help.

I can't find Hunchback of Notre Dame songs on YouTube. "The Bells of Notre Dame" and "Out There."

Give me the link please.

I guess it'll do for now.

Bro. I saw video, and once again, I'm worried about Aqua. : (

Right. I wish I didn't see that though.

I should've seen it coming when I saw the video thumbnail. Aqua would be Quasi's mother. :' (

It's just a cruel thing to do to Aqua.

Aqua's more than just a video game character. But people will never understand it because they don't have the same passion for animation like we do.

Inbox is working.


Anyway, are you sure he's not just pretending?

  • snickers* If Jaden was there, he would be SO bored. X D

And Jeffrey would see to it that Jaden pays attention. X D

Jaden: Come on, big bro. History time is nap time.

Jaden: AH! Cold! *shivers*

Jaden: *give Jeffrey and angry look* Pay-back time! *snatches Jeffrey's glasses*

Jaden: You brought that on yourself! History is not my thing!

Eh... I think we got too carried away. I don't want there to be a fight. : (

Besides, you said Jeffrey would never get mad at his little brother. EVER.

Can you help me with the new category?

See that fact I added to Kardiak's page?

Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating.

I hope I NEVER see a real heart. X P

Hope you don't mind I decided where to put Malchior.

How 'bout Kardiak?

Yeah. : )

  • smiles hugley and hugs you* AT LAST!!!!!!! We have more than one page of Set's recruits!!!!! :' D
  • still hugs you* I'm satisfied now. :' )

I hope you don't mind who I add to the Brotherhood of Evil.

Inbox is working.

Sorry man.

As I was saying...

(Jeffrey tries to belt on)

Aqua: *smiles* You look even more like Terra with it on.

Aqua: *nods* He had a belt just like it.

(Just to confirm if he'll wear it from now on)

Aqua: You can take it off if you want to now.

Aqua: *smiles again* Whatever you say, dear. *kisses him on the lips again*

Did you know the original actress was killed in a homicide?

You know?

Shall we put Sharptooth under Set's recruits?

You can't blame a guy for what they do. Those two were just trying to survive.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Happened again.

(The Minions all point to one single Minion)

Tim: *speaks gibberish* (Translation: "Well.... I gave them what they wanted.")

Aqua: You sure you can stand up straight, Xion?

Alexis: What you need is some medicine.

Alexis: That goes for you two, too.

Tammy: *dizzy* Sure thing *hiccups* Mitsuki.

It's "Mrs. Yuki."

Ooooooooohhhh..... Sorry....

I feel so embarresed.

I know, dude. : )

  • hugs you* I know you'll always forgive me. : )

Inbox is working.

I'm doing laundry now. But it you start to get tired, you can go to bed whenever you want.

General Brack in Justice League huh? "Brack" is the sound of a bird hitting the windshield of a car going 500 miles an hour. X D

Funny? : )

Jeff Dunham joke. : )

Walter even said he doesn't look like Joe Biden. X D

IF you even know who that is.

He's the vice-president.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

  • laughs* Good joke! Jeff and Achmed were being interviewed on FOX. The host said a joke, and Achmed said "Oh, that's a joke. You should sit on Jeff's other knee." X D

Good one? X D

Who's your favorite again?


Jeff Dunham and Achmed on Fox 9-21-11 - YouTube

I felt like sharing it before we go to bed. : )

Okay. Now than. For real this time, goodnight big brother. I love you. : )

You think they are friends now?

Just curious. : )

I hope Jack will comment. : )

I'm watching that Slappy Squirrel cartoon again, and I'm still grossed out by the butter part. X P

That's why I never ask for butter on my popcorn at the movies!

I don't wanna know where it's been. X P

Yeah. : )

Would Jeffrey ask for butter on his popcorn?

I suppose he wouldn't care where it comes from.

Saw your post. : )

Yeah. : )

Almost done with this part. : )

I'll be right back. I'm gonna grab some Diet Coke.

It's not worrying her that's the problem. It's making her feel like loser that's the problem.

Of coarse. She's a strong Duelist. I can think of several duels where she won. : )

She beat Titan, Chazz on time, Atticus, and Pierre the Gambler. : )

Just like her husband. :' )

Just a couple more spots left to go.

I wonder where brermeerkat is.

Just about done. : )

I can still imagine Xion hoping for Alexis to marry Jaden. :' )

All done. I'm gonna upload it now. : )

Ready? : )

It's up. : )

What's he snickering about?

Alexis: How was I?

Alexis: After going in that rabbit hole, I gotta ask something..... Do my hips look big?

Jaden: *blushes* ...Oh! Not at all! You have a great figure! *elbows Jeffrey*

Alexis: Really?

Jaden: Of coarse. I love you just the way you are, dear.

Alexis: Thanks, guys.

Jaden: *hugs Alexis* Sure thing, sweetheart.

Nails: Hey, boss! I'm in the next part! Wish me luck!

Nails: Mind if I get a towel after the next scene is done? 'Cause Alexis is gonna cry up an ocean of tears.

Alexis: Oh yeah.... That....

Alexis: I feel embarrased by what I gotta do.

Scamper: Not quite. She cries again later in the movie.

Scamper: I'm just saying it like it is.

I think I'm gonna give my head a rest from working on videos for the rest of the day.

Funny thing. Nails' nose is round like a doorknob. X D

Maybe that's why I was told to use him.

The cast WAS brermeerkat's idea.

So, what to talk about now.

I can't find the movie.

Sad it's not on Viooz.


Xion: *gasps* It's Aunt Alexis' birthday tomorrow?!?

Xion: *muffled*

Xion: Sorry, daddy. I'm just so excited. Alexis is my favorite aunt and babysitter.

Xion: *giggles* After seeing Pinkie Pie throw so many parties, it's pretty obvious.

We've got questions. : )

You didn't have to answer Tammy's question. I already did it.

Yeah. Love Xion's answer. : )


Love that movie. : )

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!


What do you like in the movie? I love it when Dory spoke whale. X D

It sounds like nothing I've ever heard. X D

We've got more questions.

  • laughs*

Marlin: How do I taste, Moby?! Huh?!? Do I taste good?!?! X D

Marlin: You tell him I'm not interested in being lunch!

Dory: Okay. *whale-like* He-ee-

Marlin: *grabs her mouth* Stop talking to him!!!

Try your inbox when you get back.

Nevermind. Mine just stopped.

Should we categorize Blaziken as part of the Team since it's May's Pokemon?

Any Pokémon that May, Dawn and Jeffrey has is part of the team.

And part of Xion's family too. : )

I wonder which Pokemon Xion would like the most.

Jesse would love 'em all. : )

Her Skitty is like his Ruby. : )

Jaden: Hey, guys. We've got a letter from Ash!

Jaden: He says "I have a new friend that would like to meet you. She's coming over to your place soon to join you for an Adventure and get to know you better. Hope you have a fun time with May. Sincerely, Ash."

Jaden: She's the friend Ash is sending over.

Jaden: "Soon" it says.

(After several minutes of waiting)

  • ding dong*

Jaden: I'll get it. *answers the door. There is a beautiful girl dressed up in a arabis outfit.*

May: Hi. Is this the home of the Justice Guardians?

Jaden: That's right. And you must be May.

May: That's right.

Jaden: Ah. Do come in.

Jaden: *smiles* I'm sure he has. We're old friends from Elementary school.

Jesse: Hey, Jaden. We're all set for Dinosaur Planet. We just gotta- *sees May and his heart beats fast. Blushes from seeing her beauty* Who..... Who is that?

Inbox is working.


As I was saying.... *hugs you* Good.

  • still hugs you.* I'm in such a good mood right now. X D

Sketching away right now. : )

I think I know what to do next. : )

Sibling Love. : D

Yeah. Tammy licking DJ's cheek. : )

Oh! Thank goodness Orm wore something under that cloth of his. X P

I don't wanna go into details, but I was worried if he was like Tarzan for wearing a loincloth. X P

Sorry for bringing that up.

Anyway, should DJ blush? : )

In "Injustice For All", does Jeffrey get caught with Batman?

If he does, than he owes Aqua big time for worrying her. 25 kisses on the lips.

And he'll give'em to her? : )

Man, will he enjoy it. : )

He sure loves kisses from his wife. :' )

One of my favorite kissing moments EVER is in "Only A Dream", when Aqua kisses her husband goodnight and he smiles back. :' D

Inbox is working.

Omegahero1 (talk) 06:46, February 2, 2014 (UTC) ah shit mitch flouride is back

Omegahero1 (talk) 06:56, February 2, 2014 (UTC) thanks for stopping him dude

I think my inbox was gonna stop soon anyway.

The new page is my idea. : )

Feel free to edit it. : )

So far so good. Now brermeerkat won't see it when he goes on the main page.

I wanna work on the new page. : )

Almost there.

Perfect. We're starting to hide Mitch's edits. : )

Just a couple more edits to make. : )

All done! : D

Now hopefully brermeerkat won't find out.

So Rainbow Dash won't trust Rex Mason?


Trust in not something Rainbow Dash provides easily.

It's starting to get late. You can go to bed if you want.


What're you gonna do, boyscout? Short my sheets? Give me a wedgie?

Don't you hate me even the slightest bit?

Not even a teensy weensy bit?

Just testing you. : )

Let me know when you're going to bed.

Oh! And now that the new MLP episode is out, I still wanna use what Aqua said:

"That won't really be necessary."

A way to show her loyalty to Pinkie.

Tammy will tell Cheese Sandwich to take a hike.

It's so she can learn a new lesson from Xion.

Tammy: Take a hike, Cheese Sandwich!!!

  • some of the team gasps to this*

Xion: Tammy! That was rude!

Tammy: But, Xion! Cheese Sandwich was being rude first! He's trying to take away Pinkie's job!

Jeffrey: She's right, Tammy. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Tammy: They don't?

Xion: I know you mean well and wanna help Pinkie, but I'm sure Cheese Sandwich just doesn't understand.

Tammy: *looks sad* I'm sorry.....


Why didn't anyone say my video was shaking?!

Let's try Google Plus.

Please re-comment on the video.

He was sinckering.

I'm confused now. How do you want to communicate?

Looks like brermeerkat knows now. But I don't care right now.

I'm sorry about all this, bro. But right now, the Wiki is not what's annoying me. It's the fact no one told me my video was shaking. > : (

On a more positive note, Frozen won the Annie Award for Best Animate Film.

Now all that's left is the Oscars.

  • hugs you* I'm so sorry, big brother.

It is?

A pretty bad start if you ask me.

I've gotta do something to take my mind off what happened.

I've done one thing so far.

Look what I've uploaded.

We're also gonna need Cadence's angelic voice again.

You saw the JL episode "The Brave and The Bold"?

Making a phone.

Happy Groundhog's Day.

Try your inbox now.

Yeah. I know.

Aaron The Wise '91 (talk) 20:45, February 2, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry. Anyway....

Jaden: *smiles and pets Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* I'm glad..... you're alright..... big brother.

And than Dragon-Jeffrey lies down and let's Jaden pet him until Jaden regains his strength and common sense back. :' )

(Dragon-Jeffrey lies down, smiles, and growls happily as Jaden pets his snout)

Thanks, big brother. :' )

If he was real, I hope he'd allow me to pet him. :' )

Wow.... :' )

Gonna do Part 4 now.

Superbowl's over.

Don't care though.

Poor Alexis..... And poor Nails! X D

I hope to get this done before today ends.

Gonna cook dinner now.

Inbox is working

Gonna shower now.

I'm back. But I should be going to bed now. I've gotta get up for classes tomorrow.

Will you be okay waiting for me tomorrow and this upcoming week?

Okay than. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you, and I'm so happy we got to talk face to face today. :' )

Yeah. Let's do it again soon. : )


Good. You saw the new page.

  • ping* IDEA! : D

Remember in the Wallace Cup, Wallace was a special judge? : )

Let's have there be a special judge for this! : D

THAT I need help with.

Like Queen Minnie?

In fact, we can have more than one special judge. : )

I'll let you decide the other one IF you want there to be more than one special judge.

Got any ideas?

Only problem is one word: favoritism.

How 'bout someone else of royalty?

Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence....

Good choice. : )

Watching the Brave and The Bold again. Jeffrey won't underestimate gorilla technology, right?

Asked 'cause of what Flash said. "You think we can't handle one dumb ol' gorilla?"

So he doesn't take fighting a super smart gorilla as a joke?

And another thing....

Xion: A gorilla that hates bananna's? Really?

Than again, I guess it's stereotypical that all monkeys and apes eat banana's.

Would you say Grodd is dead?

No one can breathe in space though.

Okay. I'll wait.

I'm getting a cute idea for Part 5. : )

Putting in the Minions.

Yeah. For the song. : )

I hope that'll be good.

Here we go again.

Hm. Hey. I wanna know what Jeffrey's reaction will be when that lady says she loved Grodd.

Xion: Ewwwwwww!! She loves a gorilla?!?

Jaden: Well..... I guess it's true. Love has no boundries.

Alexis: I don't know what that lady saw in Grodd.

Good thing Jeffrey is only half-dragon. Otherwise, people would find it odd for Aqua to marry a complete dragon.

But as Benny once said, love has no boundries.

To Aqua, she loves both human and dragon form equally. :' )

Awwww. :' )

Good idea. But FIRST, I wanna share a new idea for a possible spoof that I think you might love too. : )

"How To Train Your Dragon" Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures style. : D

Jaden as Hiccup

Dragon-Jeffrey as Toothless

Alexis as Astrid

And just like with Beauty and the Beast, there will be some minor changes to it.

Secondly, Dragon-Jeffrey (Toothless) doesn't want to fight and kill humans. The moment Jaden (Hiccup) frees him, he starts to trust Jaden.

I was actually gonna ask you that.

But that'll be interesting. 'Cause both Hiccup and Toothless can learn a lot from each other now. : )

When Hiccup attempts to kill Toothless, in our spoof, I can imagine Dragon-Jeffrey plee for mercy, and Jaden would feel sorry for what he did to such a gentle creature.

Okay. I'll wait.

Inbox is working.

Who were you talking too?

I thought so. It's okay.

Doing classwork now. Might have to stay up later than usual to get it done.

I'm still here for you, big brother.

I noticed something in JL episode "Legends". Ray is the foil (meaing contrast) to GL.

Think. GL was able to move on after they stopped published the Justice Guild comics. But after the Justice Guild died, Ray couldn't let go of the past.

That's immature if you ask me. When he couldn't let go of the past, than no one else was allowed to.

I wonder if Ray was still a kid in his true form.

Don't let him hurt Xion too much.

In fact....

Xion: Let's big at the big brain of yours and see what's in it!!!

Like what she said?

Thanks. I'd personal like to deflate his head. X D

He could do anything, EXCEPT lift his head off the table! X D

He's like a balloon. A round shape and full of hot air! X D

I'm a riot. X D

Let me know when it's been an hour.

About InJustice For All, if Jeffrey gets caught with Batman, about the bargain with the Hummanite. How would Jeffrey have the money to double what Luthor was paying?

This is IF he gets caught,

Remember, have Jeffrey protect Aqua from the Shade. He has Aqua's worst fear.

To poor Aqua, the Shade can make it feel like she's trapped in the Realm of Darkness again. : (

Or even scare her?

Good! I love seeing Jeffrey protect the light of his life.

Oh wait! I keep forgetting. Aqua is Jeffrey's Ocean Queen. : )

Jeffrey: *hugs Aqua gently* Don't worry, my Ocean Queen. As long as I'm here, the darkness will NEVER have you again.

Aqua: *smiles* I know. *hugs Jeffrey back* You're the light within the darkness. I always feel safe when I'm with you.

Hi! How are you doing? Can you explain to Love Robin about Hiatt Grey's Brian Griffin's Adventures Series on Pooh's Adventures Wiki?



Mad Hatter: NO!

Jaden: You've lost, Jervis.

Mad Hatter: AHHHH!!!!

Nails: Jervis Tetch! You're under arrest for attempted murder, and for illegal use of advanced technology! *puts the handcuffs on Mad Hatter*

May: And one more thing. *slaps Mad Hatter REALLY hard* That's for turning my boyfriend against me!!!

Cheshire Cat: And one more thing. You're a disgrace to the REAL Mad Hatter and the story of Alice in Wonderland.

  • the cops take Mad Hatter away*

Jesse: I can't believe it..... I almost hurt you guys.....

Jaden: It wasn't your fault. It was the Mad Hatter's card.

(Did you like what the Cheshire Cat said? : ) )

I saw the Penguin in action, and now I agree. He does belong with Set. Along with Joker and Two-Face.

Next is the Riddler.

Hopefully, Jeffrey's smart enough to solve Riddler's puzzles.

Jeffrey would agree with Batman. His puns are sickening.

Inbox is working.

Sorry.... But it's okay. I'm gonna be right back. Gonna make dinner.

I'm back. : )

I don't believe this. You haven't noticed the Riddler's page yet?

Oh. Okay.

What's wrong?

That's a relief.

No. I'm the one who should be sorry.

For once, Joker's making me laugh.

I can't help it.

▶ Joker - Big Ol Bats Has Fallen Down - YouTube

And after seeing it again, it gave me an idea for that scene. : )

If you remember, Jaden to takes affect from Ace's powers, and falls unconscience. Joker can attempt to do the same thing he did to Batman and kick Jaden around, but Dragon-Jeffrey covers Jaden. : D

Dragon-Jeffrey can scoop up Jaden in his arms, and threaten the Joker to leave his little brother alone.

Because I'd love to see Dragon-Jeffrey shield Jaden from harm. :' D

Really? : D

What a big sweeetheart! :' D

I'll be sure to have Jaden say how lucky he is to have Jeffrey be his big brother. :' D

And when Jeffrey's in his dragon-form. :' D

Just as long as Jeffrey will say how lucky he is to have Jaden as his little brother. :' )

Inbox is working.

I'm watching "Two-Face" now, and I feel bad for Harvey.

Didn't you see it? : (

He was a friend of Batman, and he had a fiancé. 

I agree. The problem is that he's in a conflict with himself. : (

I don't think he's entirely bad.

I feel bad for him.

I guess it's okay to feel sorry for a villain after all.

I'm starting to wonder if he should be a recruit of Set.

Maybe I should see another episode.

Hm. Poor guy. Posion Ivy almost killed him too.

That lady is too obsessed.

At least we know her weakness.

  • laughs* I can imagine our team mess with her plants. X D

Poison Ivy: It's over for you!!!

Jaden: Is it? *holds out a simple flower* I don't think so!

Poison Ivy: *gasps* You wouldn't dare!

Jaden: *looks at Alexis and plucks the petals one at a time* She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. She loves me not.

Poison Ivy: *screams*

Jesse: *holds out a tulip* What a nice flower you have. *drops it* Oops! I seemed to have dropped it. *steps on it* Oh no! Now I'm "accidentally" crushing it.

Poison Ivy: *screams*

Poison Ivy: DON'T DO IT!!!!

Poison Ivy: NEVER!!!!

(Be right back)

I'm back and I must say, it's been a while since Jeff Dunham uploaded a video.

Inbox is working.

Sorry. Anyway, you cool with that fact?

Cool. : )

Adding the belt now. : )

Wow. So far, Jeffrey's looking totally cool in this picture. : D

Sorry. I was getting my laundry.

I'm almost done penciling it in.

I'd have to agree with Aqua. He looks dashing with the belt on. : )

How would you know? You haven't seen it yet.

Wow. : )

Okay. Now to darken him in.

I'm curious. How would Jeffrey respond if he overheard another girl tell Aqua how lucky she is to be married to Jeffrey? : D

I love it when he blushes over things involving Aqua. :' D

I can imagine Aqua expressing her feelings for Jeffrey on their first date. :' D

Like for instance, Aqua telling him that she likes his dragon-form and that she thinks it's so cuddly. :' D

Upon hearing that, Jeffrey will no longer worry if Aqua will think of him as a monster.

Inbox is working.


Saw it coming though.

So, how was it?

Thanks. Was it also funny?

Lazlo: Raj. Does that girl look funny to you?

Raj: Yes.

Jaden: Hey! That's my wife you're talking about!!

Beetles: Well..... looks like I'm next..... *sighs* I can't believe I'm working with that idiot Grundel.....

Beetles: Huh?

Jaden: She's right. If you recall, the walrus, that's Grundel. gets chased off by the Carpenter in the end, and that's you.

Tammy: I don't understand. What does Beetles hate about this toad?

Tammy: Try me.

Xion: Okay. Before Beetles joined the team, Grundel beat him up and blackmailed him to help him kidnap Thumbelina by taking his wings.

Tammy: That's awful.

Jaden: And now he's scared of toads because of what Grundel did.

Jaden: At least now you can get a shot at revenge.

Beetles: Yeah!

Brermeerkat's got a new comic! X D

Maybe. : )

New War of Arendelle part is up.

It's so sad. : (

That song is from Les Miserable.

Sung by Cosette's mother.

Saddly, she died and Cosette became an orphan, until Jean ValJean adopted her and gave her a better life.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Happened again.

As I was gonna do.... *hugs you* I don't remember hugging you today. : )

  • still hugs you* I love you big brother. :' )

Sorry. Was working on a new page.

Do you think Fairy Godmother would be a recruit of Set?

Because Rumple is with Charles Muntz, and Lord Farquaad..... Actually we never categorized him either.

So, other than Shrek, who else is there to do?

Oh! Prince Charming, Arthur, Harold, Lillian....

Add please promise Jeffrey will never become overwhelmed like Shrek was in the 4th movie. Before he met Rumple.

As you've said, he would already accept the wonderful life that he has? : )

And beautiful ever-so-devoted and golden-hearted wife, a perfect little angel as a daughter....

And Jeffrey's life isn't routined. There's always something new and exciting for him to do. : )

I just wanna be sure that he'll never gives up the happy life he's got.

And I still refuse to do the whole "in a world where a character was never born" idea.

'Cause I can already tell that Jaden and Jeffrey's lives would be horrible without each other. Jeffrey would be alone and unloved, and Jaden would be afraid and weak.

Do you think Jeffrey would be fine with just Xion though?

Why? Xion's sweethearted nature would be enough to make him happy, right?

But he'd still have Xion.

Sorry, bro. I'm just testing you now. Because I wanna know if Xion's sweethearted nature is not enough for Jeffrey to make his life perfect.

So Xion alone can't provide all the love that Jeffrey needs.

I see. Well than, it's a good thing I decided to have our two teams join together. : )

That was my suggestion.

Don't take all the credit. X P

Inbox is working.



Tammy: I don't understand. What good is this gonna do?

Tammy: And you think this will work?

Tammy: Okay.

Hey. I could imagine a cute fancy dress for Xion. : )

Yeah. But what though.....

I think I might have an idea for something.

I've finished penciling in the drawing.

Yeah. Gonna scan images tomorrow.

Alrighty than. I'm gonna download whatever remaining My Little Pony episodes are left.

What's wrong? Are you bored? : (

Funny. So am I for some reason.


If you wanna go to bed early, that's fine with me.

Well, I told you that I'm feeling tired too. Which means we'd both go to sleep together.

I get this feeling like this is a bad sign....

  • hugs you back* What's up doc?
  • Still hugs you* I don't wanna be tired yet.

Maybe if we just listen to something that makes us lively.

When Jeffrey first meets Zecora, does she see her as a bad pony?

No matter what happened in the episode with the Mane 6?

I wonder why he doesn't become convinced.

I see. So he had no way to prove it. X P

It's okay. I'm cool with it. : )

Sorry. Been working on a new page.

Inbox is working.

Sorry... Anyway, he probably did that before I blocked him.

It's a good thing we've had a break from him today.

Sorry. Was working on a new page again.

One more page, than I'm gonna cook dinner.

Be right back now.

I'm back. : )

Alright. Where were we? : )

How we think of where to have the Ventriloquist and Scarface?

Inbox is working.

  • hugs you back* Yep. Night big brother. I love you too. And I hope you'll be okay waiting for me tomorrow. : )

And one more thing, I'm glad you found the idea so cute. :' )

'Cause can't you just imagine Tammy making that giggle? :' )

Sorry. Anyway.... Who do you think should get the eggwhich?

Yeah. And maybe next time, Aqua should get it. : )

But Jeffrey will get a chance too. : )

What might that be? : )

What about it?

Especially since both teams are now one, and Xion hasn't spent time with Alexis since she was a baby. : )

And of coarse, let's not forget Alexis' promise. She'd always get Xion a Sea-Salt Ice Cream when she babysits her. :' )

Depending when Jeffrey and Aqua will leave will determine how Alexis gets it.

If it's at night, than Alexis will simply get Xion an ice cream from the freezer.

But I think that should be fine. 'Cause depending on the kind of fridge our team owns, Xion might not be able to reach the freezer.

Awwwwwww. :' D

Gonna cook dinner soon.

I'll be right back. : )

Hakuna Matata. : )

Saw that coming.

As I was...

Jaden: So, bro? What's your back-up plan?

Jaden: Who?

How ironic.

'Cause (as you've noticed) I've add his page.

See what I have on his Trivia?

Thumbelina: Wait!! It's okay you two!!

Jaden and Cornelius: But he's trying to hurt you!!! ...! I am not!!! You are!!!

See the reference to Ferngully? : )

Oops. Anyway....

No kidding. She'll join in the hug Jaden gets.

Hey! I found the Jeff Dunham show online! : D

Here's episode 1: MovPod - Just watch it!

I hope it works.

You can't be done already.

Anything you like? : )

You must be done now.

Want episode 2? : )

This one is a lot funnier. X D

MovPod - Just watch it!

Sorry. Anyway, if it's okay, tomorrow, after my class, I'd like to watch episode 3 with you on webcam. : )

Okay. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. See you after class. :' )

MovPod - Just watch it!

MovPod - Just watch it!

MovPod - Just watch it!

MovPod - Just watch it!

Starflight needs to calm down! I may not like Prince John, Scar, Oogie Boogie, Grinch, or Sunset Shimmer videos, but I don't complain about it.

Because I sent them to you.

I'm trying my best to ignore what she said.

I don't want what she said to go to my head!

I don't understand why she's gotta yell about it like it's a big deal.

I don't understand why she just doesn't simply ignore it.

I think I'm gonna watch Puss in Boots now.

Alexis and Baby Xion?

Love it. I always love moments with Alexis and her niece. : )

Yeah. When she's scared. :' )

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! :' D

But Alexis would have Jaden.

Unless Jaden would be out for the night doing his Pro Dueling career.

Hey. I had a thought. : )

Alexis petrified. The drawing Xion makes for Alexis to get well soon. Have Xion including the cubs in the drawing too. : D

Anna and Elsa like my new video. : )


Maybe Xion could put her mom and dad in the drawing too.

First time drawing her mommy? :' )

Awwww. : )

Hey, buddy! Tooth has her own channel now! : D

Inbox is working.


Part 8 is up.

Saw it.

I've had a really cool idea for something while I was out. : D

Just added it. "Cantus' Next Student." : )

Wanna take a guess who it is? : )

She already is.

Her too. And DJ too in case you're gonna ask.

Don't give up. I know you can guess right.

No. Give up?

Elsa. : )

With her song "Let it Go." : )

I think that song comes from the heart. Don't you?

Oops. I haven't been paying attention to the time. I gotta make dinner.

I'm back.

So, where were we?

Oh. Right. : )

Just so you know, I'm getting tired already. I might go to bed early if I can't stay up anymore.

But right now, I'm trying my best to stay awake.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Here we go again.

I'm really touched right now.... :' D

Princess Rapunzel - Google+

Look at her new photo. : D

Oops. Actually, that's Ralphie's photo.

Yeah. I'm honored. : )

Obviously, I've got some more support for Jaden/Alexis. :' )

You will. I know it. : )

I'm helping Ralphie feel better about something at the moment.

Been trolled lately 'cause of Ralphie/Elsa pairing.

I told him to just ignore stuff like that.

I think he's feeling better.

Gotta make sure though.

Hm. Starting to get tired again all of a sudden.

But I'll try my best to stay awake as always.

Sorry if today hasn't been our day together.

I just wanna do a good job on my assignments.

I'm glad you understand, big bro.

I feel bad for you for much you've had to wait all day. : (

Thank goodness. But still.

True. And I'm still gonna be this weekend.

Inbox is working.

Sorry for not paying attention.


  • hugs you* I love you, big brother. : )

Okay. NOW I'm starting to feel hungry.

I'm gonna cook dinner now. : )

I'm back.

Would you say the 10,000 Volt Ghost is the most dangerous monster in the movie?

No kidding. That thing is too dangerous to touch!

That thing would definitely scare Xion.

And she will definitely admit that she's still too young to be facing such a monster.

Hopefully, from now on, she'll always listen and cooperate with her daddy.

Good. And Jeffrey will learn not to be over-protective of Xion.

Has it been an hour yet?


It's okay though. I'm gooing to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I am not complaining. But, 76859Thomas wants Hiatt Grey to stop making the posters on Pooh's Adventures Wiki. Click: http://76859thomasreturn.deviantart.com/#/journal/Stop-making-more-posters-right-now-434304122?_sid=4af98e82. I am so sad right now! :'(

Mine stopped anyway.

I will try to find a way to nicjname my Pikachu.

It'll be a while before I get there.

Thanks. : )

You sure are patient with me.

Ah! I knew it! You hate it!

Do you see now why I hate making you wait?

So far so good.

I'm gonna battle the first gym leader now.

Thanks. : )

I win. : )

I wasn't even worried. : )

Yeah. But that was the first gym. It's supposed to be easy.

Cool. I caught my first Fairy-type Pokemon. : )

What're Fairy-Types strong and weak against?

I wanna be fully ready.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, you know what I'm talking about?

How the Black Knight Ghost and 10,000 Volt Ghost destroyed each other.

'Cause electricity conducts metal.

We've got another video.


Cotton Candy Glob: You shouldn't have locked those locks! Now you're stuck in here with me! The Cotton Candy Glob!

Cotton Candy Glob: *chuckles* Yes!

Shaggy: *smiles*

Scooby: *claps, laughs happily and licks his lips*

(The Cotton Candy Glob looks nervous)

Cotton Candy Glob: Noooooooo! I'll give you cavities!!

