Hello everybody. I'm Warriorking849. I'm new around here but I've been following the wiki for a while. I hope that we can all be chums. Anyways, so I had an idea for that Last Jedi adventure for Ren and Rtgoh1 might want to think about. (Again, this is just a suggestion. This is you guys' wiki.) 

Anyways, so I was thinking it'd be kinda cool if part of the reason that Luke gets all depressed in Last Jedi and gives up on the Jedi and the Galaxy is that Master Xehanort(or like one of his incarnations) is actually influencing Luke and making him doubt and disbelief. There could even be a cool fight where Aqua battles whichever Xehanort to free Luke from their control. 

Anyways, just a thought. :) 

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