King of The Formless

"You've had your chance. I won't trust you with another." - Skeleton King to Zigzag

The Skeleton King (voiced by Mark Hamill) is the leader of The Formless Minions, & is the main antagonist of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! He was once an alchemist, which is a person who can combine Science & Magic into one, before he was tainted by the dark ones, mainly The Heartless. He was once kind, & helpful, until The Heartless appeared, they tainted his heart with darkness, as he began to warp into becoming a monstrous man. Before this happened, he called upon Athena, to warn the adventure teams of what was to happen to him, & asked her to tell them not to remember him not as a monster, but as the person he was, soon after he left for his home, the evil in his heart has finally consumed him, & he became known as The Skeleton King. The Skeleton King is both, powerful and terrible, with the power to control the forces of the undead.


The Skeleton King is shown as a living breathing talking skeleton. He lives in a floating craft known as, The Citadel of Bone, which can turn into living skull dragon he can ride on. He can even transwarp anyone into something completely different, like change a young person into a senior, or even take his own eyeball, & turn it into a monster. His staff is made of bone, with a small skull on the top, and blades sticking out the sides so he can use it for magic, and as weapon.


  • The Skeleton King will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron Meets Stellaluna, watching them from his citadel.
  • The Skeleton King is like the alternate version of The Horned King.
  • Garry, Ib, & Mary will get scared by The Skeleton King, due to his appearance.
  • The Skeleton King and Joker are two of many roles Mark Hamill did over the years.
  • The Skeleton King is the father of the Supreme King.
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