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The Last Stand Was Published on Jan 30, 2016 to YouTube. it is the fifth episode in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series The NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee web series. as well as the finally to Season 1 concluding the Saw Boss arc set up in the first episode.


After discovering She-Ra has been hiding out on earth. A full-scale invasion has been set into motion, without wasting any time the evil galactic emperor blows up the planet. Sending our hero’s to a parallel universe ruled by Queen La who has been masquerading as Jane Porter. With the help of her team June manages to beat Queen La and steal the lamp containing the Earth 2 Genie, who reverses time to before their own planet got destroyed. With more time on their hands June and company plan a counter attack on the monster mind battle fleet. From there a epic battle ensues with Juniper leading the charge. During her assault she manages to blow up the main reactor on Saw Bosses battle ship causing a nuclear meltdown. The day is won and June officially forms the Te Xuan Ze Adventure Crew. And Lord Saw Boss is trapped in Hell for all eternity.


  • This episode marks the first introduction to Earth 2 as well as other parallel universes.
  • Queen Jane/Queen La is the sol ruler of Earth 2. unlike our earth which shares many Kings/Queens/Princes and Princesses.
  • Sabrina finds a loop hole in the Genies rule of being unable to bring people back from the dead
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