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The Legendary Golden Retriever (a.k.a Rover) is a mysterious special dog who is the husband of Princess Celestia, brother-in-law of Princess Luna, and the father of Courtney Elison. He gave up his physical form in order for Courtney to be born into the world. He maybe gone, but he still lives on within Courtney. He was also the one who supported the love of Pear Butter and Bright Mac.


Rover was born as a commoner just like his parents. They lived in Canterlot in a little cottage. His father was a business manager for the high society of Canterlot while his mother was a famous movie actor. One day, he went for a stroll in the gardens of Canterlot until he saw a beautiful Alicorn mare by the name Princess Celestia. Rover felt his heart beating fast, he was love-struck by Celestia's beauty. Rover introduced himself to Celestia and Celestia immediately became friends with Rover. As time went on, Rover and Celestia began to become more than just friends. They became star crossed lovers. But, one day, Rover's father announced that they were moving away. Rover didn't want to move away, he loved Celestia more than anything. The night before Rover and his parents are due to move away, Celestia organized a secret wedding ceremony in the gardens of Canterlot. Rover told Princess Luna and his parents that himself and Celestia were in love with each other. After Mayor Mare pronounces them both husband and wife, they share a kiss to seal their vows. Rover, then tells his parents that Celestia and Luna are a part of his family now and they don't have to move anymore. Instead, they moved into the castle as their new home rather than moving to somewhere else.


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