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I'm Ben Maza, I'm a Star Wars, Disney, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z Fanatic, I Make Music Video's Parody's, Make Tutorial's, Fandub's, and Cover Dubs and Also A Artist and Writer, My YouTube Page Is Obviously Lord Ben Maza, and AlsoHave a Deviant Art Page With My OLD Username back in 2012 Before It Was Deleted By Copy Right Nonsense, benskywalker101, So Feel Free To Ask Me Anything :D


Elsamagic Let it go, let it go, this user can't hold it back anymore.
2000px-Standing Osiris edit1.svg
This user is a follower of Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld.
Star Wars Logo.svg This user loves the Star Wars Saga.
Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440 This user is a HUGE Disney fan.
Baymax Render
This user is a huggable robot.
Rapunzel and pascal
This user had the best day ever with Rapunzel!
This user is best buds with Genie.
MLP Discord
This user uses his magic for good instead of evil.

Jaden Yuki

This user wants you to get your game on.
Character01 - ariel
This user will someday be part of your world.

Lionking3d450 This user loves the film The Lion King.
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix 2 (Art) This user loves the universe of the Kingdom Hearts series.
Kingdom Key
This user has been chosen by the Keyblade.
R2-D2 Droid This user is a fan of R2-D2 Beep.

Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 6
This user is super duper party planner.

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