  • laughs* X D

Sorry. Things are working slow right now.

Oops. Heh heh.....

I know.

I hope you were okay on this 4-Day weekend.

Wanna know how many Pokemon I have? : )

34. That includes ones that evolved. : )

You're not shocked?

Hey. I caught a male Litleo and guess what I nicknamed it? : )

Diego Jr. :' )

For you big brother. :' )

Make it 37.

Caught some First Gen Pokemon. : )

There is one new Pokemon that catches my interest. : )


I've never seen anything like it.

It's like a swordsman without the man. X D

Thanks. : )

And looking at it makes me think of the Black Knight Ghost.


"Look. No hands."

I'll bet that's why Fred also hooked up the 10,000 Volt Ghost to the Black Knight Ghost's sword.

Still, it didn't hurt to not take chances.

Inbox is working.

Aqua will shed a tear happily knowing that she doesn't just have an adoptive daughter. :' )

And Xion. Boy will SHE be happy. :' D

'Cause she finally knows who her real parents are. :' D

Wait. I forgot how they find out.

Isis tells them?

In order to create Xion's heart, Isis took Jeffrey and Aqua's DNA and combined it with her magic in order to create a heart.

After she tells them....

Jaden: Wow... You hear that, guys?! You really ARE Xion's parents!!!

Aqua: *sheds a tear* We're not just adoptive parents. 

Xion: *cries happily* This is the happiest moment I've ever had!

Xion: *still cries* Daddy! Mommy! *hugs them both* My real parents all along.

Aqua: *hugs Xion back* We're real parents. And we really do have an angel for a daughter.

Xion: *still crying and hugs them* I love you, mommy. Daddy.

(You can go to bed if you want)

  • hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. I hope you'll be okay waiting for me tomorrow. :' )

My inbox isn't working.

Any luck yet?


You're welcome.

Inbox is working.

It's okay. I did Stefano.

Melman and Marty.

Roger Rabbit.

Jiminy Cricket.





I agree. I did Oliver.

Dawn is safe.

And the Pride Lands.

Manny, Sid, Mirage are as well.

I"m gonna make dinner now. Just continue protecting pages.

Yeah. I'm back.

Which did you do whule I was out?

Good. : )

Did Ursula.


I did Soto.

Peter Pan, Slade, Shredder, Baby Tiragon.

Care to do the Digi-Destined next?

I'm also doing Adventures and Episodes.

Try your inbox now.

Anyway... Nice. X D

(I protected the Penguins pages)

Xion: You wanna help?

Tammy: Yes! Anything!

Xion: Here. Hold this for me please? *holds out a pin cusion*

You know what? I think I'm gonna move the idea of Tammy wanting to get even with someone into this episode. Instead of her wanting to get even with Cheese Sandwhich, she'll say she'll want to get Suri for stealing from Rarity.

But that's when Tammy will learn 2 wrongs don't make a right.

Tammy: That Suri is a theif! *snarls* I'll rip her to pieces for making Rarity cry!

Tammy: Xion! She deserves it!

Tammy: But aren't you mad at Suri for taking advantage of Rarity's generosity?

Tammy: Than why not get even with her?

Aqua: You see, sweetie, two wrongs don't make a right.

Tammy: They don't?

Tammy: Than what can we do?

Yeah. It's better to have Tammy learn that lesson in that episode.

Okay. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Alexis: *smiles* Yes, Jaden........ Of coarse I'll marry you..........

Alexis: You've made me the happiest girl in the world......

Alexis: *murmurs*....... *wakes up* ...... Xion?

Alexis: *smiles* Is everything alright?

Alexis: *smiles* Awwwww. Of coarse you can, sweetie.

Alexis: *scootches over for Baby Xion*

(Be right back. Dinner)

Hey, bro. : )

Alexis: *covers Xion with the blanket*

Alexis: *wraps her arm around Baby Xion and kisses her on the forehead* Goodnight sweetie.

Sorry. Bathroom.

Uh oh. Duty calls on Youtube. Someone needs my sense of humor.

I made Pitch look like a fool. X D

Try your inbox now.

It's okay. Here's the episode:

The Muppet Show - S5 E7 P1/3 - Glenda Jackson - YouTube

That's probably one of the craziest episodes I've seen.

You think so already?

The guest star is crazy.

Jeffrey aught to fight her with his Keyblade.

Yeah. Knock some sense in her.

But he's a villain at that point.

I'll think about it.

If you finish the episode, let me know.

You can go to bed soon, if you want.

I'll be fine, bro. : )

Wait! Even while you sleep, PLEASE hope that I get my assignment done in time.

Thanks. *hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. :' )

One more class and it's another 4-Day weekend. : )

Funny. 'Cause mine stopped too. X D

Right. Actions speak louder than words. And true he says he'll leave us alone, lets see if he means it by leaving us alone for a month.

In a twisted kinda way, Mitch is like Discord.

Both are untrusting.

Still, I feel relieved right now. : )

You should let you mother know this too.

He just told me he'll leave my art alone too.

Call me crazy, but I truly think he means it now.

Hold on, bro. He hasn't done anything wrong yet.

I understand. Granted I can't forgive him for what he did, but still, why suspend him for something he hasn't done yet?

Gosh..... Maybe I am too soft.... : (

I want Mitch gone too. But I feel like it's not fair to suspend him for something he's done at all yet.

Right. How 'bout tomorrow, I show you the next 2 Jeff Dunham episodes? : )

So, I forgot where we were before I brought this up.

Oh yeah. And you know what? That also applies to Dragon-Jeffrey. He make look scary, but deep-down, he's really a big sweetheart. :' D

And it's touching how Jaden was quickly able to see it first time he saw Jeffrey's Dragon form. :' D

Proof that Jaden doesn't judge by appearances. He dueled ANYONE no matter how they looked. : )

I'm gonna cook dinner soon.

Inbox is working.

Thanks Tiger

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention.

I've got just one more thing to do. Be right back shortly.

This calls for a new video.... maybe.

........... I'm speechless bro. I had no idea you could say something so powerful like that.

Why must the two be so hard on themselves?

Hm.... Now for a new drawing. I think I know what to do. : )

A member of the team with an Element of Harmony. : )

I won't say who though. It's a surprise. : )

I"m trying to help Elsa out on YouTube.

Has it been an hour yet?

Inbox stopped working.

Yes. And I gotta say something. Please forgive me for this but..... ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! That's too long!!!!

Sorry 'bout that.

First off, you should make your point clear.

By removing parts of it that you think are unneccessary.

Fact is, if your message is too long, it'll bore people. That's why it's gotta be short and simple.

I'm gonna make dinner now. So be right back.

I'm back.

Anyway, forgive me but right now, I'm too tired to think about making another video.

So tell me, is there something you wanna talk about? : )

True. There is one scene I wanna do. : )

During the rescue for Gonzo, when our team is disguised as employees at the facility, remember the excuse Jeffrey had for Xion being there?

Bingo! : D

Inbox is working.

Tammy: He's been so desperate lately. I'm afraid he'll do anything it takes to find out what he is.

Xion: The best thing we can do is help him in anyway we can 'til he finds out what he is.

Aqua: More than that. He's part of the family. And we look out for each other.

Oh dear! I haven't been paying attention to the time! I should go to bed now! *hugs you* Night big brother! I love you. :' )

Wi-Fi is working. But my inbox isn't.

It's okay. : )

I'll scan the images tomorrow.

This drawing of Rapunself turned out to be better than I thought. : )

But coloring her hair won't be easy.

You're confidence is amazing.

I guess that's one way you're like Pinkie Pie. Optimism. X D

Oh yeah! New episode tomorrow. This time I won't forget about it.

Alright than. In the meantime, I'm going home soon for Spring break.

At least I can show you more things at home. : )

DVD's still not here ytt. I'm hoping it'll show up tomorrow.

Has Jeffrey earned badges? : )

Jaden: Can I see?! Please?!

Jaden: Wow! Just like Ash!

Jaden: You know, I earned medals during a tournament at Duel Academy.

Jaden: Sure. *takes out a box and shows his medals.*

Jaden: Thanks. *takes out one* Why don't you have one as a suvenior?

Jaden: *nods* The GX Tournament is over, and I've got a lot more medals like this. Besides, as you know, I don't care about prizes. I care about the dueling.

Jaden: Thanks but.... *takes out his dragon-scale* I've already got something from you.

Jaden: But if you insist, big bro. I'll accept anything you offer.

Jaden: *smiles* You're welcome.

Almost done with darkening the drawing.

Still hoping Rapunzel will like it.

If she'll see it that is.

I hope so. I'm doing this for her.

What're you smiling about? : )

Thanks big bro. : )

I'm gonna make dinner soon.

All done. : )

I can't wait to scan it tomorrow.

Inbox stopped again. I was talking to Darkblade and Wonder Woman again.

I'll be right back.

I'm back. : )

Idea is a brewing. : )

I just did it. : )

Mushu's on the team. So why not Cri-Kee? : )

Inbox is working.

Here we go again. Anyway...

Xion: Wow! That was impressive, DJ! *smiles* Great job!

  • The Magnemite come back*

Nail: AHHH!!! There's too many of them!!!!

Botley: I've got an idea that might work. They're magnet Pokemon, and magnets attract to metal!

Botley: Don't look at me! Those things can scramble a robot's memory!

Ash: Where's some metal when you need it?!?

I wonder....

Someone could create it.

The Mask can help with that.

We'll work on that another time.

Sorry. I was in the bathroom.

Inbox is working.

MovPod - Just watch it!

The Jeff Dunham Show.s01e04 (otep39) | SockShare

MovPod - Just watch it!

Inbox stopped.

rtgoh3 - Google+

See it?


I don't understand why you can't find it.

Look under photos.

I can't believe you can't something that's clearly there.

Okay. Plan B. I'm e-mailing it to you.

See it?


I'm hoping Rapunzel will.

If she'll even take the time to see it.

Good news. Rise of the Guardians is back on my computer now. : D

I can get back to work now. : )

Tomorrow though. It's getting late right now.

You know what you could help me out with in the meantime? : )

I just remembered. If I'm gonna do Alexis-hontas trailer. I'm gonna need Garfield and Friends episodes, since Garfield is Meeko. Help me decide what episodes on YouTube will be perfect to use. : )

Be right back. Gonna make dinner.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Not again.

  • Tammy leaves the room, and after a short while, Xion enters*

Xion: Hi, daddy.

Xion: Not to sound rude, but I overheard your talk with Tammy.

Xion: Yep. In fact, I know all about Tammy's dream. I saw it from Sandy's dream sand.

Xion: Only thing is Tammy doesn't know yet. I'm playing along so that it'll be more special to her.

Xion: I too wanna help her dream come true, daddy.

We'll continue this tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to bed. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Saw this coming.

We've gotta help Jack!!!! : (

This isn't working!!! It's not working!!!!!

I'm worried about him. :' (

What do we do now? ; (

I'll be happy again when Jack comes back!

Good choice of words.

Poor Jack.... :' (

I need a moment to think.

You sure are quite a talker.

Inbox is working.

I suppose Ruby is named after Jesse's Ruby Carbuncle?

I knew it. : )

I wish this could happen. *ping* HEY! You'll love this!!!!! :' D

IF this does happen, what if Alexis AND Aqua babysit Ruby? :' D

I can't submit images right now. : (

I'll wait for it to work again.

I should be easy. Google images, and than drag out the image you want. Than go under photos. You'll find the a button that'll say Submit.


Was this 4-Day weekend okay with you?

You sure?

On the bright side, at least when I get home, there'll be more exciting things to share and do. : )

Hang on. Be right back.

I'm back.

You okay?

You can go to bed early if you want.

Try your inbox now.

Inbox stopped. Anyway....

DJ: *blushes* Wow…..

Tammy and DJ: *purr happily*

Alexis: *smiles* I can tell that the 4 of you are gonna get along well.

I wonder what Ruby's first word would be.

That'll be a difficult decision.

Typical. We'll have to think of it carefully.


Maybe. But remember this. It's all "what-if."

I'm gonna make dinner soon.

I've become worried about Ralphie now.

I saw his conversation with Pitch.

I know he loves Elsa, but what about the other members of the Ohana?

I'm going to talk to him now.

Hopefully, I can make him feel better about what he did.

I'll do my best for him.

Here we go again.

Now for This Day Aria.

I love it when the Thief looks at his reflection and screams. X D

It's like he never saw himself before.

I feel better now. Thanks to the Thief and Cadence. : )

I'm sorry about earlier.

But I'm still worried for our friends.

Whatever will happen tomorrow, we gotta be ready.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. I'll see you after my classes tomorrow. And whatever may happen to Ralphie, we've gotta be ready to help him.

And remember. Whatever may happen, we've gotta take care of Rapunzel.


Aqua: This way to her room.

  • Aqua leads Tooth to Baby Xion's room, and opens the door for her*

Tooth: Awwwwwwww. What a little angel she is.

Tooth: *quitely* I think I know just what to give her for being a little sweetheart. *shows a dollar coin*

  • Tooth enters the room, carefully takes the tooth from under Baby Xion's pillow, and puts the dollar coin underneath*

Tooth: *smiles at the sight of Baby Xion's tooth, and quietly leaves the room* Her teeth are so adorable and white. She takes care of them well.

Tooth: Well, I'm off now. Got more teeth to collect. But it was really nice seeing you again. And I can't wait to collect another one of your daughter's teeth.

Jeffrey: Tell the other Guardians we said "hi."

  • Tooth leaves*

Aqua: *smiles* Our daughter is really special, dear.

(The next morning)

Baby Xion: She came! She came! She came!

Baby Xion: I looked under my pillow, and look! *shows the dollar coin*

Baby Xion: *hugs both Jeffrey and Aqua* I'm so happy right now!

Aqua: *kisses Baby Xion's cheek*

I loved that. :' D

I love that Xion is beloved by all. :' D

Well.... Almost everyone.

There's that brat Cleo. X P

So far, so good with the video. It might take a whie before I'm done, 'cause this is a very long part.

Inbox is working.

Drat. But it's okay. So tell me. Is there one scene with Aqua you love in our series? : )

One of mine is moments with her and Dragon-Jeffrey. Beauty and the Beast moments. :' )

But the moments where they're married are more beautiful in my opinion. Having a husband who's half-dragon is even more touching to me. :' )

Here's a thought. I hope you'll say yes to this. But when Jeffrey's in his dragon-form, and when he kisses his wife, can he sometimes give Aqua more than one lick. Like 2 perhaps? :' )

Awwwwwww!!!! :' D

Dragon-Jeffrey: *pants* Are you okay, my ocean queen?

Aqua: I am now. *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey's snout and smiles* Thanks to you, dear.

Aqua: Awwww. I love you too, my cuddly dragon. *plants several kisses on Dragon-Jeffrey's snout*

Love it. :' )

Just for fun, and just to show that Jeffrey loves everything about Aqua...

Aqua: Should I change my hair color for good?

Aqua: You really  love my hair blue?

Aqua: *smiles* Thanks, dear.

(Is One-Eye really a king?)

I don't even know whether to categorize him as a human or not.

Agreed. Did you see all those teeth he has? 0_0

Can you help me think of guest stars for Inspector Gadget. Good guys? : )

Don't forget Amy. : )

Alright. : )

Will you be okay waiting for me tomorrow? : )

Yes? : )

Somehow, I saw that coming.

I'm just saying that I knew you would ask me to do it.

I'll give it some thought first.

But for now.... *hugs you again* Night again. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you, big brother. :' )

  • still hugs you* I'm just so happy right now. :' )

So anyway, for our Adventure,  here's a funny idea. Jeffrey won't mind the mess after the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gets destroyed. X D

Jeffrey: Mmmmm. Now all we need are the gram crackers and chocolate.

  • a faint murmur is heard*

Xion: Huh?

?????: Big sister?! Are you out there?!

Xion: Tammy!!! Where are you?!?

Tammy: Right here. Under all this goop.

(Tammy's calls are heard from a large thick pile of marshmallow glop.)

(To add on to Tammy's line)

Tammy: A bit sticky right now, but I'm okay.


(Laughs X D )

Tammy: *licks the marshmallow goop off Xion's cheek*

  • ping* Idea! : D

Remember my video of Winter Wrap Up?

I'm thinking of doing a video of "Stop the Bats" with the same cast.

Thanks. : )

I'm gonna make dinner soon.

Inbox stopped.

Before I make dinner, here's one more cute idea. : )

Despicable Me 2. For when the team goes undercover at the bakery, what if Xion and Aqua makes Pikachu cupcakes too? : D

Boy will Jeffrey love those. : )

I'm back.

Xion: Daddy! Come look at these cupcakes mommy and I made!

Aqua: *Smiles* You like them?

Xion: Go on, daddy. Have one.

Aqua: *still smiles* We knew you would.

Jeffrey's Pikachu: Pika?

Jeffrey's Pikachu: *smiles* Pika Pikachu!

Jack Frost is happy with being a summon to Xion. : )

Told me he loves Kingdom Hearts. : )

Inbox is working.

Anyway..... Although some members won't like the idea of treating Skitty like she's a prize to be won.

Like who for instance?

And Alexis, since she knows how it feels to be treated like a prize....

Than I guess Aqua will too?

But Jeffrey's Meowth will learn his lesson about love.

I know Rio 2 isn't out yet, but I couldn't help but create a page for the frog.

Let's wait until Rio 2 comes out than decide. But it's a possibility for her to join, since Nigel works for Set too.

  • smiles* I can imagine an epilogue. : )

Tammy: We're going to Rio?!!?

DJ: Oh man! I can't wait! This is gonna be so much fun!!!

Tammy: Huh?

DJ: Why shouldn't we be?

Is he talking about Nigel?

In that case....

Jeffrey: It's Nigel....

DJ: I thought you said he died after getting caught in a jet engine.

Xion: You guys were too young to remember, but he was there on my mommy and daddy's wedding day.

Aqua: But King Julien beat him.

I'm gonna shower now. Be right back.

Inbox is working.

Bad timing. My inbox stopped working. But good timing, 'cause Part 9 is all done.

Dinner with family. Hang on.

I'm back.

Ready for Part 9? : )

Jaden: Get ready to catch Bartok, Rainbow!

Rainbow Dash: I was born ready!

Jaden: And remember, do NOT joke about my wife when she grows!

Aqua: I would never offend her!

Crash: Can't we say that she'll be a "big" actress?

Eddie: Or that her fame will reach new "heights"?

Sorry. I was in the bathroom.

Beetles is actually the first member on my side of the team to see Precious.

I'd prefer to continue working on the script on YouTube.

So tomorrow, when I'm not too busy, we'll work on it more.

Besides, I don't wanna give spoilers away if we do it here.

So we'll work on it on YouTube when my inbox works again.

Xion: Oh! By the way. Bless you, Aunt Alexis.

Alexis: Thanks, sweetie.

(Talking about when Alexis sneezed in the part)


Just testing.

I noticed the new category.

I'm actually waiting for something right now. So can't got to sleep yet.

Shouldn't take too long though.

But you can go to bed whenever you want.

Okay. It's done now. Again *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I've had a thought for Ghostbusters 2. : )

During the battle against Vigo, our team will think of the most happiest memories they've ever had. :' )

Since positive energy weakens Vigo.

I can already imagine some.

For Aqua: When Jeffrey saved her life, when he proposed to her. :' )

Same thing for Tammy about first seeing Xion, but also when her dream came true about being a heroic duo with Xion. : )

Me too. Alexis would think of when she first met Jaden, marrying him, and babysitting Xion. :' )

And Jaden. First making it into Duel Academy, some of his favorite Duels, meeting Jeffrey and Jeffrey helping him conquer his fear of the past. :' D

With such powerful memories, Vigo will be weakened quickly. : )

I added Squint's page for a reason. 'Cause I had this scary thought of what if he tried to get Tammy and DJ as an act of revenge on Shira.

But he wouldn't get them.

Not as long as Xion, Aqua, Jeffrey, Jaden, Alexis and the others are around.

Anyway, but the other members will have their own memories too.

Jesse: Getting the Crystald Beast cards, dueling Jaden, aquiring the Rainbow Dragon, and falling in love with May. : )

Beetles: Being rescued by Jaden.

You know something bro? I'm gonna be honest on something. There's another thing that I like seeing in Jeffrey besides his dragon-form. : )

Him showing how smart he is. : )

Yeah. So that's why I'll like it when he does experiments in the movies. : )

'Cause him showing how smart he is impresses Aqua. : )

Along with his strength and courage. :' )

During these two movies, it'll remind Jesse and Xion of a past Adventure.

Luigi's Mansion.

Jesse: Just like before, huh Xion?

So it shouldn't be hard for our team. : )

Except Jeffrey and Jaden since they were rescued last.

But they can learn from the other members.

Maybe our team should use the Poltergust again.

Jesse: Looks like we gotta bring out the ol' Poltergust again.

Maybe Jeffrey can learn how to catch ghosts from his wife and daughter.

I was helping my parents with something.

"Jeffqua." I like that. : )

No no. I'm glad you've found another way to strengthen their love. : )

I don't think I've ever seen Brermeerkat so angry...

He got really ticked off by someone's review of Despicable Me 2.

This is why I ignore reviews on YouTube.

You noticed?

You try talking to them.

Good luck.

Okay than. In the meantime, back to Ghostbusters.

Here's another thought. After successfully capturing their first ghost, Aqua will be so happy for Jeffrey being able to catch a ghost that she'll embrace him. :' D

You like that, don't you? : )

And maybe Xion can happily hug her daddy? : )

I wonder how he'll feel. : )

And lucky. :' )

Inbox is working.

I see.

Hey. There's some other memories some of the characters should have.

For Jeffrey: Finding Baby Xion.

And For Xion: Jeffrey's wedding, when she got a mommy. :' )

But you know what? Aqua became Xion's mother right when Jeffrey proposed to her. :' D

If you recall in The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, Xion started calling Aqua "mommy". :' )

That reminds me. I've been thinking about doing some drawings with Botley.

STill remember how he saves Xion for Jeffrey and Aqua? : )


It's okay. But one reason why I like that moment is to show how much Aqua has quickly become Xion's mother. When she was overjoyed to see Botley save her. :' )

I see. Who's the lead lady?

Of coarse. Should've seen that coming. : )

I saw Jeffrey as Eric coming. : )

Have someone funny be Sebastian. Like Beetles, Nails....

I know it's wrong to like a woman for her figure, but Aqua would look hot as a mermaid.

She'd make a fine mermaid too. She is Jeffrey's Ocean Queen. :' )

Let me know when your inbox works again.

Hm. If Jeffrey saw Aqua as a mermaid, he would faint from the sight of her. : )

Aqua: Ooooohhh Jeffrey.

(Aqua is dressed up as a mermaid)

Aqua: *smiles* How do I look?

Jaden: *catches Jeffrey* Whoa! You okay, big bro?

Jaden: *feels Jeffrey's forehead* Oh boy. You're temperature is rising again. *snickers*

Jaden: She sure knows how to please you.

Yes Pharaoh will be at the wedding too.

In the meantime, I've been having the urge to mark Happy Chapman as a most hated enemy even though he's not very threatening.

Something you might agree with me on: Being cruel to animals.

Using an electic collar is just awful!!

I know he's not much of a threat, but I guess I can make an exception.

I'm all done with dinner. I'm donwstairs now. Ready for webcam? : )

I definitely can't wait when we do Frozen!!! :' D

I'm more tempted to make Elsa be Cantus' new student now. : )

That is if she wants the power.

I was at the bathroom. Which comment was yours?

Thank goodness you're back! There's something in Frozen I wanna discuss with you about that's been aching my heart.

Oh. Sorry. Now, can we talk about our Adventure for Frozen, please?

There's something (as I've said) that's aching my heart right now. "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" When Elsa tells Anna to go away. I feel so bad for Anna. I wanna help her out. :' (

What should we do? : (

If Jeffrey's in the room with Elsa, than I'll have Jaden and the others give Anna company.

But IS Jeffrey in the room with Elsa?

Good. Because.... I kinda wish Elsa wasn't rude in telling Anna to go away. That's why I'd like Jeffrey to say something to Anna that Elsa isn't trying to be mean.

"She wasn't trying to be mean to you."

Inbox is working.

Oops. Stopped again.

Anyway, I can imagine it. : )

Ah, crud! Frozen comes out on a Tuesday! That's the busiest day of the week for me!

I've got 2 options. I get the movie early before classes start, or wait after classes.

Con for either way.

Before means less for me.

After means I'll be in a hurry to get it.

What should I do?

Oh boy..... I don't think I can control the excitement.

I'm sorry. I was helping cook dinner.

Sorry I left without telling you.

Let's see now..... Where were we?

Oh! Right. And I almost forgot  what I promised.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Happened again.

It's okay.

I see you threatened Hades last night.

Pitty. He wasn't theatened by me either. And I act as a god on YouTube.

Hm. No matter. I know what'll get him.

By the way, I say we get back at him for calling Aqua "bluebird" and for ever offering her to work for him!  > : (

And keep Aqua AWAY from him!

I know Aqua is always reliable, but it's best to keep her out of somethings.

Just like in Dream Drop Distance when Jeffrey wouldn't let Aqua come to save Sora and Riku.

No more suffering for Aqua.

So it's best to keep her out of some situations that could 'cause her suffering.

And I speak of things that involve the events in Birth By Sleep.

Unless it's a good thing like the Million Dreams Award.

Are you thinking we should keep her away from Radiant Garden?

WHAT?!?! Are you crazy?!? That's where she got trapped!!!

It's okay. But just like it's best to keep Xion away from Twilight Town, it's best to keep Aqua away from Radiant Garden.

Inbox is working.

NOW I've become attached to the story. : )

And I'll be even more attached once Baby Ruby hugs someone in particular. :' )

I speak of Dragon-Jeffrey. :' D

And just like Xion, Ruby won't be scared. :' )

Maybe Dragon-Jeffrey could allow Baby Ruby to sleep against him and play on him too? :' )

What a big sweetheart!! :' D

So, with Xion, the cubs, the CMC (including Babs Seed), and now Baby Ruby, that's...... 8 kids to play on him!!!

He doesn't mind?

What's going on now in the story?

Inbox isn't working.

Oops. Here we go again. But I'm okay. : )

So anyway.... *hugs you* I'm doing a lot better now. : )

What kind of game should they do? : )

I think Ruby's too young for board games. She could swallow game pieces.

Unless she plays on Dragon-Jeffrey. : )

How 'bout it? : )

I'm gonna enjoy this. : D

I've had a cute idea!!!! :' D

You know how Jesse is Xion's godfather? : )

What if Jesse and May ask Jeffrey and Aqua to be Ruby's godparents? : D

How 'bout it? : )

Let's have Jesse and May ask Jeffrey and Aqua. : )

Why did you remove that?

Oops. X P

Inbox is working.


(Back with Jaden and Turbo)

Jaden: Go Elemental Hero Sparkman!!!

  • Turbo destroys Sparkman, than grabs Jaden*

Jaden: I'm not through with you yet!!! Up we go!!! *drags Jaden up with him*

Let's continue when my inbox works again. We want to keep this all a surprise. Right?

Alright than.

You can wait, right?

I'm gonna prepare dinner soon.

By the way, did you feel alone earlier? 'Cause of "I stand alone."

Thank goodness. I would've felt like a bad brother if it was because you felt alone. : (

You know how I hate making you feel alone. : (


I'm gonna be having dinner soon.

I think duty calls for me.

The Duke is black-mailing!

I'm thinking I should stop him, but I get the feeling like I've annoyed him enough for now. Do you thing there is such a thing as "enough" to him?

Sorry. Anyway.... I just don't wanna be like the Duke. Sticking MY nose into other people's business.

Am I nosy?

Should I stop him than?

Well, he's threatening someone's life on this.

I'll make up my mind after I eat.

I'm back.

I thought it over, and I thought someone's gotta stop him. And I thought if no one will respond, I will.

As I was saying, I just LOVE my job. X D

I'm so honored to always be of help. : )

Oh. And Rapunzel has offered her help for our video if we need it. : )

You sure are happy. : )

I'll tell her we'll keep it mind. : )

Will do like mildew. : )

I see you saw the new picture. : )

Hey! We're choosing sides! I'm with Rapunzel!

You sure? : )

It's not gonna be any fun without you..... : )

Hey! Who's side are you on?!

Oops. Here we go again. Oh well. : )

I called her "Lizard-Breathe". X D

Because of her dragon-form. X D

THIS is bad though.

I'm afraid she got Ralphie. I couldn't stop her. I had to block an attack with my body.

We gotta stay alert in case those villains show up to cause trouble.

Good. Jafar is mine since Genie and my fursona share the same powers.

Who will you watch?

You don't care who?

Wow. Anna said I'm too good for them.

I'm touched though. :' )

Baby Xion: *shakes her head and whimpers*

Baby Xion: *points to the Cave of Wonders* No.

Baby Xion: *burys her face in Jeffrey's chest*

That's what he says.... until Abu touches the Forbidden Treasure.

Not Jeffrey! :' (

But you said she would be mad at him or Abut afterwords.


It's okay. Everyone makes a typo. : )

It's just a shame Xion misses out on this Adventure.

Ah! : D

You know something? It kinda feels like Aqua has always been a member of the team. : )

You do know that soon it'll be one year since we had Jeffrey and Aqua married? : D

How does that make you feel? : )

I'm gonna go to bed soon.

Anything else you wanna share with me before I go to bed?

And I'm having a new idea for an episode that maybe Rapuznel and Bambi's Ohana can be in.

"The Return of Nightshroud."

Since Alexis and Rapunzel are best friends, I'd like to see Rapunzel help Alexis with HER brother.

I know it's scary, but Atticus will be okay in the end.

Alright. Besides. I've gotta ask Rapunzel if she wants to join in on the idea.


Only one way to find out.

I'm gonna go to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. Let's do our duty to protect Anna and Elsa. :' )

Oops. Sorry.

As I was gonna say, you'll do great in case help is needed. : )

If a villain tries to do something but won't listen.... "Do I have to take you to Sesame Street? 'Cause 'The word is No'!"

If you don't get it...

Sesame Street: The Word is No - YouTube

So far, those screwball villains haven't shown up yet. But until I leave, I better keep an eye out.

