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Sprout (voiced by Frank Welker) is Experiment 509 of Dr. Jumba's Experimnets.
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Primary Function

Sprout can grow much faster than ordinary vegetation. He can also root into the ground and sprout a destructive forest of vicious duplicates. He has burrowing capabilities, and sends out tendrils that grow new heads and act like weeds but with replicas of Sprout's head. Looks like harmless plant one moment but suddenly rises up like savage beast and attacks (as stated by Jumba in "Sprout"). He can produce seed pods and launch them into space, where they cling to asteroids. One of these pods landed on the island and grew into a "Sproutling" (509-A) that carried out Sprout's original programming before being neutralized.


If the original Sprout's roots are separated from the forest and contained, the rest of the forest will die off. Sprout is also vulnerable to plant-trimming or weed-cutting machines, such as a tractor or lawn mower.


  • His one true place is atop the pineapple water tower.
  • Sprout is an obvious parody of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Sprout has shown to be skilled in playing the drums.
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