I Saw what Happen, Ren you're not felt Left out!!!! I thought you can join us by doing a Scene in Reunited, but you said you had to go to bed cause you had an earlier shift. and I understand that, I didn't mean to left you out, I just wanted fro you to join us for a Scene. cause we don't want to left out. maybe you're overreacting. You and Tigerman531 always being together, he's your internet brother for God sakes, he stood up for you, he's there for you with your problems, he even loves your ideas, he join us when we made "The Return of The Horned King"!!!!! and He even love your posts and jokes!!!!!! He loves you Ren, so am I and everybody else, Don't Think Tigerman531 is your enemy just you think you felt left out, But, You're not Left out!!!!!!! You're our Buddy, my Partner, Our friend, and out Online family Member!!!!!! and tigerman531, Ren does not Hate you, He's just overreacting!!!!! Don't feel bad about that!!! Don't quit for us, We need you!!!! if you guys think he's felt left out because we made a scene without him, it's me, you guys should blame me for what I started, I wanted all of us doing a scene together, because I wanted to get into the good parts. but, Ren had to go to sleep, cause he had a job. so guys, please, don't start a Disagreement. Try to Reconcile.

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