Slappy Squirrel
Animaniacs - The Sunshine Squirrels-0

Animaniacs - The Sunshine Squirrels-0

A classic episode of "Animaniacs" featuring Slappy

Slappy Squirrel (voiced by Sherri Stoner) is a cranky old squirrel from the TV show Animaniacs. Slappy was once a cartoon star in the Looney Tunes troupe, but now is elderly and lives in a tree in Burbank, California. She often crosses tracks with her old nemeses, like Walter Wolf and Benny the Brain-Dead Bison, who want revenge. She also has a young nephew named Skippy, whom she raises.


  • Slappy, being a past Looney Tune, is good friends with Bugs and Daffy. It's brought up at least once how odd it is that Slappy seems to be the only Looney Tune who's aged at all ("Beats me, Doc. Far as I'm consoined, all da Looney Tunes are timeless," Bugs remarks). She and Skippy will join the team in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Wakko's Wish.
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