The Duelist King is an upcoming movie spoof of "The Lion King" to be created by Ren the God of Humor.


  • Sora as Young Simba
  • Jaden Yuki as Adult Simba
  • Kairi as Young Nala
  • Alexis Rhodes as Adult Nala
  • Yugi as Mufasa
  • Téa Gardna as Sarabi
  • Yami Marik as Scar
  • Queen Chrysalis as Shenzi
  • The Chameleon as Banzai
  • King Candy as Ed
  • Berkeley Beetle as Timon
  • Garfield as Pumbaa
  • Nails the Spider as Zazu
  • King Julien as Rafiki
  • Mai Valentine as Sarafina


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