Tricks of the Treats is a upcoming episode in Tales From The Shadow Realm.


Mack and Jack enjoy pulling off tricks on Halloween that they get too carried away with it. The Justice Guardians get so fed up with their antics that they decide to pull a big trick on the two themselves.



Turning the Tables

  • Tammy: *wipes the egg yolks off her* I can't believe you're related to those two little creeps, Snowflake!!!
  • Snowflake: You and me both, Tam!!
  • Sweetie Belle: Someone has to teach those two some manners!!!
  • Baby Lily: Those meanies...
  • Snowflake: They're not mean, Lily. They're just very immature.
  • Xion: She's right. And it was also wrong of them to do this to us.
  • DJ: I kinda regret telling them about trick-or-treating now...
  • Scootaloo: I say we teach them a lesson!
  • Snowflake: ...!!! Please!!! I know they're obnoxious, and I even find them to be annoying, but PLEASE don't hurt them!!! I promised my mommy that I wouldn't have them hurt!!!
  • Xion: We won't let that happen. They won't get hurt.
  • Snowflake: I do wanna teach them a lesson, but not in a way where they could get hurt.
  • Xion: We may need help.
  • Midna: .........! *smirks* They like pranks, we'll give them a prank ourselves!!
  • DJ: You mean prank them?
  • Midna: Yes. You know. "Give them a taste of their own medicine."
  • Tammy: That could work!
  • Snowflake: As long as it'll just scare them. I don't want this prank to hurt them.
  • DJ: We'll make sure they won't get hurt.
  • Snowflake: Oh thank you, DJ. *licks his cheek*
  • DJ: *purrs*
  • Apple Bloom: Now... what can we do for a prank...?
  • Xion: ...I could call the Evershade Valley ghosts for help.
  • ???????: Perhaps I can be of assistance.
  • (Princess Luna arrives)
  • Xion: Princess Luna!
  • (The kids and Midna bow before her)
  • Princess Luna: Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I can't help but notice you have a problem with your brothers, young Snowflake.
  • Snowflake: Sadly, yes.
  • DJ: They've gotten carried away with the whole "trick" part of "trick or treat."
  • Princess Luna: It seems they've yet to learn that some jokes are not always funny.