Tiny (Voiced by Aaron Bybee) is the main hero in the film The 7th Brother, and Tiny Heroes.

Tiny is a young puppy who lives with his owner, Angie, who lives with her grandfather. Tiny end up separated from both of them during a storm after their car broke down and chased a frog into the woods. Tiny was discovered by 6 rabbit siblings, J.C.,Rebecca, Marty, Joanna, Cody and Mimi. At first, they see him as a monster who wants to eat them, but they eventually help him so he wouldn't be lonely. Tiny fought a fox before he can eat J.C., he and the rabbits scare off a group of hunters out of the woods. Tiny soon became a seventh brother to the siblings and met their mother and father, who let him stay with them. When a down pour flooded the burrow, Tiny saved his friends, but got sick in the aftermath due to being bit by a ferret. With the help of Dr. Albert E. Owl, Tiny's friends take Tiny home to his owner and her grandfather. They may be different, but they're still family.


  • Tiny will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends Meet The Seventh Brother.
  • In the Thunderbolts Adventure Series, Tiny is Little Betty's boyfriend.


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