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The Void is a giant mass akin to a black hole that can be called forth by the Dark Prognisticus and the Chaos Heart. Both Count Bleck and Dimentio desired to use it to end all worlds, the former out of grief over losing his one true love, and the latter because he wished to create a perfect world.

It was presumably destroyed when Mario defeated Dimentio. However, a small piece of it remained, and was subsequently collected by the then-new organization known as Interdimensional Black Ops.


  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Adventure Mode, the large patch of Subspace that Subspace Bombs leave resemble the Void.
  • The Void is similar to the similarly-named Void from Final Fantasy V. Both are inter-dimensional rifts controlled by the main villain of the story to consume worlds and leave nothing behind. They are even similar in appearance.
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