Nothing yet. But I have a feeling they'll show up soon.

I'm back.

Yeah. But only for a little bit longer.

I hope you feel ready and full of funny ideas for when I have to leave.

Okay. I trust you. As I always do. : )

  • singing* I don't know what to say the villains won't do.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: *singing* Don't know what to say the villains won't do.

  • singing* Villains are loosers, it's really true.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: *singing* Don't know what to say the villains won't do.

I think you've got the hang of it. : )

I know! I should do the  Be Our Guest parody "Be A Pest" to a villain. X D

I"m just about ready to leave.

Aw come one!

Sorry. That guy has given me a painful headache right now.

This guy is taking it too far now!

AGREED!!!!!!!!! > : (

Me too!!!! > : (

This guy has taken it too far. Even in roleplaying.

His character is too adult-rated for us.

How can I when I'm still annoyed by what he did?

I say he's too adult-related 'cause being called a slut can be VERY offensive.

Headache is starting to go away.

Good ol' Cadence. :' )

That's it. I'm gonna share my idea with Elsa. If she wants to be Cantus' next student. : )

She might turn down the offer though knowing her. : )

  • ping* Maybe THAT could be the episode!!! Elsa is offered the chance to be Cantus' next student, but she's afraid if it'll end up with her ice powers. : D

She likes the idea. : D

Right now, I'm introducing her to Cantus.

Cantus: I see what your problem is. You fear whether you can control it or not.

Elsa:...! How... How did you know?

Cantus: I can sense what's troubling you my dear. Ever since growing up, you've been afraid of your powers and if you would hurt the one's you love most and become a monster.

Elsa:...... Am I that obvious?

Jaden: No. Cantus is just very wise and can look inside people's hearts.

Looks like she likes the idea now. She said "can't wait to start learning!" : D

New page time! : D

We'll need a guest villain.

Who do you think should be in this?

Hans, and possibly someone else.

I'll let you decide the possible "someone else."

But is there anyone else you want to guest star in this?

What about good guy guest stars?

Ah! So you want Rapunzel's Ohana in this? : D

Hm. I wonder if Rapunzel will say yes to this.

Tomorrow. It's getting late. And I should be going to bed.

  • hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

How? For once in my life….. I don't know how I can fight. Ralphie's in a deep sleep, Rapunzel's devastated, and Elsa's evil. :' (

My video's done.

Hades has hurt me for the last time!!!!! > : (

Look now.

How was it?


  • sniffs* I hope it works..... :' (


It's not working!! She's not remembering!!!!

She won't listen!!!

I don't think I have time. I've gotta pack up for my trip backto college tomorrow.

Back to college?


So do I. Dragonshy. When she says "Get out!" and kicks the dragon.

Will that do?

Check your e-mail.

Like it? : )

Oops. Now mine stopped too.

Maybe if we get other users to create more of these videos, Hades will let Ralphie and Elsa go.

Let's share the idea with others.

I already told Jiminy about it.


Based on what I saw, she might consider it.

I hope so. We need all the videos we can get.

I feel like making another one since a user gave me the idea.

I can't wait to see more videos.

Brermeerkat did say he'll make one.

Oh! I should tell you something! In Peabody and Sherman, Jeffrey MIGHT be a tiny bit jealous of Peabody after all.

I don't know if I should say....

Well, it looks like Peabody is a skilled swordsman. Which means he could know how to use the Keyblade.

I know. Keyblades choose their wielders.

But it's the fact of how wel Peabody uses a blade.

Oh no! Mother Gothel's here!

Already showed I'm not scared. X D

Did you see my comment? : )

Funny? : )

So you know what happens to milk when it ages?

Inbox is working.

Yeah. Since our team doesn't know at the moment who Anna is best with.

You'll hate me for this, but Jaden will still think Hans is best for Anna because she's already engaged.

As you know, Jaden supports love. But he just doesn't know that Hans doesn't really love Anna.

So he'll just think the trolls are kidding around.

And Jeffrey?

We won't have our team sound rude though. 'Cause they met then earlier in the movie.

In fact, for that scene....

  • The king, queen, Elsa, Anna, and the team arrive at a clearing*

Brain: I don't get it. Why are we hear?

(He's asking specifically why they came to that location)

Beetles: Help? But there's no one out here but us.

Sid: I don't see anything but rocks.

  • suddenly the rocks start to move and roll*

Nails: AH! What's going on?!?

Xion: *gasps and hides behind Aqua*

Jaden: What are they?!

  • the rocks pop open to reveal that they're trolls*

Troll 1: It's the king!

(Young Kristoff says what they are off in the distance)

Aqua: *smiles* It's okay, Xion. They're nice trolls.

I wanted to have there be a moment to show how close Xion's grown to Aqua, and how she seeks her protection when she gets scared. : )

I just love to show how strong Aqua and Xion's bond to each other is. :' )

I know Xion's got her mom and dad's courage, but I hope you don't mind to have there be some moments in the series where she gets scared and hides behind her parents.

After all, she's still only 7.

Besides, this will help Jeffrey and Aqua too. The fact that Xion gets scared and runs to them for protection will make them happy knowing that at her age, Xion will still need her parents. :' )

Like the sound of it? : )

What I love the most is seeing Xion hug either Jeffrey or Aqua, and having them comfort Xion saying "Everything's okay, sweetie." :' D

Love that? : )

And don't worry. Tammy will always see Xion as the bravest person. She knows that Xion's not entirely brave.

Besides, Tammy and DJ can always seek protection from their mom and dad too. : )

In fact, there's an idea.

Have the cubs hide behind their mom or dad. : )

Isn't that cute? :' )

In fact, I've got a new idea for a drawing! : D

You know how some larger cats hold their cubs like in this picture?

simbakiara.jpg 789×480 pixels

I'm thinking of having Shira told Tammy like that. : D

How 'bout it? : )

Awwwww!!! :' D

I'll wait.

As I said, Elsa needs to be honest with us.

Oh! You want me to add our team to it?

Got it.

I think I got most of them.

Gonna shower soon.

Before I do. I wanna ask something for Frozen. When Pabbie warns little Elsa about her powers, what'll Jeffrey's response be?

And be sure that Elsa won't become a monster?

Perfect. Be right back.

Hans makes Jaden's list since he fools our team and almost killed sweet Elsa.

Same reasons why?

But mainly 'cause he almost killed Elsa. Someone Jeffrey cares a lot about.

Try your inbox now.

Inbox isn't working.

Why do I have a hardtime believing what Elsa said? That Hades won't corrupt her mind again.

I hope she's telling the truth.

Inbox works.

Olaf: *gasps* What happened to you?!

Olaf: *smiles hugley* Aww! You look so cuddly! *starts to approach Dragon-Jeffrey*

Olaf: *sees Anna and approaches her* Anna! Oh no.... *sees the fireplace and throws wood on it*

Olaf: *lits a match and uses it to start a fire in the fireplace* *gasps from the sight of it*

Anna: Olaf! G-get away from there!

Nails: She's right! You're not safe in front of a fire!

Olaf: Whoa..... So this is heat...... *holds his hands out to the fire* I love it..... *burns a finger* OH! *blows it out* But don't touch it!

Olaf: Come on! Get Anna over here!

Be right back. Gonna have dinner.

I'm back. : )


(Dragon-Jeffrey, Jaden, Olaf (and maybe several others) help bring Anna to the fireplace)

Olaf: So, where's Hans? What happened to your kiss?

Anna: We were wrong about him. It wasn't true love.

Olaf: But we ran all the way here...

Alexis: He fooled us, Olaf. He wanted to marry Anna so he could rule Arendelle.

Inbox is working.

Inbox stopped.

Hang on. I'm looking for the best image of Diego and Shira.

I wanna use this, but it's too small.

Diego-and-Shira-ice-age-4-30769964-429-246.png 429×246 pixels

I"m trying to find the cutest image to put DJ and Tammy in.

But all these images are too damn small!

Do you think the cubs will ever have contact with Scrat?

I did it!!!!! : D

So where should the cubs go in that image? : )

How 'bout some webcaming? : )

Good idea.

I was afraid if my account go suspended again.


I can wait.

Oh no...... :' (

My cousin had a dog that was a gift from her late husband, and I just heard that the dog died. :' (

I feel more sorry for her. Going through these heavy losses. :' (

Now I'm really glad we created Tammy.

Now I can't afford to loose the Ice Age gang.

Right now, to make me feel better, I wanna do something that involves Tammy.

But what though....?

If my cousin heard about it, do you think she would be honored?

You haven't even met her.

I should give her some space to recover from this.

  • hugs you back*

I'm downloading "Bats!" now.

Gonna still plan on making a video of "Stop The Bats!"

Even though AppleJack doesn't directly say that Bartok, Batty and Mavis, they still get offended 'cause AppleJack insults their heritage.

And Aqua too. She's with Jeffrey on this.

And the cubs.

Scamper: Come on! Why are you guys so defensive of these dumb bats! They're not like Bartok and Batty. We hardle know them. So why should you care?!

Atticus: But it's not like they ever did anything for us. I say get rid of them.

Beetles: Works for me.

Mushu: Here here.

Alexis: Look, Jeffrey. We don't like this as much as you do, but what's more important: the bats or the risk of Ponyville facing a famine?

Jesse: None of us do. But we've got help AppleJack. We're her family.

Hey Jeferey It's Me Ben Skywalker Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:08, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

Jaden: It's probably for the best.

Had To Change My Account Can You Please Ask Ren To Remove My Other One? & Edit The Triva For Me? Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:11, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:12, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:12, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

Oops. Happened again.

I'm not surprised though. I've sent a lot of messages.

Anyway, possible villains.... Hm....

More Set's recruits.

He'll do.

In fact, let's ask brermeerkat who he wants in it.

He just gave some suggestions.

You sure about Lord Shen. I thought he was an ally in another series.

You sure?

Should we tell Anna and Elsa on YouTube about it?

Alrighty than.

Of coarse! Anything!

That won't be easy unless you know how to drag images onto your desktop.

Sorry, bro.

I'll do it for the both of us.

Aqua: I'm really sorry, but that wasn't me.

Patrick: *smiles* You sure are one lucky guy, bro. If my buddy Axel here thought your wife was someone else, than she must be really special.

Patrick: Aw, come on, little bro. *gives Jeffrey a noggie*

Aqua: *laughs*

Funny. But yeah, Jeffrey should feel even luckier when he hears how Aqua looks just like a Duel Monsters card. : )

The happiest man ever? :' )

Aqua IS like an angel that came into his life. :' )

But of coarse, he calls her his Queen. :' )

Probably the most lovely nickname I've ever heard. :' D

Along with "Cuddly Dragon." :' )

Be honest with be bro. What's one of your favorite moments with Jeffrey and Aqua? :' )

Awww. Mine are moments with him in his dragon-form. :' )

Beauty and the Beast moments are my faves. : )

But a more specific one. I love it when Jeffrey gave Aqua the blue Chaos Emerald. :' )

"The most beautiful gem for the most beautiful girl I could ever fall in love with." :' )

In fact, when she holds it out as they kiss, Jeffrey should take out his too. :' )

Just like with their wayfinders. : )

Gonna go to bed soon.

I've got a question though. When Jeffrey goes dragon, does he feel indecent without clothes on?

Oops. Sorry.

I was just curious. Elinor felt that way when was turned into a bear.

Inbox works.

He's got a strong appetite, doesn't he? X D

Can he resist the spicy flavor though? X D

Ain't I a stinker? X D

I've got all the episodes of Season 1 now. : )

Now for season 2.

So, in the meantime, what can Jeffrey get for his little sister's birthday? : )

Like what though...?

I wonder what there is to get her at her age.

Go for it. : )

With something significant on it.

Right. : )

How 'bout Aqua? What could she get Alexis?

I'll think about that.

Dude. My inbox is working.

That's right. It does.

Plus, I've got more than squirrels in the movie.

Be right back. Gonna have dinner.

I'm back!

Do you think Marshmallow would be angry with us replacing him as Elsa and Anna's bodyguards?

Elsa says he's a big sweetheart..... Yeah right. X P

I never saw him nice.

If it'll make her happy.

Why in the name of Celestia woud I do that?

That's like saying "Someone kill me now."

I think the guy should apologize to Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.

Since Elsa is no longer in isolation. : )

Holy shaboodles! They told me Marshmallow has already did it to Anna! He was like a big kid. He gave Anna a flower!

That leaves Kristoff and Olaf left.

Technically, Elsa is a mother since she created Marshmallow and Olaf.

I wonder how she'll feel about that.

She's shocked!

Inbox is working.

Oops. Oh well. : )

Anyway, let me know when you wanna do webcam. : )

I can't wait to make my entrance. X D

Just say the word. : )

But don't keep me waiting too long. X D

Thanks. : )

Now? : )

Okay than. : )

The Muppet Show - S5 E8 P1/3 - Señor Wences - YouTube

The Muppet Show - S5 E8 P2/3 - Señor Wences - YouTube

So do you think he sounds a bit like Robin Williams with a spanish accent? : )

What if Xion created a cute puppet for the show? : D

Since that's the theme of the show. : )

Xion: Mitsuki helped me make it.

Puppet: I'll take that as a compliment.

Xion: Gotcha!

Xion: *hugs Jeffrey back*

Puppet: She sure did. I taught her well.

Sketching now.


Okay. Let me know if you finish the Muppet Show episode.

I just love the phone bit. X D

There's another  one I'd like to do. : )

▶ The Muppet Show - S4 E6 P1/3 - Linda Lavin - YouTube

That's right. *snickers* X D

I found a way to have Jeffrey move in a clip! : D

It's hard for me to explain though.

Actually, I am having one problem with this method.

Aqua: I know where you've got your sense of humor from now. *laughs*

Aqua: Did you share it with Tammy and DJ?

Aqua: Go show them than. They'll like it.

(Tammy is seen chewing on a piece of meat)

Tammy: Oh! Xion! You caught me in the middle of a snack!

(Xion shows her puppet)

Tammy:...! A puppet?

Tammy: *laughs* How long have you two been together?

Tammy: Sure do!

Love it. : )

Waiting for inbox to work.

Oops. Sorry.

The same thing happened to me. I was afraid I lost my account.

  • hugs you* I need one right now 'cause of how scared I was.

They can't separate us forever though!

Right. But I can tell you this. If I can make it through next month, than my first strike will go away.

What color should the beacon box be?

Got it.

I'm coloring the other drawing now.

And why do you keep removing Jaden as an idiot? He's not smart.

STill testing you.

Still he IS not smart.

I just wanna hear your defenses for when someone does call him an idiot. Like Stein.

If Jeffrey's gonna defend Jaden, than I want Aqua to defend her little brother too.

I'm sorry if I'm annoying you with this.

I can't stand the guy. The fact that he denies the fact that everyone's got different strength's. How could he say that's wrong?! X P

"You can master anything is this world." Yeah right! People can train me as much as they can in sports, but I'll NEVER improve! I'm not built for sports.

So how much does Jeffrey hate Stein?

That's pretty harsh.

How 'bout the fact that Alexis almost drowned during Jaden's duel against Stein?

There's more. Stein ignored Alexis' cries for help.

Good. Plus Stein hated Alexis too because she "betrayed" him. She was the only one who listened to his lectures, until she joined the crowd and left, calling him dull.

So, whether or not I'm gonna create a page for Stein, I guess he'd go on Jeffrey's most hated enemies list.

Stein: You're as weak-minded as Jaden is, Mr. Dragonheart! You two are NOT brothers! You two don't even share the same chromosome build blocks that make up your DNA.

Stien: Whether or not you two are genetically related, you are still a disgrace to such a weak human being who practically ruins education institutions and has little capability to comprehend what he learns.

Aqua: Jaden may not have been the smartest student back at Duel Academy, but we love him for his heart and skills! And we WILL protect him from you!

Jaden: *sheds a tear* Jeffrey...... Aqua....

Just keep it up, bro!

He's moved it to his channel!

I guess he couldn't stand the heat! X D

Good one! X D

He can run, but he can't hide from us!

Hm. I think he left.... for now.


Maybe everyone's gone to bed.

Oh well.

St. Patrick's Day is coming!

Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion are just gonna get pinched!

What're you apologizing to Rapunzel for?

Interrupted?!? Are you kidding?!? Hades was causing problems!!!

Don't apologize. We did the right thing.

Anyway, how can you be sure the Dragonhearts won't get pinched?

They'll wear green for the day?

Although Jeffrey will love Aqua in blue no matter what. : )

I love it though. I'm the King of Green 'cause green is my favorite color.

  • yawns* I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. : )

Oh yeah. For the new MLP episode. Testing the rock candy….

Xion: *moans* My tummy hurts…….

Tammy: *moans* My tooth......

Bartok: Pinkie Pie.

Rapunzel forgives me! : D

I feel better now. : D

I'm just surprised Jeffrey had enough rock candy. X D

So even he has a limit. X D

Jaden: *moans* Anyone got a Seltzer pill?

Nails: *bites a piece of rock candy and his teeth shatter like glass*

Funny? : )

Kinda feel bad for Xion though.

I hate to see little sweet kids like them in pain.

I hope Jeffrey doesn't get mad at Pinkie for this.

Good. 'Cause I know how Jeffrey is with Xion being okay.

Finally working.

Aqua: I know........ *smiles* You did promise me that a long time ago.

Aqua: *smiles* I keep forgetting, with you and Jaden in my lives, it feels as if Terra and Ven are already back.

Aqua: Sorry, dear. *crawls back into bed*

Aqua: My life may not be complete without Terra and Ven, but as long as I have you, Jaden, Xion, Alexis and everyone else, my life is beyond perfect.

Aqua: I love you too, my cuddly dragon. *kisses him on the lips* Goodnight.

And Jeffrey wraps his arms around Aqua and sleeps with her close, while Aqua smiles in the safety and comfort of his arms. :' D

Be right back. Dinner.

I'm back. And I'm glad you liked that touching moment. :' )

No no. Thank YOU for having Jeffrey be such a loving husband. :' ) 

Since the weekend will be almost over, will you be okay waiting for me again tomorrow?

Okay. Just wanna be sure. : )

As you know, I hate making you wait.

As long as you won't feel alone.

I know. : )

Oh dear! Jeffrey's glasses could be at risk of breaking in one Muppet Show episode. X D

Because of opera singing. X D

▶ The Muppet Show - S4 E9 P1/3 - Beverly Sills - YouTube

Jeffrey's glasses are in danger. X D

His glasses will break again in TinTin.

But Aqua will fix them for him. : )

But who'll fix them for Jeffrey in the Muppet Show?

Good idea.

I still love Jeffrey with glasses on. : )

Aqua: I don't ever want you to wear contacts.

Aqua: *smiles* You look handsomer with glasses on.

Aqua: *kisses him on the lips* I know so.

Try your inbox now.

Damn inbox is taking forever......

Finally working....

It's okay. : )

As I said, I feel more awake now. : )

I hope Sykes doesn't come back. And his dogs too. I don't want those...... Wait. Where should Sykes go under?

I just don't want those bully dogs to hurt the cubs.

They're worse than Fang could possible be!

If they attempted to hurt the cubs, it would call for Dragon-Jeffrey to defend them.

Jenny and Oliver are just like Xion and Tammy. : D

In fact..... : )

There. : )

I'd like to see those 4 get along as friends. Xion, Tammy, Jenny and Oliver. : D

Aqua: Who's Jenny?

Aqua: Oh. So she's a friend?

Alexis: She's a sweetheart, like Xion is.

Aqua: Awwwwww. I look forward to meeting her.

You don't mind if Jenny becomes best friends with Jenny? : )

Thanks. : D

Jenny: Mr. Yuki?! Mr. Dragonheart!! It's so good to see you two again!!

Jaden: It feels like forever since we've seen each other.

Jenny: *giggles* It sure has.

Aqua: Hi. You must be Jenny.

Jenny: Oh! Hello. *does a cute curtsy* Who're you?

Aqua: I'm Aqua.

Penny: Wow! You're married now?! Congratulations, Mr. Dragonheart!

Be right back.

Try now.

I notice it too.

I'd also like to apologize for not showing the new drawings today.

Tomorrow than.

That darn Hades.......

I'd like to offer him a chocolate bar, but it'll just melt before he can even eat it! X D

Good one? : )

How 'bout I give him some Milkduds? X D

And I'll give Cerberus some DevilDogs. X D

A DevilDog for the devil dog! X D

I'd like to see one of the villains go up a pipe or turned into a big blueberry!

I don't care which one gets attacked by squirrels. They're all nuts to me! X D

I think I'll nickname Hades "Mr. Air Heads." X D

Thanks. They should've done that in Wreck-it Ralph. X D

Don't worry, bro. You'll still get to come. I plan to invite everyone in the Ohana now, 'cause I don't want anyone to feel left out.

I'm gonna provide Jack some company until Elsa gets back to him.

I'm watching the conversation between Air Heads and Elsa, and I really wish I can help, but I promised Rapunzel not to get involved unless I'm called to help.

I'm gonna be busy tonight. So you can go to bed whenever you  want.

Sorry I wasn't paying attention.

Help me, bro! I can't fall for Hans' act!

......! Right! He tried to kill sweet Elsa later on.

Right. Later on, I wanna show you the new drawings that I wanted to share yesterday.

Okay. Now I'm angry again! That Duke!!!! > : (

Jeffrey and Jaden will do that for us!

I can only imagine how Jeffrey will feel if he's there when the Duke first calls her a monster.

And a bit heartbroken too.

I said "heartbroken" 'cause the thing Jeffrey feared would happen to Elsa has happened.

No kidding. Since there was a three year gap between the death of the king and queen to Elsa's cornation, you could say our team looks out for Anna and Elsa 'til than.

All the more reason why Jeffrey is so protective of Elsa.

Will our team freak out when they meet Olaf?

True. : )

Of coarse. It's a talking snowman for crying out loud.

I feel more bad for Elsa now where I am in the movie.

I'd still like to take down Marshmallow to get to Elsa.

I don't care about Marshmallow. I care about Elsa. Marshmallow's a different character.

I'm more than half way done.

Has it been an hour yet?

Look at my new post.

I chose Ariel since she's in Rapunzel's team.

What age?

Ah! Perfect! So she CAN tell the story to the cubs! : D

Tammy: WHAT?!? That big bully Sykes got Jenny?!?

DJ: *gulps* He didn't get Oliver too, did he?

DJ: *whew*

Tammy: So did the plan work?

DJ: But what about Sykes and his dogs? I can assume they chased after you.

Tammy: Those big dummy heads!

Tammy: What happened?

Xion: Well, Roscoe and DeSoto got electrocuted in the subway tracks.

DJ: .......! *shivers a bit* ........ Ow........

Tammy: And Sykes?

Tammy: What?! Come on! Tell us!

SHE'S STAYING!!!!! She's staying!!!!! :' D

It's a miracle. *sniffs* :' D

But it looks like she's still upset. She's nothing like the Queen of Hearts.

  • blushes a bit* I just... said to her that... she's beautiful....

Well. I do think so. I mean, there's nothing wrong with being commented on looks from a sibling. Elsa did it to Anna.

Still, I'm not giving up 'til she's smiling again.

If I wasn't so sleepy right now. I'd make a new video for her.

If she says yes.

DAmn that Hades!

You saw that? X D

I hope he can fight it though.

Hades...... *growls angrily*

The stone! I almost forgot the stone!

I hope it works like you say.

Geez. The guy was literally beating himself up....

It worked!!! The stone worked!!! : D

He passed out! : D

You were right, big brother! :' D

I'm actually getting tired now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Sure thing. But I've got a meeting tomorrow.


My inbox stopped working.

So here's a question. Shall our team get their winter clothes at Wandering Oaken's too?

Alright than.

'Cause if not, than someone like the Mask would provide them with winter clothes.

So, how're you doing today?

So am I.

I'm still worried for Rapunzel if she's feeling better.

Gonna get to some sketching now.

You know. It's a good thing Jeffrey, Aqua and Xion didn't attend Duel Academy. I don't think they could bare to see Alexis in the Society of Light.

Especially for poor Xion....

Thank Osiris Jaden freed her.

I noticed.

Maybe if Jeffrey and Aqua DID attend Duel Academy, Jaden and Alexis would be together sooner.

And maybe keep Chazz away from her. X P

The guy's a basket case. Alexis is Jaden's soulmate!

I promised Elsa tha Alexis would use her ice deck for good.

Or maybe if Elsa decides to become a Duelist, Alexis can give it to her.

I think YouTube is working again.

Dean Hardscrabble.

Thanks. : )

I've added Anna and Elsa in it. : )

I hope the CMC isn't taken as the groupe of little flowers.

Good. 'Cause I call dibs on them!

But when you do your spoof, we can share.

Tell me. What's your favortie part so far? : )

I saw that coming. : )

Remind me again. What was Jeffrey snickering about? X D

Did it have to do with Aqua? : )

So far, I like #7 the most.

'Cause Beetles finally gets even with Grundel. X D

Do you like it too? : )

Hey. There's something I wanna ask that involves MLP.

Will we be able to do Season 1 episodes too?

Aw. Come on. : (

There are some I really wanna do.

The one's that are gonna be MOST important.

Inbox is working.

Be right back.

Sorry to make you wait!

Poor Elsa. She's still gloom....

Try your inbox now.

Hey Man Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:34, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Man I Need Your Help Since My Laptop Broke (I'm Talking Through My Mobile Such a Pain Typing :( ) Anyways Can You Try To Edit My Daughter's Profile's?Ben "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 00:39, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

ThanksBen "Maza" Skywalker (talk) 01:15, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

I noticed YouTube acting weird while you were out.

Maybe some edits are in progress.

I know it'll be fixed.

Cool. : )

My inbox stopped working now.

Where are you at right now?

I won't say who the murderer is though.

You'll find out though.

Let me know when you find out who it is.

I know it's all an act, but I don't want to see Xion become a murdered victim.

Good! I don't wanna see her die, real OR fake!

She's too cute and sweet to kill. :' (

New rule: Angels DON'T die!!!!


Makes sense.


They got locked in their own box. X D

So, you watch the last laughs for tonight? : )

Mind if I share another one?

Oops. Sorry. : )

I was gonna say "She sure is beautiful like a princess." : )

Tammy: You're so beautiful, big sister.

DJ: I agree with Tammy. You are beautiful, Xion.

Tammy: *licks Xion's cheek*

I'm gonna think of a new story to work on.....

I know! How 'bout a vacation?!?  : D

Question: The destination?


I'm just asking why not Destiny Islands?

Makes sense.

A resort on an lsland. : )

By the way, a Pokemon episode gave me an idea for something cute. :' D

I saw Misty wash Togepi in this episode, and.... well.... I think you know what I'm thinking. :' )

Pokémon Adventures in the Orange Islands - Episode 13 - Pokémon Double Trouble (IN HD) - YouTube

Yes. Aqua washing Baby Xion in a pool. :' )

Well? : )

And boy will Jeffrey love this. :' D

1. His wife is in a hot bikini.

2. He's watching an adorable sight.

3. His little princess is smiling from it.

I wonder if he'll blush from it. X D

Aqua: *laughs* Is that a sunburn you have, dear, or are you just happy to see me?

Aqua: Thank you dear. *kisses Jeffrey on the lips*

Baby Xion: *smiles to this*

Aqua: Okay, sweetie. Ready to be washed?

Baby Xion: *nods* Uh huh.

Aqua: *carries her and goes in the pool with Baby Xion, and starts washing her with soap and a cloth*

Baby Xion: *giggles as she's being washed.*

We'll continue this tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. : )

Inbox isn't working.

It's okay. I saw it coming.

At least I have the Keyblade left to do.

Do I really gotta e-mail all these drawings I've colored?

Sorry. It just kinda feels like more work for me.

Check your e-mail.

I forgot one!

It's okay. You saw it. : )

Now to finish the video.

Sorry, bro. But Tammy and DJ aren't gonna be in this. It's too much work for me, and I wanna get this over with.

I'm not trying to deny you your ideas. I'm just saying I'm only one person, and I can't do the work of 10 men.

Let's just pretend that Mavis or someone is with the cubs back at the estate while the others are on the search.

Forgive me, bro.

All done.

I've gotta also be sure about something. If the video doesn't get blocked worldwide.

I hope not. : (

First thing is first. I'll send you and get your opinion on it.

Hang on. I'm exporting the video.

I'm watching WALL-E right now. : )

I'm actually glad those two are on your side of the team.

By the way, PLEASE don't let the humans on your team become like the one's on the Axiom. Round. : (

Good! I won't happen to Jaden, Alexis and Jesse either.

I've decided to let EVE and Weebo be close friends. : )

So I take it EVE takes orders from Jeffrey now?

But she's on YOUR side of the team.

Although our two teams are one now, there are still sides. Jeffrey's and Jaden's.

But still. What's mine is yours now. : )

Wow. Thanks, big brother. :' )

Has it been an hour yet??

There's another game where you have to help a little lion cub find her way home.

I'm gonna have a word with Elsa's "finacé."


I wish there was a video of the egg hunt.

Anna's right. Something's not right.

This guy could be worse than Hans...

I hope Anna's pulling a fast one on me!

I'm not THAT gullible!

I'm worried about Ralphie too.

If he's that desperate for love, let's create a character for him.

I'll create a post for this.

Stopped again.

I'm gonna be busy with something at the moment.

I'm still here for you. : )

DJ:...! Count me out!

DJ: *hides behind a couch* I don't wanna perform in front of a camera. It's different than being on stage.

Tammy:... If he doesn't want to be in the spoof, than neither will I.

Tammy: We're a team, DJ. I don't wanna do anything without you, brother.

Tammy: It's up to you.

(They aren't gonna be in the spoof)

Tammy: That's fine with me. *licks DJ's cheek*

Tammy: But can we at least come to the studio to watch Part 10 being filmed? Please?

Jaden: *smiles* Why not? Let's show them how a part to a spoof is made.

Tammy: We get to see you perform Xion?!?

Last chance to tell me what girls you wanna see in this.

Do you think it would help her if Rapunzel was in it?

Okay than.

How 'bout Cadence?

Remind me again what Kingdom Hearts bosses you want in Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase.

Add it to the Trivia.

Let me know when you think of another.

