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"Sssssssssmokin'!" -The Mask's catchphrase.

The Mask (voiced by Rob Paulsen and protrayed by Jim Carrey) is a hilarious, mischievious, but good magical being. Whom ever puts on the Mask will be granted toon-like powers. A man named Stanley Ipkiss found it, and uses it whenever there's danger. Although, an officer thinks he's a criminal.


  • The Mask will be joining Jaden's Adventure team, although it is unknown when it'll happen.
  • The Mask has the same powers as Genie.
  • The Mask will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Mask.
  • In a Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles or Jaden's Adventures Chronicles episode, The Mask will try to make Xion laugh.
  • The Mask is a best friend to Pinkie Pie due to their "cartoonish abilities".


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