Baby Skye

These are stories starring Baby Skye, the adopted daughter of Courtney Elison and XR.

Story 1: Skye and Lily's Playdate

  • (Courtney is dropping off Skye at the Justice Guardian's estate)
  • Courtney: Be good for the Justice Guardians, Skye. I'll be back when my responsibilities as leader and princess are all done!
  • Baby Skye: What if I don't have any fun?
  • Courtney: Don't worry, Skye. You'll have tons of things to do for fun. Besides, you got Lily, Xion, the cubs, and Aqua to watch over you.
  • Baby Skye: *hugs Courtney* Bye, mommy. I'll miss you...
  • Courtney: I'll miss you too, sweetheart. Have fun! *leaves*
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