These are stories involving the Thunderbolts preparing for Thanksgiving Day.


Chapter 1: Preparing the Thanksgiving feast

  • (Courtney is in the kitchen, preparing the feast for Thanksgiving)
  • Courtney: *hums as she gets out some cooking supplies and a cook book*
  • (While Courtney was working on the Thanksgiving feast, Peridot and Lapis spy on her)
  • Lapis: *whispers to Peridot* Hey, Peridot? What's Courtney doing over there in the kitchen?
  • Peridot: I'm pretty suspicious about her... I can't believe that she just gets out some supplies for whatever reason...
  • Courtney: Peridot! Lapis! I know that's you! Come on out!
  • Lapis: How did you know that it was us?
  • Courtney: I can sense you from a mile away. Any ways, I'm preparing a Thanksgiving feast! Wanna help me?
  • Peridot: I don't know what a feast is, but we'll help you with everything!
  • (Lapis and Peridot help Courtney with the Thanksgiving feast)
  • Courtney: *puts the raw turkey in the sink*
  • (The raw turkey falls onto Courtney's head as she struggles to get it off)
  • Courtney: Hey! Who turned out the lights?!
  • Peridot: *struggles to hold in a laugh*
  • Lapis: *snickers*
  • Zak: *comes in the kitchen* Hey, Peridot and Lapis! What's going-...! *holds in a laugh* Oh, this is priceless! *calls out for the others* Hey, guys! Come see this!
  • (The Thunderbolts come in and see Courtney with the turkey on her head)

Chapter 2: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  • Courtney: *hops up and down on the couch, excitedly* Come on, guys! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is about to start! Hurry up!
  • Zak: Okay, Courts. We're coming!
  • Little Betty: I can't wait to see the parade! I wonder if there's gonna be any new floats!
  • Anakin: It's a shame that Jeffrey, Jaden and the Justice Guardians couldn't make it to watch the parade with us.
  • Courtney: Yeah, they have their own responsibilities and saving the world and stuff...
  • Steven: I can't wait to see all the balloons and floats!
  • Courtney: My favorite balloon from the parade is Pikachu! I'm a big fan of Pokémon!
  • Eclipse: That balloon is always your favorite, Courtney....
  • Zak: *grabs the TV remote* Let's get this parade underway! *turns on the TV with the remote*

Chapter 3: The Young Six's first Thanksgiving

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