Thornado is Stoick's Thunderdrum dragon. He was named for having the "power of Thor" and the "ferocity of a Tornado" ("besides it's the only thing he responds to").

Like his Rider, Thornado is quite stubborn, but he's very strong and pretty fast as Toothless (and Rainbow Dash). Stoick released Thornado so he can take care of baby Thunderdrums.

Abilities and Skills

Thornado is perferct match for Stoick because of the abilities is better then Toothless for power and Protection.

  • Strength: Though not fully grown as a Thunderdrum, Thornado has extremely powerful, he is munch stronger and more helpful then Topthless. Showing to be able to support both Stoick and Gobber without any signs of stress, as well as being used to tow two ships out to sea with Stoick on his back. His tail strength can grab Stoick easily to lift. In Live and Let Fly, Stoick caught a boulder fired from a catapult while flying Thornado, and the dragon did not even flinch.
  • Sonic Roar: As a Thunderdrum it can deliver a powerful sonic blast (see Fire Types). This can either be launched as a scattering wave to push smaller objects away, or concentrated to be strong enough to knock down larger foes. It has proven powerful enough to briefly stun a Screaming Death. When combined with Toothless's Plasma Blast, the resulting shower of sparks can disorient a foe and cause widespread damage.
  • Aquatic: Thornado, being a Tidal Class dragon, is fully capable of traveling at great speeds under water. Can hold his breath for long time.
  • Acrobatics and Speed: Thornado has a very flexible tail that can wrap around Stoick's body. Thornado's speed is shown to be fast enough to catch up to Toothless with his rider.
  • Fighting Style: Thornado is an excellent fighter having fought against Stoick the vast using his headbutt and tailwhip. He was also able to fight wild boars with his tail. He mostly use his Sonic Roar against his enemy's showing to be extremely powerful dragon.
  • Loyalty: Thornado is loyal to Stoick, seen standing at his side when Stoick was paralyzed from the Speed Stingers' venom. This shows his concern for his rider. Thornado has also learned to come by Stoick's whistle
  • Protective: Was shown to protect his friend from harm and shown in Bing! Bam! Boom!, Thornado was very protective towards the baby Thunderdrums as they get attacked by wild dragons on Dragon Island.
  • Endurance and Stamina: Thornado's body is tough enough to take Stoick's strength while taking damage for a few times. His stamina was shown to be great enough to take the damage to travel at high speeds to get Stoick to fly. 


  • Thornado will join Hiccup's team with Stoick.
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