Episode 4 poster

The NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee Episode 4 "The Revenge of Jafar" Poster

The Revenge of Jafar was published on Jan 8, 2016 to YouTube. it is the fourth episode in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series The NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee web series.


The sinister Jafar has just been resurrected into a new body and without wasting any time he sends a mind controlled RoboCop to kill Sabrina Spellman. This is due to the magic telepathy barrier that is weakening his evil magic, fortunately Juniper Lee defeated RoboCop bringing him to his senses and She-Ra kills Jafar sending him back to the underworld. but the energy from the mystic lighting staff opens the veil anyway alerting Saw Boss of their location.


  • The episode takes place after Return of Jafar as this is the third time he has been revived.
  • The episode was originally going to be titled "Blood and Metal" but was later changed to "Revenge of Jafar" to reach a wider audience.
  • Roger begins to develop a crush on Sabrina.
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