Oh my.... 0_0

Nothing wrong with it. Honest.

Be right back. Gonna make dinner.

Maybe have the same blanket cover them both? :' )

I've added something to the Crystal Empire episode trivia.

Does the door affect Jeffrey?

Than put it in the trivia.

Anyway, where should we put Xion during a movie night? : )

Cute! And Tammy will be on Xion's lap. :' D

And DJ can be with Xion too.

Sorry. I've been adding more songs.

I'm gonna need your help with something if my memory is off.


Are you sure it was Celestia?

Aqua, Alexis, Xion, Mitsuki...

I really don't care who it is at this point.

It's okay. But tell me, is Xion there for Aladdin and the King of Thieves?

Inbox is working.


Alright. I will.

Wiki Chat

no problem bud, ren told me about it.

Yeah, my brother has a fear of spiders.

yeah, when he sees a small spiders, he kills them, and sometimes when he sees a big spiders, he gets scared.

yeah, I don't blame him too. anyway, I remember the movie. me and my brother always watched it.

yeah, how's it going with you and ren?

I'm good, just finished Watching robin Hood, a Disney film.

cool. I like it too.


Rapunzel's gonna watch our battle now!

So what's your idea?

Wow! : D

You bet! : )

Tammy: *singing* Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore!

Alexis: *singing* It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small

May: *singing* It's time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

Sweetie Belle: *singing* Let it go, let it go

You'll never see me cry

I'd say I'm more than halfway done with Part 10.

Sorry. I was speaking with Darkblade too.

Back to the Mummy. I remember another drawing I've wanted to do.

Xion drying Tammy with a towel. : )

'Cause when the boat catches on fire, and everyone has to evacuate, the cubs won't like the idea of getting wet.

But Xion treats them by drying them off. : )

Tammy: *walks out of the river* I can't believe it.... *sniffs* I went in the water.... I'm all wet.....

Tammy: ...! *smiles* Thanks big sister.

DJ: *shivers and chatters his teeth*

Tammy: I hope I never have to do that again.

And just a gentle reminder, after the warden dies, have Jeffrey make a vow to keep Aqua and Xion EXTRA safe.

Because his death acts as a warning about the place.

So it's a good thing he did come along in a way.

Hey. Xion should kiss her little brother and sister on the head more often. :' D

Hang on. Phone call.

Done. Sorry 'bout that.

By the way, it's been more than a month since Mitch left our Wiki alone.

You think it's safe to unprotect some pages again?

I'll only do it if you feel comfortable with it.

Inbox is taking forever....


Be honest. Don't you like the scene where Jaden helps Jeffrey with his glasses?

It shows that Jeffrey's the more lovable bespectabcle man. :' )

But please don't have him shed a tear when he sees Burns without his eyes and tongue. I don't want him to be scared a if it could've been him. 'Cause I don't want to imagine it.

It's a good thing Jeffrey didn't open the chest.

If Imhotep came across Jeffrey, he would've ignored Jeffrey and go after Burns.

I also like it when the first night at the City of the Dead, Tammy asks to sleep with the Dragonhearts. : )

Inbox stopped again.

It's okay. I can wait.

I wonder if Fife is shy too.

Yeah. 'Cause of the way he reacted when he first met Belle. : )

Spike is Fife in our spoof, right?

Gonna get dinner now.

I'm back.

I know another drawing I should do. Nails dressed as Spider-Man.

In Spider-Man 2, Nails tries to become the new Spider Man.

Inbox is working.

  • Still hugs you* Like Jaden who was the first person to accept him for his dragon form. :' )

Hades...... > : (

While I try to get Hades' attention, what's the best thing Jaden's ever given Jeffrey?

Wow. :' )

Hades seriously thinks he's better than me? Pfft! Yeah right!

Sheesh... For a funny villain, he sure is boring.

So where were we?

Oh yeah. Important people I've included in Jeffrey's life. : )

And Jesse?

And for keeping Xion safe in Luigi's Mansion. : )

I'm gonna get ready for bed soon.

Oh my. I have to go through tomorrow without you.

In that case.... *hugs you* This is for tomorrow.

And THIS *hugs you again* is in case something should happen and I need a comfort hug.

I'm going to bed now. *still hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And don't worry. I'll be fine tomorrow. :' )

Everyone has 32 teeth. I counted how man Master Little lost. It's not 32. What if Xion and the cubs accidentally made him loose one? X D

  • Tammy falls and lands on Master Little's head*

Master Little: *spits out a tooth* You took a tooth from me too?!?

Tammy: I'm sorry...

Master Little: I get you and your little cat for this, girl.

Master Little: .......? Master Little confused now.

What if she accidentally hit him in the face with Keyblade?

You think Jeffrey would care that Master Little looses his teeth?

Well, he DID threaten Xion and Tammy.

(That would be funny since both loose their teeth. X D)

Aqua: Stay away from our daughter, baldy!

Master Little: Little girl and pet cat took a tooth from Master Little!

Master Little: You can't keep her safe forver. Soon, you let your guard down, and Master Little will be ready to get revenge

Beetles: You want me to keep an eye on tubby over there?

(Beetles will watch him in the Adventure)

Beetles: Got it. *flies off to follow Master Little*

Master Little actually takes Xion and the cubs into the weapons room with Luiz.

But don't worry. They don't get hurt. Just Master Little. X D

Try your inbox now.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, those are good suggestions.

I'm not liking "King Joffrey". The name is an insult to your character's name.

At least there's a difference in the name.

But Jeffrey would have a better title as prince than king.

That would happen if Xion becomes a princess.

Hang on. Laundry is done.

Good timing.

I've gotta do my sheets next.

Sorry, bro.

  • hugs you back* Thanks bro. And yeah. I notice it. Jeffrey is shy but kind. So is Xion, Aqua, Fluttershy, Quasimodo, Fife...

Wait. Rapunzel is shy too?

Hm..... Was there any examples in the movie.....

I don't think there is any.

We could ask her.

I feel a lot calmer now.

I think Elsa will speak with him.

  • still hugs you* I'm glad you're here for me. : )

I think Ralphie has his memories back.

Oh! And here's the full movie:

▶ The King and I - YouTube

Let's watch it together.

Our team could fall for Kralahome's illusions. 0_0

Somehow, I think Jeffrey will have a suspicion of the Kralahome.

I can imagine someone get sea-sick. X D

New page.

Anything else you wanna add to it?

Take your time.

I know.

Our team will be summoned to assist in teaching the king's kids.

Hm. Somehow, I think that panther's gonna be close to someone on our team.

The cats of the team.

Xion: *runs in* Mommy! Daddy! Everyone! We've got something important to say!

Xion: *pants hard*

Xion: *inhales and exhales calmly*

Xion: It's chubby! He knows something that could mean big trouble!

DJ: The prince gave away the royal pendant to Tuptim!

Nails: And I think he might. That little toothless dummy is gonna squeal!

Tammy: Don't worry. We threw a mango in his mouth.

Jaden: Nice shot.

Rainbow Dash: Serves that overstuffed sofa right!

Alexis: Especially since he's been trying to get you three just 'cause he lost a tooth.

Beetles: Of coarse he's not smart. It's pretty obvious.

Twilight: We better keep our eyes on the Kralahome too.

Inbox is working.

I was speaking with someone else.

So now than....

Jaden: Hey guys! Look! *holds out one of the paintings*

Aqua: It's one of the stolen paintings!

And soon, once they see the green make-up, they're suspicions will be correct.

But Jaden will have a feeling that it's not Kermit. He just won't say anything yet 'cause he doesn't want Constantine to hurt anyone if his cover is blown.

We don't want Constantine to use Xion as a way to make Jaden and the others keep quiet.

  • ping* THAT'S IT! That's why our team will run!

You just said it.


Besides, it's not safe for them now that Constantine caught them knowing the truth.

Constantine: So.... You know our little secret. Well than, we'll just have to make sure it stays a secret. *attempts to grab DJ*

Tammy: *snarls at Constantine*

Ratigan: Oh dear sweet Jeffrey. We already have. The rest of your gullible team still thinks Constantine is Kermit.

Ratigan: ...! I AM NOT A RAT!!!!!!!!!

  • laughs* Funny guest star on the Muppet Show. X D

▶ The Muppet Show - S5 E20 P1/3 - Wally Boag - YouTube

This guy is amazing with balloons.

Let me know when you see his act.

Isn't that funny? X D

Can we do this one too? X D

After Piggy and Foo-Foo's act, Xion and Figaro can have their own act. : D

And Figaro will listen to Xion.

I love the bagpipes bit. X D

"She's lonesome for it's mommy."

Makes me think of Aqua.

"Mommy." :' )

Inbox is working.


Anyway, maybe the honest members of the team.

I'm gonna make dinner now.

I'm back.

Maybe Jeffrey could do tests on the tonic to see if it really does work.

Jaden too.

Jeffrey: Can you try it, Nails?

Nails: Hold on! I'm a spider! Not a guinea pig!

Nails: ....! Sorry 'bout that boss. *takes the tonic and drinks some of it*

Nails: ................. Actually.......... I don't feel any different. Do I look any different?

Jaden: Maybe it just doesn't work on spiders.

Aqua: Jeffrey! Wait!

Jeffrey: ........... *burps*

Tammy: Nothing at all?

Scamper: Than there can be no question about it. It's a fake.

Inbox is working.

Sorry. Inbox stopped.

And I'm sorry for making you wait.

I'm gonna shower but than I need to run a quick errand.

Tammy: Why was the caterpillar so mad when Alice mentioned the whole height thing?

Beetles: It's a bug thing. He was offended by it.

I'm gonna be up late doing some sketching. You can go to bed whenever you want.

Not yet. Please. I still need you.

Please. Don't go yet. I'll feel hurt if you do. : (

  • hugs you* Oh thank you! \

Since no one else is on at this time and since I've gotta stay up to get some work done, I'll feel alone when you go to bed.

But you need to sleep too, big bro.

Just stay up for a bit longer for me, please.

Thank you. :' )

I just don't understand why I feel this way right now...... Why when you go to bed.... I feel like crying.....

I guess... maybe it's because it's been a quiet day for us today.

I've been hoping for responses from Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, and Jack...... I got nothing...

I feel a little ignored all of a sudden...

I know I have you..... but I still feel empty inside right now.....

You have to go to bed soon.

Inbox is working.


I'm gonna make a late dinner now.

Be right back.

I'm back! : D

  • hugs you* : )

Does Jeffrey forgive the Sandman in Spider-Man 3?

Because he was just trying to help his daughter.

Jeffrey would relate with the Sandman.

And something that's been on my mind.....

Aqua:.....! What?! You saw a human sacrifice?!?

Inbox is working.

Why? Did your inbox stop?!

Admit it. I'm not cut out for animation. I'm slow and lazy.

Sorry I haven't responded in a while.

  • hugs you* Still, I hate making you wait.

I'm doing okay now.

I've really gotta thank you for earlier.

Can you help me with a decision for something?

It's for my Adventure of Tangled.

Oops. Sorry.

Yeah. Besides, you've gotta go to bed soon.

I'll be okay when you go to bed.

Any last minute things you wanna share?

Perfect. Aisling will live at the end. : )

Oh! And Cheshire Cat will bring Aisling to help our team and Brendan out of the cell.

I remember Slimer doing that in the Pooh's Adventures.

I'd like there to be an epilogue where Aisling appears in her human form.

Okay with what I added?

Thanks. I know Aisling is on Bowser's Pooh's Adventure Team, but I'd like our team to do something for her.

In fact, when she helps Brendan get into Crom's lair, someone should stay behind to help Aisling.

He's gonna be in this?

He can be in this. : )

Before you go to bed, can we can create a page for this please?

And I get to decide who else will stay behind with Aisling.

You go to bed now. I'll make some edits in the meantime.

  • hugs you back* Night big bro. I love you too. : )

That post Anna and Elsa brought up made me think of Aqua and Xion. :' )

Because of how the daughters inherit their mother's beauty. :' )

Tammy: Wow! Xion! You look so beautiful!

Tammy: Yeah. Just like your mom.

Tammy: *licks Xion's cheek.*

I wanted there to be a moment where Tammy  comments on her big sister's beauty. :' )

Or 2 and a half if she'll be 7 1/2 from now on.

So will she be 7 and 1/2 from now on?

But she won't go beyond that anymore.

NO! I refuse to let Xion grow up and make Jeffrey and Aqua feel older.

Xion stays 7 and 1/2 forever, and that's final! End of story! Bye-bye. *whispers* See you later.

'Cause as I keep trying to tell you, if Xion grew up anymore, it'll be boring.

Oh. And keep Jonah Melville in "The Krakken" away from the cubs and other animals. 'Cause he poaches rare animals for money.

It makes me sick if someone would try to steal the cubs and sell them. :' (

Or any other poacher for that matter!


Care to explain?

Alright. I just need a description.

Got it.

Is that it?

You have to forgive me, Jeff. I'm just starting to get tired since I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

I bet Xion favors Gwen more than Ben.

Inbox is working.

Unless he brings out spiders!

I can imagine it as a Pokemon scene...

Rainbow Dash: Uh, there's a spider on your-

Jeffrey: *screams* Get it away! *jumps on Jaden*

Jaden: Oof!

Rainbow Dash: Oops! Sorry! It was just a piece of grass! *laughs*

Rainbow Dash: Take it easy! I thought it was a spider! Really!

Rainbow Dash: I WASN'T!!!

Jaden: It wasn't.... Ugh.... Now can you get off me please? You're too heavy.

That episode would be a good excuse for Jeffrey to go dragon....... what with all those wasps!

And protect Xion and the cubs from being stung!

They can't penatrate his skin.

Inbox is working.

Sorry 'bout that.

Saw that change. Still gonna go through with it? : )

Master Xehanort as Jafar

Gonzo as Genie

I remember saying it's gonna Pikachu and Meowth.

I'm gonna be doing this with you?!!? : D

For what?

Actually.... heh.... I think you'd need my help for this anyway. X D

You'll need more drawings of Jeffrey. : )

This IS your spoof.

And Iago? I think we said Impmon....

I forgot who's carpet.

We'll just have to think.

We could ask brermeerkat.

In the meantime, how 'bout something for Elephant Abu?

What made you think that?

Oh! I get it! A pokemon turned into a bigger one!

Okay than. If that's what you want.

And Rajah....

How 'bout Shira? Because brermeerkat used Tigress.

And a Peddler.

  • laughs* Nice! X D

Your inbox should be working.

Hope you'll like it.

I've been thinking about the episodes with Cantus again. : )

Do you like him?

I know he can be a complex guy, but that's just who he is. Mysterious.

It's just nice that the first time he appears in our series is AFTER Jeffrey marries Aqua. :' )

Nothing wrong with the series before, but I'm just more attached to the Adventures after Jeffrey proposes to her. : )

One reason is because of Xion. She finally gets a real mommy. :' )

What's one of your reasons?

Definitely. :' )

Also the fact that Aqua's life gets better. :' )

Don't mind what I added?

I might add some scenes categories for other Adventures.

Of coarse, Beetles will appear at the end and give Discord a good scolding.

Beetles: Discord!!!! I told you before!!! You don't take advantage of the kindness of friends!!

Beetles: I don't care if you did this to test your friendship with Twilight!!! What you did was tstill wrong!!!

Discord: Of coarse I did. I'm sorry.

There's something else I can imagine. : )

XIon's reaction when the Yuki's and Dragonhearts share the same hotel room. : D

Don't you like it? : )

Jaden and Alexis share one bed, Jeffrey and Aqua get the other one, and Xion and the cubs sleep on the couch.

But my favorite part of the episode is when the team helps Rarity with her new dresses.


I had Xion say that 'cause of the episode I'm watching. "Game Over."

Time I made a new friend on Google Plus. : )

Ha! Now Grandpa is playing the video game! X D

Someone who wouldn't be into video games at first. X D

Good question. Maybe someone who's mature and doesn't have time for video games. Another grown-up maybe.

Good idea.

By the way, in your spoof the Little Mermaid, if you do the sequel, is Xion gonna be Melody? : )

Saw that coming. Both inherit black hair from their dads. : )

Dude. I haven't seen that one at all. I haven no idea what happens.

It's okay. I just need to continue watching.

In the meantime, based off what we did last night, Jeffrey sure takes calling Jaden a Slifer Slacker seriously.

Even if Jaden says he doesn't mind?

Jaden: Well, if you truly love her, than you better tell her soon. Who knows? You might be up for some big competition. Besides, if you hide it any longer, than you will never get a chance later on.

Jaden: And don't worry. I'll be right there with you if you decide to tell her. And just remember: be yourself.

Of coarse, after that, Jaden has a talk with Aqua, and she tells him her feelings  for Jeffrey. : )

And that's when it starts to become like the episode "Green Isn't Your Color."

I'll bet when Aqua is treating his wounds, it compells Jeffrey to want to confess his feelings for her even more. :' )

Beautiful isn't it? :' )

My favorite moment in the Adventure is when Jeffrey finally asks Aqua out. :' )

Wait. It's acutally getting late in my time. Let's do this tomorrow. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Hey. Is one of the reasons DJ is determined to get the Chaos Emerald is because of Jeffrey and Aqua?

I knew it. Since it's the dark blue one, and Jeffrey gives it to Aqua later on.

Awwwwwwwww! What a little sweetheart. :' )

He really does represent the Element of Kindness. : D

I'm glad Jack's not here to poke fun of me.

I keep being called a kangaroo.

It's the accent.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Why shouldn't I?

They better quit messing with me.

Thanks, bro. : )

Hey. Did you see Anna and Elsa's new video yet?

And no comment?

Thanks, dude. Because when I make comments like the one I left on the video, it makes me happy when you play along. : )

After all, we're in this together.

I almost forgot about the new MLP episode!

I'm watching it now.

I know we haven't finished it yet, but there's one scene I love in the Adventure.

Where Xion finds Aqua. :' )

'Cause it's so beautiful to see how much they mean to each other. :' D

Plus, it makes Xion braver to have her mom with her. :' )

Hey, bro. Look what I found.

▶ Rio 2 | "I Will Survive" Lyrics Video | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

I wonder if our team will tell be able to tell it's Nigel.

The cubs won't know it's him though.

Tammy: I like him!

DJ: Me too! He's a cool singer!

Xion too?

OH! So she knows it's Nigel?

Tammy: What's wrong, big sister?! Why aren't you dancing?

Interesting thing is Aqua knows it's Nigel too.

How could Aqua forget the cockatoo that crashed her wedding?

Aqua: Wait.... That attitude is sounding familiar.....

Nigel makes your list too?

Inbox is working.

So far, my favorite is the last part where Sam asks for the real police number. X D

Do you like what he says? X D

"This is getting completely out of hand! Get me the real police number!"

But for now, in the Adventure, refresh my memory. Xion will decide the flowers she wants to get Alexis, and Jeffrey will pay for them?

How nice of him. : )

Especially since Xion is too young to be having an allowance yet.

Be right back.

I get the feeling like I'm lazy....

Confidence issues.

  • ping* HEY! What I just did gave me a brilliant idea! : D

"According to Plan" being the first song to "Key of Flaming Union." : D

At least the Van Dort's part. The Everglot's part is too depressing. X P

I choice that song 'cause of how much everyone wants Jeffrey and Aqua's wedding to be perfect. : )

Only question is who would sing it.

Can Jeffrey's parents sing?

Since this is Jeffrey's wedding, I think you should have the final decision. : )

Les and Patty


Jaden and Alexis

Okay than. : )

You should share this with your mom and dad. : )

And don't worry. We'll re-write the lyrics.

Lord Barkis would go under Charles Muntz's Empire.

Sorry. I plan on doing that alone.

Jeffrey aught to give the Everglot's a lesson about being a good parent to a daughter. X P

Has it been an hour yet?

I know. : )

This is helping already. : )

I'm enjoying this. : )

How ironic. I was gonna suggest the Elementalmobile. X D

We sure do think alike. : )

This is gonna be one of my favorite Adventures to do. : D

My inbox stopped a while ago, but I saw it coming and it's okay.

Glad I came up with the idea of Alexis' birthday for this.

Now let me see.... I take it our team will be staying at a hotel.

Perfect. That's where Aqua, Tammy and DJ can work on their gifts.

I still will find it funny when Dragon-Jeffrey helps scare off that big turkey. X D

I understand if he doesn't eat turkey either, but he could at least do that as a threat to the bird.

Just like how he sometimes uses his Dragon-form to show his enemies the threat he can be.

Like Cleo or Fang.

Yep. As I say, dangerous and scary to his enemies, but gentle and cuddly to his friends and family. :' )

Stopped again.

So I hope that you don't mind that I have B.E.N. and Jeffrey's Pikachu become close friends in the series as a reminder of my Elementary school years?

After all, you've got Mitsuki and Nathan in there as a reminder of your past.

I can imagine Aqua meeting him. : )

Aqua: *giggles* Jeffrey, dear. Is he another one of your friends from the past?

B.E.N: Bio Electronic Navigator. And you are?

B.E.N: *gasps* AWWW!!! Isn't that wonderful?!? Jeffrey here has found love!!!

Aqua: And that's not all.

Xion: *comes out and smiles* Hi there.

B.E.N: *gasps* Awwww! And who is this?!

(I remember Xion wasn't there for your Treasure Planet)

Jeffrey: *smiles* Our daughter.

B.E.N: *smiles hugely* Aw! She's like a a little princess!

B.E.N: It sure has been a long time since we've last met. What brings you guys here?

Jaden: But what're you doing here, Ben?

B.E.N: Oh! I'm on a break from being waiter at Jimmy's inn. He thought I should get a chance to relax a bit.

B.E.N: I gotta say, it's rather boring though. Maybe TOO relaxing.

B.E.N: Huh?

Jesse: Why don't you tag along with us, Ben? We could use all the help we can get to save Dinosaur Planet?

B.E.N:...! You- You.... YOU MEAN IT?!?!?

B.E.N: HUZA!!!!! *laughs* Oh this is fantastic! *jumps into Jeffrey's arms* Me and my best buddies Jaden and Jeffrey and their teams are gonna save a planet!

Aqua: *giggles* He sure is one funny robot.

Oh dear…. Does he scare Jeffrey since he's like a spider?!?

And just so you know, in my Adventure, Scroop will tell Jaden and his team that "he's changed" since the Indiana Jones movies.

Of coarse, Jaden and his team doesn't trust him.

Your team is only mentioned in this.

In fact, for "The Last Crusade", after Donovan shoots Indy's dad...

Scroop: Do we make ourselves clear now, "cabin boy"? *opens his claw* YOU and your team will get the grail for us.

No! Wait! The Indiana Jones movies takes place AFTER A Canterlot Wedding. Which means Jaden will face Scroop BEFORE the Indiana Jones movies.

Jaden: Cowards....

Just remember this too, have Jeffrey cover Xion's eyes when Donovan turns to dust.

'Cause that would scare Xion too.

Hey. Is Xion really shy like her mom and dad? : )

Awww. Perfect. 'Cause I can imagine her shyly hiding behind Aqua's legs from someone. :' )

I can't help it bro. I love how Xion seeks comfort from her mom. :' )

I especially love it when Xion hugs Aqua's leg. :' D

I should do a new drawing of Aqua and Xion for this years Mother's Day. : D

But what should Aqua and Xion be doing in it?

Whoa.... I was thinking the same thing. Except not "A" flower.

Just like little Kairi did. :' )

And if I have time, one of Aqua kissing Xion's forehead/cheek. : )

Be right back. : D

I'm back!

Anyway, for Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost, I thought of Alexis being in trouble when Sarah is released, and Jaden and the others being determinded to save her because of tomorrow.

Just for an example...

  • a pumkin grabs Alexis by the neck and starts strangling her.*

Alexis: *Gasping for breathe*

  • The pumpkin grabs DJ by the tail and holds him in mid-air.*
  • suddenly the pumpkin's vine is cut.... by Bladedge*

Jaden: Keep your vines OFF MY WIFE!!!!!!

  • another pumpkin shows up*

Jaden: Huh?!

  • Before the other pumpkin can attack, Jeffrey jumps in and with one swing of his Keyblade cuts the Pumpkin in half*

Jaden: Thanks, big bro.

Alexis: *breathes heavily*

Jaden: Alexis!!! Are you alright, honey?!?!

Alexis: *gasps* Don't worry..... I'm okay..... Right now, we've gotta stop Sarah.

I'm gonna wait for my inbox to work again.

Jack's back. : )

Inbox.... Sorry. X P

You think you can stop my Celebi? > : )

Did you ever beat the League?

Wow.... I'm really behind....

But you've completed the game before me.

New episode idea. : )

Aqua getting a Pokemon. : )

A Water of coarse. : )

The only question is which one.

Which do you think is best for her?

Okay than. I'm gonna get dinner now. Be right back.

I'm back. : )

Look at my recent edit. : D

You forgot? Look it up.

Inbox is working.

  • Singing* Dwebble, Dwebble, Dwebble. I mad it out of clay. X D

Or in Achmed's case, it would be "made it out of dynamite." X D

Let's see Jeffrey try to make dradle out of every element in the periodic table. X D

I'm gonna go to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )


  • singing* I'm gonna catch a Poliwag

I'm gonna catch a Poliwag 

I'm gonna catch a Poliwag


Once I catch one, I can raise it to become a Poliwhirl, my favorite Pokemon.

Yeah. But for now, I'm gonna get to the next part of Alexis in Wonderland.

Jaden: Remember. NO size jokes!

Jaden: And if anyone should do so, Jeffrey....

Crash: *gulps* Got it...

Eddie: Understood!

Jaden: Thanks bro.

Okay. Wish me luck.

Thanks. : )

Still here just so you know.

I'm excited 'cause I'm gonna use Stefano in it! : D

In fact.....

  • Vitaly and Stefano show up*

Vitaly: Ha ha! There he is! Jeffrey, buddy!

Vitaly: *gives Jeffrey a huge side-hug* It's good to see you again!

Stefano: How'sa your wife been, Jeffrey?

Stefano: It feels likea forever since we lasta met.

Vitaly: We're ready to get to work.

Jaden: Alright Vitaly. Your scene is first. Let's get ready.

Vitaly: Alrighty than. And if I go down in flames. *laughs* So be it!

Rarity: As for you, Stefano. Let's get your costume on.

Stefano: Graci, Rarity!

Alexis: *walks in* How was I?

Alexis: Don't be. Remember. It's all just an act.

Jaden: Thanks again for being a part of this, Jewel.

I can't wait to see Rio 2 tomorrow. : D

Has it been an hour yet?

Inbox stopped working.

Darkblade was speaking with me.

I can wait though.

Sorry for making you wait so much today.

I plan to make it up to you now. : )

I will say this that will make you hate Roberto more. At one scene, he asked to borrow Jewel from Blu. > : (

But when you find out his secret, you'll feel like rubbing it in. X D

Oh. And by the way, it's a good thing I came up with that spell to have the humans of our team blend in with the other inhabitants of certain worlds.

Bingo. He's not exactly fond of humans.

But we'll prove him wrong.

I've gotta say this though. One beautiful moment is when Jewel sang the kids to sleep. :' )

Yeah. Made me think of Aqua and Shira. : D

No offense, but sometimes, Darkblade doesn't know when to stop talking.

Doesn't he know when to give it a rest?

I'm gonna get dinner now. Be right back.

I'm back. : D

Brermeerkat made a smart choice. : )

Switching Jack Frost to be the centipede in his cast of "James and the Giant Peach."

Yeah. 'Cause ever since Ralphie found new love.... I've started to support Jelsa.

Plus, it's also because of what I've seen happen between the two on their comments.

Hopefully, I'm not being disloyal to Rapunzel since Ralphie is with someone else.

I know.

The parents are never revealed though.

Should we create a mom and dad for Aqua?

Sorry I asked...... X P

Bro. You're not understanding something. Creating parents for Aqua would be hard.

Not much of Aqua's past is known until Ventus moved in. She doesn't even have a last name.

She had one. Master Eraqus.

I know. I know. I'm sorry, bro.

I just don't know what kind of parent Aqua would have.

Hopefully, he would support Aqua's marriage.

I wouldn't take my chances in finding out.

Well, it's too late now. All the invitations for the wedding are sent! X D

Besides, maybe it's for the best. I know how some parents of the bride can be. No one is good enough for their girl.

I'm glad you understand, bro.

But who am I to deny you your happiness and ideas? If this is something you really wanna go through, I won't stop you.

Right. But you get the final say in this.

I want you to be happy, bro.

I feel like I've done a terrible job at it so far lately.

You sure you're happy?

You haven't noticed the new page yet?

Inbox is working.

But on the bright side, Xion makes a new drawing for Alexis. : )

One with her, Alexis, the cubs, and...... who else?


I'm over the fact that Jeffrey yelled at Jaden now.

I guess you could say it was him letting out how hurt he was by this too.

Now to darken in the drawing.

I'm gonna focus on that scene from MLP with you now.

Oh yeah. Do you want Nails to look angry in this?

Alright. Good thing I didn't darken in his head yet.

Fixed it.

Looks like Xion's enjoying working with her mom. : )

Awww. :' )

She really loves her mom and spending time with her. :' )

Gonna get dinner in a bit.

Be right back. : )

I asked 'cause of Anna's first impression of him.

Patch: Should we help him?

Jaden: He seems to know where Elsa is.

Alexis: Right. So let's purchase what he needed. That'll hopefully get him to help us.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

We'll see.

Inbox stopped.

Gonna make some new pages in the meantime.

Sorry I added that spiders page.

Does Jeffrey conquer his fear of him?

So there are some bad spiders he can conquer his fear over. : )

But there are still some spiders that will always scare him.

I don't blame him.

I promise I will edit that scene so that not a lot of footage of the spiders is shown.

Of coarse. I don't wanna scare you.

Hey. Check this out. X D

▶ "Another Opening, Another Show" - YouTube

Inbox is working.

Sorry. My inbox stopped while you were out.

I'm gonna be staying up late again getting my work done again.

As long as you'll be here for me until you go to bed.

Thanks bro. I can always count on you. :' )

So, in the meantime. I'm curious. In Jurassic Park, how will Dragon-Jeffrey feel when Aqua heals his back? I'm asking 'cause of when I mentioned the first time she healed him in his dragon-form.

