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The Legion of Darkness's Symbol.

The Legion of Darkness is a league of mostly demons with some human villains but is powerful & want more power to consume The Multiverse.

The Legion of Darkness

1. Saiyon (True Leader/General,)

1a. Sailon (Co Leader/General,)

1b. Surtur (False Leader/Captain,)

1c. The Joker (Commander,)

1d. Gorilla Grodd (Captain,)

1e. Poison Ivy (Captain,)

1f. Sinestro (Captain,)

2. Bane,

3. Catwoman,

4. Harley Quinn,

5. Darkseid (2nd General,)

6. Doomsday (Captain,)

7. Darth Revan (Captain) (Resurrected,)

8. The King of The Dead (Captain,)

9. Lex Luthor (Cadet.)

10. Slappy the Dummy (colonel)