Trial of a King is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


The current king of the Skytsengel dragons is about to resign as his place as king, and a new king must be made. The Skytsengel's vote Dragon-Jeffrey to be their king, and he must go through a task to see if he's worthy to be their leader.


  • SPOILER ALERT: Jeffrey, Aqua, and Xion become a king, queen and princess in this episode.
  • King Mickey will guest star in this.


King Jeffrey

  • (The hundreds of Skytsengel dragons bow before Dragon-Jeffrey)
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • (The other members of the Justice Guardians bow too)
  • (The Skytsengel's roar in pride for Dragon-Jeffrey)
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *sheds a happy tear and walks to Jaden*
  • Jaden: *smiles* You never cease to amaze me, big brother. *hugs Dragon-Jeffrey and sheds happy tears* Congratulations.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *growls happily and sheds happy tears too* Thanks, little bro.
  • Jaden: *pets Dragon-Jeffrey's snout* You'll make a wonderful king to the other Skytsengel dragons.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • Dragon-Aqua: *smiles and licks Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek* I knew you could do it, my cuddly dragon.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles and licks Dragon-Aqua's cheek* I love you, my ocean queen.
  • Dragon-Xion: *licks Dragon-Jeffrey's cheek too* I love you, daddy. You're the best.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* Thank you, my little princess.
  • King Mickey: *smiles* See? I told you you had what it takes to become a king.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* Thanks for believing in me.
  • King Mickey: *smiles* Speaking of which, now that you're king, it's time to make it official with a coronation.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • King Mickey: Oh! *smiles* And that goes for your wife and daughter too!
  • Dragon-Xion: *smiles*

The Coronation

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