Triple Play 2 is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


Mirage sends the Three Masked Knights to face the Justice Guardians in a triple Duel. Jeffrey duels Anger Mask, Xion faces Laughter Mask, and Aqua faces Silent Mask.


  • Mirage and the Three Masked Knights will guest star in this.


Xion vs. Laughter Mask

  • Laughter Mask: *laughs*
  • Xion: What are you laughing at?
  • Laughter Mask: *laughs* You're a riot!
  • Xion: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Tammy: I don't get it.....
  • DJ: And I thought the Joker was weird.
  • Laughter Mask: We'll see who's laughing after this! *draws a card* I play a face down and summon Fool Clown in Attack Mode! *Fool Clown gets summoned* And when he's on the field, all the cards in my hand go to the Graveyard! *laughs* Isn't that hysterical?!? *laughs*
  • Xion: *sarcastically* Funny.
  • Laughter Mask: What? You've heard that one?
  • Xion: Too many times.
  • Laughter Mask: How about this? *puts his cards in the Graveyard* This one's a real knee-jerker!
  • (An explosion takes place on Xion's side of the field)
  • Xion: Whoa!
  • Tammy: XION!!!!!!
  • Mirage: *laughs as she watches* This is turning out better than I hoped.
  • Laughter Mask: *has three cards taken out of his Graveyard* Fool Clown also allows me to remove Rough Exploder from my Graveyard. *laughs* Which means you lose 500 points for each one! And since I sent three to the Graveyard- *laughs* - you lose - *laughs* - a lot!!!! *laughs*
  • (Xion's Life points drop to 2500)
  • Xion: *growls*
  • Laughter Mask: Do you get it?! Do you?! Do you?! *laughs* Now that was a good one!
  • Xion: You won't be laughing when I'm done!
  • Laughter Mask: Wow. Tough crowd.
  • Tammy: This guy's not funny at all!
  • DJ: I know, right?
  • Xion: I summon Cyber Harpie Lady in attack mode! *Cyber Harpie Lady gets summoned* Then I activate Cyber Shield, giving Cyber Harpie Lady an additional 500 attack points! *The card's attack points increase from 1800 to 2300!* Now Cyber Harpie Lady, get rid of that Fool Clown!

Jeffrey vs. Anger Mask

  • Anger Mask: I'm in a bad mood, so watch out!
  • Jeffrey: I'd control my temper if i were you, bub.
  • Anger Mask: Don't tell me what to do, "bub"!!!
  • Jeffrey: Then make your move already. I haven't got all day.
  • Anger Mask: Whatever! *draws a card* I'll throw a face down. And summon Anchor Knight in Attack Mode! *Anchor Knight is summoned* You like that?! He'll rip your head off!!
  • Jeffrey: Let him try.
  • Anger Mask: You ain't seen nothing yet! *discards three cards* Because for each of these discards, you get whacked for 600 points!!!
  • (Anchor Knight attacks Jeffrey)
  • Jeffrey: *groans* Not bad, but it'll take more than that to beat me.
  • Anger Mask: What's the matter, Jeffrey?! Don't you know that anger is a gift?!
  • Jeffrey: In my experience, anger is dangerous.
  • Anger Mask: Lucky for you I'm feeling generous today!!
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • Jaden: Be careful, big bro!
  • Jeffrey: I'll be all right, little bro.
  • Anger Mask: Hey! It's your move!!
  • Jeffrey: I summon Big Shield Gardna in defense mode. *Big Shield Gardna is summoned* Then I place two cards down and end my turn. *puts two cards down*
  • Anger Mask: What's the matter?! You're not gonna attack?!
  • Jeffrey: Not until I want to. *thinks to himself* Because I have a feeling you got something planned.
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