"HULK SMASH!!!!"―Hulk.

Robert Bruce Banner (performed by Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers and onwards and voiced by Fred Tatascoire and Lou Ferrigno) was a normal human scientist until he was exposed to gamma radiation which turned him into a big green monster called the Hulk. He is one of the first five founding heroes of the Avengers and serves as the main powerhouse of the team.


  • Transformation: Due to the gamma radiation that has mutated his body, Bruce Banner is able to transform between his normal, unpowered human form and the form of one of the most powerful superhumans on Earth. Bruce can activate by force of will. In addition, this transformation has led to a dual consciousness, with one being Bruce Banner and the other the Hulk. As of now, the Hulk is in charge of their shared body. He has only transformed back into Banner a handful of times.
  • Superhuman Strength: As the Hulk, he has virtually unlimited superhuman strength at his disposal. He is strong enough to match his teammate Thor in combat, as well as break through the incredibly powerful gravitational influences of the villain Graviton. He is easily able to heft objects like tanks with one hand and use them akin to a baseball bat. This strength also allows him to leap incredible distances. The Hulk's strength increases when he is angry, and this is something that has led to the downfall of many villains. It is said when the hulk is "Calm" he can lift up to 90 tons. But when enraged or exited, the Hulk's strength grows to where he can lift easily over 100 tons.
  • Weaponizing: As the Hulk, he had to make something useful out from any object he can find and used them as melee and ranged weapons like tanks, missile launchers, signboards, cars on foes.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Hulk can heal even the most serious wounds within seconds.
  • Superhuman Durability: As the Hulk, Banner possesses near-invulnerability toward all types of harm. He has been struck with bullets, laser cannons, powerful magical and technological energy blasts, and falls from great heights with no injury. His Durability is similar to that of Thor


  • He has the Gamma Blaster which is a band that can shoot gamma blasts and maximize the force of hulks blows 



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