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Spacegodzilla is a clone of Godzilla, and the main antagonist in Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla. Spacegodzilla is one of Godzilla's most powerful enemies ever known since King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla. Spacegodzilla is in fact Godzilla DNA sent into a black hole, but came out through a white hole enhanced from the explosion of stars, giving him the power over crystals that he can create, then use as energy resources, which are shown on his shoulders. Spacegodzilla's plan was to destroy Godzilla and rule the United Universe, but failed when his two Shoulder crystals were destroyed along with his crystal kingdom. However, he miraculously survived and was reborn, thanks to Bowser's master, The Ancient Minister. Spacegodzilla is pretty much out of this world, mainly because he was created in outer space. Spacegodzilla also has the ability to change into a flight mode when he wants to attack from the air. In this mode he has more crystals coming out of his back, making him more dangerous than ever before. Spacegodzilla even battles against Mewtwo, mainly due to the fact that part of his DNA was used when he was created. Spacegodzilla only weakness is that his shoulder crystal are easily destroyed so his demise is only capable of doing so with his crystal all destroyed, including his shoulder crystals.



  • Spacegodzilla will become Aaron's enemy in the future.
  • Spacegodzilla will become Arik's enemy in the future.
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