Hello all. Assuming you haven't seen it already, just so you know major changes are on their way.

Don't worry! Nearly everything will still be the same.

  • The content of the wiki will stay the same.
  • All edit histories will stay the same, it seems.
  • Individual user rights will stay the same. For those of us who are admins, we'll still be admins (albeit possibly with a different group name and some minor tweaking to the specific things admins can do)
  • Jaden's Adventures Wiki will still be Jaden's Adventures Wiki. We will not be forcibly merged with some other wiki, or experience a massive increase in the amount of new users.

Article comments are going away as a function. I don't know what this means (will old comments still be visible or will they be deleted) and what they'll be replaced with, but it's not a big change that seriously affects us.

This is part of some overall change on the FANDOM platform as a whole, that involves changing the underlying software and other technical things. I think it might change the interface (how the site looks), but nothing can be done to stop it.

Fan26 (Talk) 18:39, October 26, 2019 (UTC)

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