ChainofCommand Tarantulas firing

"I LIVE! (snickering)" - Tarantuals being built.

Tarantulas (voiced by Alec Willows) is a Predacon who serves The Predaking, and works as the teams scientist. he learned that their creator was once a cybertronian, but doesn't let that bother, for what his master did was lead toward a new war after The Cybertronian Wars were over, These became known as, The Beast Wars. Tarantulas was snister, crafty, witty, and loaded with scientifc, lust for conducting diabolical experiments, so he can get a meal.

Beast Mode

TheWeb Tarantulas beast mode
Tarantulas's has a beast mode just like The Predaking. Only when he transforms, he turns himself into the creature he called himself, a type of spider called, the Tarantula. but with purple skin, yellow trimmings, and a green mouth loaded with poison. When in Robot Mode, the eight legs become rapid fire guns, and he has claws for hands.


  • Tarantulas will be seen in the future with his fellow Predacons, and his leader, Predaking.
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