The Doctor incarnations

The Doctor is a man who helps out all people in need, and is The Main Protagonist in the BBC TV show Doctor Who. He is a Timelord that comes from the planet of Gallifrey, who escaped a battle called The Time War, and escaped with a time machine called, the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, and whenever he grows elderly or is dieing from injuries, he regenerates into a new person. The Doctor is armed with a Sonic Screwdriver which can help out in any needed situation. The Doctor also has a strange craving for ginger colored parts. The Doctor is one of the most greatest adventures ever known, especially with his battles a rival Time Lord called The Master, The Daleks, and The Cybermen. The Doctor was actually once a renouned human scientst named Dr. Foreman, who was a master inventor, however, his latest inventian, caused him to land on Gallifrey, and aided in winning The Time War against The Daleks. At that time he was given a minor transformation, and became A War Hero, and was made a Timelord, a Sonic Screwdriver, and the powers of Regeneration, thus becoming The Doctor he is today.



  • The Doctor will appear in the near future.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Doctor appears as a Pony called Doctor Whooves.
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