Awwwww. And lucky knowing that the girl that healed him before is doing it again, but only this time, she's his wife. :' D

And he can relax a little bit knowing Jaden will get Xion out of the tree.

Be right back. Now I'M gonna get dinner.

I'm back. : D

Alright. Where were we?

Right. : )

Just as long as he doesn't snarl at Aqua in response to having his wound touched.

Or something else like "Unicorns and Pegasi exist".

It's up to you.

Very well than. Good choice. : )

Sorry. Bathroom.

So just stay up with me until you start to get tired.

You sure are devoted to me. : D

You've got that right. : )

  • hugs you* This is for when you have to wait for me tomorrow.
  • still hugs you* I'm very lucky to have a caring and devoted big brother like you. :' )
  • still hugs you* It's a blessing. :' D

Let me know when your inbox works again.

Making good progress so far. : )

Thanks. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Isn't there at least one person you feel like we could do without?

I'm so sorry I made you do that bro. But now that the Digi-Destined are off the team, I feel better. 

'Cause lets face it. We never use the Digi-Destined for anything. Not for videos, drawings, or scenes we work on for our series. So what's the point?

That I can live with. : )

I'm still ever so sorry about forcing you to remove the Digi-Destined. How can I make it up to you?

After I get dinner. : )

I have something we could work on. : )

Is Jeffrey gonna snarl at Bill?

Well our team almost got killed in Cyber Space thanks to Bill.

Jeffrey would be angry at anyone who's actions could threaten the lives of his wife and daughter.

Enjoying this?

Anyway, here's what would be cuter:

Baby Xion: *gently tugs on one of Aqua's clothes* Mommy?

Aqua: Oh! *smiles* Yes, sweetie?

Baby Xion: Tammy's hungry. Can you get her something, please?

Aqua: Awww. Sure thing, sweetie. Be right back.

Aqua: *goes to the fridge and takes out a bottle of milk* Here we go. Ready to be fed, Tammy?

Aqua: Awwwww. You wanna do it, Xion?

Aqua: *smiles and sheds a tear* Of coarse you can, my little princess. *gives Baby Xion the milk bottle*

Baby Tammy: *nods and smiles hugely* Uh-huh!!!

Aqua: Jeffrey! Come here! Quick!

Aqua: Our little princess is gonna feed little Tammy.

Baby Xion: *puts the teet ot the bottle in Baby Tammy's mouth and Baby Tammy starts to drink from it.*

Aqua: *smiles happily* Our daughter is so responsible.

Baby Xion: Well, I do wanna be the best big sister to Tammy.

Baby Xion: How'd I do?

Aqua: Now what do you do next, Xion? Think.

Baby Tammy: Excuse me.

Aqua: *smiles* That's right Xion. Your father and I are proud of you.

Okay. I'm done now. with my assignment. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I'm think Celestia and Luna can join in. : D

It would be awesome for the princesses to join in for ice cream. : D

Isn't that awesome? : D

Got the idea from "A Bird in the Hoof" when Celestia was at that brunch. : )

Hopefully, Jeffrey can relax a bit while hanging around with the Princesses when there's no trouble.

Come on. What's the worse that could happen? 

Jaden can relax too, but he will still set a good example to the princesses.

I want Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to be happy. : )

I'm gonna be up late again getting some sketching done.

I'm gonna be okay when you go to bed.

Do tell. : )

Not Cleo. X P

As long as she doesn't make Xion cry!

Wow. : D

Alexis: Awwww, Xion. Of coarse Jaden and I will help. We'll buy 5 boxes from you.

Jaden: Actually, make that 7!

Alexis: *gives Xion the money* There you go, sweetie.

Alexis: Sure thing, Xion.

Jaden: We know you and Tammy will win this. We're glad we could help.

May will buy some cookies too. : )

Who else would purchase from Xion and Tammy?

And Atticus, Pinkie Pie, Nails....

Xion's sure to win now. : )

I'm going to bed now anyway. *hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. :' )

Since the first Adventure Jeffrey and Aqua spend together as a married couple is "Star Fox Adventures." : )

Aqua: Yes, my cuddly dragon?

Aqua: *smiles* Of coarse. Anything for you, my love.

Jaden: One more upgrade to make our car even cooler.

(Remember, Jaden decideds that his car is now Jeffrey's too)

Aqua: I'd be more than happy to help out with the upgrade, dear.

Aqua: *giggles* I love you too, dear. *kisses Jeffrey back on the lips*

Xion: *comes out of the ElementalMobile* Mommy's gonna help out, daddy?!

I'm going to bed now 'cause I'm getting really tired now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. : )

Oops. Sorry.

I'll share my suggestion later. I want to keep it a secret.

Holy cow! Ben's old enemies from the past are together!

What's your idea?

Just what I was thinking. And get to decide some?

Since that movie is on my mind, let's put Steele in this.

What about you? Anyone else?

Wow! And now I get to see the secrets of the Omnitrix.

Why? Is it bad?

I've only started watching it.

Wow. I'm really liking Gwen now that she's a sorceress. : D

Self-destruct?!? 0_0

Inbox is working.

Man. 2008? That's when…… when the last episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was dubbed in English...

Has it really been that long? :' (

...... Now I have another reason to do Jaden's Adventures! To keep the series alive after its last English episode since 6 years!

Good! Because since 4Kids stupidly never dubbed the 4th Season, that means I'm taking over Jaden's story wether the original owners like it or not!

Let me ask something.... Do you think I'm...... old school since the first GX episode was released in 2005?

2005-2008. That's making me sad inside for some reason.

I guess it's because I wasn't obsessed with GX until AFTER it ended... :' (

Right! And no copyright or ANY kind of law has the power to stop what's in my heart!

You know something? When I look at that photo Ralphie made with Jaden and Alexis on it, it makes me feel better. Knowing there are others like him that makes it feel like GX is popular. : )

Now I know why I was unhappy inside. I felt like GX wasn't popular anymore.

Yeah. Thanks to us. : )

Kevin..... likes Gwen?! X P

I'm gonna make dinner in a bit.

Be back bro.

One thing I love about that scene is Dragon-Jeffrey's reaction when Jaden gets Xion out of the tree. :' )

One more reason why Jeffrey's lucky to have Jaden? : D

As long as Jaden can have a turn hugging Dragon-Jeffrey's snout. :' )

'Cause I love it when his loved ones hug his snout. That's the cuddliest spot to hug him. :' )

And I'll bet he loves being hugged there the most. :' D

Awwwwwwwwww! I'm so happy to hear that! :' D

No! Thank YOU for saying it. : D

Just as I'll bet he enjoys being petted on his snout the most. :' )

You do realize that I'm just loving Dragon-Jeffrey even more now? :' D

By the way, I have something that'll really make you happy. : )

First, answer this, in our series, should Yugi and Téa be in a relationship or married?

Great! : D

Because...... I have an idea where Yugi and Téa can guest star in for an Adventure! : D

Would Téa be a mentor too?

You may do the honors. : D

Uh.... Wanna try that again? You forgot a word.

Of coarse! : )

Anyway, the Adventure? : )

The Wizard of Oz! : D

Glad you like the idea! : D

Be my guest. : D

By the way, when Jaden becomes the Next of Games, that makes Alexis the "Queen of Games." : D

Do you like the sound of that? "Queen of Games"? : )

So, for this Adventure, now that Jaden's the next King of Games, Yugi and Téa will teach Jaden and Alexis new tricks and responsibilities.

I don't see why not. : )

I'll think of something.

Alexis will so be starstrucked when she meets Téa. X D

Hey! We've got more than 3,000 pages now!!!! : D

I wish we didn't have to go to bed now.

Oops. It stopped.

It's okay. Nothing's gonna kill my good mood. : )

Which one?

Yes. Jaden will win.

But barely.

I'll be getting to some assignments today.

But in the meantime, would the Wicked Witch be a recruit of Set?


I've also been making yet another friend on YouTube. : )

Astrid. : )

Interesting thing. When Astrid says to Hiccup that he's lost everything, I say "Well..... I wouldn't say he lost EVERYTHING." : )

Get what I'm saying? : D

She could buck 'em! X D

If they hurt Xion or the cubs, they're timber!

Xion could relate to the Tinman.

Xion didn't have a heart at first.

That's right. : )

Xion: I didn't have a heart at first, but now I do. I know you can find your heart too.

Xion: *smiles* Thank you. You're a nice person yourself.

Tinman's is my favorite. : )

Which explains why Jaden is him in our version of the Wizard of Oz.

I've given Nails a part for it. : )

Rainbow Dash: Lions, tigers, and bears?! Pfft! Please! We could handle those things!

Cheshire Cat: Besides, there are a lot more worse things we could encounter than a lion, tiger, or bear.

Fluttershy: *gulps* Do you have to say what they are?

Cheshire Cat: There's trolls, serpents, chimera's, gorgons, hydra's, Heartless and-

Xion: Stop it Chess! You're scaring him!

Cheshire Cat: It's all just a possibility.

Felt like sharing that since our team wouldn't be worried of lions or tigers.

Oops. Oh well. I saw it coming.

So I say, it's a good thing Jeffrey got married at such a young age. : )

Gonna make dinner soon.

Be right back.

I'm back. And by the way, I'm gonna have Alexis smack Gulch!

Who cares about the law?!

I'm gonna have Jaden go Supreme King on that witch if she tries to have any of our animals killed! > : (

Which is why Tammy and DJ should be hidden somewhere during that part.

I won't let that witch threaten to kill the cubs!!!!!! > : (

But the question is how does she get them?

Oh! Right! Jeffrey's DNA!

I guess Xion's never been so angry in all her life until this point.

Fluttershy too!

Awwwwww. : D

That's so wonderful that Tammy is very important to Xion. :' )

Here's another cute thought! Xion waking up from Tammy licking her cheek! :' D

Tammy: *touching Xion's face* Xion? Wake up, big sister Wake up!

Xion: *still sleeps*

Tammy: Hmmmmm..........! *starts to lick her cheek*

Tammy: Morning, Xion! *purrs happily*

Tammy: Yeah. I'll race ya!

Don't you just love that? : D

Hey. What if Tammy or DJ did that to (Dragon-)Jeffrey? :' D

DJ: *gently paws Dragon-Jeffrey* Mr. Dragonheart. Wake up, sir. Please.

Tammy: Well this worked with Xion. *moves to Dragon-Jeffrey's snout and licks him*

Tammy: Morning, sir. *rubs her head against Dragon-Jeffrey and purrs*

DJ: Xion was right. You ARE a heavy sleeper.

Adorable. :' D

We can do his human form tomorrow. : )

Alright. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )


Feed me that line again please.

Jaden: Okay, everyone! Break-time!

(Alexis, Stefano, Sid, and Rocko walk off stage)

Tammy: Great job, Mr. Stefano!

Stefano: *smiles* Please. Justa call me "Stefano."

Sid: See? Could a screwup forget his lines on stage? 

Diego: You're only half-way done, Sid. Don't jinx it.

Alexis: *grabs a refreshment* Better enjoy the break while we can.

Jaden: By the way, thanks for bringing the teapots to life.

Twilight: Glad it worked.

Jaden: You're ALWAYS a help.

By the way, I noticed your new category.

Than just remove them.

Alright than.

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again.

Of coarse.

Hm. You think it should be a girl?

Got that right. Granted she loves Xion, but the thing is she's Aqua's daughter. Alexis would want a daughter and raise her to be like Xion.

Right. Thing is, bro. Now that Jaden and Alexis have had more Adventures together as a married couple, I feel like maybe now they really are ready for a child.

Yes. I know. I haven't thought of when. But also, you said "no."

Right. But I won't go though with this if you don't want to.

What would the daughter's name be?


Don't be. I'm thinking............ What about Lily?

I was looking up some girls names with meanings. Lily means purity and beauty.

But if you've got something better, I'm open for it.

Lily Yuki. : )

As long as  the other team members will be there to help Jaden and Alexis raise her.

And as long as Alexis will be unharmed while she'd be pregnant.

Hm.......... than.........

I know. I know. But first, there's the big surprise I have planned for Rio 2. : )

Good. Because I think you might be thrilled with what I've decided. : D

Okay than. : )

Happy? : )

Glad you're happy, big brother. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Not now though. I don't know when it'll happen.

Hang on though. I want the surprise I have planned in Rio 2 to happen first.


There's always Viooz.

Brermeerkat saw it too.

You okay?

I've been turning my room inside out looking for one stupid thing.

I can't find it.

Darkblade was speaking with me.

I'm watching the second Winx club episode now.

I've finished episode 2.

Interesting so far.

Yeah. Did you ever give it a try?

Besides, I have to be fair. MLP taught me to give things a fair chance.

Maybe someday, our team will meet Bloom. : )

Tell me bro, when someone is engaged, what does categorize them in our Wiki? It says Bloom is engaged to someone. Does that make her a wife or girlfriend?

I'm asking to know what to categorize her.

I'll ask Darkblade what he thinks.

Makes me think of the time between Jeffrey proposed to Aqua and married her. : )

You know something? In "Magic Mystery Cure", it should be VERY close to the day of the wedding. Like a week, 3 days, or even tomorrow. : D

Oh boy!

Xion: I can't wait! Only 3 days left 'til the wedding, daddy!!

Jaden: I understand how that feels, bro. But just think positive. You're finally gonna marry the girl of your dreams.

Inbox is working.

Let me think of that later. 

By the way, did you hate it when Roberto asked to borrow Jewel? > : (

Jaden will want to get even with him throughout the Adventure.

But Alexis will control Jaden's anger like she always does.

By the way, is Gabi Set's recruit too?

Okay. By the way, Nigel will try to also get Xion in this Adventure.

He won't though. : )

Tammy: Wow! So THIS is Rio?!

DJ: Whew..... It sure is humid.... 

Tammy: *panting* Some water would be nice actually...

Tammy: *drinks some* Thanks, big sister.

Just so you know, you can go to bed whenever you want.

The ring will be rainbow colored. : D

Can't we save it for the inbox?

I know you're excited, but it's easier for me to save it on YouTube.

Just wait a little longer.

It's just a little bit longer.

Has it been an hour yet?

Darkblade again.

Yes? : )

AWWWWW!!! :' D

Lily: Uncle Jeffwey?

Lily: *looks at Dragon-Jeffrey's tail and gets an idea. She crawls too it and starts to climb it up*

Lily: *makes her way up to Dragon-Jeffrey's back*

Lily: *gasps*

Lily: *sighs in relief*

Xion: He sure is.

Tammy: Having fun, Lily?

Xion: Don't worry. Daddy won't mind you being on him. It makes him happy.

Tammy: *chuckles* If you scratch him on his back, he acts like a dog.

Lily: *giggles to this*

Lily: *giggles and joins in on scratching Dragon-Jeffrey's back*

Lily: ......! Oh no. Is he awake?

Lily: I know. It's just, I shouwd've asked fiwst befowe cwimbing onto Uncwe Jeffwey's back.

Inbox is working.

They can't though. X D

But Xion will convince them later. : )

How? She reminds them that Nigel was once a star. Remember in "Pretty Bird"?


DJ: How can you be sure Bob IS Nigel?

Tammy: ...! Wait! What?

DJ: Wait...... If Nigel could perform....... than that means.........

Tammy: Bob IS Nigel!!!!

DJ: *moaps* We're so sorry we didn't believe you, big sister. We got carried away by Nigel's performance.

DJ: You're not?

Come on. Have Xion pet DJ. : )

DJ: *purrs happily* You're so forgiving to us.

Tammy: So if Nigel's here......... We've gotta warn everyone!!!!

Xion never gets mad at Tammy or DJ. :' )

I'll wait. : )

Glad you saw the new pages. : )

Which book is the comic relief?

As much as I'd like to do the Pagemaster with you, the only problem is you can't admit one thing.

That he's the main antagonist.

The dragon wasn't evil. It was just natural instincts that made it a threat.

By the way, to make it fair, Jeffrey should be restraint from using his dragon-form against the dragon.

It's Richard's battle after all.

Jaden: Jeffrey. Please forgive me for this! *steps on Jeffrey's foot hard*

(several seconds pass but nothing happens)

Jaden: I.... I don't understand. That should've made you furious. Why aren't you turning into your dragon-form?!

Jaden: WHAT?!?!

The Pagemaster.

Jaden: Uh........... Heh heh........... S-s-sorry about your foot.........

It's okay. It happens. : )

Thanks. :' )

Yes? : )

Wow! : D

I'm gonna cook dinner now. Be back. : )

I'm back. Sorry if that took a while.

Alexis: Yes, Pinkie?

Alexis: *smiles* That would be wonderful, Pinkie.

Alexis: Who'd you get?

Has it been an hour yet?

Alexis: Cheese Sandwich?! I can't believe you're here!

Alexis: *smiles* Awwwwwwww. Thanks, Cheese.

Oops. Anyway... Did you see it? X D

Poor Hater. X 

I'm gonna get dinner now. Be right back. : )

I'm back. : )

Anyway, Pinkie Pie would be with Wander. Trying to help Hater have a happy birthday. X D

Which means Hater will develop an enemy in Pinkie Pie too.

Anyway, I have a thought. Should Hater and Peepers be in Rio 2?

And just so you know, Turbo will also appear in this BUT only a cameo. He appears on a video transmition and tells Nigel, Hater, and Peepers to get Xion.

Turbo: Follow them, boys! And bring us the girl! We need her to complete the x-blade!

Nigel: Yes. Yes. You'll get your x-blade in good time...... After I get my revenge on that blue bird....

Peepers: Don't worry, Turbo! We won't let you down!

Turbo: You better not! The master is loosing his patience with these constant failures.

Turbo: Yes. Now go! And do not fail us again! Turbo, out! *video transimiton ends*

So tell me. Got any new ideas after seeing the movie again?

Be right back. Gonna get dinner.

I'm back. And I agree, since Dragon-Jeffrey can't support them all on his back. X D

I've noticed it bro. But it's not just those picutres. Others are acting wierd too. It's probably just a glitch.

Neither do I. But we just gotta wait.

Think positive. : )

Come here. *gives you a comforting hug.* : )

It's just a glitch. Everything will be fine. : )

I'll wait for my inbox to work again.

Xion: *laughs* You got frosting on her lips, daddy!

Funny. X D

I saw that edit. Nice. : )

I felt like adding the picture of Aqua kissing Dragon-Jeffrey here. :' )

Only question is where it should go.

Okay. It is your pairing after all. : )

Perfect. I can imagine him growl happily as she kisses him. :' )

I should also do one of Xion resting against Dragon-Jeffrey! :' D

And what should Dragon-Jeffrey be doing? : )

I know THAT. But I mean his head.

While looking at his daughter?

Perfect. That's what I needed to hear. : )

You know something. When Jaden first touches Dragon-Jeffrey, I think of the bonding moment in HTTYD.

And since Skystengel's live to protect someone important to them, it's like during that moment, Jeffrey has found the human that he's supposed to protect. :' )

True. True. : )

Right. :' )


It's getting late. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Inbox stopped.

I can wait. : )

My apologies dude. I've been playing Pokemon. : )

I'd still like to battle you some day. : )

Do you remember why electric attacks don't effect Quagsire?

Oops. Sorry.

By the way, I've shared another drawing. : )

And Skipper's a good choice. : )

I'm glad I could bring the Metropolitan Museum of Art to you with my photos and drawings. : )

So tell me this. Would Jeffrey say Kitten's got bad taste in guy's when he finds out she's in love with Fang?

What would he say? X D

  • laughs* X D

Jaden: Well she does have a moth for a dad.

Jesse: I guess she's just got a think for bugs.

I'm watching the next SWAT Kats episode right now. Just as Aaron asked.

It's still not working.

NOW it's working.

It's okay.

Where did you go?

Oh. I didn't even know you left.

Has it been an hour yet?


Try now.

Sorry..... ^_^"

Anyway, what about that song from the Rescuers?

It is his song for when he and Tammy became Cantus' pupils.

He should sing it in the Adventure. : )

One of MY favorite moments in the Adventure is when Aqua gets to see her little princess perform on stage. :' D

Also when Xion sleeps on Aqua's lap on the train. :' D

I don't think XIon would mind when she finds out the audience was bribed to like the show, including her act. The important thing is that her mom, brother, and sister got to see her perform. : )

When Jaden and Jeffrey and the others leave, than Jesse and the others WILL be suspicious of Constantine.

Jesse: I still don't believe Kermit. Jaden would never leave us. It's not like him.

Shining Armor: We really should go find them.

Constantine:....! NO! Uh.... I already told you. They don't care about you guys anymore. If you were to find them, they'll just slam the door in your face.

Constantine: They told me so. Jaden said he doesn't want to work with a bunch of loosers anymore.

Constantine: And Jeffrey said he was too good for you all. He didn't want to waste his time with you.

Fluttershy: Of goodness!

Constantine: Believe what you wish. But know this doesn't change anything. The tour WILL continue.

Constantine: I keep telling you! I'm Kermit the Frog!!!!!

Of coarse, they won't find out 'til the wedding.

Inbox is working.

I guess this is something.

No way! Not you! I was boring myself. But I have ideas to help that. : )

I have a contest on Google Plus. : )

A dragon huh? : )

Now let's wait and see which suggestion wins.

Gonna get dinner now. : )

I'm back. : )

What would they do together? : )

What flavor would Lily like the most?

I really don't care which one. Although I do love vanilla.

Oops! Sorry for not paying attention.

Starflight's taking this rather hard.

You saw her video?

If I could, I would transfer part of my optimism into all my friends.

Are you as optimistic as I am?

Prove it.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see what RAlphie said?!!? :' (

  • sheds tears* I don't believe this........ :' (

I've gotta do something!!!!!

This calls for a new video/drawing!!!!! :' (

  • cries* I just can't imagine such a thing would happen to her. :' (

What kind of video should it be?

I need appropriate music though.

Of coarse. What else than music from her movie.

I'm gonna get to work right away!

I actually do need help. I don't know if characters crying would be appropriate for this.

I chose the Tear Heals.

I actually need a lot of help with this.....

I really don't know what clips to use for this now.

Please tell me it's been an hour.

Darn it.

Anyway, of coarse I remember. : )

Can you set the scene more specifically?

(Suddenly, she hears a rumbling from Baby Lily's stomach)

Baby Lily: *giggles* Oops.

Baby Lily: *smiles* Tank you, Aunt Aqua. I wuv you.

Baby Lily: *claps her hands excitingly*

Baby Lily: *nods her head* Uh-huh!

Baby Lily: *opens up wide*

Xion: Enjoying it, Lily?

Baby Lily: *nods as she drinks the milk*

Baby Lily: Tank you again, Aunt Aqua.

Baby Lily: *burps loudly* Excuse me.

Inbox is working.

It was locked up, had a spiky cover, and the place it was in caved in.

Right. Sorry. I was off doing laundry.

Jaden: What the heck is going-! *gets a migraine* OW! AH! *covers his head*

Xion: Daddy! *gets a migraine too* OW! Not again! *covers her head*

Jaden: *moans* You know what this means guys....

Aqua: I can sense it too.

Jaden: *moans* I don't know, but we're gonna find out!

Jaden: Thanks honey.

Aqua: You're welcome, dear. *to Xion* Are you alright, sweetie?

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again. : )

Since Anna and Elsa will attend the wedding too. : )

More interesting songs. : )

Boingo and Steele are gonna guest star in this since I can't stop thinking of those two lately.

Funny thing for my Adventure of Hoodwinked.

Jaden: Isn't that cute, Set. You're starting to recruit rabbits on your team!

Isn't it funny though? : )

Xion would try to fight Boingo, but loose just like Red did.

Boingo: Why don't you go home and cry to your mommy?!

Aqua: How dare you make my daughter cry?!?

Boingo: It's called "payback" for what she and the rest of you did to me years ago!

Tammy: Xion! *rushes to her* Are you alright?!

Tammy: *snarls* You're a bad bunny....

Boingo: Oh! Someone's finally catching up!!!

Ho.....ly......... Cow........

I'm not mad. I'm just surprised by how ironic this is!


Shouldn't I just stop at 900?

I DO wanna pass this, but I'm still thinking about the whole "minimum" part.

Well, no matter what, I still have my midterm grades. B+ and A-.

Besides, writting is not my greatest strength.

You may go to bed now if you want.

  • hugs you back* Night big bro. I love you two. And wish me luck tomorrow.

Let's make a new episode for the Deck Master rule.

A friendly duel between Jeffrey and Jaden again? : )

Jaden's gonna kick Jeffrey's butt! X D

Bring it on! > : )

Who will Jeffrey's Deck Master be?

That puny thing? X D

Remember how Yugi's Deck Master against Gansley was Kuriboh and Yugi couldn't understand him?

Can Baby Tiragon speak English?

'Cause the Deck Master is supposed to communicate with the Duelist.

Which was a problem for Yugi. Teá, Joey, Serenity, and everyone else could communicate with their Deck Master.

.....! Great. Now I sound like Gansley........ : (

But I thought Baby Tiragon was a lousy choice for a Deck Master though.

Funny how Jaden can understand Winged Kuriboh.

So, what would Baby Tiragon's deck master ability be?

Something cool. I'll be back. I'm gonna make dinner now.

I have an idea when I get back.

Inbox is working.

He IS a girls toy. So he could be considered a girl. X D

Jeffrey's more manly than Ken. : )

'Cause...... he doesn't have a thing for clothes. X D

Which explains why he can't sew.

I love it when Barbie ripped his clothes. X D

And when Barbie disguised herself in the astronaut suit, the bookworm didn't care about the high heels. X D

I think Pixar has a thing with making guys become feminine. Just like in A Bug's Life. X D

I'm talking about Francis.

Since Francis is mistaken to be a girl. X D

Anyway, back to thinking of a title.

Don't give up.

YES! : D

And hey. Let's give Xion, Jesse, and Alexis a chance to try out the Deck Master rule. : )

Has it been an hour yet?

Baby Lily: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Aqua: *catches her again*

Jaden: *smiles and pets Dragon-Jeffrey* Thanks, big bro. Thanks for making my daughter happy.

Jaden: *continues petting Dragon-Jeffrey* You're a wonderful uncle to her.

Aqua: Of coarse. After watching how you treat our little Xion.

Jaden: *hugs Xion back* Awwwww. Thanks, sweetie.

Baby Lily: *giggles* That's how I feel about Aunt Aqua and Uncwe Jeffwey.

Baby Lily: And Uncwe Jeffwey?

Dragon-Jeffrey: Yes sweetie?

(Baby Lily kisses his snout)

Baby Lily: *laughs* That tickles.

Baby Lily: Thanks, Uncwe Jeffwey. And I weawwy wuv youw kisses.

Baby Lily: In fact, can I have anothew one?

Baby Lily: *giggles*

Baby Lily: You weawwy are cuddwy. *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey.*

Baby Lily: Wike a big kitty.

Baby Lily: *giggles* That's why I said "kitty."

Jaden: *laughs* Although sometimes he CAN act like a dog.

Baby Lily: And he wags his taiw when he gets scwatched in his favowite spots.

Has it been an hour yet?

Tigerman531 - It is obvious you have some real talent with your story telling.  I am a fan, i especially enjoyed your My Little Pony page, as i am a brony myself !  Have you ever considered using the teenage mutant ninja turtles in any crossover / anime stories? Jakesdad79 (talk) 17:01, April 30, 2014 (UTC) Jakesdad79

I consider myself a devoted fan of the turtles, and the way that they seek to fight injustices everywhere.  Let me know if you want to throw some ideas around for a possible crossover collaboration.  Jakesdad79 (talk) 20:00, April 30, 2014 (UTC)

Hm. Well it's online if you wanna watch it.

You need to watch the scene in the second movie where the gate is opened before I can explain.

Let me know when you've seen it again.

Okay. Good.

Right. When the army of the underworld is unleashed.


Listen to the background music. What're your thoughts on it?

No no no no! That's NOT what I'm asking! Listen. What are your thoughts on it?

Because I have an idea for our series. For that music to be Set's theme!


Besides, the music is connected to another Egyptian related scene.

Does the music also sound powerful?

HA HA!!!!!!!! Glad you think so! That's why I chose it!!!! : D

I can imagine an example of the music being used in Key of Flaming Union when Set goes into his rageful form.

Set: *growls VERY angrily* This is FAR from over, mortal!!!! You may have defeated my villains, but now you all will face me!!!!! *darkness spreads and Set grows into a huge cloud of evil*

Chameleon: Get' em, master!!!!! Let 'em have it!!!!

But of coarse, Jeffrey and Aqua manage to stop Set with their love combined. : )

Which leaves just the Chameleon and Turbo left to deal with.

"What a woman." X D

Jaden: *elbows Jeffrey* Your girl just keeps impressing you, bro.

"And that's why I love her."

Inbox is working.

I have an idea. If Lotso returns, let's have the cubs chew on him!

I still don't understand what Lotso could gain from keeping toys from escaping Sunnyside.

Other than trying to destroy other toys as an act of revenge, that's all I can think of.

It wasn't easy Daisy's fault. Her parents left Lotso behind.

We better make sure Jeffrey, Aqua, Jaden, and Alexis don't do that either.

Or forgotten. : )

I don't think Xion could ever forget her Winged Kuriboh doll.

It's okay. I'm still working on Part 15.

So, Xion will always treasure her doll. : )

Inbox is working.

How was it surprising?

That's what I like the most in it. : )

Jaden: See, Aqua? I told you everything would be fine.

Jaden: Okay, bro. You can come out now. The watch is destroyed.

Scamper: I'm actually surprised Sid managed to hit it.

Sid: *peeks* I...... I did it?

Sid:...... *smiles* Ha ha! Sid saves the day!

Tammy: Is it safe to cross now?

Alexis: You dug that?

Tammy: Huh? We have more powers now?

Tammy: Yeah! But I wonder what else I can do....


Tammy: I can? Hm...... *focuses and suddenly vanishes*

Tammy: Whoa! I didn't know I could do this!

Tammy: *licks Xion's cheek while still invisible*

Tammy: Gotcha!

Tammy: *turns back visible*


Bonnie's last name in Toy Story 3 is Anderson!

Which means she must be related to Jesse!

Or a cousin.

What should we go with?

Hm.... There's not much resemblance.

