The Return to Pleasure Island is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden, and Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode that will be created by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Jeffrey, Jaden and the team have been given a special task to stop the evil Coachman's scheme of bringing kids to Pleasure Island where they would do whatever they want, and would make them become donkey's and they would be sold into slavery. The plan is simple. Turn the donkey's back into kids, avoid the Coachman, and destroy the island.


  • Jiminy Cricket, Honest John, Gideon, Officer Jenny will guest star in this.


  • Honest John: We did it, Giddy!!! We made it to safety!!! We're home free!!!
  • Nails: Think again!!! *holds out his gun*
  • (The rest of the ToonTown Police arrive)
  • Officer Jenny: You're under arrest, gentlemen!
  • (Honest John and Gideon raise their hands in the air)
  • Honest John: W-w-w-w-what charges?
  • Bonkers: Well, let's see. There's kidnapping, stealing...
  • Osmosis Jones: Lying and impersonating on several jobs...
  • Shining Armor: And let's not forget your involvement in luring boys to Pleasure Island!!
  • Honest John: Now now, officers.... *chuckles nervously* There must be some kinda misunderstanding. Th-th-th-that's not all me!!! I'm not Honest John! I'm uh......  Honest..... Jim! Yes!!! I'm Honest Jim!!!
  • Gideon: *nods "yes"*
  • Shining Armor: Well, "Honest Jim", you and Gideon are going to jail for a long time.
  • Nails: *puts the handcuffs on Honest John*
  • Honest John: Please no!!! I'm allergic to being arrested!!!
  • Nails: Get used to it.
  • Officer Jenny: *puts handcuffs on Gideon*
  • Gideon: ...?
  • Osmosis Jones: Nothing personal, Giddy. But you shouldn't have been hanging around with someone like Honest John.
  • (The ToonTown Police take Honest John and Gideon away)
  • Jaden: *crosses his arms* About time.
  • Jeffrey: Losers.
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