The Duelist of Notre Dame is an upcoming movie spoof created by Ren the God of Humor.


Jesse Anderson as Quasimodo

Alexis Rhodes as Esemerelda

Jaden Yuki as Captain Phoebus

Judge Doom as Judge Claude Frollo

The Mask as Hugo

Gru as Victor

Sargent Calhoun as Laverne

North as The Archdeacon

Marty as Djali

Megamind as Clopin

Minion as Clopin's puppet

Hades and Jafar as The Guard Leaders

Rothbart as the Torturer

Sapphire Pegasus as Achilles

Shrek and Fiona as Quasimodo's parents


  • This spoof will have a direct effect on the Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures series.
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