Skippy Squirrel (voiced by Nathan Ruegger) is a character from the animated TV show Animaniacs.

Skippy is a young squirrel who lives with his aunt Slappy Squirrel in a tree in Burbank, California. He is perky and optimistic, but has a wicked sense of humor and comic timing, like his aunt. Whenever Slappy is in trouble, Skippy is always willing to help, and vice versa.

Skippy, however, being a kid, is still naive at times. When he sees the movie Bumpie, he is unconsolable over the movie death of Bumpie's mom until Slappy takes him to meet the actress who played her.


  • We never find out who Skippy's parents are.
  • Skippy and Slappy are both friends of the Looney Tunes, so they both join the team in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Wakko's Wish.
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