Manhunters in Justice League.

GL Manhunters

Manhunters in Green Lantern the Animated Series

"No man escapes the Manhunters" - Manhunters code

The Manhunters are robots created by the Guardians to serve as law enforcement. They don't have emotions and they only know right and wrong.Cause of this, the Manhunters see everything with emotions, which is all life, as a treat to the universe. They destroy an entire sector of space which is renamed, The Forgotten Zone. The Manhunters also attack and destroy Atrocitus home planet, thus creating the Red Lantern Corps.

They soon rebel against their creators The Guardians stopped the rebellion and the Manhunters are banished from service. Eons later,The Manhunters return to seek vengeance and fight the Green Lantern Corps.


  • The Manhunters see everyone with emotions as criminals.