"I'm aware we're little more than a group of dimension-hopping pirates in an advanced starship crewed by their private army. But hey, that's the dream isn't it? At least, my dream." - Poncho

The Rogues is the name of Poncho's team. They stick together not out of any severe loyalty to one another, but simply because they're all too lazy to actually try to live on their own. They are based on the hijacked frigate Liver of Iron.


The original purpose of the team was for the various founding members to work together to avoid being captured or killed by various groups, namely Interdimensional Black Ops. However, over time, the group's goal evolved into one Poncho, Dogbert, and Rat have all thought about seriously prior to the team's founding: Conquering and ruling over everything.

Despite the apparent lack of progress towards this goal, Poncho has explained this by stating that their plan is simply to wait for all competitors and rivals to be wiped out fighting each other, leaving the Rogues on top. Poncho, Rat and Dogbert are all eager to ignore the apparent flaws or evident lack of progress, in Rat and Poncho's case because they are lazy, and in Dogbert because he conquered Earth a few times, and secretly holds the belief that it is better to be closer to the bottom and fighting your way up then stating on top and doing your best to maintain your position.

At present, the only influence the Rogues wield is through politicians or military officers secretly affiliated with them.


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