The Spectre (Voiced by Mark Hamill) is an agent of violence vengeance who deliver brutal justice on criminals.

He was once am an named Jim Corrigan, a detective who dead when we was encased in a barrel with cement and drowned in the river.

He is denied accuses to the afterlife when a disembodied voice gave Corrigan supernatural power, and return to Earth to wipe to all crime of the planet, thus the Spectre was born.

Spectre have an undying lust for vengeance to punish the guilty with extreme prejudice.

In the Brave and the Bold episode, Chill of the Night, he and the Phantom Stranger made a bet on Batman's soul when he encounter his parents murderer, Joe Chill. Spectre try to make Batman kill him to avenge his parents death, but Batman refused, thus, losing the bet to the Phantom Stranger.


  • Sometime he'll go to Darkblade Crystalheart and tell him to seek vengeance of those who betrayed him. If not, he'll do it himself.
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