Terra (Teen Titans)
Terra aka Tara Markov (voiced by Ashley Johnson) is a young girl who has the ability to use earth-bending powers. Slade saw how Terra uses her powers and decides to make her his apprentice. However, when Slade takes advantage of her loyalty towards the Teen Titans, she nearly destroys the Teen Titans. Unfortunately, the Titans survived and convinced her to change her ways and fight against Slade. She later redeemed herself by turning against Slade and stopping a volcano from erupting, but that act entombed her in stone.


  • After Aftershock Part 2, the team will say that they're uncertain if they'll ever truly trust Terra again because of what she did.
  • Terra wiping out Jaden, Aqua, Xion, Alexis and everyone else on the team is the second most angry moment Jeffrey ever gets.
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