Cousin is better.

Isn't this cute? : )

This makes our team more close to Woody and the gang after Toy Story 3 now. : ) 

  • ping* Can you imagine Bonnie meeting the cubs?! : D

Funny thing is that DJ and Bonnie are both shy. X D

I'm gonna go to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Inbox stopped.

I was okay waiting for you.

Phone call.

You know something? Aqua will feel even more lucky about being married to Jeffrey after this. Why? 'Cause despite the danger, Jeffrey kept Xion safe throughout the Indiana Jones movies. Proving what a responsible and caring father he is. :' )

Jeffrey: *chuckles nervously* Impressed, honey?

Aqua: *smiles* Very. *kisses him on the lips*

Aqua: I am surprised you took our daughter in VERY dangerous places and situations, but as long as you kept her safe, that's all that matters.

Aqua: At least you had the other members to help.

Aqua: I'm not mad. And I never will be. Not the man who changed my life for the better.

20 cards now for Aqua.

Got any other ideas?

25 cards. 15 left.

Totally. : )

Looks like Rapunzel is getting caught up with watching videos.

Remember. Give her some space. We don't wanna pressure her.

But seeing her cheerful personality is making me happy. : )

I wonder if she will comment on any of my videos. Especially the one I made for her. : )

Inbox is working.


Anyway, I saw the episode name. "Return of Jinzo". Perfect.

Aqua will win the Duel, and make Jaden proud. :' )

Sweet. Or Jinzo would choose his opponent.

Jeffrey and Xion will be proud of her too. :' )

I wonder who should give Aqua her deck.

Wow! Pegasus?!

Jeffrey: I have something for you, honey. *gives her a small package*

Aqua: For me?

Aqua: *opens it and is surprised by what's in it* Are..... are these..... Duel Monster cards?

Aqua: But....... I don't know how to Duel.

Aqua: Really?

Aqua: *smiles* In that case, thank you for this gift, dear. *kisses Jeffrey on the lips*

Aqua: I love you too.

Hey, bro. I'm starting to get tired. Mind if I go to bed now?

  • hugs you back* Night Big brother. I love you too. :' )

Did you see my new post?

I hope Gnorga won't lay a finger on Jaden and Alexis' daughter.

I'm still scared about this.... : (

Sorry dude.

I guess I'm just worried, because I have no idea what Gnorga is like.

I guess I'll find out now since I'm gonna watch the movie now.

I can't. Gnorga scares me. : (


Not until I see what she's like.

I'm so sorry, bro. I was still worried about Lily.

As soon as I see Gnorga gone, I won't be scared anymore.

AH! She's awful! I'm not scared of her anymore! I hate her! > : (

Enjoyign other people's suffering?!? > : (

Her husband is better than her.

His voice sounds familiar.....

I can't believe this is happeneing again.... :' (

I want Elsa back.... :' (

Bad news! 76859Thomas has been terminated on YouTube! Does he have another YouTube account? I will miss him so much! :'(

Leave me alone....... :' (

Did you got my message about 76859Thomas yet? :'(

What's wrong? I am so sorry. Please forgive me? I am not complaining. I am crying about 76859Thomas being terminated. :'(

Lighten up dude.


Are you gonna miss 76859Thomas? I do. :'(

Aqua will be impressed when she first Xion in her scout uniform. :' )

Aqua's a lucky mom. :' D

All done. : D

But it's not going up until Mother's Day. Sorry.

But when we webcam again, I can show you how it looks inked in. : )

Mind if I share the episode with you? : )

▶ The Muppet Show - S5 E9 P1/3 - Debbie Harry - YouTube

You're done already?

I think Xion should be in uniform for this. : )

She would start off with a few badges, but next time she's in uniform, for the episode idea, she'll get a LOT more.

It's okay. Just a simple typo. : )

Can you imagine Tammy and DJ with the Scout's vest on? : D

Maybe in that episode, the cubs will also earn their first badge! : D

A badge for what though? Hm......

Most cookies sold?

That IS what the episode is about.

Perfect! :' D

You already have one.

Oops. Oh well.

I'm gonna have some fun with this. : )

Don't forget Hiccup's team.

How 'bout Discord?

Let's think of songs.

Oh yeah! We need to create a title for the episode where DJ practices being the ring carrier.


I love the Jitters part. : )

Junior's Jitter's?

Sorry dude. I was in the bathroom.

Let's make a new page for Junior's Jitters.

Want me to do it?


It's fine. : )

hey tigerman how are you? hey i got some pictures of everyone heroes and villains that you know them from the shows

i got pictures of slade wilson aka deathstroke

well one from batman arkham origin from the game and the second one from beware the batman if you saw it on tv or video online

He's in Version 1.

I'm not giving up though! I'm on a roll right now!

You were right. I can't give up just yet.

I know. : )

What about Flim and Flam?

Half a minute left.

  • smiles hugley* : D

Look at my new post! : D

  • hugs you* WE did it. We went through it together. :' )

Thanks for everything big brother. :' D

Jesse: He didn't think this one through careful, did he?

Beetles: That's twice he's embarressed himself now.

An epilogue? : )


As long as Beetles will have the dream too.


I am interested in it. But you're just like my parents. 'Cause you're thinking too far ahead.

It's okay. I'm just asking to please wait until the episode comes out.

Can you help me with the plot for Leap of Faith?

Thanks. : )

Still not bored?

Just double-checking.

As long as you're entertained, that's all that matters. : )

Inbox is working.

I'll wait for you. : )

Good. : )

So it's ironic my sister would be playing Luigi's Mansion.

I bet in that Adventure, Xion starts to see May as a potential godmother.

After she catches her first ghost on her first try and impresses Jesse. X D

I still saved that scene:

May: *sucks up Shivers* Gotcha!

Jesse: *stares in amazement and blushes red* Oh wow.....

Xion: *smiles*

May: *giggles* Impressive, huh? In one try too.‬

Jesse: Oh, May. That was beyond impressive! That was incredible!!!

May: Aw, Jesse. Thanks. *gives Jesse a tender kiss on the lips*

Jesse: *blushes completely red, sighs romantically, and starts to fall back*

Xion: Whoa! *manages to catch Jesse* Easy there!

Jesse: Wow..... What a gal....

Xion: *smiles* You're pretty lucky, Jesse.

Jesse: Thanks, Xion. Now I know how your father felt when your mom started to return affection.

Xion: Yeah. His face always became so red when he was around her.

Jesse: I know. *gets up* But enough of that. We've gotta keep searching for them.

Xion: Right.

Anything you want to add to it?

Where does it start at?

Can you be more specific? Can you say which line?

Darkblade again. Sometimes he can't stop.


I don't want you to make me sound rude to him.

I know. But let me handle this.

Inbox is working. : )

Tammy: Keep that bully away from us!

Snowy: *barks*

(Translation: Really?)

Snowy: *sits down and smiles*

Xion: Wow! You did it Patch!

Tammy: Wait. He's gonna be nice to us now?

Oh dear! There's a lightning storm outside.

Thank goodness I'm inside.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Inbox stopped while you were out.

I can wait.

Thanks for following along on my new comment. : )

Watching Joey duel Johnson is making me think of Cleo cheat in a duel against Xion.

Cheshire Cat would point it out since he serves as the team's eyes and ears.

Right! And neither would Jaden! He HATES cheating in Duel Monsters. > : (

Inbox stopped again.

There's one more: 

▶ MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - "Guitar Centered" - YouTube

Which leaves just AppleJack left. But I know there will be one in two more weeks.

Which one do you like most? : )

In that case....

DJ: That was awesome! You're like the Pie Piper!

Xion: I think you mean "Pied Piper."

Xion: Yes. It's "Pied". Not "Pie."

Pinkie Pie: *rimshots again*

Rainbow Dash's short is obviously my favorite. My girl can really rock the house. : D

Sorry. Bathroom.

Happy Rarity was helping with the Animal Shelter for Fluttershy? : )

DJ would totally help her out too. :' )

I feel bad when Fluttershy was passing out those fliers.

Me too. That's why I want DJ to help his idol out.

But I bet his wife is sweeter than the cupcake. :' )

I knew it. :' )

I know. It's so beautiful. :' )

You know. During the reception, Jeffrey and Aqua should dance together now that Aqua can dance. : D

We'll talk more about this tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Inbox stopped.

It's okay. My dinner will probably be ready soon.

But I will be back after I eat  and focus my time with you. : )

You can wait for like you normally do. : )

I'm back from eating. Oh! And beautiful new icon. : )

I'm coloring the mother's day picture now. : )

In the meantime, what should the title be?

Too bland. How 'bout "Mother's Day Gift"?

Something wrong? : (

Your inbox should be working now.

Oops. Sorry.

I wonder what else Jeffrey and Xion would do for Aqua on Mother's Day.

Yeah. : )

Hey, dude. You sure you still want Rainbow Bond to be BEFORE "Twilight's Kingdom"?

I'm just asking since Discord attends the wedding.

I'm asking 'cause of all the times Discord guest stars in our series before "Twilight's Kingdom."

But he'll officially join after this.

I feel bad for him. Mainly 'cause he was tricked and felt like he lost everything at one point.

He can go on your side of the team.

He even said he was sorry.

So, you want the wedding to be AFTER "Twilight's Kingdom"?

Consider it Jesse and May's way of showing forgiveness to Discord. By still inviting him to the wedding. : )

Jesse: Tirek used you just like he used all of us. So why should we be hard on you the way Tirek was on you?

May: Plus, you apologized for you actions and helped us stop him. We want you to attend our wedding as a sign of our forgiveness.

Jesse: *smiles* A simple "thank you" will do.

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Inbox stopped.

I'm doing a new drawing. This one is a request.

It shouldn't take too long to do.

In the meantime, there are 2 things I look forward to the TinTin Adventure.

Dicord's first adventure as a member, and Jesse and May's honeymoon.

Hopefully, Muntz and McLeach won't get ideas of poaching any animals on our team.

And I mean the cubs.

I know. But I don't want them to get the idea.

I'm waiting for my inbox to work again.

I'm gonna be eating with my family again tonight.

Help me out with that freak bro.

Forget it. He's gone.

Bye bye baldy! X D

I see the new episode title.

Another slice of kindness for him?

Going to the bathroom.

I'm back.

Thank you, Cadence. :' )

I need her voice for a moment.

I felt like a gullible sap for a moment.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway.... And not ice or gold either.

Because I don't want the same thing to happen in the Ducktales episode.

Xion will duel Joey?

I wonder who'd win.

I'm gonna get to work on my lines now.

All done. I just need to wait for his response so I can get his e-mail and know what file format it should be in.

Oops. Sorry.

I've finished my dinner now, which means it's webcam time. :  )

I'm there waiting for you to join in.

Shocking how there's no page for those three guys on Pooh's Adventures.

Oh well. Guess we'll have to add them here. And since Ranamon is Set's recruit, would that make the other three Set's recruits too?

I can imagine our team comment on how ugly Ranamon's Beast Spirit is! X D

Mask: *laugh* Hey Calmaramon! You put the "U" in ugly!

Tammy: She needs TWO bags to cover her face!

Calmaramon: How DARE you mock my radiance?!?!?!

Funny. But BE CAREFUL with Mercurymon! His Dark Reflection can bounce back his opponents attacks.

Okay. I'll wait.

As I was saying, be careful with facing Mercurymon.

Because of his Dark Reflection.

I can't even remember how he was defeated.

Which means facing him will be dangerous.

But since he/s made of steel, fire is his weakness.

I need to see that episode again.

Well, Takuya did beat him and he's the warrior of Fire.

Which is where Jeffrey's dragon-form comes in.

You changed your icon on here too?! : D

I think I'm tickled turquiose right now. : D

You and Ralphie have made my day. : D

You want another Adventure to add? How 'bout Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit?

We discussed it earlier. Remember?

Charles Muntz's Empire should guest star in it.

As inventors, what does Jeffrey think of Wallace?

One invention in the movie would concern him though.

The Mind Manipulation-O-Matic.

Brainwashing sounds scary.

Which is why Jeffrey would be unsure about the idea.

And it will.

Oops. Oh well.

I know. Hang on. I'm gonna try to calm my dog down.

Sorry to make you wait, bro.

I'm seeing lightning bolts outside.

Oh well. I won't let this kill my good mood. : )

Not after helping make Rapunzel and Ralphie happy. : )

Hang on. I'll be back, amigo. Few errands to do.

That's okay.

Werewolf time.

The moon is full tonight.

It's lovely out tonight. : )

Can you imagine Jeffrey and Aqua comment on it? :' )

Aqua: The moon is beautiful tonight.

Aqua: Awwwww. Jeffrey. Thank you.

Aqua: *sighs happily* Romance under moonlight. What could be better?

Aqua: *smiles and kisses him back*


Aqua: I love you too, Jeffrey.

Aqua: Thank you for such a wonderful night.


Thanks for trying to help with that creep.

Me either. I've dealt with worse.

For her cousin. : D

Tammy: They sure are pretty.

Tammy: Got an idea, Lily?

DJ: Awwwww. She'll love that.

Tammy: *passes Baby Lily the flowers she needs*

Tammy: *purrs happily*

DJ: *blushes a bit and purrs too* We love you too, Lily.

Tammy and DJ: *watch her make the flower crown*

Tammy: Wow! That's beautiful!

Tammy: Be right back! *runs off to get Xion*

(Tammy returns with Xion)

Tammy: I got her!

Baby Lily: I made you something.

Baby Lily: *nods her head* You wuv it?

Baby Lily: *hugs her back* Can you twy it on, pwease?

Tammy: You looking beautiful with it on.

Baby Lily: *smiles* I wuv you, cousin.

Baby Lily: *still rubs his stomach* So did Shaggy and Scooby?

Baby Lily: *giggles to this*

Baby Lily: *laughs*

Baby Lily: *laughing* Pwease! Stop!

Baby Lily: *smiles* It's okay. You wanted to have fun with me.

Baby Lily: *crawls back on top of Dragon-Jeffrey's belly* And you'we my favowite uncwe, Uncwl Jeffwey.

Baby Lily: *resumes rubbing Dragon-Jeffrey's stomach* You wike having youw bewwy wubbed?

Baby Lily: *smiles and still rubs his stomach*

Baby Lily: *gasps* Weawwy?!

Baby Lily: Yes, pwease! Thank you, Uncwe Jeffwey! *holds her arms out expecting a hug*

I loved it! Right now I'm getting tired. We can continue this tomorrow. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Oops. Oh well. : )

I've been thinking about Ratatouille lately. : )

Wait! OH NO! Kaa!

He doesn't scare me anymore.

The hypnotic look in his eyes would scare me, but not anymore.

I'm keeping my eye on him. But he better keep HIS eye away from me!

I'm just scared if he tries to eat anyone.

Right! We'll stuff a rock in his mouth!

Why BBQ sauce?

I don't see the joke in it. You'll have to explain.

I didn't know BBQ sauce was hot.

It's okay. I just didn't know BBQ sauce was hot.


We could stuff other things in him. X D

Like maybe a beehive! X D

I don't believe this. He says he's reformed. I'm not falling for it though. X P

I'm just asking your thoughts on it.

All I know is this. With the book gone, Ben won't be coming back soon.

Nope. So Ben is dead.

I'm still excited for that Adventure 'cause of Alexis' birthday. : )

Oh yes. : )

Yes? : )

YES!!!!!!! : D

Having Alexis' best friend there for her birthday. : D

Anyone else? : D

For the party. Cheese Sandwich.

I will be going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

Besides, Lea's family now. : )

Which means he'll be like a big brother to the cubs!

Tammy: This is amazing!


Darn it.

Not another troll.......

Protect those pages.

My life couldn't possibly get any worse..... X P

Days for me. Not just one.

Not you too. : (

Of coarse.

I hope it doesn't have anything to do with me. : (

I see..... Well. You still have me, bro. : )

I'm just sorry if things have been uneasy for you lately.

Chewie an alien?

Anyway, don't be sorry. It's my fault for being lazy.

Lately, with my mother sending me on guilt trips and nagging me, I'm finding it hard to believe I'm not.

I will because my mom will stop nagging me about it. She made a promise.

What's the occasion?

Thank you *Hugs you back*

I couldn't stop crying after I saw the Revenge of the Sith for the first time. : (

Everyone in my team cries after Padmé dies.

Xion will need a lot of comforting.

Bro. I want Jeffrey to be there when the time comes and Alexis gives birth to Lily.

While Xion, Aqua and the others wait outside.

More mother and daughter time for Aqua and Xion. : )

No one will die of childbirth in our series.

So did mine actually.

Anyway, I'm sorry. I just wanna see you happy when we talk.

  • Hugs you*
  • still hugs you* Because I want to see you be happy. : )

I'm glad to hear that. : )

Now than. Where were we?

Oh yeah. Call it an intuition, but everyone on the team will agree Bradley is a crybaby.

Scamper: Remind me again why we're doing this in the first place.

Mavis: But do we have to help that oaf of a knight?

I gotta tell you. My favorite part is Aqua's comment. :' )

Because of Jeffrey's reaction to it. :' )

Seeing him blush from his wife makes me happy. :' )

Hey. Maybe Jeffrey and Aqua should kiss in this. : D

Are there other episodes you wanna do?

I didn't see that one yet.

I'll watch it soon.

Hang on. I'm gonna make a new page.


Thanks. : )

Inbox works.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, sorry. I wanted to eat here.

At least I'm done cleaning and I have the rest of the night to myself. : )

In 6 days, it'll be one full year since I created the first drawing of Tammy. : )

7 days for DJ.

10 more days 'til your birthday. Excited? : )

Asking for anything cool?

Still working on my gift to you.

You okay? Sure took you a while.

Now you know how I felt today.

I feel bad about myself right now. : (

What's that?

Want me to be like Cheese Sandwich? X D

Baby Lily: *giggles excitingly*

Baby Lily: Weady!

Baby Lily: This is amazing!!

Baby Lily: I sure am!

Baby Lily: I wuv you, Uncwe Jeffwey!

Baby Lily: I feel so wucky!

Baby Lily: *looks down and is amazed by the sight*

Baby Lily: *than looks up and is amazed by the clouds*

Baby Lily: Yeah! Thanks again fow this, Uncwe Jeffwey!

Baby Lily: Yeah! I want mommy and daddy to fwy with me!

Baby Lily: I had so much fun!

Baby Lily: *slides down his neck to his head*

Baby Lily: You'we my favowite uncwe.

Baby Lily: *slides down to his snout*

Alexis: Where you giving my daughter a nice time?

Alexis: *smiles and picks Baby Lily up* Thank you, Jeffrey. *kisses his snout*

Baby Lily: *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* Thanks again, Uncwe Jeffwey. I wuv you. *kisses his snout too*

Baby Lily: *giggles*

Cute. :' D

Sorry. I needed a moment.

I don't know if I should tell you.

No. Not when you're in a good mood.

I'm not gonan kill your good mood.

It's okay. I just don't want to make you upset by it either. I've taken care of it though.

Oh dear.

▶ HOW TO TRAIN YOU DRAGON 2 - Ruffnut and Eret Clip - YouTube

Ruffnut's looking for love in the wrong places.

Tammy: Some things never change.

That guy is not to be trusted. I sense it.

He's got some kind of connection to Drago.

Me either.

Even Discord would say he's trouble.

So we better keep an eye on him.

Discord: I'm keeping my eye on you! *eye pops out and sticks to Eret*

Discord: *whispers* You never know. With Drago out there, who knows what this little weasel will do.

I can't believe Hades is back.

Good idea.

No prob.

A line for the movie. After the bomb explodes in the river.

"Way to take one for the team, Beaker!"


I can't wait 'til it comes out on DVD.

What I can't wait to do most is Aqua seeing her daughter perform on stage. :' )

Oh! And the cubs too! : D

Which country will she perform in?


I'm starting to get tired. I might be going to bed early.

Will you be okay?

Okay than. *hugs you* Night, big brother. I love you. : )


Glad you saw what I commented.

Those villains are always number 0. X D

Hm. Something's up. Hans' older brothers are coming.

Let's hope they're not like Hans.

Jaden: What's King Mickey thinking?!?

Jaden: Yes?

(Know what's going on?)

Hang on.

It's on one of Anna and Elsa's posts.


Hm. So are there any father figures that you can think of?

Berkeley will be Gonzo. Jewel as Camilla.

Toothless as Animal.

Look at the Lyrics.

Good idea.

But there's still the matter of who will be Sam and Jean-Pierre.

Gru as Jean-Pierre?

This is so stupid! Why do I have a bunch of people against me?!

I'm thinking of leaving the internet.....

I'm hurt right now. I'm a pushover....


Oops. Sorry.

Thanks for following along. : )

The House of Mouse will still be the popular joint in ToonTown.

I'm gonna cook dinner soon.

I'll try to make it quick though.

TIGER THIS IS URGENT THE SONS OF FLUORIDE GUYS SENT THIS TO MY EMAIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXdQh_O0FPE We need to get the ohana together and show these guys we are not to be pushed around.

Oops. Sorry.

I'm okay though. Look. *smiles* : )

That bully didn't kill my good mood.

And to prove it I added another scene. : )

11 dislikes! : D

Wow. One person's helping and we barely are aquainted.

Jack Skellington. : D

Now it's 14! : D

We've got another trouble maker. Block him.

Look on that video. The guy with Rusty in his name.

I have a feeling it's the same guy.


Oops. Sorry.

As I was gonna say, we haven't even completed Aqua's deck yet.

Just four more to add.


Actually, it's two. I added one myself.

I don't know. It's effect is risky. It can only work if it's the deck and sent to the graveyard due to a card controlled by the opponent.

Let's give her another trap card.

Okay. : )

One more.

Okay. Let me think.....

Be back bro.

What I can't stand about the Flim Flam brothers is how they bully AppleJack.

Is the short of Fluttershy still your favorite?

As you can guess, Rainbow Dash's short is my favorite.

I just wish Flim and Flam would leave AppleJack alone.

Hey! Can you imagine Xion playing an instrument?! : D

Jeffrey can do the harmonica? : )

Does that mean YOU play one? : )

And I still have my flute. : )

Something that suits her.

Well, if she's gonna be lead singer like Thorn, than I say a guitar.

The guitar must suit her. : )

Purple one.

You know. When I see AppleJack sigh in disappointment in the short, that's whne I feel bad for her. :' (

Oh! We should! > : (

Do you feel sorry for her too?

Whoa! Easy! I'm sorry if I'm annoying you... : (

I guess you were just being serious about being sorry for AppleJack.

Me too.

In fact....

Tammy: *snarls at Flim and Flam*

May: Why you crooked creeps!!!

A state-of-the-art home secuirty for the estate. : )

My inbox stopped now.

Darn it.


Everyone gets scared at some point.


Xion's got her parents to seek comfort when she gets scared. Just as Baby Lily does. *ping* In fact, I have another cute idea! :' D

Baby Lily gets scared and seeks comfort from Aqua and Xion! :' D

Baby Lily: *whimpers in fear and sheds tears*

Baby Lily: I'm scawed Xion.... I don't wanna be awone.

Baby Lily: *still sheds tear*

Xion: Do you want to sleep with us, Lily?

Baby Lily: Weawwy?

Baby Lily: *hugs Aqua* Thanks Aunt Aqua! Xion! I wuv you both!

'Cause I can imagine this:

Girls night at the estate. Jaden, Alexis, and Jeffrey have business plans. So Aqua and Xion look after Baby Lily. And Xion decides to sleep with her mother for the night. : )

Yes. That way Baby Lily will have her twice the company and comfort when she sleeps. : )


Of coarse! The guy's a monster! Wanting power and is attacking for no reason!

A traitor!

Finished the Incredible Hulk now. Tony Stark was at the end!

Inbox is working.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks. : )

I'll be eating again with my family tonight.

Anna and Elsa like it too. : )

My apologies. I'm cooking dinner now.

Sure took you a while to respond.

I get the feeling the villains from The Tom And Jerry Movie will return.

Ferdy's probably gonna pick on the cubs.

And maybe bounce on him too. X D

That thing seriously needs to loose weight.

Don't EVER let anyone on the team end up like that!

Good. 'Cause that's just being irresponsible.

But our team is smart. : )

I totally forgot those members.21

I'm concerned if Applecheeks returns. He could go after the cubs.

Of coarse not.

What's the name?


I'd like it if the talked in the series.

Like a Canterlot Wedding since they get sent to the caves too.

I can imagine using the scream Tom has in the movie when they get sent down at the end of Part 1.

I can wait.

I think you'll agree with me where to categorize Aunt Figg and Lickboot.

Charles Muntz's Empire.

No powers.

Aqua: The way those two abused Robyn makes me sick.

Aqua: ......I'm gonna treat Xion extra well from now on.

Aqua: You, Xion, and everyone else are what's valuable to me.

Aqua: *smiles* I know that, my cuddly dragon. *kisses him back*

Oops. Sorry.

As I was going to say.... Smart Ass from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

As I was gonna say..... Smart Ass from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

I knew I'd recognize that voice the moment I heard it again.

Same thing goes for Captain Kiddie. Same guy who voiced Gene in DuckTales.

Impressed with how I pick up these things?

Jaden……… I guess something's never change…..

You may think he's not annoying, but Xion certainly does.

She really is like her aunt. X D

Does Aqua find him annoying?

I agree myself that he is weird.

I forgot why I brought him on the team in the first place.

What good is he other than annoying Alexis?! X D

Oh! Right.

Roger Rabbit. X D

Hm... We better be careful with using Pokemon and having Anna and Elsa see our projects. I heard Elsa strongly dislikes Dawn for her own reasons.

I don't wanna anger her.

Hm. But May is more important in our team anyway.

Still want Dawn on the team?

Okay than.

What's the only Pokemon that can use Luster Purge?


Just felt like testing you.

You know, just watching these episodes of GX again makes me myself surprised how Jaden and Alexis finally end up with each other.

Aqua: Do you think…… maybe her time is coming?

Aqua: 'Cause I've never seen our little princess this angry before.

Aqua: Than we must help her control it.

Aqua: I'm just a bit worried when the time comes.

Jaden: Hey, bro? Sis. Is everything alright here?

Alexis: Yes?

Jaden and Alexis: She is?!?

Jaden: Sorry. We're just shocked by this.

Alexis: I did notice a change in her just now.

Jaden: We wanna help too.

Alexis: Xion's our niece. We love her with all our hearts. Of coarse we wanna help her.

Jaden: *hugs Jeffrey back* No problem, big bro.

Alexis: Our lips are sealed.

Jaden: *hugs Aqua* No need to thank us, big sis.

Almost done with the movie. Tony's found a subsitute element.

Just about done.

All done. : )

Inbox works.

Oops. Sorry.

Sorry again. I couldn't get on here for some reason.

Jaden: Count us in bro! We could use a break after the battle against Loki.

Jaden: Tell the others we'll be right over!

Jaden: Can't wait to see her again.

Jaden: You too. Bye! *hangs up the phone*

Jaden: Get your bags, guys. We're reuniting with some close friends.

Cool. : )

Little will they know that it'll be the first Adventure that leads to their eventually union of the two teams. : D

I'm back from cooking dinner.

When the sequel comes out next year, let's do it together. Any new films that come out, we do 'em together.

Our two team's in SHIELD. : )

Of coarse, Aqua needs to be brought up to speed.

I'm worried about the cubs though.

That's why they should be kept somewhere safe.

I'm worried. They're arguing with each other. : (

They shouldn't be fighting each other.

Sorry for not responding a while ago.

I was speakign with Darkblade too.

I love seeing them fight together. : D

I'm asking for it on my birthday. : D

If only they could've gotten along earlier.

  • laughs more* Hulk. You are too funny! X D

He smashed Loki around like a doll and called him "puny god." X D


Cadence wouldn't be too happy about the heroes arguing.

I almost want to do this movie with you, but it's too late to change that.

True that. : )

Oops. So sorry.

It was gonna happen anyway.

I have been sending you a lot of messages today. X D

What? You didn't notice 'til now? X D

Thanks a lot bro. X D

Dude. I'm just teasing. X D

Anna and Elsa are back. : D

Now for Rapunzel and Ralphie. : )

I can wait for them. : )

Just gotta be patient.

They might be online by the time you get back from your thing.

Is that coming up soon?

Just wanna be sure.

When you leave, I'll be okay waiting. : )

I haven't done much yet.

As long as you're not bored. : )

At least we've got something to be working on. : )

Doing okay? : )

I'd say that's good where it is.

Oh well. Anyway...

Especially since she kissed you. X D

I'm glad you brought that up. Because I wanted to discuss it with you. It has to be the Evi Queen. I don't have the Rescuers.

Our team will chase her, and Jaden will stop her with ThunderGiant!

Don't mind if Jaden becomes the hero this time? Jeffrey was the hero in the last battle.

I'll have to do new drawings for this. But I don't mind.

We'll have to work on a script too.

That Patch badge is another gift! X D

Oh! What did you get today? : )

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. X D

I'm right, aren't I? : )

Got it. : )

I don't have it. But I can find it and download it.

We'll worry about it another time.

Sorry. Been focusing on the new category.

Besides, I wanna also work on adding more guest stars to The Next King of Games. : )

I added more. : )

Should Kaiba be in this?

.....! *ping* Hang on a second! : D

Done. : )

A lot nicer too. : )

So if Seto shows up, so will Mokuba. : )

I'll think about it.

Will Jeffrey be cheering for Jaden? : D

Good. Xioon too? : )

Perfect. He's got his big brother, big sister, and niece cheering him. :' )


Did you notice Jack in there? X D

That's the cameo.

DJ: Wait! What about Oozma Kappa?! Are they okay?!

Terry: We're right here, DJ.

Terri: Alive and well.

Don: We were told all about you and Tammy in advanced.

Jaden: Hey kids. We stil have some spare trees that weren't painted yet. Wanna have them?

Alexis: We don't need them anymore. So they're all yours.

Tammy: Yeah! Painting them was fun!

Sweetie Belle: Hey? Who's doing Madame Gasket and Turbo if that's not the real deal?

Apple Bloom:....! And Turbo.....?

(The actor doing Turbo takes off his costume to reveal......)

Olaf: That was fun!

Olaf: *smiles* Surprised?

