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"That's Queen Sweetie!"- Sweetie.

Sweetie (Voiced by Anya Cooke) is a villain in Paw Patrol. Sweetie was shown to be antagonistic, sneaky, greedy and spoiled rotten. She tends to fake being nice when around the princess and earl. She doesn't appear to be afraid of the PAW Patrol, as she has invited and mockingly told them to "catch" her after stealing the Barkingburg royal crown. She owns a robotic toy frog named Busby. When her plans go wrong or she is punished, she tends to blame others for her mistakes, primarily directing her anger towards her toy frog Busby.


  • After jet to the rescue, van will find a way to reform sweetie fully and she will join the kamen Rider club z along with the rest of the paw patrol as kamen rider ascalon, using her wonder ride book Ken no on’na, mūran (based on mulan) in the Seiken swordriver
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