Olaf: After seeing Anna and Elsa have a role in this, how could I resist?

Jaden: We're still thankful you're helping out.

OMG! I noticed something in "Maud Pie"! In one shot, Twilight's missing her wings!!

They need to check these things more carefully.


I'm so sorry you were bored today. :' (

So anyway I noticed your new change on Rita and Runt's page.

I see.

Tell me. What does Jeffrey think when he sees Xion rest her head on Aqua's lap? :' )

Awwwwww! :' )

So that's what he thinks in that scene? : )

Perfect. :' )

I've been meaning to add a page for Jadis for some time now.

No, she won't turn anyone into stone.

BUT it will anger Jaden very much so.

Are you doing the movie alone?

Because in this, Jaden learns how to use a sword from Meta Knight.

So that's a "no" than.

Meta Knight would still be in it.

Meta Knight: I give you my congratulations on your marriage, Jeffrey and Aqua.

Aqua: Yes. We couldn't be happier. *holds Jeffrey's hand*

She never ceases to please Jeffrey. X D

She could make him blush just to tease him. X D

Darkblade was speaking with me.


I don't wanna upset him. But I certainly did a good  job of that tonight. : (

He was bringing up the new Maleficent movie, but I didn't want to hear it, since I don't want it to make me see Maleficent less as a villain.

I just don't want to hear anything that'll make me sympathize her. I like her better as a villain.

So you're not gonna see the movie either?


It's just gonna be like with Beowulf and Grendel.

I'm gonna try to show my apology to Darkblade and Diana.

I just feel bad about myself.



Thank you. : )

I love you too big bro. : )

I'm gonna assume you saw the other new page.

He helped Rainbow Dash with her loyalty.

I'm feeling better now. : )

Wow. I thought people would find my new riddle difficult.

See it?

You saw the correct answer from someone else!!!

Admit it! You saw other people's comments.

Don't be sad. I just want you to admit where you got the answer from. : )

I'm sorry too.

Because it shows that it was a difficult riddle after all.

But I've gotta find one to outwit Anna and Elsa.

That's my new goal.

Feeling better?

Good. : )

Stopped again.

I'm gonna shower now anyway.

I'm back.

Wow. Mila thinks Alexis makes a cute Alice. : )

I agree with her. : )

Rapunzel said she's gonna watch the full thing. : D

Alexis: My best friend is gonna see me perform!

Alexis: Oops. I mean "us."

Part 7 is still my favorite.

I know. But I still love Part 7 'cause Beetles gets even with Grundel.

But I also like Part 10. : )

Xion: *smiles* I'm still glad I could be in a project.

Jaden: I like that one a lot too. In fact, I love any part where my wife sings.

Aqua: *smiles* Thanks. But I have a small role in this.

Aqua: How so?

Jaden: AND she gets to be with her again at the ending.

I'm finally working on the drawing of Lily. : D

Sorry for the long wait.

I will do my best to make her adorable.

And I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to your inbox not working.

In the meantime, do you still remember when I saw the first MLP episode what part made me instantly love the show? : )

I mean in episode 1.

When I heard Rainbow Dash laugh. :' D

I'm just curious. What made you fall in love with the show when you first saw it. : D

Wasn't there a scene specifically that made you go "Oh my gosh! That's adorable! I love this show!" : )

I was just curious. Because I still remember what made me instantly love the show. : )

Oh. And for the Haunted Mansion....

DJ: I'm not going in there!

Xion: Would you rather get wet?

DJ: I don't care! I'll take my chances in the rain!

(Shira grabs DJ with her mouth)

DJ: Hey! Let me go mom!

Sorry for making DJ sound rude.

DJ: *whimpers in fear*

Manny: Don't tell me your afraid of an old mansion, Sid.

I wonder what the cubs would do while Xion's with Jesse and May.

I don't mind either one.

Tammy will help her brother out though. : )

DJ: *shivers in fear*

Tammy: *licks his cheek*

Tammy: I am, but I gotta stay strong and not panic. Like Xion.

Try your inbox.


I decided to leave the full audio in since Brermeerkat cut out the part where the Queen trips over.

And I know a way to make it better. : )

You'll see in a moment.

I'll wait. : )

OMG! She got that one! : D

Batman's Riddler wouldn't stand a chance against her! X D

She asked me one, but I knew the answer. : )

A natural state, I'm sought by all. Go without me, and you shall fall. You do me when you spend, and use me when you eat to no end.

What am I?

A Balance. : D

Yeah. I even given Elsa the suggestion of having her own riddle moment. : )

I think I finally got her! X D

If a father gives one of his son's a dime and 3 nickles to another son, what time would it be?

A dime is 10 cents, and 3 nickels is 15 cents. So he's giving a quarter to 2.

Wait 'til I tell Elsa the answer. X D

I'm surprised she couldn't get that one. : )

In the meantime, is there anything you wanna work on? : )

Yeah? : )

Right. Our team can forgive Edward by the way. : )

He was just trying to reunite with his love. And the fact he was lied to and tricked by Ramsley.


Alexis: My baby!!! *rushes over to Baby Lily* Are you alright, sweetie?!

Alexis: *hugs Baby Lily* Shh. Shh. It's okay now, sweetie. You're safe now.

Jaden: Jeffrey. Aqua. Thanks for saving my daughter. Seriously. Alexis and I owe you big time.

Baby Lily: *sniffs* I don't wanna go back to sweep now.

Jaden: *smiles* You can sleep with us for the rest of the night, Lily.

Alexis: *smiles* Of coarse, my princess. 

Xion: *smiles* You'll be fine now, Lily.

Alexis: Thank you so much again, Jeffrey. Aqua. You saved our baby. *gives Jeffrey a sisterly kiss on his cheek*

Jaden: *hugs Jeffrey and Aqua* You're the best big brother and sister Alexis and I could ever ask for.

Alexis: We're going back to bed now. *smiles* Thanks again. *leaves with Baby Lily*

How do you think it got in?

Inbox is working.

Aqua: *smiles* Thanks.

That's better. : )

Ralphie needs a break from Alcohol.

Alexis is being serious 'cause she's embarrassed.

Has it been an hour yet?

So can I.

Looks like I made Ralphie happy with my knowledge of the Simpsons.

Yeah. I enjoy the show. : )

So. He knows why Ned says that nonsense gibberish. X  D

I can imagine it with Tammy and Xion.

Tammy: *bites the ropes off Xion*

Xion: You did it!

Tammy: *jumps into Xion's arms and licks Xion's cheek like mad* 

Tammy: *purrs* I'm so glad you're okay.

Tammy: Come on! Let's help the others!

I'm going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )


Anyway, you're gonna have to do that epilogue on your own since it's your side of the team.

Our team are Avengers now. : )

Tammy: So who is there?

Jaden: Well, first there's Tony Stark. A.k.a. Iron Man. A super genius who battles with his incredible suit of armor.

Jesse: And Steve Rogers. A.K.A. Captain America. A World War II hero who was injected with a special serum that made him super strong and he fights with a shield. He was frozen for 70 years after the War.

Alexis: Also Black Widow. A martial artist spy from Russia.

Tammy: ...........! WOW!!!!! They sound awesome!!!

Tammy: No offense, but the Hulk sounds a bit like you, Mr. Dragonheart.

DJ: *gulps in fear* Oh my.....

DJ: I hope so...... I don't wanna anger him.....

Jeffrey had to fight the Hulk?

Which movie?

I see. I hope neither was hurt too much.


Inbox is working. : )

Here we go again.

I've got another post. : )

I can imagine Dragon-Jeffrey do that to a villain with his tail. X D

But who though? Who should Dragon-Jeffrey smash? X D

If you want. X D

He'll loose all his teeth from that. X D

Dragon-Jeffrey:...... Puny Lizard.

Aqua: *laughs from this*

Bathroom. Sorry.

And now I've got a video to make for Rapunzel. : D

She asked me to make a cast video for her. : )

It's okay. : )

I'm stopping my game for today.

So, I think what we did was so cute. :' )

I'm actually going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. And I hope Rapunzel won't be upset.

It's okay. : )

I'm where they start brining in the witnesses.

Nothing whatever!

I must say, this'll be cool. To have a former recruit of Set join the team.

He'll be VERY vital to the team.

Exactly. : )

It's kinda like the flu shot germ in Osmosis Jones.

Just like the flu shot germ.

Has it been an hour yet?

Yes? : )

AWWWWW!!!!!! :' D

Of coarse, it would be a lily. :' )

Baby Lily: Cadence?

Cadence: Yes, Lily?

Baby Lily: *holds out a boquet of lilies* Fow you.

In fact, I've decided Cadence to be her favorite pony. :' D

Yes. And it's not just your new idea that gave me this. Remember how I suggested Baby Lily sleep against her mane? : D

Doesn't her mane look soft? : )

Lily could sleep against her mane for a night. : )

I'll give her a chance to sleep with Dragon-Jeffrey too. : )


Anyway, I'll never forget that day.

I'm still grateful to everyone who was there for me.

Of coarse you!

I know. I can't thank you enough for it.

I love you too big bro. : )

(hugs you back) : )

I'll be eat dinner with my mom tonight.

I'll be back with you after I eat though.

But for now, I'm here for you.

Yes. *hugs you* : )

It happened again.

Baby Lily: Uncwe Jeffwey? *pokes Dragon-Jeffrey's snout*

Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles in his sleep*

Baby Lily: *crawls over to his tail and gently yanks on it* Wake up. Wake up, Uncwe Jeffwey.

Baby Lily: Wewl Wewl. Good Mowning, Sweepy Head.

(A quote her father says. : ) )

Baby Lily: *hugs his snout*

Baby Lily: *smiles* Aunt Aqua and Cousin Xion are beautifuw too.

Baby Lily: I'm wucky to have a wondewful famiwy.

Beautiful. :' )

I'm glad he didn't get annoyed with Lily yanking on his tail. : )

Gonna shower now.

I'm back.


Anyway, I knew you'd find that funny as I do. X D

I almost died laughing when I first saw Animaniacs. X D

Hades ain't happy! X D

Who will be the next victim of Ralphie, Stitch and Selena? X D

I hope they trim his sideburns!

The Mask: Those are like giant furry caterpillars!

Good one? : )

That reminds me....

It happened again.

How was that? : D

I'm gonna guess it's your favorite part now. : )

Because Aqua's in it? : )

Jaden: That's a wrap everyone!!!

Alexis: *smiles* Thank you everyone. I really had fun with this project.

Aqua: How was I in that scene?

Xion: *hugs Aqua* You were amazing, mommy!

Nails: See boss? I'm the one who saved Alexis.

Rarity: I'm glad you adore my costumes. They're breathe-taking, are they not?

Alexis: *sits down* I could use a big break though. After all that running, I'm exhausted.

Alexis: *takes the bottle and drinks from it*

Jaden: We could all use a break from that project.

Pinkie: This calls for a party!

Alexis: *picks up Lily and hugs her*

Alexis: I love you too, my little princess.

Gotta take care of a short chore.


So anyway, Dreki's family is modest like Princess Celestia. :' )

Nette: Your majesty. We thought you were the kind of king that rules with an iron fist.

Valiente: Wow..... So, than I guess we don't have to worry about angering you anymore.

Nette: And the Queen?

Queen Mizu: *smiles* You don't have to worry about angering me either. My subjects and daughter are what's more important to me.

Queen Mizu: *smiles* How could I ever get mad at such young sweethearts like you two?

That's what I was looking for. How gentle the king and queen are. : )

I'm gonna be going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I don't like Metroman anyway. He's the one who made Megamind evil in the first place. Him and his egotistic and show-off personality.

Jaden actually says he doesn't deserve to be called a hero after faking his death.

Don't you agree on that too?

Besides, he was a jerk to Megamind at school.

Which is why I feel sorry for Megamind.

Let me guess. Jeffrey feels his pain.

By the way, I've got exciting news. I'm making my own intro video. : D

I won't say the song though.

Let me get mine up first.

I think you're gonna like this. : D

All done. : )

It's up. : )

Darn it.

Hey. Can you imagine DJ's reaction when he sees Fluttershy after she saw Rainbow Dash do the Sonic Rainboom? X D

In what way? : )

HA! Never would've expected that from his idol. X D

Tammy would find it funny. X D

Funny in that it's so unlike Fluttershy. X D

Do you think DJ would ever react the same way Fluttershy did in that scene?

If he did, a lot of people would be shocked. X D

(Tammy, Xion, Fluttershy, Jeffrey, Aqua, Jaden, Alexis, Cadence, Discord and the others stare in shock as DJ cheers wildly)

Tammy:........ We didn't know you'd have that kind of reaction, DJ.

Did you see the new page?


Jaden: Don't be! That was cool the way you reacted!

Discord: I for one found it DElightful.

Fluttershy: I reacted that way too once.

I'm not even gonna do the next line if you're just gonna have DJ repeat himself. I'm getting too sleepy right now.

I'm sorry too. I'm just really tired tonight.

I think I should go to bed now.

  • hugs you back* Night big brother. I love you too. :' )

Crash: BUT you can fly in your dragon form.

Eddie: And we could disguise you to look like a pony.

I'm watching the episode, and so far, I'm not getting much ideas for our team.

Well, several others will know Rainbow Dash faked her injury along with Twilight. Jaden and Alexis.

Who else would be smart enough to know?

Jesse and May.

Tammy: Poor Rainbow Dash.....

DJ: I hope she gets well soon.

Alexis: It's best they know.

Tammy: Yes?

Tammy: I can't believe her!

DJ: But we won't qualify without her.

Has it been an hour yet?


Anyway, wanna add that to the list?

No no no. The Battle Suit to the list of inventions.

It's okay. Sorry. Showered.

I'm gonan think of another invention for Jeffrey to make. : )

I can imagine the moment when Aqua restores Jeffrey's courage. : )

Jeffrey: We can't stop this thing! We've tried everything!

Aqua: We CAN stop it. Be strong, dear. For all of us. *kisses him on the lips* For me.

Aqua: *smiles* That's my cuddly dragon.

I don't think Jeffrey would purchase an evil thing from Megamind in that short.

Makes sense.

I saw that edit. : )

Mr. Dragonheart, sir! What will your pleasure be?!

Yes. Instead of "Aladdin", we'll use "Dragonheart."

Inbox is working.


Anyway, I just won't participate at all.

Oh. Okay.

I'm cool with it.

I know. : D

I want you to be my party planner. : D

Up for it? : )

Great. : D

All I want from you this year is your company. : )

So it's agreed. Tighten is too scared to fight Dragon-Jeffrey.

That'll be funny. X D

Jaden: *crosses arms* Still wanna fight us now, Tighten?

Alexis: *smirks* Get him.

Dragon-Jeffrey: *roars at Tighten*

Tighten: AH! *flies off in fear*

Xion: *laughs* What a looser!

Aqua: *smiles* That's my husband.

Aqua: *kisses Dragon-Jeffrey's snout*

Aqua: *giggles* I love you too, dear.

Funny and cute. : )

There's an episode in Season 1 of MLP I wanna do.

Sonic Rainboom.

Try your inbox.

It's okay. : )

Rule #1 in song writting. You MUST rhyme.

It's okay. You just need to know this stuff. And it's better if you hear it from me than from someone else.

Is my edit better?

Thanks. : )

I'll do the best I can do to help. : )

I've got the Friend Like Me fever. : D

Wanna know something? This is something Beetles says after Discord says "Because if I don't, I'll loose the only two friends I ever had?"

Beetles: Think about it, Discord. You may have all the fun in the world, BUT do you really wanna be doing it alone?

Clever, eh? Asking Discord if he wants to really be alone at that point.

This is supposed to be Beetles' talk with Princess Celestia.

I"m sorry too.

I'm sorry. Bathroom.

All of ToonTown does. :' )

While she heals his wounds, Dragon=Jeffrey thinks: "Okay, so maybe it's not so bad after all." : )

What could be better than having his wife, his true love, tend to his wounds? :' )

What if she rubbed his skin just to please him? :' D

Oh yeah. Right. She did that after healing his back in Jurassic Park.

In fact.... : )

Despite being injured, his main concern is Xion.

You know? I like that. Even though he's injured, he's more concerned about Xion. :' )

A truly devoted and caring father. :' )

Now for when Cheshire Cat comes in.

It's important so that Jeffrey knows about Nedry.

We'll work on the scene when Jaden's getting Xion out of the jeep. I wanna skip ahead to when they get back on the ground.


Cooking dinner now.

Also Megamind and Mushu.

Almost done.

I'm back.

You know something? Xion would know how Hiccup feels. Growing up without a mom.

Of coarse, Xion had just 7 years. Hiccup had more years.

And soon, Xion will reveal her dragon-form. : D

Inbox is working.

*singing* Nobbin' with all the muckety-mucks I'm blowin' my dough and goin' deluxe  And there I be Ain't I pretty?  It's my city I'm the king of New York! 

*singing* Look at me I'm the king of New York Suddenly I'm respectable Starin' right at 'cha Lousy with stature 

You are? : D

You should listen to the song again if you like it that much. : )

Because I'm seriously thinking of making a music video of this song. : D

But I'm doing the movie version.

In fact, new Adventure idea! : D

Saw the movie?

Cool. Let me know when you finish. : D

I know you will. : )


I saw this movie back in 8th grade.

Now you see why it's called Newsies?

Newspaper boys. Extra Extra! Read all about it!

Who else would you want to add?

OH MY GOD!!!!! YES!!!!!! : D

Is that a birthday gift? : )

There is a villain in thise, just so you know.

Yeah. But I'll wait 'til you find out who it is.

Actually, you could say there's two.

The guy who's after Jack. Mr. Snyder.

Mr. Pulitzer.

No I'm thinking someone from Charles Muntz's Empire.

I don't mind who.

Inbox is working.

Oops. Sorry.

Almost done.

Maybe I CAN get it done in time.

Almost there. : D

I'm so excited to have this up. : D

All done! : D

PLEASE, do leave a nice comment on it. : D

I'm so happy Rapunzel liked it. And I like her comment. : D

I knew Ralphie would like it. : )

I think he feels better now. : )

I feel happier. : )

Just look at his new post. : D

I feel so touched. :' )

I've outdone myself again. : D

BAthroom. Sorry.

I wanna thank you for everything today. :' )

  • hugs you* I love you big brother. :' )

Today was pretty great. :' )

I'm a little concerned when Aaron sees the movie.

....! Excuse me?

Well... no peeking on what happens. No reading the plot, asking others, or looking on Pooh's Adventures Wiki.

Oh you will be! I was. In both good AND bad ways.

It stopped.

I'm sorry for this, bro. But this has me concerned.

I hope that goes for Dragon-Aqua and Dragon-Xion too.

I know. I'm gonna do that drawing AFTER my father's day picture.

BUT Drago may control Mushu and Spike!

If you mean the FULL family (including Hiccup's team), than I don't know about that....

I'm so sorry, bro. Can you forgive me?

I might feel better when you see it. But I might feel sad when you see it and how it'll impact you.

I could handle what happens, but I'm worried how you and Aaron will be affected.

Just promise me one thing. No matter what happens, you'll remember that good always wins in the end of animated films.

  • hugs you back* When do you plan to see the movie?

I see. 


  • sheds a tear* :' (
  • rubs my eyes* I'm okay.

I'm trying, bro. 

I will.

Okay. Cadence helped me feel better, but she hasn't stopped my concerning.

I'm sorry.

Tell her I said thanks.

Good. You're seeing the new pages.

Oops. Sorry.


I'm back.

Sorry if that took a while.

Rapunzel's new video reminded me of something. : )

Inbox stopped.

New page.

Interesting. Jeffrey leaves Baby Tiragon with Spike? : )

I see. Remember how Xion says she got the jewel to pay Spike? : )

Baby Lily: *smiles a bit*

Baby Lily: *smiles and coos*

Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* Great job, honey.

Baby Lily: *reaches her hands out* I wuv you Aunt Aqua!

Baby Lily: *hugs Dragon-Aqua's snout*

Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles to this*

Dragon-Aqua: *licks Baby Lily's cheek*

I loved that. :' D

And than little Lily sleeps on Dragon-Aqua's back. :' D

I thought it would be nice if someone slept on or against Dragon-Aqua for a change. :' )

Going to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )


I don't think we need to ask what villains should guest star in this. This is OUR episode, our idea. We call the shots.

This is gonna be cooler than I thought. : D

I see it. : D

The Shipwrecked episode too?

I'm sure they will. : )

Hey. The 5 of us love each other like a family. Sure they'll agree to it. You just gotta persuade 'em. : )

That's it. Make it sound promising to them. :  )

Have a fun time at  the movies. And remember to stay strong.

I'll wait 'til you get back. : )


Hater: Hm. Good idea. Glad I thought of that.

Dragon-Aqua: *snarls at them*

Dragon-Aqua: *stomps on Hater and squishes him flat*

Alexis: *grabs Peepers* You're next! Ready Xion?!

  • Alexis tosses Peepers in the air, and Dragon-Xion strikes Peepers with her tail like a baseball, sending him flying out of sight screaming*

Jaden: *sighs* Good riddance.


Dang it.


So what's your idea?

(gasps) AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! :' D

Xion wouldn't say "no" to Lily, right? :' D

That reminds me. The estate should have a nursery for babies.

'Cause I can imagine them do something like blocks or pretend or art..... : )

Oh! And don't you dare let Cleo pick on Lily!!!

Neither will the cubs!

Lily would hug DJ for being so brave! :' )

She knows how shy and scared DJ can be.

She's a sweetheart like her cousin. :' )

Baby Lily: *smiles and pets DJ* You'we so cute, DJ. I just wuv you.

Baby Lily: *scratches DJ's chin*

Baby Lily: *while scratching DJ* You wike it when I scwatch you?

Oh yeah! I remember another cute idea! : D

Inbox is working.

Baby Lily: *giggles* I got you good!

Glad you got the idea. : )

Yep. Jeffrey can drive the Elementalmobile too. : )

Feeling happy now. : )

Oh dear! Tuff made Tiff mad!

Saying cooking is woman's work.

Lily too? But she's just a baby.

Guys can cook too.

Has it been an hour yet?

Aslan a member now?

Let me know when your inbox works.


I just can't believe him! He's younger than us and he already made the big-time without trying! He's a no-good show-off! > : (

I'm hurt from this. To see Ralphie suffering again. :' (

  • punches a wall* Why......... Why him? :' (

This calls for "This Day Aria".

If only it could work on Ralphie too. : (

Sorry for loosing my temper.

An uneasy day for you? : (

I'm worried about him too. I hope he'll recover.

I'll wait.

Geez. What IS bumming Ralphie out if it's not Bieber and Selena?

I wonder what's worse than that.

I'm watching Iron Man 3, and I've been thinking of the Adventure for it.

We've gotta help Ralphie now.

Our team will be with Tony after that attack at his house.

Jaden: Poor Ralphie.....

Jeffrey will be happy to see Tony again, right?

And this time, Jaden's got his older brother with him to translate what Tony says for him. X D

Whoa! His suits of armor from the past! They're alive! : D

Okay! That's just stupid! I don't like the ending! X P

He'd better! Destroying his suits and removing the arc reactor core was dumb! > : (

I don't want Iron Man to be gone. :' (

He better make a new suit! > :' (

It just seems pointless. To end Iron Man and still have a second Avengers film.

I just can't believe it...... :' (

YES! I won't let the creators of the movies do this to us fans!!!!

He may return in the next Avengers movie, BUT he may not have a suit.

This is why..... I'm nervous until a trailer comes out.

Sorry. But it's okay. I've got some responisbilities to take care of with my parents away.

I'm back too. : )

Sorry. I was talking with the neighbors.

Anyway, I just realized something. Jeffrey and Aqua need a ring barrier.

Someone cuter. Like Pikachu. : )

Osiris: May we have the rings?

Osiris: With these rings, you are joined in union forevermore.

Aqua: *sheds a tear, takes the ring for Jeffrey and slips it on his finger*

Osiris: Ladies and gentlemen. I hereby present for the very first time Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dragonheart. You may now kiss the bride.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey back tearfully while holding her Wayfinder*

That's the idea. :' )

I'm glad he had a steady hand for it. :' D

I'm proud of him. :' )


Aqua will see how close Jeffrey and Tony are as friends and science buddies. : )

Yep. : )

Aqua: *smiles* But you'll always be my #1 genius, dear.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips* For my #1 genius.

Like that? : )

By the way, I've officially decided for Jaden to get his Keyblade in The Mummy Returns.

Oops. Sorry. I thought it was undecided.

I still want it to happen, as you can see.

Can I say something? I love it when Aqua kisses Jaden's forehead. :' )

Yes. Proving what a loving big sister she is to Jaden. :' D

And it makes Jaden feel lucky to have such a beautiful caring and devoted older sister. :' )

That's why I love it. :' )

I'm getting a bit tired now.

Yes. Let's do so. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

My inbox was working.

Alexis: Awwww. *picks up Baby Lily* Enjoyed what you saw, my little princess?

Sorry. I was taking care of a chore.


Jaden: *smiles* That's my daughter.

Baby Lily: Mommy's gonna be okay in this?

Jaden: Remember, sweetie. It's all just an act.

Alexis: You've got nothing to worry about, Lily. I'll always be here for you. *kisses Baby Lily's cheek*

So how was it with Discord?

BAby Lily: Discowd's not gonna kiwl my mommy, is he?!

Discord: I could never kill someone. Why.... *turns white* I turn white at the sight of blood.

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah? What about when you were working for Set?! Did you kill anyone than?!

Rainbow Dash: You big liar!

Discord: Now look who's a liar. *appears small* Anyone can plainly see that I'm not big at all.

Baby Lily: *Smiles and claps her hands happily*

Baby Lily: I wike you Discowd!

Alexis: *smiles* She doesn't care about what you did in the past, Discord.

Baby Lily: *hugs Discord.*

Alexis: *sheds a tear* My dream of having an angel of a daughter like Xion has come true...

Alexis: *hugs Xion back* But I still love you too, Xion.

Baby Lily: No need to be wowwied. I won't be jeawous of Xion. I wuv my favowite cousin.

Jaden faces Marina during his first year of Duel Academy.

Has it been an hour yet?


I just need to work on my breathing.

I'm starting to slowly feel better.

Sorry, bro. You know I'm squeamish though.

I'm feeling better now.

I just wish that movie wasn't mention.

I have a new cute idea that might help. : )

Xion, the cubs, AND Baby Lily singing "Scales and Arpeggios" from The Aristocats. : D

Well? : )

So I've categorized her as a singer. : )

Thanks. Jaden and Alexis will be so happy when they hear her sing. :' D

And what of Jeffrey and Aqua? : )

Awwwwwwwwww! :' D

Maybe she could be a "Singing Sweetheart" too. :' D

And we know what happens next.

I'm gonna cook dinner.

Try now.


But anyway...

Jaden: *snickers* Besides, I hear how your blushing is her favorite red.

Jaden: What? I think that's adorable.

Jaden: *running* Come on bro! It's not my fault she told me!

Jaden: *running* Yes! Honest!

Jaden: Geez.... Where are the brakes on you?

Jaden: So it's true. Aqua told me that.

Aqua: *behind Jeffrey AND still in her costume* I thought there would be nothing wrong with our little brother knowing.

Aqua: *smiles* After all, he did bring us together.

Jaden: *smiles* You should see your face right now!

Aqua: *giggles* As I told you, his blushing is my favorite red there is.

Jaden: See? She told me.

Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey on the lips* For my "Arabian Prince."

Jaden: *smiles* You two are still so lovely together.

Aqua: Um, Jaden....?

Jaden: Say no more. *leaves to give Jeffrey and Aqua privacy.*

Aqua: Oh! I think I know where.

Love it. :' D

In fact.....

Xion: Oh my gosh! Mommy! You look so beautiful as Jasmine!

Tammy: Wow.........

Jaden: I've never seen anyone use their heart when they sing in all my life like Cadence.

Tammy: *smiles* I agree with that.

Added something new. : )

That would include the Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks shorts.

When does Lea join?

Are you kidding me?!? : D

Go ahead and make the edit. : D

I'm glad Elsa's feeling better. :' )

Lea: *smirks* "Princess", huh? *sarcastically* "I am at your service your highness". *bows*

Lea: *laughs* Can't help it. You'd make an adorable princess, Princess.


That's not what I had in mind for our team's escape. What about running with the crew to safety?


He's in bed now.

I'm sorry again, bro.

So where were we?


Hey, bro. I have a feeling that our team WILL face Thanos in a future Adventures since he only appeared during the credits of the Avengers.

In fact...

Jaden: *wakes up from a dream, panting* ........ What was that thing?

Jaden: Hey, bro. Does the name "Thanos" mean anything to you?

Alexis: Wait! Are you serious?! So did I!!

Tammy: I thought it was just a bad dream.

Jaden: I say we share this with Princess Celestia!

I don't know what Thanos is like. So we'll need to wait.

Jaden: That's why we're gonna find out.


As I was gonna say, it's just more proof that animators need to pay more attention.

Cooking dinner at the moment.


I'm done. : )

Leave a cool comment on it. : )

It's up. : )

Jaden: *smiles* Thanks again for letting us use Pikachu in the new video, big brother.

Baby Lily: Mommy was so coow in it!

So, do you like it? : )

Thanks. I hope Anna and Elsa like it since they told me they like Kim Possible. : )

(Crosses my fingers) Here's hoping. : )

Looks like it's becoming a hit. : )

OH MY GOD!!!! Rapunzel likes it! : D

I just gotta wait for Anna and Elsa to see it. : )

Darn it all.

It's okay though. I'll be going to bed soon anyway.

  • hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )

I got the Striker Mario trophy. : )

Do you like to collect trophies in Brawl? : )

Totally. : )

Yes. What kind of specials do you have in mind? : )

Good idea. BUT which Princess would be saved?

Doesn't matter to me. The ending is the same.

So I don't care which Princess should be saved.

So you decide.

Fine by me. : )

All done. : D

I just sent it to you. : )

Let me know what you think. : )

Sorry I couldn't put Jeffrey in there.

Gonna upload it now?

Oh dear lord! Hades likes your video!

It's fixed! : D

Anyway, it must be that good if you impressed a villain.

And I found another goof.

I don't know if it would be that cold enough for him to survive.

Anya steps on the reliquary a 4th time for Jaden's Team.

Set tries to crush my team with dark magic, and as Anya watches her friends suffer in pain...

Anya: This is for my friends!!!! *stomps on the reliquary again*


As I was gonna say

Yes. : D

Baby Lily: What awe we seeing?

Baby Lily: You can't tewl me, cousin?

Baby Lily: *moaps* Okay....

Baby Lily: *nods her head* Uh-huh!

Baby Lily: Can you tewl me now?

I wish Darkblade would give me some space....

Dude. I added "Remake version" to it. The one where Aqua is Queen Mizu.

Yeah. I wanna do the remake version more. : )

Wouldn't you prefer the remake version?

That's why I put in Remake Version ot make it more clear.

What will Jeffrey react when he sees Aqua in her costume? : D

Jaden: Wow. Now she really IS your Queen.

Aqua: Oh. Do I.... look okay?

I forgot what the name of DJ's character is. Sorry.

Oh yeah! I remember now! Thanks. : D

I'm enjoying this. : )


Anna and Elsa say a new friend may arrive.

But possibley as a villain.

Better "Be Prepared."

I'll cook dinner soon.

Tell me, bro. In the meantime, what's one of your favorite MLP episodes (Besides a Canterlot Wedding)? : )

Come on. That CAN'T be the only reason. If you catch my drift. X D

Three's a Crowd for me. : )

I........ love any episode with Cadence in it..... ^_^"


Yes. I can't stop listening to Crocodile Rock. : )

Elton John sang it on the Muppet Show. : )

We're still gonna feature a Lion King song in that Muppet Show episode.

Elton John sang some of the Lion King songs.

And "Circle of Life."

Which one?

Statler: I can feel the love tonight.

Waldorf: I feel the bottom of your chair crushing my foot!

Thanks. : )

Aqua: Those two part of the show?

Aqua: If you say so, dear.

Aqua: I thought they don't like coming to the show.

Aqua: They sound awful.

(jumping around like Pinkie Pie) She's back! She's back! She's back! She's back! She's back! She's back! She's back! 

Sorry. My mom got back and I was helping her out.


Before I create a page for Bowler Hat Guy, should I title it as "Bowler Hat Guy" or his real name?


What would DJ's future be like? : )

Wow. : )

Obviously becoming a great duelist like her parents. X D


I never saw that one.

Oh. No wonder I never saw it.



Sure. : )

  • hugs you back* I love you too, big brother. :' )

What scene in particular? : )

I won't mind which one. : )

Baby Lily: *smiles* As I said befowe, you'we wike a big cuddwy kitty.

Baby Lily: *smiles* Gwad I couwd hewp you feew bettew.

Baby Lily: I wuv you Uncwe Jeffwey.

Baby Lily: *smiles and starts scratching his back*

Baby Lily: *continues scratching his back*

I'm gonna head to bed now. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. : D


Anyway, Rapunzel told me she's on vaca. : )

And tell me. In that meatball thing, would Xion route for Alexis? X D

It's clear Xion's not fond of Atticus.

I see. But she loves Alexis more.

Sorry. Been working on a new page.

Tammy and DJ are the opposite from Tallulah and Laszlo. : )

You won't see Tammy and DJ argue with each other. :' )

Inbox stopped working.

It's true. I once planned on having Midna be part of the team.

Not after you see the ending.

She doesn't die.

I won't say.

I'm back from cooking dinner.

Anyway, you know me. I don't give spoilers.

So you agree Rainbow Dash and Midna would get along?

Twilight: Rainbow. We don't know if we can trust her yet.

Still trust her yourself?

Great! I'm happy to hear that. : D

Where are you at now?

Good. So you saw Link find his horse again.

Let me know when you think our team can trust Midna completely.

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

I can imagine it. After everyone wakes up….

Xion: Daddy! Mommy! *tries to run to her parents but is restrained by the chain on her leg*

(Xion goes over to Aqua and both hug each other really tight)

Midna: How touching.

Midna: Yeah yeah. Keep your pants on, lady. *uses her magic to break the chain on Aqua*

And she frees everyone.

Rainbow Dash: Me too.

Alexis: Hey. Where is she?

Midna: *pops out of nowhere* You look kind of surprised! Eee hee hee!

Midna: So! I bet you're wondering where exactly are we?!

Jaden: Yes! And who are you?!

Midna: *goes through the cell bars* Well, I'll make you a deal. If you can get over here, maybe I'll tell you! Eee Hee!

May: HEY! Come back here you!!!

Patch: You could say "please".....

(Wolf Link and the dog members of the team dig a way out for everyone)

Midna: *gets on Wolf Link's back* Hmph! I guess you're all not completely stupid after all!

Xion: Excuse me?!?!?!

Midna: Listen. I like you, so I think I'll get you out of here.

Brain: Really?

Midna: But in exchange for my help, you have to do EXACTLY as I say!

Midna: So are we all clear?

Jaden: I guess.....

Midna: Good. Now, come on! Get moving!

Jaden: What do you think, big bro?

Alexis: But can we trust this thing? What if she's leading us to a trap?

Jaden: Well..... we'll be ready if she double-crosses us.

She won't though.

I will say this. You'll hate Zant for what he'll do to Midna.

Try your inbox now.


Speaking with someone else?

Just asking.

Let me know when you're gonna leave.

I'll be okay while you're out. : )

Hope whatever this is. You'll have fun. : )

Sorry if you feel bored now.


See what I added to Jeffrey's Pikachu's page? : )

Jesse: The hot dog's done yet?!

Jesse: Thanks, Jeff.

Jesse: Where's the mustard?

Jesse: Thanks. *takes the mustard and puts some on his hotdog*

Jaden: Sure thing, big bro.

Jaden: Ketchup's fine.

Xion: *smiles* Can I have one too, daddy?

Xion: *smiles* Thank you, daddy.

Aqua: *smiles* Mind if I have one, dear?

Aqua: *smiles and kisses Jeffrey* Thank you dear.


Valka: This is truly extraordinary. A young Skytsengel.

Twilight: I must say. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

Bartok: *to the Dragonhearts* But you three can't carry us all.

Atticus: Too bad Drago and Set have all the dragons now.

We know what happens next.

Xion will have trouble trying to fly on her first time.

Good thing her mom and dad will help her.

Tell me bro. Will Jeffrey think differently of Nick Fury after he learns the truth about SHIELD?

I'm asking 'cause of his lies.

Besides, Fury's idea was better than what the Council tried to do. Order a nuclear strike on Manhattan.

Of coarse not! Especially NOT on a highly populated city where innocent people are!

So Jaden would say despite his lies, Fury's intentions are good.

Sorry. And I'm sorry for not paying attention.

So now that we have all subjects covered (that we can think of), let's explore this more. : )

(Xion leaves an apple on Jeffrey's desk)

Oh! How 'bout Aqua teach her math?! : D

That way both her parents can help Xion to learn. : D

Like it? : D

I've added a Hidden Knight.

You'll find out in JUST a moment.

THAT is Sirica.

Haven't decided yet.

I really like Sirica 1. For being voiced by the same actress that does Ash. 2. For being a tough and brave girl.

Wow! That would be cool! : D

Meta Knight: My sincere congratulations to you Jeffrey for you marriage with Aqua.

I thought we created a page for that Adventure.

Nevermind. X D

Of coarse, after seeing Discord again, Kirby and friends will immediately attack him, because of the last time they saw him, he was with Set.

Let me explore this idea more over the night. *hugs you* Night big brother. I love you. :' )


Anyway, you'll have to see Part 2 to find out. : )

Meta Knight saves Kirby from a trap.

I was having dinner, and now I've got a chore to take care of.

Inbox is working.

Inbox is working.


How're you feeling now?

Not upset in the stomach?

Good. : )

Can't you smile? : )

That's better. : )

So, now that we have Kirby characters in the Haunter Mansion, let's explore some ideas. : )

Here. Kirby, Tiff and Tuff attack Discord the same way when that chef first goes into Kawasaki's.

▶ Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Episode 33 - Recipe For Disaster - YouTube

Tuff: Hey, Tiff. We've seen that guy before.

Tiff: ...! It can't be!!

Both: DISCORD!!!!!

(Tiff, Tuff and Kirby start to attack Discord)

(The fighting continues)

Beetles: STOP!!!!!! Discord's not an enemy anymore!!!!

Jaden: *scratches the back of his head* I guess we forgot to tell them in advanced....

Tuff: What?! A spirit of chaos and a recruit of Set reformed?! No way!!

Discord: It's true. I've changed. And after being tricked by Tirek, I've learned that friendship IS the most powerful of all kind of magic.

Aqua: An evil centaur that stole everyone's magic, including Discord's and tried to rule Equestria.

Meta Knight: It seems Tirek as shamboozled us all.

Tiff: ...... I still don't know if he can be trusted.


Yes I see the new category.

I had to make a page for Templeton. X D

I can't help but laugh after he swallows that banana. X D

If the cubs were there....

Tammy: *licks her lips*

DJ: But he's properly fattened up now. Perfect for eating.

Tammy: ...! *shakes her head* Sorry. It's our animal instincts.

Tammy: *snickers* I must say though. Templeton looks funny.

Tammy: Careful! He might burst!


I see you joined in the conversation with Starflight.

I was helping her get the episodes.

But it looks like she's got the hang of it now.

Oh yeah! *hugs you*

Hm. I'm in a Kirby feeling lately. : )

True or False: King Dedede had ancestor's that ruled for 100's of years.

Correct. Episode 8 confirms it.

King Dedede made fake artifacts to make it look like his ancestor's ruled the kingdom.

Right. It was all to ensure his rule of Dreamland.

In fact, I'm thinking of making Meta Knight's two men be Hidden Knight's too.

I can actually understand what the green one says.

Sure. Give me an example.

Chameleon: NO! Please! Don't hit me again!

Chameleon: Yes! Yes! Right away!

Turbo: What the heck are you doing?! Don't listen to her!!! Put the brat in her crib and lock it up!!!

Chameleon: Oh right! Right! I was going to do that. *puts Baby Lily in a crib*

Chameleon: *laughs* Now we wait!

Turbo: Seriously? You don't know how to handle kids? *throws candy in Baby Lily* Do I gotta do everything around here?

Turbo: *throws more candy in* Have some candy, kid.

(And dude. Seriously. I don't want to make The Chameleon and Turbo act corny in our series. Please)

Turbo: *Smiles* Relax, little one. I'm not gonna hurt you. This candy is safe to eat.

Turbo: Now now. Be on your best behavior now. You wanna be good for when your family arrives.

Turbo: *smiles* Aww. We're not gonna hurt them.

Turbo: Of coarse. They're simply coming to pick you up. *thinking to himself* That's it, Turbo. Make her believe in this false hope so that she'll behave.

Chameleon: *Sees the ElementalMobile pull up* Show time! They're here!

(from outside)

Alexis: Hang on Lily!!! Mommy's coming!!!!

Chameleon: *snickers quietly* They have no idea what they're gonna face.

Turbo: *gives Baby Lily a big lollipop* Remember to smile.

(The doors open)

Jaden: Lily?!? LILY?!?!?!

(The Team sees her)

Alexis: LILY!!!!! *rushes over to the crib* Are you okay, my little princess?!

Alexis: *picks up Lily and hugs her* Thank goodness you're safe.

Alexis: What's wrong?

Chameleon: You've fall into our trap!!! Release the Groundshaker!!!!

Chameleon: Crush them!!!!

Turbo: *to Lily* I never said IT wouldn't hurt your team!!! *laughs*

Of coarse, our team would manage to defeat it and would arrest Chameleon and Turbo.

Looks like until that stupid change in the inbox is fixed, we're gonna have to talk here. : (

▶ #MeetBaymax - YouTube

I love this episode 'cause it's all about the history of art. : D




Dude! Look!



Uh oh! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iffyj0eJCE0

That reminds me! 







Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csO6A6Ov7QY

Here's what I want you to please comment on.


I'll show it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuPKpkp5kVg

I think Rapunzel should be Emily instead 'cause of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFrdpK9IA3A



This is an episode I want you to see, please.

▶ Lilo & Stitch 2x08 Checkers - YouTube


WALLACE AND GROMIT - Cracking Contraptions 03 - The Soccamatic.avi (French subtitles)










Here's a perfect example that there's no satisfying Tiff


A funny one. X D 


It's at 4:48.











































Look at 2:30


2:10, bro.















Same here. X P

Do you think that guy that Steve Martin voices is the villain?

What makes you say that?

Plus.... he's too goofy. X D

The plot says the Boov are hiding from an enemy.

Hey, big bro. To show how sorry I am, I'm giving you a new video. : D





Please click the like button for this. 8 dislikes is not good.



Lilo And Stitch - Belle - FULL EPISODE





Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Season 4 Episode 7 Bus the Two of us















Season 5 Episode 6 - Appleoosa's Most Wanted - My Little Pony Teaser Clip























Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer, E3 2015



Kung Fu Panda 3 | Official Trailer #1










Marvel’s Ant-Man – Clip 2

Marvel’s Ant-Man – Clip 3

My Little Pony: FiM — Amending Fences: S05E12

The Secret Life Of Pets - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) - Illumination


Marvel's "Ant-Man" - Clip 4

Marvel's Ant-Man - Clip 5

Marvel's Ant-Man - Clip 6




Marvel's Ant-Man - Clip 7


GOOSEBUMPS - Official Trailer (HD)

The Good Dinosaur - Official US Trailer






MLP: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games "Pinkie Spy" EXCLUSIVE Short











































































































"Inside Out" winning Best Animated Feature Film

"Bear Story" winning Best Animated Short Film

  • me and the Rainbooms arrives to The Justice Guardians' base*

Me: Hello? Jeffrey? Jaden? Aqua? Alexis? Xion? It's us, the Rainbooms. We're here to see you.

Kimiko: Yeah, and we're so excited to be on the Wiki. *smiles*

Sunset Shimmer: Couldn't agree more, Kimiko. *smiles*

























Hi, Jeffrey. I have something in mind I want to ask. :-) Twilight'sSpaceStar17 (talk) 19:34, May 23, 2016 (UTC)











Sure! My team is called the Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts Team members:

Courtney Elison (Leader)

Zak Saturday

Anakin Skywalker

Ahsoka Tano

Lee Clark

Marc Clark 

Megan Clark

Tony Clark



Thunder the Cat

Maggie the Mouse

Jack the Rabbit

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie



Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle


Baby Skye

Honorary Members:

Little Betty


Shadow the Hedgehog






Paul (Pokemon) 

Yusei Fudo

XR (My Boyfriend)

Hey dude. :-)


Uncle Tigerman, can I add Alpha and Omega to Set's recruits?

Thanks, Uncle Tigerman! You're the best!

Uncle Tigerman, I made few changes on the What-if stories of the Justice Guardians and the Thunderbolts. I stood up for Xion, DJ, and Tammy when they were being bullied by Cleo and her posse. So, I snapped in anger and used my magic to shape them into balls and throw them in the basketball hoop. But, I got in trouble for what I did... I went over to Jeffrey, Jaden, and Hiccup to tell them what happened...

It's a good thing I made an article called "Courtney's Guide to Bullies"

Talk here

  • No I don't want to lose the wiki....
  • Fine... i'll help...
  • I hope you're right...

Uncle Tigerman, can my team and I guest star in Flurry Heart's Big One?

Uncle Tigerman, I've got some ideas for Story Time for Lily; Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, Goldielocks and the 3 bears, the Three Little Puppies and the Big Bad Larxene.

Uncle Tigerman, I made a What-If Story about the Justice Guardians and the Thunderbolts. It's about me trying to face my fears of Larxene. I'm sharing the story with you and Daddy.

So, what do you say? You in?

Justice Guardians and Thunderbolts "What-If" Story: Courtney vs Larxene is the story we're working on.

Hey man,gotta question. Should we classify the EG Girls characters as Alternate Reality characters or leave them as they are? I asked Ren and he didn't mind but I wanted to know what your thoughts were on this. Andy Gott (talk) 04:48, January 10, 2018 (UTC)


Hey, I was wondering if at some point in the future you would be willing to work on a crossover between my series, and your's and Ren's. PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 01:27, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

  • Alright, good. Thanks for being open-minded about this. I'll message you again when I have a few episodes of my series posted, and I think it's time to being working on it.

PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 01:44, October 10, 2017 (UTC)


I'm sorry for accidentally causing all this drama with Kyle. I didn't mean for him to threaten to leave.

PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:49, October 14, 2017 (UTC)

Uncle Tigerman, In the what-if story; Courtney vs Larxene, Larxene is threatening to kill my loved ones; Baby Skye, XR, Sora, Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. And she said she'll kill them at Canterlot.

Uncle Tigerman, can my team and I guest star in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends go to Gravity Falls - The Inconveniencing?

Could Poncho's Adventures be added to the main page?80px-PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 17:36, November 13, 2017 (UTC)

Uncle Tigerman, I just the most AMAZING idea ever! Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup and Friends' Storm Adventures of Super Mario Odyssey with my team and I guest starring. I watched the whole playthrough on Youtube.

Would you be interested in having Jeffrey join the Rogue Armada or be an ally of The Rogues.80px-PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:52, November 19, 2017 (UTC)

  • I suppose it is your decision. I hope you are still wanting to do that crossover between our series I pitched last month, though. 80px-PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 13:00, November 19, 2017 (UTC)

Uncle Tigerman, no matter how hard I try, I can’t defeat Larxene... she’s strong and I’m weak... if you saw in Courtney vs Larxene the What-If story

Hey, would you be willing to have the Justice Guardians become allies of Poncho?80px-PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 02:46, December 19, 2017 (UTC)

  • Glad to hear it. I’ll let you and Ren add your team to the category since it’s your series. 80px-PMCS Red Snifit Idle Animated.gif Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 14:38, December 19, 2017 (UTC)


bubblegum25217 (rachel) hi.

i have an idea for a scene from ninja turtles.

it's where they meet april.

bubblegum25217 (rachel) wanna rp?

i have an idea for a ninja turtles scene.

I just wanted to check-does it mess up any future plans you and Ren have if I revive Director Krennic for Poncho's Adventures? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:25, February 8, 2018 (UTC)

Oh sorry

Uncle Tigerman, can my team and I guest star in A Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup, Juniper Lee & Friends' "What If" Storm Adventure: Disney Villains Revenge? Please??? *does cute, puppy dog eyes*

Hey Guys, It's me! Yep, I have my own account as well as a Wiki!

Next Adventure

Hey Tigerman look I got an idea for the next adventure, so what if both Jaden's, Jeffrey's and Hiccup's group go on an Adventure called Ready Player One right after the movie is out what do you say can you do it? Griffguy25 (talk) 22:06, March 26, 2018 (UTC)


how are you

I saw your message. I am deeply honored to have been promoted to administrator.StevenTheKing (talk) 02:51, April 18, 2018 (UTC)StevenTheKing

Have you seen or are planning to see the Han Solo movie? I’m gonna make it a Poncho’s Adventure and don’t want to spoil it for anybody. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:35, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

Okay. When I add that page, just avoid it because of spoilers and all that. Thanks, Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:44, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

Of course. It seems unreasonable to ask you to plan for something whose plot you know little about yet. I will wait. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:49, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

It’s like the Infinity War or Return of the Jedi of the KH series. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:53, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah. And I know you haven’t seen Infinity War yet, so I won’t spoil anything for you there. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 05:03, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

No problem. I hate spoilers, and I wouldn’t want to do it to someone else. Last Jedi’s Snoke assassination twist was ruined for me becausbeI wouldn’t stay off Wookieepedia. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 05:07, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

*laughs bitterly* Yeah, I did bring it on myself. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 05:18, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

Exactly. Anyway, gonna need to say goodnight Tigerman. It’s been great talking to you and Ren these past few hours. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 05:24, June 8, 2018 (UTC)

Hey man. Just wanted to check on to see if you’re ok after that new KH3 trailer, since Aqua is at the heart of your adventure series. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 20:53, June 11, 2018 (UTC)

  • Yeah, Ren told me the plan you guys made. And I’m glad to hear you’re ok. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 21:04, June 11, 2018 (UTC)

I’m glad to hear that. I was a little worried for you both, since some of Reb’s Google+ posts were a wee bit....alarming. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 21:10, June 11, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, are you on board with the idea of a crossover between The Rogues and The Justice Guardians/Team Berk? I've been talking about it with Ren and he seemed open to it, but wanted me to check with you and Aaron first. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:42, June 16, 2018 (UTC)

Great, thank you. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:57, June 16, 2018 (UTC)

Uncle Tigerman, can my team and I guest star in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends meet Steven Universe - Reunite? I saw the episode. If that’s okay with you....

Daddy said it was okay. And I’m waiting for a response from Brermeerkat.


Hi there. I was wondering if rps were allowed here. Sorry just curious. But if u r interested in rping and don’t want to here maybe we can do it on discord or deviantart?

(Vanguardmaster47 (talk) 05:04, July 15, 2018 (UTC))

Ok thanks anyway

(Vanguardmaster47 (talk) 05:16, July 15, 2018 (UTC))

Hey Tigerman, I accidentally uploaded the wrong image. Could you delete please? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:58, August 7, 2018 (UTC)

Thanks. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:03, August 7, 2018 (UTC)

Tigerman, I had no idea you were a Paper Mario fan as well. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 23:23, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

It is a fun game. Watt was so since she was kept in that lantern for so long. I personally like Lady Bow most, but we all have our different tastes. Out of curiosity, which consoles do you have? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 01:00, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Okay, because with a Wii you can get some sort of port for the GameCube and play the sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and the third one, Super Paper Mario is also designed for the Wii. And since you have the 3DS you could also get Sticker Star, though many, including myself, think it is the most boring one in thw series. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 01:25, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

So what made you so interested in the game all of a sudden? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 02:02, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, it is a good game. Glad I helped introduce you to it. :) Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:18, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

And hey, I've been saying this to Ren a lot lately, but since it's been around a year since I first came on this site, thanks for being so welcoming and all. Especially considering that I was among the people in the community central forums who made you guys unprotect all your pages. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:34, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Me too. :) Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:40, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

I'm curious...how did you meet Ren and find this wiki? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:18, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Hmmm...I'd go Chris Pratt for Lakilester, Kate McKinnon for Lady Bow, and Resse Witherspoon for Lady Bow (as well as Goombella from Thousand-Year door). That's all Incan think off right now. Who did you have in mind? :) Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 03:46, August 14, 2018 (UTC)

I have to say, you have some good ideas. It's nice to have another Paper Mario fan on here (though I think Aaron might be one too, not sure though). Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 04:38, August 14, 2018 (UTC)

Anyway, I have to go to bed, sorry. It was fun talking with you Tigerman. Hope to do so again soon. G'night. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 05:21, August 14, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, Tigerman, do you remember a couple of months ago when I said I might be doing a crossover with you guys sometime in the future and asked if you were alright with that? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 15:52, August 17, 2018 (UTC)

Sort of. I suggested to Ren that we do Paper Mario, and he might be open to it. I just thought you'd like to know. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 18:57, August 17, 2018 (UTC)

Do you know much about the sequels? Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 19:20, August 17, 2018 (UTC)

Alright, just curious. Yo.-User:Fan26 (Talk) 19:25, August 17, 2018 (UTC)

I noticed that your team is mentioned on this page as guest starring in this bizarre adventure. Ren says he never gave permission, but did you?Fan26 (Talk) 00:01, September 8, 2018 (UTC)

In that case, would you like me to remove it? Fan26 (Talk) 00:55, September 8, 2018 (UTC)

I know everyone of upset about Aqua being courrpt at the end of the reveal trailer of KH3, mostly you cause Aqua is Jeffrey's wife, but I believe Dark Aqua ia actually a clone of Aqua created by Xehanort somehow.

I'm guessing you looked into TTYD? ;) Fan26 (Talk) 04:30, October 8, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, he's a pretty fun character. Damn, they all are. It's a good game-glad you like it so far. Oh and by the way, I know this isn't a widely-done thing here, but when you leave a message on my page, sign with the four tildes. Thanks. Fan26 (Talk) 04:41, October 8, 2018 (UTC)

Thank you so much. I know it's not a common practice here, but it helps keep my page organized. Later man-love to talk more but busy. See ya soon. Fan26 (Talk) 04:53, October 8, 2018 (UTC)

Yo, I'm toying with the idea of adding Vivian to my team. Wanted to check to make sure I'm not interfering if you're thinking the same thing. Fan26 (Talk) 17:52, October 12, 2018 (UTC)

I thought that was already on tab as the crossover I might do with you guys.Fan26 (Talk) 21:32, October 12, 2018 (UTC)

Okay, just checking. I did ask Ren about a month ago, and he essentially said what you said to me-I'm not sure if he remembers though. Better go ask him.

Oh, and thanks for letting me have Viv btw. Kinda blew past that before. Fan26 (Talk) 21:42, October 12, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I know. and hey, how far into the game walkthroughs have you gotten, if I may? Fan26 (Talk) 21:51, October 12, 2018 (UTC)

So that'd be about Twilight Town then? And I see you added PM and PM TTYD to your upcoming adventures section. Fan26 (Talk) 14:09, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

Well I don't mean to be a dick (and sorry in advance. I probably am) about this, but since I was told my team would be in those adventures, why are they neglected in the titles. Fan26 (Talk) 20:44, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

.....I've been relegated to guest star status? Fan26 (Talk) 20:55, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

Thank you. Fan26 (Talk) 21:08, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

Is something wrong? Fan26 (Talk) 21:13, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

I'm sorry to hear that man. What's going on? Fan26 (Talk) 21:39, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

Hey tigerman, if we do the into the Spider-Verse thing I had a great idea for a little prologue of sorts. Like with Ernie and Bertin Elmo 8n Grouchland, I vome out and great the viewers, set up the basics of the story but then The two Pinkie Pies, Discord and The Mask pop in for sone more fourth wall breaking comedy. --Andy Gott (talk) 14:39, February 5, 2019 (UTC)

Hey I've got another idea for the crossover. What if each adventure team did a comic book origin like the Spider heroes did, starting with the titular character of said adventure team? --Andy Gott (talk) 01:09, March 24, 2019 (UTC)


Hey man how goes it?

(Vanguardmaster47 (talk) 22:11, October 25, 2018 (UTC))

Same here’s. Btw I really like your character Jeffrey :)

(Vanguardmaster47 (talk) 00:46, October 26, 2018 (UTC))


I discussed this with Ren last night-however given the work situation he's dealing with right now, the negative way I seemed to present it made him feel bad, and he didn't feel like talking about it apparently. To be clear: I am not messaging you in an underhanded attempt to go behind his back. I'm talking to you about this instead of him because the last thing I want to do is make him feel bad or ordered around right now. The issue in question is the pages that are still protected. While I understand that they are mostly of things specific to you guys' series, there is still no reason to have them protected. I understand you are worried about vandals or people "taking control", but it takes only a few clicks to undo a bad edit, and then a few more to block them or warn them, respectively. By preventing people from making legitimate contributions (grammar, formatting, etc.), you're unfortunately violating the Terms of Use. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, though I'm open to further discussion and will answer any questions you have. Fan26 (Talk) 00:55, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for being reasonable about this. If there are any questions you have, let me know. Fan26 (Talk) 01:01, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I know it's important to you guys. I care about you and don't want anything to happen, least of all another Mitch Fluoride. Fan26 (Talk) 01:11, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

My apologies. Fan26 (Talk) 01:15, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

That's understandable, given what he did. Are you worried that similar situations might happen should every page be unprotected? Fan26 (Talk) 01:20, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I understand that-it probably refers to cities his team has visited or something-but why are we talking about Connor suddenly? Fan26 (Talk) 01:26, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

No, I was just talking about unprotecting most of the currently protected pages. Sorry if my statements were a little vague or something. Fan26 (Talk) 01:31, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I can see why, though would you mind elaborating on your reason (just to make sure we're on the same page).Fan26 (Talk) 01:36, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I understand that. But are you saying you'd have to go back and manually put everything back in?Fan26 (Talk) 01:45, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I'm a little confused as to what you mean, but if you're not sure how to explain it, just keep trying like you did and I'll try to understand what you mean-I'm patient buddy. :) Fan26 (Talk) 01:51, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

What...types of things, if I may? Fan26 (Talk) 01:58, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I understand. Thanks for telling me-knowing will help me understand you better and improve our relationship. Though when I was talking about manually adding everything back to Jeffrey, I was just wondering if you knew about the undo button. Fan26 (Talk) 02:10, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

The way you worded your bit about Jeffrey and why you feel his page should still be protected made me think you didn't, but that was probably just me, sorry. You do get why most (including, yes, the adventure episode pages) have to be unprotected though, right? Fan26 (Talk) 02:20, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Is there any particular reason you'd rather I not? Fan26 (Talk) 02:25, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I get what you mean. The way you worded it confused me a little-but I understand the exact phrasing sometimes confuses you, as we just discussed. :) If you could tell Ren about this and get him to talk to me about it, either when it seems like the situation at his Target has calmed down or after a week, whichever comes first, I'd appreciate that. Thanks. Fan26 (Talk) 02:55, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

In a bit of a lighter tone...I was wondering how you found this wiki and Ren and all that. Did you stumble across it through google, or had you encountered him online somewhere else? Fan26 (Talk) 03:38, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I can see why-you two work well together and he probably wanted to make you more involved in the video making process. How'd you two first meet? Fan26 (Talk) 03:45, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Shit, buddy. No wonder you guys' bond is so tight. Fan26 (Talk) 03:59, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

Anyway, I need to sign off. Night man-see you tomorrow. Fan26 (Talk) 04:02, November 12, 2018 (UTC)

I heard about your father Tigerman, and I'm sorry for you. I know we're not as close as you are with Ren, but I'd be there for you if I could.Fan26 (Talk) 16:57, December 13, 2018 (UTC)

I'm thinking of you-I know this can't be easy. Fan26 (Talk) 19:56, December 13, 2018 (UTC)

I'm glad to be there for you. Fan26 (Talk) 23:35, December 13, 2018 (UTC)

my bad

ThePenguinRocks67 (talk) 01:17, December 16, 2018 (UTC)ThePenguinRocks67

Hey, happy new year man.